New York Investment Banker Jumps To His Death From Luxury Downtown Building

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Yesterday, New Yorkers walking by the Ocean Luxury Rental apartment building at 1 West St around 10:40am, were greeted with a gruesome sight: a 29-year-old man had just jumped to his death from the 24th floor.

According to initial reports, the man landed on a car that was driving toward the Battery Tunnel at the time. He was pronounced DOA at the scene.

Today, we learn that the tragic incident was merely the latest banker suicide, when according to the NY Post the still jumper was the latest in a long series of investment bankers who have decided to take their own life.

The 29-year-old man has been identified as Thomas J Hughes. The youngest of three brothers, Thomas was educated at the $52,000 a year Canterbury School in Milford, Connecticut and graduated with a degree in economics at Northwestern University where he was on the Varsity squash team before heading to Wall St and getting a job with Citibank 

Most recently he was an associate at investment bank Moelis.

Hughes plunged from the 24th floor of the luxury Ocean apartment building at 1 West St. at about 10:40 a.m. and landed on a guardrail near the northbound Battery Park Underpass, narrowly missing a black SUV, in what appears to have been a premeditated suicide.

The man’s body was mangled by the impact, leaving one of the vehicle’s passengers horrified, witnesses said.


“I went outside, and the woman in the car was screaming, ‘I didn’t know where he came from!’ ” said Hans Peler, 48, a manager at the building’s parking garage. “It happened right in front of our guy who waves cars in with the flag. He was so shaken up, I told him to go home.”

A spokeswoman at Moelis & Company shared her condolences according to the Daily Mail: "We are saddened by the news of Tom's death and send our sincere condolences to his family and friends at this very sad time. "Tom was a talented and valued team member and a positive force in our firm. He will be greatly missed."

John Hughes, the father of the investment banker, said that he fears his son turned to drink and drugs to cope with the stress of work. He said Thomas had been under a ‘lot of pressure’ and that he even had to work on a recent holiday in the Bahamas, adding that his son was someone who "liked to work hard and liked to party" and feared that he found release in illegal drugs which turned him suicidal.

‘Thomas was a happy, jovial, successful, good looking, very sociable individual.


‘The only explanation is that I know he’s been working very hard and has been under a lot of pressure.


‘His work did not leave much time for enjoyment but that’s the nature of the assignment that he chose.


‘I also know that sometimes when one is in that environment you can turn to alcohol or other types of drugs...


‘ a time when he was under stress he probably resorted to illegal drugs, causing this incredibly poor judgement, is probably the best I can say.


‘He must have had some problems that I was not privy to.’

Tourists in a nearby open-air bus that was stuck in traffic, saw more than they bargained for when the gruesome scene unfolded right in front of them. Then they quickly found their bearing and realized the tragedy would look perfect on their Instagram profile, and scrambled for their cellphones to snap pictures of the body, said workers at the building.

“The head hit the railing . . . Half his head is on one side of the railing, half on the other,” recalled Frank Rodriguez, 44, a handyman who was working nearby. “It’s never worth this . . . Life is too precious.”


Sources said the young banker had made several attempts to kill himself earlier in the morning, including cutting his wrists, before making the plunge.


The man — whom police did not immediately identify — was from a wealthy family in Westchester County, sources said. He had apparently become very successful on his own.


He owned his apartment in the 36-story Ocean complex, which overlooks The Battery and New York Harbor, and had just returned from a vacation in the Bahamas, sources said.

At this point we have lost count of how many bankers have taken their own lives in the past year, despite stocks rising to all time highs and an artificial "wealth effecting" environment which if nobody else, benefits the banker class. We dread to think what happens to New York's pavements once the central planners finally lose control.

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This is it's picture

Not nearly enough.

Slap him with a fine.


It's been a while hasn't it? I've missed all of the bankster suicidings. 

knukles's picture

Hey, ease off.  Maybe he had mental problems and it's not nice to make fun of the handicapped.  For all we know he coulda been a psycho or sociopath.  And forgot to take his coke and Dom Perignon meds.

813kml's picture

He was a successful bankster so it's kind of a given that he was a sociopath.

Jump in May and go away.

metastar's picture

Are they sure the driver didn't just hit a banker turned squeege man?

Anusocracy's picture

Gravity is one of the few laws that still applies to the bankster elite.

813kml's picture

And yet they still can't resist the temptation to try and break that law too.

Pladizow's picture

YAAAAAYYY - he did God's work!

rccalhoun's picture

why do they commit suicide?  didn't this young person know that when they are completely underwater with no chance at solvency that yellen rides in and bails out all and any losses and promotes this person to riches beyond their wildest dreams?

strannick's picture

Is it still taking your life when someone else throws you out the window?

froze25's picture

Nope its called murder and my guess is that is what has been happening.

Obchelli's picture

They should put warning signs on sidewalks near buildings where bankers live... Walking in NYC is getting dangerouse 

eatthebanksters's picture

No open casket for this poor sod.

General Decline's picture

What was the last thing to go through his mind before he hit the car?   His asshole.

Ms. Erable's picture

Always nice to see another example of a Good Banker out in the world and hitting the streets.

Richard Chesler's picture

"Half his head is on one side of the railing, half on the other"

Looks like he was well diversified all the way to the end.

IRC162's picture

He was noted as being successful by his own merit.  

He worked his way up from the ground floor to the corner office in this place... . Best of all,  he would drop by on occasion for some face time with the lower level employees.. But because of his position in the futures division,  he was visibly split between the two groups.....   He knew what was going on in the firm, mainly by keeping an ear on the street.  Sometimes two. 

But you  know what they say,   be nice to people on the way to the top,  because they're the ones who will be there to pick your severed remains up when you come down. 


Gobbler's picture
Gobbler (not verified) IRC162 May 29, 2015 10:42 PM

It's important to remember that Satan enjoys anal sex, so please try to avoid it.  Thank you.

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Hope it becomes trendy again.

Pinto Currency's picture



 "... American Express President Ed Gilligan died suddenly Friday after getting sick on an overseas flight to New York City.

The 55-year-old executive was returning on a corporate jet from a business trip to Toyko when he suddenly passed out, Amex said.

The plane made an emergency landing in the U.S. but attempts to revive Gilligan were in vain, officials said. The cause of death was not immediately known. ..."

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~""Half his head is on one side of the railing, half on the other""~

This is what happens when you can't own a decent gun in your city. When it's time to check out, you have to hurl yourself over the precipice and spatter the folks below. If he'd been able to own a firearm, he could have made a nice clean job of it instead of this. Hey, don't these banker types know about nailguns anyway?

angel_of_joy's picture what appears to have been a premeditated suicide.

Premeditated suicide... really ?? As opposed to what ? Is there such a thing as an accidental suicide ?

Wookie's picture

There is, just ask David Carradine....well that would be a little tough but you catch the drift

stormsailor's picture

that was twisted,   so was the belt i believe

Zero Point's picture

They might two of 'em going by the picture.

Handful of Dust's picture

I thought it was illegal to commit suicide in the Big Apple?

Gazooks's picture

not @ MK U


vertical fast-track by proxy /~/






                                          ' . __ ,'

zwanderer's picture

Soldiers go overseas, destroy people lives and come back with a broken mind... Bankers destroy people lives nad get their minds broken... A pattern maybe? Just curious if there is a suicide rate per profession research somewhere...

sgt_doom's picture

I'm pretty sure the bankster class began with broken minds.

Sociopathic behaviors don't manifest overnight, they are usually a long time in the making.

Waylon Bits's picture
Waylon Bits (not verified) ThaBigPerm May 29, 2015 11:39 AM

Screw these scum who think that life is not worth living if it is not done in a luxury condo.  Who cannot live as a common man.  You live as you are in a luxury condo, you live as you are in a prison, you crawl through the dirt and mud when it is dirty and muddy.  But a man always lives as he is, where he is.

Tall Tom's picture

Who cannot live as a common man.  You live as you are in a luxury condo, you live as you are in a prison, you crawl through the dirt and mud when it is dirty and muddy.  But a man always lives as he is, where he is.


Who cannot live as a common man? That is easy. Those wih ambiiton aspire towards being as uncommon as possible. While psychopathy is present in some with ambition, that is not true for most. Most "Mom and Pop" owned industries are lead by the ambitious who seek to better themselves, and their employees, through hard and honest labor.


Communists seek equality and strive for mediocrity  That is a socialists' dream.


May God forbid that I live within the squalor of a prison, much more an open air prison. That is not anymore the life of a man as it is a caged and trained animal, deprived of his God given Liberties and Freedom, deservedly a times, but not so much deserved by the current Middle Class of America..


Just because this banker may have been a psychopath does not mean that all ambitious people are. (Who knows why he did what he did? He may have been jilted by the love of his life.)


And as for living with luxury? There is nothing inherently wrong with living the good life. What may be wrong is the method on how some have reaped ill gotten gain at others' expense. If one is both honest and ambitious, seeking to produce and to enhance their own lives and the lives of others, then what harm have they done? THAT IS TO BE ADMIRED AND ASPIRED AFTER. In fact for the prosperous man whose intent is to see others prosper the luxury is deserved.


No men do not always live as they are. Many advance and live better as they gain wealth from their labor. Life is dynamic and not static. There is not station set for a real man. A real man is vibrant and alive, filled with ambition, seeking to better himself and those around him. Only servants and the beaten, those lacking ambition, ascribe to that attitude.


WE have too many socialists posting here who are posing as lovers of Liberty, wolves in sheep's clothing. You expose yourself.

Tall Tom's picture

A downarrow? Not enough balls to reply?


What is new? Just another empty shell of a man who cannot put up a fight.

TeamDepends's picture

In the end, his mind was split.

847328_3527's picture

His Boss told him to "go pound the pavement" for clients ... and didn't realize Thomas was on the rather literal side of thinking.

Leopold B. Scotch's picture

Was he planning on blabbing about the manipulation in the PM markets?

divingengineer's picture

He landed right on his blabber-mouth. 

SMG's picture

Wonder if there is more to this one, or was it just a suicide. Never know these days.

Babalooee's picture

Perhaps he aspied a loose dime

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

More likely that he threatened to drop a dime. . .

OldPhart's picture

Wire was invented when two jews fought over a penny...


sandhillexit's picture

So, three banking institutions were carrying life insurance on this guy?  New definition of "living dangerously." 

chunga's picture

I'm trying to think of a joke where the car's passenger might be somebody the bankers fear but I can't think of a single person.

They've all been bought.

Blankenstein's picture

Sociopaths very rarely commit suicide.  How many members of Congress have committed suicide?  He either had a conscience and/or was pushed.