For Greece, This Is What Hell Looks Like

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As previously reported by both IMF and Greek sources, Greece now has less than a week before it defaults on its June 5 payment to the IMF, a payment which it can't make simply because it run out of money even before its last "payment" to the IMF on May 12.

To be sure, Greece does have two options to kick the can yet again: one, of course, is to get a deal done in the coming 5 days although that is virtually impossible; the other is to bundle all June payments into the last one for the month, thus buying three additional weeks of time. This outcome now looks almost certain especially since two days ago the Greek government spokesman Sakellaridis said the Greek government denied planning to bundle the IMF payment, which essentially assures it.

However, even if Greece manages to kick the can for the nth time for the past five years, it has a lot of cans left to kick for the remainder of 2015.


So let's say that somehow Greece kicks every can left until the end of 2015. Surely Greece will be out of the woods then, right.

Wrong. Because for Europe's most devastated country, it is only then that the debt nightmare officially begins.

Below are all upcoming Greek debt payments until 2057, also known as the first, ninth and all circles of Greek hell inbetween:

But at least it will have the Euro.

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jimfcarroll's picture

Not "August 5" ... June 5th

EDIT: Look at that. Changed it right out from underneath me. :-)

Looney's picture

... Changed it right out from underneath me.

It is not “changed”, it is “seasonally adjusted”. ;-)


Pure Evil's picture

That's climate change for you along with Obama's hope and change.

Looney's picture

PE, you... you... you are pure evil. ;-)


MonetaryApostate's picture

If you look at the balance sheet of most countries, Greece looks like a freaking saint....

max2205's picture

If I owed that I'd order a nail gun on amazon prime for same day delivery   and.......

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Throw those pathetic Greeks out of Europe already.

zerocash's picture

Throw that pathetic Europe out of Greece already.

nemesis2012's picture

You have to be the biggest fuckin moron this side of the universe!............................You're next in line buddy, enjoy the ass reaming coming..................................

NoPension's picture

Greece is positively giving meaning to the saying;

" if you owe the bank $100,000, the bank owns you. If you owe the bank $100 million, you own the bank"

Why and how is this still a thing? This is like that cow, in Me, Myself and Irene, that refused to die after repeated shots to the head!

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Achilles Heel (not verified) NoPension May 31, 2015 10:18 AM

"The banks" print the money out of thin air. I wouldn't exactly call that a problem for them until the sheep finally wake up & figure out the basis of their slavery.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Geographically-adjusted Global financial Warming. 

It's hotter in Greece. 

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The King (not verified) jimfcarroll May 30, 2015 9:11 PM

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websitefound's picture

We are such idiots - The answer has been staring us in the face the whole time.  I've taken the liberty of signing up the entire population of Greece all 11 million of them to this scheme.

If my maths is correct and I get confused easily with 9 or so zeros!  But I figure 7k month x 11 million x 12 months a year = $924 Billion in GDP - More than enough to solve Greece's debt problem!


H H Henry P P P Paulson's picture

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somecallmetimmah's picture

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Ballin D's picture

or someone is spending money (tax dollars) to post obvious scam links to discredit the userbase.


Thats been my running theory on the ridiculous ads on mobile as well.

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Honey Bun (not verified) jimfcarroll May 30, 2015 10:00 PM

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Honey Bun (not verified) jimfcarroll May 30, 2015 10:00 PM

My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do...

jarana's picture

Dear Tylers,

during the coming bank runs, as none or little stories are to be made appart from some banksters suicides and massive riots, I suggest some of you to work at this in the meantime.

Hope it helps.

dark pools of soros's picture

I rather see the whole internet run amoke with bots this, bots that and the NSA choke thier databases with spam

videinfra's picture

I used to live in Greece for 13 years. Left it around 2 years ago. It was a mess. The politicians lied, got reelected and lied again. But no one did anything, because we were living in a good financial condition. 40 euros per day was an awesome thing. 
But lately it got bad, it got really bad. I used to work for 2 euros per hour for 10, 12, 14 and even 18 hours per day(from time to time).
The greek people are not lazy, they just want to believe in something. And of course when they get a president that is a pawn of the eurozone, they dont want to pay anything back.  

HenryHall's picture

Well, whatever they do - more of the same isn't going to work. That much is inescapable.

indygo55's picture

This is stupid. The FED could print that money out of thin air, cut a check for the whole thing and it would be all paid off. Its so simple a caveman could do it.

BruntFCA's picture

What you don't seem to understand is that the Greeks *don't control the currency they use anymore*. They use the Euro wish is managed from Frankfurt Germany and Brussels.

It would be as if the United States used a currency that was managed from Argentina for example. The Greeks *cannot* print anything, that is the problem. I still can't believe that some Greeks have still not worked it out since they are protesting outside their Parliament building; the people inside the building can't do anything either, other than beg or borrow *even more Euro*. This would allow them to pay the doctors and teachers for another month, but will then put them on the hook for *even more debt*!

The end game is for the "creditors" aka Goldmans, Finiceers, the tribe etc, to just buy up all Greek assets - then the Greeks will be dispossed from the land they've lived in for 3000 years with no way of getting the money to buy it back.

I imagine if the Greeks stated to stand up for themeselves NATO would be in their under some pretext of "stablization."

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

*Tomorrow* they could tell citizens it is illegal to accept Euros other than ones that begin with serial number N: the ones printed in Greece. Then they could print up a boatload of them. Give everybody a week to change their non-N notes to "Greek Euros". LOL Brussels LOL. Kind of like the Nazi plan where they printed up piles of GBP notes during WW II and handed them out.

Caleb Abell's picture

"This is stupid. The FED could print that money out of thin air, cut a check for the whole thing and it would be all paid off. Its so simple a caveman could do it."


True enough, but you overlooked one small detail.  Greece is merely a country inhabited by human beings.  The FED only cuts checks to save things that actually matter, like TBTF banks.

Dre4dwolf's picture

People dont understand the Greek Work Ethic.

They think Greeks are lazy because they take breaks in the afternoon etc.

Lets take a local farmer in Greece for example.  . . this is what their typical work schedule would look like

Wake up around 530 AM Get ready for the day, drink a shot of Tsikoudia maybe take a bite of bread or something for the road.

545AM hops on the motorcycle/truck drives to where the sheep spent the nite, gathers them up for the trip to the feeding grounds.

Takes about 2 hours to get all these retarded sheep to walk to where they need to be (+/- 10 sheep) that will wonder about or were stolen through the night by other sheep herders.

At around 9 - 10 AM he sets up feeding stations / water for the stupid fucks to drink/eat a little, and around 11:30~12 he finds a nice tree to sleep under because its about to get HOT, REAL HOT, the sun beats the shit out of you if you stay in it through the afternoon, so he sits under the tree, sleeps till around 130PM at which point he gets ready to take all the sheep back to the barn/pasture where they will spend the night, he gets off work around 4-5PM, makes a quick stop at the local bar where he talks with other locals gets drunk, hops on the motorcycle/truck and drives home completely smashed, eats whatever the family has on the table, and passes out for about 3 hours, at which point he wakes up, drinks a fuck ton of water to cure the dehydration the day has wrought, and gets back on the motorcycle to drive to the bar again, to get drunk again, at which point he goes home passes out, wakes up around 5~-530 Am and the cycle begins again.


Drinking and Sleeping is the only comfort the Greek Worker has.

Most of these farmers do not have

-Air conditioning in their homes

-A fridge larger than 3 Cubic Feet

-No-one buys anything they produce at a fair price, because "globalization" so Lamb Meat, Goat Milk/Goat Cheese/Vegetables are practically "the currency" for the locals. . .  they trade Milk and Cheese for Honey, and Bread and Butter for Vegetables . . . and the govt comes around to "count how many windows the barn has" and "how large the engine of their truck is" in order to send them a "tax bill" for "living".

-The farmers get a tax bill , and about half the time they pay it, half the time they dont.

You can not pay what you dont have.


If ALL of Greece is Loaned 10 Billion Euros, and thats all the Euros in circulation in Greece, and the next month Europe demands Greece pays 11 Billion Euros . . . where is Greece Supposed to get the short-fall of 1 Billion Euros?

Then you get them stuck in this perpetual fraudulent debt loop trap, where the debt keeps rising to pay past debts, until the debt is so huge the country has to start selling all its assets to its predatory lenders.

Its a scam, the entire Euro system is a scam to defraud the Greek people and to steal their nation.

Its a fucking Nazi plot to take over the world.


It will fail.




BruntFCA's picture

You were spot on until you said it is a Nazi plot. If anything the third Reich god rid of debt based currency, that is why the economy prospered 1933 -1939. You can read Ellen Browns book on it called "Web of Debt". The current Germany is just another Zionst/Bankster state like UK/USA/FRANCE.

The UK has been running the debt money *scam* big time since the Bank of England was chartered back in the late 17 Century.

Stuck on Zero's picture

That poor Greek farmer is a rarity.  Over 50% of the polulace lives off of the government.

GotGalt's picture

Maybe they're potemkin farms where the people pretend to farm in order to keep their hopes up for finding employment in the future.  :-)

Troy Ounce's picture



"France’s Potemkin Economy——Fake Companies, Fake Jobs, Fake Propserity"


Everything about these entities is imaginary from the customers, to the supply chain, to the banks, to the “wages” employees receive and while the idea used to be that the creation of a “parallel economic universe” would help to train the jobless and prepare them for real employment sometime in the future, these “occupations” are now serving simply as way for the out-of-work to suspend reality for eight hours a day.

tarabel's picture



They used a plunder-based currency instead.

Dre4dwolf's picture

Namely plundering the tooth fillings of their victims and smelting them into currency.

Debt is Debt, just because you re-brand it. . . as a death camp does not make it anything different.

We are all part of a death work camp.

With the level of tech we have achieved, humanity should of stopped toiling decades ago... and instead should be pursuing artistic and scientific discoveries/achievements.


What does everyone want?

-A house (we got like 20 million ~ 100 million empty homes that no one can afford to buy but banks who hold them for no reason)

-Food (Farmers probably burn half their crops to keep the price high because thats what a FIAT monetary system tells them they should do in order to make "profit")

-Fuel to stay cool/heat the home (the sun can heat the water, and the sun can cool a home)

-Communications (How expensive is it to setup a freaking antena and broadcast information???) 

-A vehicle to get them around ( we crush tons of cars a year and cars are intentionally made to decay while you drive them because how else are they going to sell you a new one?)


Quite frankly, the only reason we are not living in a Utopia, is because its illegal for us to build a world where we dont need banks and government.


Joe Panama's picture

Actually... to make a car rust proof... they only need to add about 10 bucks worth of nickel to the steel.   Think about that the next time you talk to a dealer who is selling you a $30,000 dollar new car.   It's called planned obsolesence - they did this after they made the model T.   Heck - they made it so rust proof that there are STILL Model T's driving around a hundred years later.   Do you think any of the cars today will drive for that long?

It's also why we will never 'discover' cold fusion.  Can you imagine if everyone had unlimited free energy from a safe CF reactor in their basement?   Why exactly would you need the government, roads, cars, or even your job for that matter?   You would be totally free from the system and off the grid.   Can't allow that!

Bemused Observer's picture

Don't forget the 'digitalization' of everything. Used to be I could take apart and troubleshoot my own appliances. Get the part I need and fix it.
You can't do that with modern stuff. It's all digital, and the otherwise competent home handyman can only sit there and weep because he has no idea what the "C4-ERR" on the screen means. He has to call a repairman, who brings the "magic box" that he plugs the machine into...He reads the message it gives him, which apparently is something like "Charge customer at least half the retail price to repair this item"

I hate the Brave New World.

creeko's picture

Excellent comment.  The concept of 'work' is a primitive concept. 100% unemployment should be our priority.

Bemused Observer's picture

Exactly. Everything is THERE, it just has to be circulated so it gets to where it's needed. But we don't let it circulate, we do the opposite and try to grab as much as we can and stash it, out of circulation.
We end up with places with so much stuff we have to do 'recycling' so we don't bury ourselves beneath mounds of our own waste.
Then there are places where people are reduced to eating grass and boiling their shoes.
From a completely objective perspective, wouldn't the obvious solution be to get some of what the first group is wasting (in terms of resource useage) over to that second group? I mean, logically, you'd SEE that the first group has ZERO need for the surplus, and seek to deploy those wasted resources elsewhere.
We know this, we just argue over HOW that should be done. And one group has capitalized on our knee-jerk response to words like "redistribution", so we can't even HAVE the damned conversation!

Tarshatha's picture

Not a Nazi plot, try Khazarian and you've got it.


tarabel's picture



To you, toothpaste is a Khazarian plot. Which is why you never used any back when you had more than one tooth.

two hoots's picture

10 Sheep, 10 fucking sheep???  How in the hell do you expect to make a living with 10 sheep that you have to move here and there, not counting vehicle/gas etc?  Are you sure this farmer is not just getting out of the house all day so he can watch sheep eat grass and then drink until late then come home and eats whatever the squaw has put on the table?     Hell the drinks at the bar probably use up 10 sheep's worth of profit?     No wonder!


Peter Pan's picture

So what? The US government has 300 milion sheep and still can't get ahead.

PhoQ's picture

That explains why they keep chasing my car with motorcycles.

Bemused Observer's picture

It's a phenomenon that comes about because of the climate. That's why there are so many more laid-back countries as you get closer to the equator.

This is because of the length of the growing season. More temperate places, with a year-round growing season, can afford to be more laid-back. (Or, as the Germans would say, lazy.) There's less pressure to "DO!" when it can be done all year long.

Compare that to the northern climates, the Germans, the Dutch, the Scandinavians...They have 1 growing season a year, that's it. And it gets shorter the further north you go. People over time are going to reflect their own experiences, which then becomes part of their culture and values system. So, the folks up north are going to develop some very different values and motivators. The work ethic that would develop up north is one of hard, disciplined, fast-paced work on a very strict schedule. No slacking allowed! You blow your one growing season, you are FUCKED.

Down south, if you screw up one harvest, there's always something else that can be grown immediately for food. So there's not that fear-of-death hanging over them all the time. They move at a more leisurely pace, with no sense of urgency. They want to know what the big fucking HURRY is, and think it would be a good idea to go relax over coffee and discuss it...

The two types will always frustrate each other.

samjam7's picture

Your theory doesn't add up all that well or Singaporeans or Hong Kong citizens would also be more relaxed, instead all they see is work and work to earn money to consume and consume as capitalism told them to!

Anusocracy's picture

Poor choices.

Singapore had a visionary leader and Hong Kong benefited from British rule.

DaveA's picture

While Singapore and Hong Kong have a climate amenable to year-round cultivation, they don't have any land to cultivate. They need a nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic if they're to have anything to trade for food.