Russia Wards Off "Provocative And Aggresive" US Warship In Black Sea

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While we are used to hearing of the 100s of "close encounters" between NATO and Russian planes,but, as reported by state news agency RIA - citing an anonymous source in Russia's armed forces, Russian military aircraft were scrambled to head off a U.S. warship that was acting "aggressively" in the Black Sea.

We are used to plane-on-plane "close encounters"...



And now, as The Daily News reports, Russian attack jets were sent to warn off the American warship USS Ross from near the country's territorial waters in the Black Sea, 

The source was quoted as saying that the U.S. destroyer Ross was moving along the edge of Russia's territorial waters and heading in their direction.



"The crew of the ship acted provocatively and aggressively, which concerned the operators of monitoring stations and ships of the Black Sea Fleet," RIA quoted the source as saying.


Su-24 attack aircraft demonstrated to the American crew readiness to harshly prevent a violation of the frontier and to defend the interests of the country."


"Apparently, the Americans have not forgotten the April 2014 incident when one Su-24 practically 'blacked out' all of the electronics on board the newest American destroyer Donald Cook," the source said.


Russia's Defence Ministry was not immediately available to comment on the report.

As RT notes,

Saturday's incident is the latest in a series of border surveillance confrontations between Russia and the West. Europeans, especially the Baltic states, have repeatedly sounded the alarm over Russian jets coming close to their borders.


The US is rotating several warships in and out of the Black Sea, where Russia's naval bases are located. The USS Vella Gulf, USS Ross, USS Truxton, and the USS Taylor – as well as warships from other NATO member states – were spotted in the area over the past few months.

*  *  *

This appears to be the first reported ship-to-plane 'encounter' and,
just as US and China tensions are escalating in the South China Sea, it
appears US and Russian military 'discussions' are shifting from words
and proxy-fighting.

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Brinksmanship will escalate; Cold War 2.0.

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GIT!  GIT!  GIT Away, now!


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Remember the brave men who stood shoulder to shoulder on Lexington Green in order to secure the Ukraine for NATO.

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The story of how the USS Donald Cook had all electronic systems disabled by a Russian SU-24 in 2014 while on the Black Sea:

No coverage as yet by the Western MSM.


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there will be no coverage, because it's a lie

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Oh dear.  Cue the ex-US Navy semen who post here about Obola's great fleet of fatties, Trayvons, illegals and gang bangers.   What a joke.  The USA is a feral country.  Morons voluntering to work for evil banksters.

Hit em again with some more EMP. 

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We'll see Turtle.

Magrav EW is said to have been discovered by Iran and then developed by Russia and shared with Iran.

Watching Yemen and Persian Gulf Iranian ship interaction with Western navies.

$100,000 bonuses given by Saudi to their pilots to drop bombs on Yemen tribesmen.  Rich - so what's the risk for the reward?

There seems to be something there.

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You've got a few years left to prepare for WWIII. Get ready, save yourself and your family no matter what they say. They'll thank you when it's over. Good luck.

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Bump...oh sorry.

Bump....oh my bad....

Bump...fuck you...


How wars start...

Make ze muzeicles, war is no good...

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The alleged crime:

Magrav was offered to all countries globally by the inventor to maintain peace and it was rejected by Obama who issued an executive order in 2012 blocking any contact re. this technology.

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OT  John Kerry fell off his bicycle and broke a leg in Frogland.

They shoot horses, don't they?

Freddie's picture

They have a whole f***ing entourage following him including a doctor.

He did the same stupid crap that (saint) Bono, another lib elite, did.  Old man on a road bike probably in an area where he should be on a mtn tyle bike with wider tyres.   The skinny tyres on road bikes are for young men.  Also Bono is a fat shit.

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What? another Purple Heart?

post turtle saver's picture

that's an interesting take on things... but it doesn't change the fact that it's still a lie

ebear's picture

You can no more prove it's a lie than anyone else can prove it's the truth.  Shades of grey are all you get unless you're on the inside, in which case you wouldn't be talking.


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If I remember correctly there was a news story that "slipped" into the MSM about a lot of the Donald Cook crew went ashore and demanded to be terminated from their contracts. Unable to try and dig it up right now. People dont try to quite en-masse because the food is bad.

post turtle saver's picture

that's an interesting debate tactic, but nonetheless it's still a lie...

all Russia has to counter real ballistic missile defense capability in that region (terminal phase, no less) is lies, propaganda, and bullshit... a couple of Arleigh Burkes loaded out with SM-2 and SM-6 is more than capable of making regional nuke threats obsolete, and Russia knows it... hence the huge cloud of ink they're throwing up about it, because they got nothin' and they know it...

oh sure, they'll swoop a plane in every so often to give some patriotic grist to the folks at home, makes Pooty look tough etc. and you know what... we'll let them, because the more of Crazy Ivan we see the more we'll be ready for him... the US won the last Cold War and the outcome of this one won't be any different if Pooty insists on using the same tactics... in fact, with real ABM tech in the region, the outcome will be even worse...

so, you subversive fifth column bullshit artists, trolls and tools all, keep posting your lies and misinformation... some of us on this board will see through it though, don't be surprised when that happens...

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Poland will be gone by the time the US makes that mistake. The beauty of the US marauding around the region is that they are going to be invited to go home and leave Western Europe. The disasters in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine make people wary of US Chaos

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Hey post Turtle head sticking out of you ass Saver,

If the USSA could have conquered Russia via brute force, they would have done it already. The USSA NEVER shows restraint when attacking a weaker enemy,  such as Libya or Iraq. 

The USSA has not directly attacked because they cannot win at this time against Russia without destroying themselves, and probably never.

Max Steel's picture

hahahahah did you read what he said sm-2&6 makes russian nukes obsolete and thwy knkw it . another idiot stronk douchebag turtlehead .

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The Puutie Trolls are paid for their services on behalf of Vlad.  They get Big Paycheck evidently.  Latina Liver may make $700 a month.  Cosmo probably get less as it is stupid troll.  ZH must not be the most important target as most off the troll assigned to this site are fools.


Russia steps up propaganda push with online "Kremlin trolls"


ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — Deep inside a four-story marble building in St. Petersburg, hundreds of workers tap away at computers on the front lines of an information war, say those who have been inside. Known as "Kremlin trolls," the men and women work 12-hour shifts around the clock, flooding the Internet with propaganda aimed at stamping President Vladimir Putin's world vision on Russia, and the world.

The Kremlin has always dabbled in propaganda, but in the past year its troll campaign has gone into overdrive, adding hundreds of online operatives to help counter Western pressure over its role in the pro-Russian insurgency in eastern Ukraine. The program is drawing Serbia, which harbors EU dreams, back toward the Russian orbit, and is targeting Germany, the United States and other Western powers. The operation has worried the European Union enough to prompt it to draw up a blueprint for fighting Russia's disinformation campaign, although details have not yet been released.

Lyuda Savchuk, a single mother with two children, worked in the St. Petersburg "troll factory" until mid-March. The 34-year-old journalist said she had some idea of the Orwellian universe she was entering when she took the job, but underestimated its intensity and scope.

"I knew it was something bad, but of course I never suspected that it was this horrible and this large-scale," she said in an interview in her apartment, which has colorful drawings on the walls for her two preschool-age children.

She described how the trolls manage several social media accounts under different nicknames. Those in her department had to bash out 160 blog posts during a 12-hour shift. Trolls in other departments flooded the Internet with doctored images and pro-Putin commentary on news stories that crop up on Russian and Western news portals.

In some departments, she said, the trolls receive daily talking points on what to write and what emotions to evoke. "It seems to me that they don't know what they are doing," Savchuk said. "They simply repeat what they are told."

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Speaking of "trolls", you've posted more bullshit than just about anyone I've ever seen on this site in the past 5 years.

Go suck a dick.

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Augdisgustus already has sucked many dicks, many times.

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We can establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the story reported by popular Russian media is fiction.

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Those morons feel so much more secure when they wrap themselves with the flag, as if its  the flag of God.

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50% of Americans cannot even find the Black Sea on a map.

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Interesting to think what the survival time would be for a US warship in the Black Sea - ten minutes, half an hour....

Aside from aircraft with anti-ship missiles the Russians have coastal defence missiles all along the coast. One of which is the K-300P Bastion-P which has been designed to destroy surface ships and it uses the Yakhont missile (Mach 2.5+). Might get lucky and stop one but multiple missiles….


There are only targets and subs..

Max Steel's picture

whatever comforts you mate . Funny you quoted medium blog where they claim to be military expert . No one can jam american quality proof hardware . Its the new meme .

blabam's picture

@HolyfieldsOtherEar Critical thought is abandoned most of the time on this site when it comes to reports critical of the US. 

HolyfieldsOtherEar's picture

The story even claimed that the Donald Cook's whole crew resigned when the ship reached port! Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

Max Steel's picture

There is a differwnce btwn critical thought and a constructed lie dog .Yes, anyone who questions the US centric world view and doesn't lap up the pro war MSM propaganda is a "Russian troll" here now.It is comical. Obviously the claims made by russian press were xaggrated jist what usa do by bluffing their hardware superiority over others and their battlefield success ( but in reality we knoe what is the truth ) . Russian will nevee going to show their actylual potent weapon it was just for show storm . Funny how medium article called it bullshit story straighaway but he forgot to tell you the usa govt statement after it : after the incident jappened the ship went

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Western MSM metrosexuals and lesbians are very busy reporting on the war on gays

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US warships are friendly and cuddly and operate in all corners of the world to ensure our freedum - White House

libraryrat's picture

I've always said that Russian journalism is the best fiction writing around! 

libraryrat's picture

Oh Gawd! Not EMP!!!  Why didn't WE think of that? !?

And here we've gone and left trillions of dollars of military hardware and technology COMPLETELY vulnerable to this unique Russian technology that utterly defeats and overwhelms our sophisticated military systems.   Whatever shall we do...?!?  

It's it too late to negotiate favorable terms of surrender?   Perhaps the Benevolent Putin will be merciful...... 



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Puutie knows how to control Opposition:


Vladimir Kara-Murza Unconscious, on Life Support in Moscow Hospital, Possibly Poisoned

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That is so much worse than the 1-2 million killed by the US in the last few decades.

Try again, dipshit.

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Yawn Augustus.  Like we americans care what happens to Vlad in in a russian hospital.  Now, if it were an Kardashian, then this is Woar!

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Fancy seeing you here on a weekend Russian troll thread.

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Funny, trolls are calling others trolls.