Five Reasons Why America Is Done

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Submitted by Karl Denninger via,

That's done.  As in baked, cooked, finis.

Let's just look at the charges and specifications of late, shall we?

  • Big US and Global Banks have admitted (that is, have been convicted) of multiple criminal offenses over the last several years.  partial list can be found here; let me remind everyone that an ordinary person who commits three felonies, even if some of them are very minor in comparison to any of the listed ones here in impact and they take place over a period of decades, goes away for life under long-existing three strikes laws.  All four of the banks listed in that dissent have three or more "convictions" and thus all of them should be dissolved as they are obviously incapable of modifying their behavior.  Nonetheless literally tens of millions of Americans and American corporations not only refuse to stand and demand that these charters be revoked they voluntarily do business with one or more of these firms!
  • We have a medical and insurance industry in this country that routinely, on a daily basis, engages in behavior that can easily be described as meeting the criteria for fraud, bid-rigging, racketeering and routinely uses the threat of both bankruptcy and violence by government goons to get what it wants.  This "industry" routinely, for example, bills for things they didn't actually do, sends people bills for hundreds or thousands of dollars for someone sticking their head in a door and saying "Hello", allows "off-plan" doctors to treat people without their consent exposing them to thousands (or tens of thousands!) in unauthorized charges and then enforces those "charges", takes drugs off the market that they produce so that the only remaining options are those made by the same company but are under patent and more.  The single most-common cause of bankruptcy in this country is medical debt incurred as a direct result of these practices and these practices are where the so-called "need" for Obamacare, that is now resulting in demands for 50% premium hikes in some markets for the next year, came from.  Yet we, as a nation and as a people, routinely consent to this crap and allow these corporations, institutions and individuals to continue their outrageous acts of pillage daily.
  • We have a former Secretary of State who now wants to be President but while Secretary of State her private family foundation took tens of millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments that were, at the same time, lobbying the very State Department she was in charge of for permission to buy over a hundred billion dollars worth of weapons.  How this fails to qualify as a federal crime is beyond me given that a foreign agent is unable to buy a Senator lunch.  Irrespective of whether this leads to indictments it is outrageous that such a person can be considered as fit to be President by anyone irrespective of party or other affiliation; that any material percentage of our voting population would cast a vote for such a person proves beyond any doubt that the majority of voters in this country are literally suicidal.
  • We have law enforcement agencies that actually claim in court through filed, sworn documents that when they throw a bomb into a baby's crib as they attempt to raid a house and the person they are seeking isn't there (because they didn't bother to confirm he was there), leading to the infant being critically injured, that it is the infant's fault that its face was blown off because it failed to move out of the way of said thrown bomb while it was sleeping in its crib.  In other words we, as a nation, sit silently while government agencies claim the right to blow the face off innocent infants because they are too lazy to bother with ordinary police work.  We could indict the government goons who refuse to wait for the person they want to arrest to depart wherever they are and thus make it possible for the police to arrest them without grievously injuring innocent children who had exactly nothing to do with the acts the accused is alleged of committing, but instead we allow innocent children to be grievously injured or killed due to the laziness and malfeasance of these so-called "boys in blue" and even allow to go unchallenged claims that said goons are there to "protect and serve" the public!
  • We have entire legislatures that engage with lobbyists to let them write and vote on laws they then rubber stampWhen caught by the press (good work, by the way) the members of the press who catch them are literally thrown out of a hotel they paid to stay at by men with firearms who are in fact off-duty cops -- cops that, I remind you, draw their salaries directly and indirectly from that same legislature!

I could go on, but why?

Until and unless we at least resolve all five of the above, and everyone involved wears an orange jumpsuit and has their corporate and institutional edifices closed down with the ill-gotten gains disbursed back to their victims we are, as a nation, DONE.

And more to the point we have all collectively consented as well.

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Statetheist's picture

I thought Denninger rage quit months ago? I guess we couldn't be that lucky.

Richard Chesler's picture

Attacking the man and not the argument.

Have you considered applying for a job in the Hillary cunt campaign yet?


Statetheist's picture

What are you talking about? Are you ok?

Future Jim's picture

"we have all collectively consented "


BuddyEffed's picture

First sardine leaving the bait ball gets it.   That's how this illicit consent works in a way.

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Gobbler (not verified) BuddyEffed Jun 1, 2015 1:38 AM

I don't believe in all this "America is done" crapolla.  We're a bit down.  But we're far from out.  These problems can be fixed. 

Nexus789's picture

How? I'm intrigued as to you intend to role back decades of decline and entrenched corruption.

roddy6667's picture

Turd circling the bowl.
Who wants to be part of this? It doesn't end well.

DuneCreature's picture

I’ll second the question.


All avenues of correction are thoroughly compromised.

You name the method and I’ll explain to you why it WILL NOT WORK. All remedies have been tried short of chaotic civil insurrection and ugly levels of violence.

~ DC

P. S. - Shit. I just followed your link and realized I’m talking to a bot. … You got me.

Cancel the challenge, AngrySimBird.

SeanJKerrigan's picture

This is Denninger's primary oversight in pretty much every article he writes. I suspect he has a very structured mindset; that works well in quantitative analysis, but isn't so great at seeing nuance. In this case, the nuance is understanding how far the rot has gone, how our institutions have so thoroughly been degraded.

To quote Emmerson, "All our things are right and wrong together. The wave of evil washes all our institutions alike."

Understading, accepting and learning to live within this reality is an ongoing process, but one Denninger is old enough to have figured out by now.

DuneCreature's picture

Ha ha ha! ..Is that Bennie with his hands raised in surrender there, Sean?

I like it, as unlikely as it is we’ll ever see that for real, one can always dream.

As for Karl, yeah, his insights on a lot of fronts are spot on but I’ll bet he’s never been inside the DC beltway. … I have spent way too much time there and assure you the whole place is so far into the dark side that it is now all beyond redemption.

Karl Denninger keeps telling us if we will do this or do that or vote another way we can clean up Dodge.

Nope. Not gonna happen. It is way past repairable and has been for a long, long time. It’s just that now none of the scumbaggery seems to even care if they are seen operating in plain sight, get caught in a pack of lies, nailed stealing billions or discovered diddling little….aaaaaaaah never mind.

Karl seems optimistic about this.

I would be too if the court system wasn’t totally corrupted.

~ DC

August's picture

"we have all collectively consented "

Not exactly true, but close enough.  Unless you are doing something to actively resist, or at least maximally disassociate yourself from, the US state apparatus, you're passively consenting to its operations.

If your only resistance is on-line bitching, then you are part of the problem.

Counterpunch's picture
Counterpunch (not verified) August Jun 1, 2015 12:27 AM



1. The ZOG

2. The Banks/Wall Street

3. The MIC

4. 2 party system

5. counter-Constitutional pharisaical case law

Gobbler's picture
Gobbler (not verified) Counterpunch Jun 1, 2015 1:56 AM

I have wonderful news.  There be a leprechaun up in the tree.  Peace.

Calmyourself's picture

Oh shit, mamasan let him back on..  Kid failing math again..

Lets Buy The Dip's picture

I can see you point. But think for a minute about the people in CHINA. 

Their economy is crap, but yet their stock market is up over 150%

Take a quick peek at the chart....WHOA!!! ==> HERE THE CHINA CHART

That could be a recipe for disaster. 

Max Steel's picture

wishful thinking . their economy is better than yours . nor done with rhe meme yet .

ThirteenthFloor's picture

Umm...China is getting 42 billion US trade income or so monthly, have no external debt, and is buying us real estate left and right using UST as collateral not touching there own bank accounts. They own 1 chase plaza, What you smoking LBTD ?

roddy6667's picture

I retired in China a couple of years ago. Recently, I spent almost a month back in the US. I can tell you where people are optimistically going about their lives without police interference and doing better every year. Three guesses.

rubiconsolutions's picture

"....we have all collectively consented as well"


Speak for yourself pal. I haven't voted since 1996 nor offered (without a gun to my head) any other form of consent.

Savyindallas's picture

Denninger can't be treated seriously - has a visceral hatred of Ron Paul. He is a Neocon - and yes he banned all subscribers to his website who dared questionning his authority on any issue  - His website went to shit because he banned anyone who dared exerecise any independent thought. The mere mention of his name makes me laugh  -he's a joke. 

malek's picture


He did write a lot of correct good stuff, but he can't take at all getting any part of his opinion questioned especially by using the same overbearing style that he himself uses...

Ellie K's picture

Denninger's bullet points one and three are difficult to argue with.  They are fact.  Banks, or rather, the people who really benefited from the bailout at banks, walked away unscathed. I'm still waiting for the criminal fallout from 2008... well, not really, as it is never going to happen.

Hildebeast is like Teflon to her admirers, and there are many, everywhere in the media. Time magazine, New York Times, Mother Jones think she walks on water.  The only one to report on Bernie Sanders has been WSJ.  Don't even get me started about the GOP candidates, who are sneeringly referred to as the clown car. HillBill should've been charged with, oh, all sorts of federal crimes, but instead she's "inevitable".

Future Jim's picture

It is pretty obvious that TPTB see armed white Americans as the biggest threat to their NWO and are trying desperately to neutralize them. Pretty much everything that is wrong with America is the result of such efforts. People are supposed to hate on America too. That is part of the plan. Once they have disarmed the people, they can treat america like every European country, and Europeans will love America again while oblivious to the fact that they helped the whole world descend together into a permanent global police state.

Anusocracy's picture

It's pretty obvious that the American government lover is the horse that TPTB plan on riding to victory in the NWO Derby.

Ninety percent of Americans would love to have the US running a World Government. It's silly to think otherwise.

freewolf7's picture

You try to tell people about the debt, our military intrusiveness in other countries, the nature of central banking, etc, and they look as though they forgot how to decipher English. I get that dog-tilting-its-head impression. Never mind. Think it's gonna rain later?

Jack of All Trades's picture

What you tolerate you encourage.

I Write Code's picture

1.  Democrats

2.  Republicans

3.  Obama

4.  Hillary

5.  The voters.

crisrose's picture

Time for everyone who steps into a voting booth to start taking some responsibility for the mess they've had a hand in creating.

rejected's picture

Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush

Responsibility? Great choices for the voter, eh?

They choose who you vote for.

crisrose's picture

Don't participate.  The only reason they get away with it is because we keep pretending voting makes a difference.

conscious being's picture

They will pretend you participated.

Axenolith's picture

That only works if you either divest yourself of your Voter registration and SSI participation, or at the least, operate under the minimum income required to file a tax return (and people can pretty readily do that, IF they have no debt)...

Help Is Not Coming's picture

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -- Edmund Burke

Help Is Not Coming's picture

"I don't care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating." - Boss Tweed

max2205's picture

This country is a Fucking cesspool 

gdiamond22's picture

I've been researching for years on somewhere else to live as I just can't stand what this country has become; how corrupt and large the political class is; how connected the banks/corporations are to the government; how the media has become a pawn for propaganda to for government power; how dead our constitution and rule of law is and how our 'representitives' have folded. the sad part is that I haven't found anywhere else. For hundreds of years that place people sought to go was the USA, now it might be Mars.

New_Meat's picture

Someone said: "the world's last best hope"

If you truly feel the way that you express, there is only one option, but it might take a while for you to figure out what that might be.

- Ned

nmewn's picture

Some of us have already figured it out.

And I ain't goin nowhere ;-)

nmewn's picture

My intention has always been to die here.

Peacefully...or otherwise ;-)

tarabel's picture



There are plenty of extremely nice and free places to live in the United States.

Until you get out of the city, any city, you aren't living in any of them.

BrotherRat's picture

Id be interested in Canada or Sweden - what are your opinions there?

conscious being's picture

Free places exist, but cannot be discussed or they will stop being free places.

DYODD. You can always reappear for the rising while enjoying life in the meantime.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

"Id be interested in Canada or Sweden - what are your opinions there?"

Can you walk down to the store and buy a .45 pistol, strap it on your belt and walk down the street? 

If not - keep looking.