Hacked Emails Expose George Soros As Ukraine Puppet-Master

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Just days after George Soros warned that World War 3 was imminent unless Washington backed down to China on IMF currency basket inclusion, the hacker collective CyberBerkut has exposed the billionaire as the real puppet-master behind the scenes in Ukraine. In 3 stunning documents, allegedly hacked from email correspondence between the hedge fund manager and Ukraine President Poroshenko, Soros lays out "A short and medium term comprehensive strategy for the new Ukraine," expresses his confidence that the US should provide Ukraine with lethal military assistance, “with same level of sophistication in defense weapons to match the level of opposing force," and finally explained Poroshenko's "first priority must be to regain control of financial markets," which he assures the President could be helped by The Fed adding "I am ready to call Jack Lew of the US Treasury to sound him out about the swap agreement."

The hacking group CyberBerkut claims it has penetrated Ukraine’s presidential administration website and obtained correspondence between Soros and Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko. It has subsequently posted all the intercepted pdfs on line at the following location. More details as RT earlier reported:

The hacktivists have published three files online, which include a draft of “A short and medium term comprehensive strategy for the new Ukraine” by Soros (dated March 12, 2015); an undated paper on military assistance to Kiev; and the billionaire’s letter to Poroshenko and Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk, dated December 23, 2014.


According to the leaked documents, Soros supports Barack Obama’s stance on Ukraine, but believes that the US should do even more.


He is confident that the US should provide Ukraine with lethal military assistance, “with same level of sophistication in defense weapons to match the level of opposing force.”


“In poker terms, the US will ‘meet, but not raise,” the 84-year-old businessman explained, supposedly signing one of the letters as “a self-appointed advocate of the new Ukraine.”


The Western backers want Kiev to “restore the fighting capacity of Ukraine without violating the Minsk agreement,” Soros wrote.

Among other things, the leaked documents claim that the Ukrainian authorities were also asked to “restore some semblance of currency stability and functioning banking system” and “maintain unity among the various branches of government” in order to receive assistance from foreign allies.

Soros believes that it’s up to the EU to support Kiev with financial aid, stressing that “Europe must reach a new framework agreement that will allow the European Commission to allocate up to $1 billion annually to Ukraine.”


As for the current state of economy, the billionaire wrote that former Chilean finance minister, Andres Velasco, after visiting Ukraine on his request, returned with “a dire view of financial situation."


“The new Ukraine is literally on the verge of collapse” due to the national bank’s lack of hard currency reserves, Soros warned Poroshenko.


The correspondence shows that the billionaire has been in constant touch with the authorities in Kiev and consulting them.

Digging into the details of the documents, we find one intriguing snippet:

As you know, I asked Andrés Velasco, a prominent economist who was Chile’s very successful minister of finance from 2006-2010 to visit Kyiv where he met the Prime Minister; the President was in Warsaw at the time. Velasco came back with a dire view of the financial situation. The National Bank of Ukraine has practically no hard currency reserves. That means that the hryvnia has no anchor. If a panic occurred and the currency collapsed as it did in Russia, the National Bank could not stabilize the exchange rate even if only temporarily as Russia did by injecting $90 billion.


Your first priority must be to regain control over the financial markets—bank deposits and exchange rates. Unless you do, you will have no way to embark on deeper reforms. I believe the situation could be stabilized by getting the European Council to make a commitment in principle that they will pull together the new $15 billion package that the IMF requires in order to release the next tranche of its original package at the end of January 2015. Based on that commitment the Federal Reserve could be asked to extend a $15 billion three months swap arrangement with the National Bank of Ukraine. That would reassure the markets and avoid a panic.




I am ready to call Jack Lew of the US Treasury to sound him out about the swap agreement.

One wonders what other matters of national importance involve George Soros getting on the line with the US Treasury Secretary to arrange virtually unlimited funds courtesy of the US Federal Reserve just to promote one person's ulterior agenda?

And just like that, conspiracy Theory becomes Conspiracy Fact once again.

The full documents are below:

Ironically, the first document laying out the "short and medium-term comprehensive strategy for new Ukraine" and signed by George Soros, "a self-appointed advocate of the New Ukraine", was ironically created by Tamiko Bolton, the 40 year old who became Soros' third wife several years ago.

Soros Ukraine Strategy


The next letter, one directly sent by Soros to Ukraine's president Poroshenko and prime minister Yatseniuk, comes courtesy of a pdf created by Douglas York, Soros' personal assistant.

Priority To Fix Financial Markets


Finally, a letter (authored by Yasin Yaqubie of the International Crisis Group based on its pdf metadata properties), which lobbies the US "to do more."

Ukraine Letter to Potus - Lethal Aid


To sum up: Soros is basically lobbying on behalf of Ukraine, pushing for cash and guns, to oppose Putin in every way possible.

If genuine, and based on their meta data, they appear to be just that, these lettes show how Soros is trying to weasel around the Minsk agreements (for instance, how to train Ukrainian soldiers without having a visible NATO presence in Ukraine). The documents link up Nuland with Soros, and clears up who is truly pulling the strings of the US State Department.

Finally, while the documents don't mention what Soros has in store for Ukraine, one can use their imagination.  

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Oh, figures this rat would show up and type a few paragraphs of crap.

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@ Augustus: If you are a truth seeker, then stop with the pissing contest, turn off the TV, leave it off, and do some of your own research so you don't come across as manipulated and clueless.

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Well, then you just have word vomit started.

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soros may have jewish blood, but he hates jews generally and israel in paricular much like obama does. these are two very evil people

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Counterpunch (not verified) Shawnee Jun 1, 2015 10:52 PM

hasbara fail.

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Dixie Flatline (not verified) Counterpunch Jun 1, 2015 10:56 PM

taquiya fail.

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Counterpunch (not verified) Dixie Flatline Jun 1, 2015 11:18 PM

your islamophobia aside, it's unclear why you would reflexively accuse critics of hasbara trolls as Muslim on an American site.




Go back to Drudge.

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yes he would like to destroy Israel too

that is part of the NWO plan

no individual government

Just because he is of Jewish decent does not mean he is Pro Israel.

That is how he got his start, screwing his own people.

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Counterpunch (not verified) dsty Jun 1, 2015 11:19 PM

the ZWO plans a Greater Israel.


Which is why Iudaea Delenda Est.

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Am absolutely shocked not!

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CHC (not verified) Jun 1, 2015 8:20 PM


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George Soros and Jack Lew.   What a pair.

How do YOU spell "Imperialist Zionist"?

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Dumgoy (not verified) Kirk2NCC1701 Jun 1, 2015 8:22 PM

You spell it T-R-I-B-E

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Achilles Heel (not verified) Dumgoy Jun 1, 2015 9:34 PM

As 'conscientious' ZH regulars... We ought to be compelled to ask CH1 (who has a 4 year 35 week tenure)... what he thinks about Schwartz György, Jack Lew, & other jews when it comes to the money printing of the world...




FFS ~ I needn't need to even bring up past CH1 posts ~ ABOVE ^^^ recollection of such trash is all anyone would ever need...

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CH1 says to talk about the dancing Israelis, who confessed on Israeli TV, is racist hate speech. Oh vey! He's moved on into caricature so the comedy content of his posts gets more entertaining over time. Kind of the ZH Henny Youngman - Take my wife ... please.

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Sorry, not to digress (too much), but I've been wondering what CH1 stands for...

Since CH = Switzerland, does it mean "Swiss One", "Neutral One"...?  Are you in Switzerland, the US or another country?

CH1, what say you?

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Most of you spell it B-O-S-S. Now get some sleep, you have to be at work on time in the morning.

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You tribesmen make yourselves easy to spot.

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Counterpunch (not verified) conscious being Jun 1, 2015 10:55 PM

Tarabel is merely what happens when Jews stop being polite, and start revealing their genuine worldview.


The worldview that got them kicked out of so many countries, over 2200 years, but was always just "anti-semitism" - a magical soap that cleanses the Jews, and their leadership of any crime at all.


Soap's getting dirty, Tarabel.


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I'd also like to point out this part:


  1. Therefore Ukraine’s allies should treat Ukraine as a defense priority, not as another Greece. 

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Is anyone else seeing this? What in the fuck does this mean?

These documents are some serious shit.

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McCain is a Soros puppet along with most of the Senate and some in the House.  Open borders, endless wars, getting Soros dual shit-i-Zen oligarch pals back into Russia and controlling the Ukraine is just part of his and his fellow puppet masZterZ plans.

Tell the brainwashed evalgelicals over at Free Republic who are Jonathan Pollar "conservatives" who bow to Bibi like Congress does.   They think the Ukrainian criminal junta are the good guys.  They are the same State Dept/Soros gang destroying America.


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So are Henry Kissinger and George Soros pals? Seriously, are they working for the same goals?

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I hear Sir Edward Grey is also in on the plot.

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Are you fucking kidding me? That is publicly available information:


"As German playwright Johann W. Goethe once remarked, “coming events cast their shadows forwards”. This is particularly true when those shadows are cast by global power brokers in a position to drive and control those coming events, according to their hearts’ desire, and here we are talking about the World Economic Forum (WEF), founded in 1971. Chaired by Klaus Schwab, who sits on David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, means he has direct access to the families of Rockefeller, Bush, Soros, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Rothschild, Lazard, Harriman, Montbatten, Warburg, Schiff, Borbón, and Orange."



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I really hope this doesn't actually surprise anyone?

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Fuck Yeah

Poroshenko & YatsRats are shocked. Shocked they've been tumbled.

Soros warned them off using 'Nuland' as the password.

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Yats runs Soros NGO in the Ukraine.   Yats is also the State Departments guy.   Same people who were Bolsheviks in Russia who murdered 25 Russian Christians from 1918 til at least 1940.

Same people who were carpetbaggers in the South after the banksters Civil War in America - which was just a theft of the wealth in the South.

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Wow, this Yats guy is really old.

And he deserved something for his trouble in trampling down the Confederacy which invaded a foreign nation as their first brilliant act of "statecraft".

And for those of you playing along in Dixie, Fort Sumter was not part of South Carolina or any other State that unilaterally and unconditionally seceded from the Union. Once they left, Fort Sumter (a shoal that was built into land by the Federal Government) became the soil of a neighboring nation with which they were at peace-- until they invaded it.

Of course, Sumter was not the first Confederate invasion of the United States. That honor fell to the attempt to seize Fort Pickens outside of Pensacola-- but it was never taken.

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What a waste of keystrokes. You're massively autistic, right?

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No, I'm just not your base.

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You forgot to upvote yourself on this one. Too late. Your still gonna get hairy palms from doing it too much.

Maybe one of your hasbra helpers will help you out?

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I'm sure that you have not failed to note how they dodge your excellent point: That the Confederacy was the aggressor nation that started the Civil War. Instead, just ridicule for the lulz and the upvotes.

Fort Sumter? Fuggetaboutit!

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Counterpunch (not verified) tarabel Jun 1, 2015 10:57 PM

you're trying too hard.  Desperate?


'same people' doesn't mean 'same guy'.


You're in danger of learning something...

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  Soros is a peon.

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Go between is more like it. I'd rank him a little higher than peon unless you mean as he is peeing on things.

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Hey George, you should write a sequel, The Alchemy of Corruption.


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Not possible.  Soros is just a kindly old billionaire who wants America to moveon.org