TSA Agents Failed To Catch 95% Of Mock Bombs And Weapons

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The reason why "investing" in the economy in the form of government spending always, without fail, leads to adverse results and negative returns, is because unlike the private sector, there are neither checks and balances, nor punishment if one fails at their job. Case in point, the much maligned Transportation Security Administration, aka the TSA, best known for groping women and infants at airport checkpoints is about to be even more maligned because according to an exclusive report from ABC, TSA screeners failed ailed to detect mock explosives and weapons in 95% of tests carried out by undercover agents.

From ABC:

According to officials briefed on the results of a recent Homeland Security Inspector General’s report, TSA agents failed 67 out of 70 tests, with Red Team members repeatedly able to get potential weapons through checkpoints.


In one test an undercover agent was stopped after setting off an alarm at a magnetometer, but TSA screeners failed to detect a fake explosive device that was taped to his back during a follow-on pat down.


Officials would not divulge the exact time period of the testing other than to say it concluded recently.

Not surprisingly for the world's most transparent administration, even the utmost failure of government has to be kept a total secret. Or rather "especially"

Johnson issued a statement on Monday saying the results of the security checks were classified but that he had directed the TSA to revise screening procedures "to address specific vulnerabilities identified" in the undercover operation. He also ordered training for all TSA officers and supervisors across the country and testing of airports' screening equipment.

So, "we can't tell you what the vulnerabilities are, but make sure you address them." Ok then.

The result was so shocking to a government worker, he could not possibly fathom how other government workers could be so utterly worthless.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was apparently so frustrated by the findings he sought a detailed briefing on them last week at TSA headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, according to sources. U.S. officials insisted changes have already been made at airports to address vulnerabilities identified by the latest tests.


“Upon learning the initial findings of the Office of Inspector General's report, Secretary Johnson immediately directed TSA to implement a series of actions, several of which are now in place, to address the issues raised in the report,” the DHS said in a written statement to ABC News.

He also unleashed a stern talking down of TSA agents because what is he going to do: fire them? Gotta keep that artificial GDP elevated somehow; take away billions in "sunk" government funds to keep Personal Consumption high and next come the triple seasonal-adjustments.

Well, unlike previous occasions during which the TSA fared just as poorly, this time there a consequence: the acting administrator for the Transportation Security Administration was reassigned.

"The numbers in these reports never look good out of context but they are a critical element in the continual evolution of our aviation security," Johnson said. "We take these findings very seriously in our continued effort to test, measure and enhance our capabilities and techniques as threats evolve."


Johnson noted that President Barack Obama had nominated Coast Guard Vice Admiral Pete Neffenger to be the next TSA administrator, and urged the U.S. Senate to confirm his nomination as quickly as possible.

And just like that, with that single act of "punishment" in which a government worker will continue to collect a government pay if at a diffent part of the government, all the incompetence, corruption and smothering bureaucracy in the government sector will be  promptly fixed. Just like Greece.

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In the immortal words of...somebody: "Shut 'er down, Mac.  Shut 'er down."

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The TSA is too busy feeling your wife's boobs.


Johnson issued a statement on Monday saying the results of the security checks were classified



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TSA Agents Failed To Catch 95% Of Mock Bombs And Weapons

but they grabbed a lot of T&A, and stole a lot of personal property.

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Silly people. The purpose of the TSA is NOT to find weapons or stop 'armed' terrorists from boarding airplanes. Thus they cannot fail to do what they were never intended to do.

The TSA is all about conditioning the population. Papers please.

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The TSA's incompetence has been public knowledge for years -this is how easy it is to get through scanners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olEoc_1ZkfA

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It's just another government works program.  It always has been.  So they say they're "paying" people instead of just giving them a welfare check.

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I find your explanation more fitting then Cognitive Dissonance's "...all about conditioning the population. Papers please"

what is the public bill for scanning and other absolutely security-relevant equipment?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

A (government) program can serve many purposes simultaneously, some better than others.

If you believe 9/11 was everything the US government says it is, and was, then the TSA is there to keep 'US' safe. If you see 9/11 for what it truly is, and was, then the TSA has another purpose in addition to all the usual government proffered reasons/purposes.

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Jade Helm Anagrams

Jehad Elm
Hadj El Em
Hadj El Me
Jam Led He
Jam Led Eh

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95% FAILURE rate.  Government at its best!!!

Lets hear it: "Well, they just need double the budget."  "Well, they are better than nothing."

No they don't and no they aren't.  TSA has always been a horrific joke.  Homeland Security refuses to enforce the borders (homeland).

Can't wait until the TSA has an "income equality" division to go out and enforce income equality across the many states!!!

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I would think that a 5% success rate for the TSA far exceeds the success rate of the SEC in tracking down financial crimes by the big banks.

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So, is it once again unsafe to fly, now that the media has told the terrorist world that they have a 95% chance of getting a weapon or bomb on a plane..??

Is that the message here..??


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Don't forget to take a look @ the ethnic mix of the TSA employees that contributed to a fuckin' SPECTACULAR 95% failure rate.  

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absolutely, but I see the difference between the public surveillance in the UK, which has no compulsory ID and the one here on the european continent, where in most countries there is a compulsory ID

this difference makes me think... differently

what is even the purpose of believing or not in any 9/11 theories, for me? totally wasted, from my perspective. which is this: an attack on NY happened, it was attributed to a terrorist group...

... and two countries were invaded, where one of them was actually a declared enemy of this terrorist group, and was allegedly full of WMDs. do I really need a theory?

besides the one that someone wanted to spend a cool trillion? hence my preference for NoDebt's simpler explanation, above

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Interesting answer. A "simpler" explanation is simple primarily because of your perspective. One man's 'simple' is another man's complexity. Therefore there is no 'truth', only perspective......distorted and manipulated or crystal clear and uninhibited.

Always refreshing to hear your perspective Ghordius, especially the thinking behind it.

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I see your "cool trillion" and raise you Rumsfeldt's 2.3 trillion...


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Conditioning can result, without being purposeful.

We groped some folks.

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Last time I flew (~2005) it was an affirmative action party.

Decided I would not fly again unless I was in a pine box with a Fed Ex sticker on it.


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

FedEx does not accept dead bodies for handling.....other than its employees.  LOL

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CD - You're right this is a conditioning exercise.  Kind of coincidental that this new study appears after the "lapse" of the "Patriot" Act.  Scare people into submitting to more BS security measures is the equivalent of slowly turning up the water on the frog in the pot.

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Yep. Classic Hegelian "Problem -- Reaction -- Solution" methodology.

Get ready for MOAR TSA. Because if it's failing, we need more of it!

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Yep. Classic Hegelian "Problem -- Reaction -- Solution" methodology.

Get ready for MOAR TSA. Because if it's failing, we need more of it!

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After 9/11, politicians insisted that government take over airline security.

"You can't professionalize if you don't federalize," proclaimed then-Sen. Tom Daschle.

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The Propping up of governments GDP numbers would fly IF they shit canned the worthless ones and replaced them with more competent individuals but this would expose the flaw in their hiring practice, that being that they only hire brain dead morons that will follow all orders regardless of their legality. You can't fix stupid, hit the reset button.

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that's the truth... I think over 90% of TSA employees are unemployable on the private sector

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The TSA is a gaggle of criminals, pedophiles and perverts installed by Chertoff's Zio gestapo to dehumanize the citizens and prepare them for worse assaults on their bodies and civil liberties.

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In a sane world, the TSA would be abolished, and all those dickless incompetents would be fucking fired. But, we don't live in a sane world, so the agency will probably end up getting more money so they can fail more.


Thats the way it works in the US gov world. "its not our fault, we only had ____ billion dollars, which is totally inadequate for our very important job of keeping you all safe" Ad infinitum, forever, until it all collapses

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Fortunately this is all easily fixed. The problem obviously is due to a lack of proper funding that our stingy congress fails to provide. With our disabled critical NSA surveillance allowing secret communications between those who hate us for our freedoms, an in-flight terror attack is imminent. Once this has occurred, funding will flow like the Trinity River in Texas.

It has been said that we now live in a consumer economy. I would suggest that we now live in a crisis economy as there is no real markets left. Everything must be stimulated or "created" to induce spending. Spending that is the result, not of labor and earning, but of printing or debt, all originating with government.

There is no problem of which we can conceive that cannot (in theory) be resolved by government induced spending. None...zero...nada. There is no stronger hold over a people than its economy and it is anything but free or organic. It is absolutely centrally commanded.

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Now you're catching on! Love the sarc..."stingy Congress".

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

I bet 10 million wetbacks would appreciate gettin paid $7.50 an hour to stand in air-conditioning and feel up women and kids.  This would also make the employment numbers from the BS (bureau of statistics) follow the MiniTrue's narrative.

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Easy solution

Anesthetize everybody before they board the aircraft.

Or wrap every passenger in kevlar duct tape.

Or seal them in bomb proof titanium pods attached to the aircraft

Or lobotomize the flying public

See?  No problemo!

atomp's picture

A good old lobotomy. Starting to sound better every day.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

A scoop or two a day keeps the fear away.

<Just a little off the top doc.>

Ain&#039;t No Sunshine's picture

Hell, they ought to issue Every Passenger a Knife.  Then everyone would be armed and Respectfull.


So simple.

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George Orwell's 1984 certainly agrees but people need to remember there are alot of other countries out there so you do make a choice to accept that sort of thing..........

Matt's picture

Just need to run the correct current through the correct part of the brain, to turn off consciousness:

Just make all cars, trains, planes and ships automated, and render all passengers unconconcious. There, security fixed. 

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"Push the button, Frank!"

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Obviously they need more custom airport golf carts and supervisors.  

doctor10's picture

agree.  Another federal agency we can dispense with.


Each air carrier themselves should provide their own level of screening and for God's sake let the market sort it out.

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And Rome begins to crumble.  

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Thank God for mock bombs and weapons or there would be none at all. Then people will ask why they must put up with TSA humilation at every US airports. Don't want that to happen.

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This means that virtually ZERO people tried to blow up planes since the TSA's Fascism Franchise began. It also means that anyone who would have tried, would have made it through screening. Indeed, those who did try, did make it through (like shoe bomber guy).

One is statistically more likely to be murdered by agents of the Gummint, than an individual attempting to blow up an airline.

...but it created Jawbz.

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That's it. Time for a major upgrade in procedures. If you thought the current mode of operation was intrusive, you ain't seen nothing yet. Mandatory cavity searches for all. You want to fly safe don't you? Only a terrorist would protest having a bomb detector thrusted up their rectum

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gotta watch er..she creeps

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Of course they haven't caught anyone....they're too busy grabbing away people's mineral water, candy bars and toe clippers.

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"Johnson issued a statement on Monday saying the results of the security checks were classified but that he had directed the TSA to revise screening procedures "to address specific vulnerabilities identified" in the undercover operation."


That would include everything.

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Human scum. Each and every one of them. Don't serve them, don't rent to them, ignore them. Heap scorn on them. They can "just do their job" as untouchables.

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These perverted retards employed as TSA agents are on a personal power trip, so not very surprising they could not find explosives strapped to someones back, if they had strapped it to their genitals the TSA agents would have found it within seconds.


The youtube video of the above is quite incredible.

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Another zio hoax foisted on the global population to bring them complete humiliation. Time for a change.

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Dumgoy (not verified) Jun 2, 2015 7:20 AM

That's because the TSA is not there to find bombs and weapons, their real job is conditioning the Goyim to submit.