Tyranny: It Pisses Me Off

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Submitted by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com,

Tyranny is not a wholly definable condition. There are many forms of tyranny and many levels of control that exist in any one society at any given time. In fact, the most despicable forms of tyranny are often the most subtle; the kinds of tyranny in which the oppressed are deluded into thinking that because they have “choices”, that necessarily makes them “free”. Tyranny at its very core is not always the removal of choice, but the filtering of choice – the erasure of options leaving only choices most beneficial to the system and its controllers.

The choice may be between freedom and security, individual opinion and societal coherency, personal principle or collective indulgeance, catastrophic war or disaster multiplied by complacency, terrorism or surveillance, economic manipulation or financial Armageddon. We are presented with these so called choices everyday and they are about to become even more of a bane in our regular lives. But these are often engineered options that do not represent reality. We are led to believe that only one path or the other can be taken; that there is no honorable way, only the lesser of two evils. I am done with false choices and the lesser of two evils. I prefer to create my own options.

Beyond method lies motivation; and tyranny begins where the best of intentions end. Every despotic action by government and collectivists today, from the NDAA, to the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, to mass electronic surveillance, to drones in our skies, to political correctness and social justice warrior tirades; all are given rationalization through "noble intentions".  Most tyrants are not high level dictators, corrupt corporate CEOs, or politically obsessed wannabe-demigods with aspirations of empire. In fact, tyrants can be found all around you every day, in friends, family and millions of people you’ve never met or heard of in your life. While the elites at the top of the pyramid are the originators of most tyrannical shifts, it is the little minded mini-tyrants hovering around you like blood-gutted mosquitoes in the mall, at the bar, at home, and at the office that make the designs of statists a possible reality.

They do not always participate directly in the construction of the cage. They just have a habit of doing nothing while it is being built around us. Some of them love the cage, and see it as a kind of affirmation of their own twisted ideals.

Tyranny is for the most part the forced imposition of contrary principles into the sacred space of the individual. That is to say, people create tyranny when they enact or support the invasion of their beliefs and desires onto those who only wish to be left alone. Tyranny is only minimally about physical control and far more about psychological control. Physical threats are merely keys to the doorway of the mind.  And within this resides the great trick.  Too many of the ignorant believe that tyranny requires jackboots, armbands and concentration camps in order to be real.  In fact, tyranny begins with a single voice self-silenced by fear of collective disapproval and/or social and legal retribution.

True tyranny is born in the putrid slithering hive of group-think, where the lazy and incompetent find refuge within the protective egg sack of intellectual idiocy.  Statists use the lie of abstract majority and the force of government to intrude upon the private ideals of those with opposing views.  In the end, it is not enough for them to extort your silence - eventually, they will demand your conversion to their faith, to their collective.  Basically, your rights end where their feelings begin.

Your thoughts and ideas are subject to approval. They are not your own in a collectivist system.  THIS is what real tyranny is.

Real slavery is not possible unless the slave is made to accept or even love his servitude. The conditions of structure and restriction and permission and “license” are often ingrained into the minds of participating serfs until they cannot comprehend the world without such arbitrary things. Acting outside the established box isn’t even considered. The rules are simply the rules, even though most people have forgotten why or how.  The more gullible proponents of social cohesion sometimes claim that the dichotomy between the individual and the collective is "false".  This is utter nonsense.  If a collective is not VOLUNTARY, then it is by its very nature counter to the health and rights of the individual, which is why I always try to make the distinction between community and collectivism.  Collectivism is entirely destructive to the individual because collectivist systems cannot survive without removing individual thought and action.  The modus operandi of a collective is to erase independence so that the hive can function.  Anyone who states that individualism and collectivism are "complementary" is either a liar, or a simpleton of the highest degree.

Fantastical constructs of social organization are used to justify themselves as self evident. Statists love the argument of society for society’s sake. We are born into this system whether we like it or not, they say. We benefit from the system and therefore we owe the system, they claim. The system is mother and father. The system provides all because we all provide for the system. Without the system, we are nothing.

The clever trap of collectivism is that it makes participation of individuals a survival imperative for the group. A person is certainly not allowed to work against the advancement of the group, even if the group is morally reprehensible in their goals. However, totalitarian collectivism from socialism to fascism to communism does not even allow for people to refuse to participate. You are not allowed to walk away from the collective because if you do, you might hurt the overall performance of the collective. A gear in a machine cannot be allowed to simply up and leave that machine, or everything falls apart. See how that works…?

People fall into tyrannical behaviors through what Carl Jung referred to as the “personal shadow”; the uglier cravings of our unconscious that fester into morally relative philosophies. One fact of life that you can always count on is this: All people want things. The kinds of things and the level of the want determine their willingness to do wrong. I’m not just talking about money and wealth. Some people want unfettered or unrealistic security, some people want fame, some people want adoration, some people want subservience, some people want to avoid all responsibility, some people want perpetual childhood, some people are shameless glory hounds, and some people want their worldview imprinted on every other person until all is uniform, uncluttered, homogenized, safe.

People’s wants can be harnessed, manipulated and directed to disturbing ends, and the elites know very well how to do this.  The people who are harder to dominate are those who have discipline over their wants and thus control over their fears of not attaining those wants.  These are the men and women that frustrate the establishment.

In my life I have met many people who cannot set aside their immediate desires even if their behavior is translating into eventual misery for themselves and everyone else. People who cannot balance the pursuit of wealth with a healthy level of charity. People who cannot participate in an endeavor without trying to co-opt or control that endeavor. People who marginalize the talents of others when they could be nurturing those talents. People who sneer or superficially criticize the valid accomplishments of others rather than cheering for them. People who see others as competition rather than allies in a greater task. People who fabricate taboos in order to shame others into subservience rather than relying on rational arguments.  It is weaknesses like these that cause smaller forms of tyranny, and such microcosms of despotism often culminate in wider enslavement. It is through the personal shadow that we fall victim to the collective shadow, the place where devils reside.

Tyranny is an environment in which the very worst in us is fed caffeine and cocaine and allowed to run wild while pretending to be a model of principled efficiency.  It is a place where vile people are most likely to succeed.

Frankly, I’m a little tired of those who consider themselves to be social advocates so overtly concerned with what we individuals are thinking or feeling or doing. We don’t owe them any explanations and we certainly never agreed to be a part of their ridiculous covens of academia and the mainstream. I have no patience for people who have the audacity to think they can mold the rest of us into abiding by their intrusive ideology. Is your goal to force me to adopt your collectivist philosophy because you are too biased or too sociopathic to compose an argument that convinces me to join voluntarily? Then I’m afraid one day I’ll probably react by shooting you.  Am I advocating violence?  Actually, the establishment and its statist cheerleaders are advocating violence through their trampling of individual liberty, but let me answer directly:

Yes, I believe violence is often the only answer for such tyrants, historically and practically.   We have every right to be left alone, they have no right to their aggressive statism, and we have every right to defend ourselves.

I am tired of oppressive social constructs that undermine our greater potential. I am tired of assumptions. Assumptions and lies fuel every aspect our world today, and this will only end in utter calamity. I am tired of tolerance for oppressive behaviors; tolerance for corruption and criminality leads only to more of the same. I am tired of compromise. I am tired of being told that a discriminating attitude is a bad thing, and that total acceptance is somehow “enlightened.” I am tired of people thinking pleasantries are a better method for combating stupidity than a good slap upside the head. In other words, it’s time to slap some people upside the head; be they friends, family, neighbors, whoever. The days of diplomacy are over. Our world is changing. And from this point on, there will be people who do tangible and voluntary good (the people who count), the passive spectators, and the people who stand in the way of people who do tangible and voluntary good.

My advice? Don’t be a part of the latter group. The doers, the thinkers, the producers, the builders, the self-made and self sufficient- all may be trying to undo the damages of tyranny, but that does not mean we will continue to be nice about it when totalitarian groupies try to stop us.

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Tyranny is bullish, yes?

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Vote CHUMBA for Tyrant Of The Year!

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Was it really like that. Now admit it?

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Blue horseshoe luvs John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.


Tyranny for lack of a better word.....is good. Progressive sellout republicans just need understanding.


Boehner: We have to pass the trade bill to see what's in it.

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“that does not mean we will continue to be nice about it when totalitarian groupies try to stop us”
“it’s time to slap some people upside the head; be they friends, family, neighbors, whoever”
“I believe violence is often the only answer for such tyrants”
"one day I’ll probably react by shooting"

The author advocates attacking groupies, friends, family, and neighbors ...

You defeat the King by attacking the King – not by attacking his pawns. In fact, that’s why he is messing with you. He wants you to attack his pawns, so he can use your violence as a pretext for disarming you.

This is the kind of article an author should write if he were an advocate of the NWO and thus trying to subtley manipulate people into behaviors that accelerated the NWO agenda.

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Yes, a well written piece that demonstrates the system we live in, except that the author is losing the battle he believes is being waged against him by letting it get him down or "tired" as he called it.  

To defeat tyranny is to transcend it.  If it draws you into its battle, it has already won.

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We're not allowed to know, but certainly the owners of the Fed are at or near the top. Certainly those at Bilderberg are near the top. Certainly they are far more guilty than any groupie, friend, family, or neighbor.

Don't equate wealth with guilt. To be rich in a crony system is evidence of maximum guilt, but to be rich in a free-market is evidence of maximum nobility.

Read None Dare call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen, and then consider that it was written 45 years ago and how much worse it is by now. www.EndOfInnocence.com is a good place to start too.

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My dyslexia kept reading the word as "Tranny", I thought 'not another fucking Bruce Jenner story'!

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Sorry, but your logic is pretty shitty.  They can create a pretext for disarming the people anytime they like, that doesn't mean they'll get our guns.  No tyranny has ever been beaten back by passiveness and apathy.  Not one. If you aren't willing to defend yourself, you will lose.  The NWO has been promoting Ghandi based garbage (even Ghandi failed until the people in India began arming to fight, then the British finally ran)  for decades to keep Americans from doing what really needs to be done, which is hanging these fuckers from the nearest lamp post.   Fuck all hippy dippy peaceful resistance.  It doesn't accomplish a thing.

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buy tyranny.  Sell compassion.

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"...The kinds of things and the level of the want determine their willingness to do wrong..."

This is the one thing I have to disagree with most emphatically, Tyler. You know me - psychopath this, psychopath that.

You're completely leaving out the second part of the equation: the depth of their lack of empathy. A normal, healthy person CAN crave money, things or control without any damage to society if those cravings are tempered with normal, healthy empathy.

I have to believe that there are rich people, people that own a lot of shit or just powerful people THAT ARE GOOD. There are sadly few examples that I can name, but simply declaring all rich, powerful people EVIL is wrong. Having or satisfying those desires successfully is not inherently evil if it is not done at the expense of others. It only becomes evil when you slip psychopathy into the equation. The less empathy, the more exploitative and evil the person becomes to reach their goals.

Misdirecting the nature of evil leads one to think that ANY rich or powerful person is bad. Killing all the rich and powerful never solves anything except create opportunity for the second-string psychopaths. As long as a society tolerates psychopathy and discourages empathy, the rich and powerful WILL BE EVIL.

On a side note: poor, oppressed people can be just as psychopathic as the rich and powerful. Their control only extends to a few people around them and their success at amassing wealth or 'stuff' is bad, but they can be every bit as psychopathic. Encouraging psychopathy and discouraging empathy among the poor is as damaging to society as if you do it to the rich and powerful. It makes the country a bad place to live for 'normal' people. Kind of like the United States, today. 

OldPhart's picture

I work for a family like this.  Extremely decent people that pride themselves on the number of jobs they created.  And they have created over 500.

I am pleased to be associated with people like this to the point that Robert Hove created this family owned, private, company in 1955.  He has a gift of finding land that has mining resources and bought hundreds of acres over the years.  Bob, and his son, Jon, have a mission statement that says that they will fight a good fight squarely and on principle, that people matter and that any company needs to be a resource to the local community.  Over the last twelve years, they've proven their values to me.  Don't get me wrong, shit still sucks, but there are actually real private companies that have the entire family behind the concept of fair markets, entreprenureialism (fuck it), and civic responsibility...I can find no fault with the people I work for.

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Paveway is right...it's the death of empathy that is the mark of a psychopath...and all that flows from there....


WillyGroper's picture


can a psychopath experience the death of empathy when it was never in their posession to begin with?

BTW, exceptional in both prose & thought.

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Almost without exception, we were born with the natureal capacity for empathy. It's coded in our DNA. It's pro-survival for living in a cooprative society of other humans, which is also coded in our DNA.

Like almost any other human emotion, we can actively chose to supress or ignore empathy as a means to some other end. It's not binary - the choices are not either totally empathetic or totally psychopathic. It's a continuum with much more grey than black and white. Normal, healthy human beings do not have 100% empathy all the time. There are individuals that are especially empathetic and near that, but most of us are (for lack of any relevant measure) maybe 90% plus or minus 10%. Psychopaths are 10%, plus or minus 10%. Again, I simply made that up for comparison - there is no science that can mesure that.

We all make decisions on how much empathy we are willing to let go at certain times or recover at other times. Those choces are part of our coping/survival mechanisms - it may be to endure great pain or hardship, or to recognize our powerlessness in certain situations when many people are suffering. It SHOULD be a temporary thing. Throwing away your humanity and empathy permanently is a diseased state and anti-survival for society.

Psychopaths have consistently supressed or ignored any measure of empathy for years to achieve their goals. They were slowly killing their own empathy so I doubt they mourn it's death or lament it's absence. Empathy is a useless emotion to them that they neither miss or wish to restore. Occasionally, a psychopath is put in a situation where they either DO miss it or suddenly find the need/desire to restore their humanity. Probably on their deathbeads. They are capable of understanding their own lack of empathy at times - they just mostly don't care. It's not organic - it's not a terminal condition. There is simply little reason or motivation for most psychopaths to stop being a psychopath, especially if the were successful in their psychopathic goals (money, stuff, control, power). 

Society itself is the only way to handle psychopathy. If a society generally frowns upon psychopathy and consistently admires and values geniunely empathetic people, then the few psychopaths left remain in their evil lairs and back alleys - they are unpopular. If the opposite is true - psychopaths are admired and valued and empathetic people are treated like naive chumps - then psychopaths flourish. Worse yet, everyone else sort of drops the bar for how much empathy they can discard in exchange for happiness or 'achieving goals'. If the average person is fine with say 50% of their empathy, then that society becomes a truly dismal and cruel place to be. Imploring others to regain their humanity is futile - people settle on whatever level they're comfortable with IN that society. In a 50% society, a 90% person is going to be miserable. They can leave for a better society or stay endure the 50% one like a martyr and just hope things change (= people get better). People may lament the overall loss of empathy (kind of like today) but are simply resigned to tolerate it - they can't do anything about it.

The slide is generally INTO and increasingly psychopathic society until it self-destructs. The few exceptions in human history have been when the masses were inspired by someone as a kind of champion of humanity. Entire societies can be 'healed' to some degree in the presence of extraordinary individuals like that, and psychopaths can be sent back to hiding in their evil lairs. 

Paveway IV's picture

Thanks for that, OldPhart.

That's the reason us aliens have not nuked Earth yet - there's still a few good people left. Shame to vaporize them all just to get rid of the psychopaths.

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blah blah blah blah  more bullshit form the paper soldier...how many people here live in their parents basement?

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"...blah blah blah blah  more bullshit form the paper soldier...how many people here live in their parents basement?"

The sad little troll chortled as he chugged a Redbull from the comfort of his mom's attic.  "Ha!  I'm so original and clever!  Surely the basement comment will sting like they have never been stung..." 

WOWurstupid's picture

really...everything I have is paid for and I talk care of my Mom troll.  I have obviousluy struck a nerve and i like Monster Rehab.  I am sure you and Brandy will be bunkies in the FEMA camp.  

runningman18's picture

"really...everything I have is paid for and I talk care of my Mom troll."


The troll bemoaned as he cashed his mom's social security check and ran his EBT card to buy more Monster drinks...

WOWurstupid's picture

really...everything I have is paid for and I talk care of my Mom troll.  I have obviousluy struck a nerve and i like Monster Rehab.  I am sure you and Brandy will be bunkies in the FEMA camp.  

WOWurstupid's picture

blah blah blah blah  more bullshit form the paper soldier...how many people here live in their parents basement?

Oldwood's picture

How many here have their parents living in their basement?

How many here WISH the had a basement to live in?

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More shite articles on zerohedge. This site is going to the dogs.


Tyranny is a knock on your door in the middle of the night and your family never sees you again.


Group think, idiots trading, all the rest of the shit this guy cites is just human nature. I'm sorry, but the current regime isn't tyrannical. It's not very free, it certainly is arbitrary and unjust, but it is not tyrannical. These entitled fools need to get their heads checked and learn what real tyranny ias about.

Oh regional Indian's picture

True tyranny ain't born in the slithering slime of Groupthink Brandon.

True tyranny CREATES the slithering slime of groupthink.

Once you get over that chicken and egg thing, perhaps the masses (all of us all peepz) can see themselves in kinder light. 

One can stop being a victim anytime though...



BandGap's picture

It gets binary very quickly - make a stand or not.

I am of the age and experience to have made the choice already. And I believe my God will accept me when the time comes. It's really very simple.

Oh regional Indian's picture

I think binary, choice making point is coming up fast BG. The fork in the road so to speak.

People say to themselves "I know what is good for me", and make a choice.

And most of the time they do not even know who that "I" is....

BandGap's picture

Choice has been made so at this point there is no choice. Actually it is very easy if you look past yourself.

I have been blessed. Each should make their own choice before lines are drawn for them.

OldPhart's picture

Without getting all high faluting, moral and shit, I actually look at choices as what is good for us, not just me.

I'm not a psychopath, nor a liar, nor a fraud...unlike some others.

Yes, it's a pain in the ass to argue with water companies on drought surcharges and shit, or to give up on the competencies of government and just start deducting refunds due (going back four years) on  current sales tax, but when you're getting fucked over every day by government, you have to enforce what their true role is.

The Darwin Mode's picture

Tyranny is a side effect of civic complacency. They are the few, we are the many.

MonetaryApostate's picture

Control is an illusion....

These organized criminals are responsible for everything they cause...

Blaming the sheeple for the acts of the elite is like saying, children are responsible for what their parents do...

No, you can't lay the blame on the ignorant, for many people are caught unaware...

But, as you say, you can choose to stop being the victim....

However, the elite rule with power via gunpoint, aka LFOs & Soldiers...

Anyone who does not play by their rules, well you get capped, and it's as simple as that...

Granted the author makes some good point, but we can't lay blame on "The people" for condoning it...

The people didn't get to vote, remember?  Anyway, the end is near, for judgment is coming, and of that I am 100% certain...

(Call it Karma or whatever you want, but you'll know later the truth of it all...)

THE 4th Quadrant's picture

"True tyranny CREATES the slithering slime of groupthink."

Is 'Vote Up / Vote Down' a mechanism to incubate groupthink?

If true, are the architects Tyrants?

Now take 2 steps back. Remember ZH before the Up Vote/Down Vote buttons? If you saw a comment that you agreed with/disagreed with you would engage the OP in discourse. So are the Architects trying to silence you with their little buttons?


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Cautionary Tale (not verified) Jun 4, 2015 10:40 PM

How much did Brandon Smith get PAID for being 'pissed off' this way? Or is he an unpaid EGALITARIAN 'pissed off' pauper?

<--- PAID junkers, Ironic as it may be


Umm, I guess, LIKE ME... Who comments here, UNPAID...

runningman18's picture

For some reason I get the feeling you are the only person paid to be here...

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Effing troll
Member for
1 week 17 hours
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Been slapping folks since 2008.  Some are catching on but most refuse to listen, they can't handle the truth. They will face it when it is too late.

We will not see the end of this downward spiral until there is little left to lose.  Then it won't be pretty but Americans will eventually rise to do what is necessary...then the tyrants will pay.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Hilsenratt's WSJ letter FINALLY catalyzed some righteous anger.  IMO, we're way too far gone to pull it back without rivers of blood in the streets.  I cant say when it will all explode, but we're all on the train to hell.

Just remember, during the French Revolution, less than 10% of those killed were aristocrats or politicians.  Roughly 80% of the dead were peasants accused of hoarding food.

When the shit jumps off, play defense first. . .

ImGumbydmmt's picture

Hilsenrath's WSJ letter had the comments disabled, and at least two dozen comments with reference to boiled rope, pitchforks and/or guillotines were removed.

Censorship of the sheeple?

check for yourselves.




Trogdor's picture

Been slapping folks since 2008.  Some are catching on but most refuse to listen, they can't handle the truth. They will face it when it is too late.

Agreed.  The problem is, when you give them truth, it breaks their world - and most people don't want their world broken, so they call you "crazy" or "conspiracy theorist" or hit you with some idiotic statement like "Well, if that was happening, they'd report it on the news".  Anyway, I consider myself an "idea farmer" and each person I meet as a potential field.  If I toss a few ideas their way, and they don't sprout, I move on - no sense making enemies.  No matter how hard you try, you can't fix stupid - and they'll figure it out eventually.  If the ideas do sprout, however, careful cultivation can yeild another person who sees through the bullshit that's poured on us every day - another thinking person - and we need all of those we can get....

Nage42's picture

I like that idea, "an idea farmer," that goes along with what I think I'm trying to do.

I don't want to "convert" anyone, I want to find like-minded individuals that, when presented with a clear statement of what the problem is, react in a way like me that is: pragmatic, efficient, and [for me this is a priority, cause it's my belief] non-confrontational.

I interject into a conversation a statistic or "fact" [which I believe to be true based on actual evidentury findings], and see how they react.  If they say "bullshit!" then I follow up with evidence (ideally from sources they will understand), and see how they react to that.

There are generally two types of people: there are the "well, then there's nothing we can do" types, and there there's the "oh crap! well then what can I personally do to protect myself" types...

I go sifting through the social pile for the peeps who want to do something to protect themselves, cause I believe this to be rational and correct behavior in response to actual threat.

So I'm a "belief miner" looking for golden nuggets of people submerged within the mudpile of day-to-day.

Cheers,  Nage42

Crawdaddy's picture

Good approach Trog - farm a little then move on. The Johnny Appleseed idea.

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

I despise tyranny too and it pisses me off, but Brandon desperately needs an editor.