Furious Tsipras Addresses Greek Parliament, Blasts Creditors For Failure To Compromise: Live Feed

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Greek PM Alexis Tsipras is set to address the Greek parliament after a tense week of negotiations with creditors that ended with no agreement and a missed IMF payment. 

Tsipras, after lobbing a series of accusations at the troika last weekend, submitted a "fair" agreement to Merkel, Hollande, Junker, and Draghi ahead of an emergency meeting between the four in Berlin on Monday evening. EU creditors then met with IMF officials on Tuesday and offered a counterproposal which was promptly rejected by Tsipras as unreasonable. 

Now, having bought Greece a few weeks by choosing to bundle June's IMF payments, an exasperated Tsipras will speak to Greek lawmakers (including radical members of Syriza) in an attempt to explain why the current troika proposal is wholly unacceptable and gauge what concessions (if any) are possible in order to strike a deal that can be pushed through parliament in time to avert an outright default at the end of the month. 

(live feed)

Some highlights:


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Soul Glow's picture

Leave the EU already.

NotApplicable's picture

"Kicking this can is really starting to piss me off!"

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Surely Varofakis told him he couldn't get the reforms he wanted and keep the euro -- which means this is just for show.

Or Varofakis thought Germany would cave and now that they aren't -- everyone is up shit creek without a paddle.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

If you can't do anything, give a speech. Both sides are preparing for a gunfight.......

knukles's picture

"Deferring is not Default"
  -whoever has some skin to lose with a default

r00t61's picture

Is the fat lady finally singing?

Or is she still warming up in her dressing room?

This is worse than watching paint dry.

Where is Mr. Game Theorist Varoufakis in all of this?  He was supposed to be ten times smarter than the average bear.  He was supposed to whip the ECB with so much brainpower that it would make Risk look like a board game.

I'm telling you, this is Hope and Change, Greek edition - where the Hoax and the Chains are nestled in between a pita and served with a side of yogurt.

y3maxx's picture

...Next month Greece announces special union with Libya.

twh99's picture

Except the Greeks have no bullets!  And their gun in the pawn shop.

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

All Greece needs to do is just cut off all communication with the rest of EU and then only address the greek people. That would tell the EU more then any speech ever could.

NoVa's picture

... If you can't do anything, give a speech...  That is Oblamo - a perfect hit.


FreeMoney's picture

That is the reason this train wreck is happening so slowly.  The sheep are being prepared.  ( not the Greeks, ALL other western economies. )


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

"If you can't do anything, give a speech."

I don't know what they're saying, but it's all Greek to me.

As others have also said in their own way, this shite show is getting old, going on more than a few Tours old.  TD/ZH, wake me when there is real Kinetic Activity, not before. 

(Note to Self:  Stop being click-bait with bullshit Greece stories)

ZippyBananaPants's picture

"We greeks have a rich history of running it up someones ass, Fuck them all!"


he drops the mike and walks off the stage!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Did you hear about the Greek guy who wanted to go abroad and get a real job, and that actually pays well?

Well, in the end, he decided he couldn't leave his brothers' behind.  Opa!

walküre's picture

This +1

Or Varofakis thought Germany would cave and now that they aren't -- everyone is up shit creek without a paddle.

Even if it made 100% sense to cave now, Germans are usually too stubborn to see it the other way until it is too late. We are perfect at that too!

Greeks could be our best friends if we had extended them an olive branch. Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer comes to mind. If Greeks turn against Germany and make efforts to rally Europe against us, it is not in our best interest. We have a history of isolation on the European continent.

No fresh money, slash debts by 50% and use ECB to cover the haircuts. That would be a reasonable and doable offer. We're only talking 150 billion here.

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

...then Portugal ....Spain .....Ireland .....Italy ....France ........

walküre's picture

It's inevitable anyway, don't you think? The EUR isn't working as it should. Or maybe it is but it is hurting economies who are supposed to be our partners and friends. When the people get fed up enough in the South, they will start to revolt and then the shit show is over with anyway.

This process would have been the perfect opportunity to break up the EUR and work on an alternative. Instead the elite preserves the Status Quo which favors them and that is all they ever know how to do.

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

Agreed! Lots of discontent is brewing in the north also! The EU was supposed to be a 'Trade Union' not a 'Political Union' that was secretively planned & has become. It became a single currency region for purely politcal purposes & control.  Like all grand plans & self-interest schemes it has fallen under its own weight & poor construction.  All the leadership including central bankers are socialist, marxist, communist & even Maoist identifiers & sympathizers. At some point (probably after a mind numbing depression) people have to take a moment to think who and why they vote for someone beyond their 'populist' dogma!

saltoafronteira's picture

then the UK.......... Belgium......... Luxembourg............ Japan............... Some federated states in Germany.......... Some german Banks........... some Holland banks........... some federated states in the USA.............. some american banks............then Switzerland...........Austria............Poland......... all the easterners.......... and then...then.... oooops ! The USA and Germany !!!!!!

TwoShortPlanks's picture

No, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy and France will watch what they do to the Drachma and behave themselves.

Long Wheelbarrows!

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Normally your posts are pretty good -- however this is rubbish.

You know its rubbish.

Germany has been as isolated in Europe as Russia is now.

Germany will do fine alone.

saltoafronteira's picture

Yeah.. with a Deutschmark in the stratosphere and the Russians sending you krauts into the sinker. Let's see how you cope. I'm sitting in my sofa to enjoy the show,

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

The Germans will always do well. They are disaplined, hard working, creative & focussed. They productively & efficently make great products that work and people want. Russians included!

saltoafronteira's picture

Your not the only ones hardworking..... and you also have banker parasites.... How do you thing you will export having the chinese as direct competitors and hipervalued money? Dont you see the writing in the wall ?

gswifty's picture

And the Greeks are lazy and undeserving. Thanks for the update on the conventional wisdumb. I see it hasn't changed.

walküre's picture

I don't trust the Americans and I don't trust Brussels or the IMF. They're lying to us. Americans are making deals with Russia after they booted out Germans.

What games are these people playing? Does Merkel understand or is she even complicit?

I'm sorry, I feel that we're being played again. It would have been best to make a deal with the Greeks on our terms and never engaged with this "Troika" business. In the end, the default will cost mostly German taxpayers. The IMF gets away unscathed and Brussels will probably grow even more intrusive.

This looks bad for Greece and their sovereignty. In the end I believe this is about putting Germany back down and into a corner.

FreeMoney's picture

What is truly amazing are the number and duration of the can kicks here.  Its hard to determine who will suffer more for a declared default, the greek people of the collective of euro bankers, or the collective of euro politicians that might not get re-elected.  The certain thing is that all parties are out to avoid the pain, and that the greek people will be the ones that suffer the most over time.

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

The can is being kicked for as long as possible because this is a very very bug deal! Easy solutions left town ages ago!

walküre's picture

Correct. The dates have been known for years. It all "coincides" with the end of QE in the US, the attempt to raise rates and the end of a bull market. It is also the deadline for smt. Don't think for a minute the Greeks aren't aware of this. 50% of Greek politics is the Church. The Greek Orthodox Church is "observing" the calendar.

Timing is never an accident.

Stumpy4516's picture

Tsipras - why did you give the common Greek citizens pension funds and most of the central govt backup funds to these "creditors".  Why did you attempt to raid all the local govt funds with the intent of giving those away also?

This is for show before he screws the common people of Greece again.

Augustus's picture

Sill a large number of asses in Greece.  The ones eating grass still work occasionally.

saltoafronteira's picture

What´s your specialty, Augustus ? eating grass or working occasionally ?

saltoafronteira's picture

I dont know what is going to happen next, but I sincerely hope that the krauts banking sistem will blow up sky high, no matter the consequences.

Losing in the eastern theater (ukraine) and losing in the southeastern theatre (Greece).

Bye Bye, Euro Reich !!!!

Go to hell !

indygo55's picture

I got it! At the end of June they take all the payments due through the end of the year and bundle them up into a single payment at the end of the year. Then they get billions of bailouts and add that to the stinking pile of shit and bundle them into,,,,,,,


Sarc off

SethDealer's picture

he is bitching because he has to pay his bills!! he belongs in ferguson, baltimore, or one of these other "victim cities"

justmy2cents's picture

Agreed - SYRIZA your new rulers of the free shit army.

whotookmyalias's picture

You all need to read a little more history. Forcing foreign debts on a sovereign nation and then imposing your will as its creditor is not new and has nothing to do with whether someone is meeting their own commitment or not.


And if anyone cares to reply, make sure you know what "forcing foreign debts on a sovereign nation" means in both this context and a historical context before you chime in.

youngman's picture

It has always amazed me when you loan someone money and they do not pay you back...but when you bring it up that they owe you money..they get mad at YOU...lol

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

'Repayment' have never been part of the narrative for the deadbeat Socialists! It's the point they all become vocally Anti-Capitalist & Anti-Wealth!

crackpuff's picture

Greece has a legitimate gripe. Compromise is a basic principle of civil rights and human dignity. I thought the Europeans were more evolved than that. Kind of reminds me of when I fell behind car payments and offered the collectors a hundred in cash for the title. No compromising then either. So I drove it to Mexico and sold it. kick'em where it hurts Greece! All us little guys are cheering you on

FrankieGoesToHollywood's picture

Post like this make me laugh.  How do you propose they drive greece to mexico?

Sanity Bear's picture

Jamie Dimon can tow it with the yacht he bought from the profits in selling them up the river in the first place.

NoVa's picture

just like an ex-wife 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Wait till they threaten to leave the EU.  They will threaten, like a disgruntled and passive-aggressive wife of too many years.

She will keep complaining and threatening, and you're supposed to placate and stop her.  What Theater!

NoTTD's picture

How about instead of that we hit her on the head with a shovel and bury her out back in the rock garden?

ZH Snob's picture

he was left a steaming pile of doo-doo, much like what our next president will find.  but for some reason they both really want the job.

TN Jed's picture

"My old man is a television repairman, he's got this ultimate set of tools.  I can fix it!"