"Obama Is Destroying Europe", "Dragging It Into A Crusade Against Russia" Says Former French PM

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While on the surface the European leaders of G-7 nations are all smiles in their photo-ops next to US president Barack Obama, there is an unmistakable tension and simmering resentment at the US for forcing Europe into America's personal crusades.

"Today, Europe is not independent… The US is drawing us [the EU] into a crusade against Russia, which contradicts the interests of Europe,” said the former French Prime Minister Fillon while the chief economist at Bremer Landesbank adds that as a result of US policies "unmeasurable damage lies in an elevated geopolitical risk situation for the people in the EU.”

* * *

German Banker: Obama Is Destroying Europe, submitted by investigative historian Eric Zuesse

Interviewed on June 6th by German Economic News, the chief economist at Bremer Landesbank, Folker Hellmeyer, says that because of Obama’s sanctions against Russia, German exports declined year-over-year by 18% in 2014, and by 34% in the first two months of 2015 (no later figures), but he asserts that "The damage is much more comprehensive than these statistics show,” because those are only the “primary losses,” and there are in addition “secondary effects,” which get even worse over time.

For example: "European countries with strong business in Russia, including Finland and Austria, are economically hit very hard. These countries consequently place fewer orders from Germany. Moreover, considering that European corporations will circumvent the sanctions, to create production facilities at the highest efficiency level in Russia, we lose this potential capital stock, which is the basis of our prosperity. Russia wins the capital stock,” at the EU’s expense, even though the sanctions are targeted against Russia.

But the nub is this: “For the future, Germany and the EU place their economic reliability into question with Russia. The relationship of trust is broken by Germany and the EU. In order to build such confidence, it takes several years. Between signature and delivery are up to five years. ... Siemens is now thrown out from a major project for this reason [i.e., because the requisite predictability has been lost]. Alstom has likewise lost the contract for the railway line from Moscow to Beijing. Consequently, the potential for damage is much more massive than the current figures show, not only for Germany, but for the entire EU.”

Then, he says: "More [projects] still in planning include the axis from Peking to Moscow as part of the Shanghai Corporation and the BRIC countries, the largest growth project in modern history, the construction of the infrastructure of Eurasia, from Moscow to Vladivostok, to Southern China and India. How far the EU and Germany's sanctions-policy regarding Russia figures in these developing-countries’ mega-projects will depend upon whether we’ll be seen as hostile in other emerging countries than Russia. [NOTE from Eric Zuesse: Obama speaking 28 May 2014 to graduating West Point cadets: ‘Russia’s aggression toward former Soviet states unnerves capitals in Europe, while China’s economic rise and military reach worries its neighbors. From Brazil to India, rising middle classes compete with us, and governments seek a greater say in global forums.’ His attitude toward developing countries is clear — they are enemies, to be dealt with via the military, not economic partners to advance with us in economic cooperation.] But, obviously, there is a lack that some participants in European politics [and inside the White House!] have in their abilities to think abstractly on our behalf.”

Asked who will be paying the price for this, he says: "The measurable damage is loss of growth, in lost wages, losses in contributions to the social system and in tax revenue. This is true for the past 12 months, and it is valid for the years ahead. The people in Germany and the EU will pay the price through lost prosperity and stability. The unmeasurable damage lies in an elevated geopolitical risk situation for the people in the EU.”

Asked about the situation in Ukraine, Hellmeyer says: "It is indeed irritating. People who are focused not only on Western ‘quality media' are amazed at those media hiding the aggression of Kiev and the discriminatory laws implemented by the Government in Kiev, which constitute a serious challenge to the claim that Western values and democracy are being supported by the West. I believe, to Mr Steinmeier’s credit, that he is in fact talking plainly about these matters behind closed doors. The question is whether the behavior of the Atlantic alliance supports Mr. Steinmeier. I refer in this regard especially to Victoria Nuland. The fact is that by the coup in the Ukraine, an oligarchy friendly towards Moscow was replaced by an oligarchy now oriented toward the United States. It's geopolitics, which benefits third forces, but definitely not Germany, not the EU, not Russia, and not Ukraine.” So, he sees U.S. as having gained at the expense of every other country, but especially at Europe’s expense.

Asked about the future, Folker Hellmeyer says: "For me, the conflict has already been decided. The axis Moscow-Beijing-BRIC wins. The dominance of the West is through. In 1990 those countries accounted for only about 25% of world economic output. Today, they represent 56% of world economic output, and 85% of world population. They control about 70% of the world's foreign exchange reserves. They grow annually by an average of 4% - 5%. Since the United States were not prepared to share power internationally (e.g., by changing the voting-apportionments in the IMF and World Bank), the future rests with those countries themselves, to build in the emerging markets sector on their own financial system. There lies their future. The EU is currently being drawn into the conflict, which the United States caused because she did not share power and want to share. The longer we pursue this [mono-polar, hegemonic, Imperial, supremacist, internationally dictatorial, aggressive] policy in the EU, the higher the price [to Europe will be].”

He goes on to say: "The fact is that the emerging countries emancipate themselves from US control. This is evident in the creation of competitive institutions of the World Bank (AIIB) and the IMF (New Development Bank) by the axis of the emerging countries. This displeases the still prevailing hegemon. The current international hot spots of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, to the Ukraine, are an expression of this, in the background, as a clearly identifiable power-confrontation [between the U.S. and every other country]. If we were there intending to establish democracy and freedom, let's look at the success in achieving those goals. [His implication: it’s failure.]"

German Economic News asks: "The contempt with which the US government deals with the Europeans is remarkable, such as the NSA tapping the Chancellor’s phone, and Nuland’s famous 'Fuck the EU’ statement. Have European politicians no self-respect, or are they just too cowardly?"

Hellmeyer responds: “The person who is a true democrat takes seriously his duties as a politician for the public’s well-being, and does not allow his nation's self-determination to be so contemptuously trampled underfoot, such as has followed from that remark. The person who is not a true democrat, has with respect to the above values and canon, severe deficits.”

CLOSE from Zuesse: Why is there not, in Europe, a huge movement to abandon NATO, and to kick out the U.S. military? Whom is the U.S. ‘defending’ Europeans from, after the Warsaw Pact ended in 1991? Why did not Gorbachev demand that NATO disband when the Warsaw Pact did — simultaneous (instead of one-sided) disbanding of the Cold War, so that there would not become the foundation for international fascism to arise to conquer Russia (first, to surround it by an expanding NATO — and ultimately via TPP & TTIP), in the aftermath? Why is there not considerable public debate about these crucial historical, cultural, and economic, matters? Why is there such deceit, which requires these massive questions to be ignored so long by ‘historians’? How is it even possible for the world to move constructively forward, in this environment, of severe censorship, in the media, in academia, and throughout ‘the free world’? Why is there no outrage that the Saudi and other Arabic royals fund islamic jihad (so long as it’s not in their own countries) but America instead demonizes Russia’s leaders, who consistently oppose jihadists and jihadism? Why are America’s rulers allied with the top financiers of jihad? Why is that being kept so secret? Why are these injustices tolerated by the public? Who will change this, and how? When will that desperately needed change even start? Will it start soon enough? Maybe WW III won’t occur, but the damages are already horrible, and they’re getting worse. This can go on until the end; and, if it does, that end will make horrible look like heaven, by comparison. It would be worse than anything ever known — and it could happen in and to our generation.

* * *

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of  Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics.


And then, here is former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon who told RT that the "US is drawing Europe into crusade against Russia, against our interests"

The US is drawing European states into a “crusade” against Russia, which goes against Europe’s interests, former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has said. Speaking to French media, he stressed that Europe now is dependent on Washington.

Today, Europe is not independent… The US is drawing us [the EU] into a crusade against Russia, which contradicts the interests of Europe,” Fillon told the BFMTV channel.

The ex-French prime minister, who served in Nicolas Sarkozy’s government from 2007 till 2012, lashed out at Washington and its policies.

Washington, Fillon said, pursues “extremely dangerous” policies in the Middle East that the EU and European states have to agree with.

He accused German intelligence of spying on France “not in the interests of Germany but in the interests of the United States.”

Fillon pointed out that Washington is pressuring Germany to concede to Greece and find a compromise.

He noted the “American justice system” often interferes with the work of “European justice systems.”

"Europe is not independent,” the ex-PM said, calling for “a broad debate on how Europe can regain its independence.”

This, however, would not be possible if Europe goes ahead and signs the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a proposed EU-US treaty, which has drawn much criticism for its secretiveness and lack of accountability.

“I am definitely against signing this agreement [TTIP] in the form in which it is now,” he added.

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Fun Facts's picture

Obama and all the European mascotts are all working for the same


Stackers's picture

Dont kid yourself. The trans-atlantic technocrat power elites are all on board for picking a fight with Russia.

Supernova Born's picture

Keep pulling that root, euro-tards.

When Europe finds where it leads they'll go quiet.

Ms. Erable's picture

It's doubtful the Eurotrash (i.e., "leadership") will find their balls before they sacrifice another generation of young men on the battlefield.

clooney_art's picture


Obama is great. Doing all the right things for this country.

Oldwood's picture

You got to give these assholes credit. You couldn't write a better world wide disaster script. They are fucking taking this thing down...while the band plays on.

macholatte's picture



Are we to believe that the EU politicians are victims without free will or basic intelligence or the ability to make their own decisions on how they should “lead” and govern?  

Just blame Obama and pull the covers over your heads and keep your jobs with all the perks.

The adjective FUCKTARDS seems appropriate.

(and I ain't no fan of Barry S and his fundamental transformation of America)

Oldwood's picture

Everyone is working for their OWN agenda, which may differ greatly but yet have common themes that serve their ends. Many are simply trying to retain their power and/or wealth and will do whatever it takes for that to happen regardless of how destructive it may be for others or even themselves in the future. Others are busily creating circumstances which stimulate these kinds of actions, of knee jerk, short term selfish considerations....knowing the ultimate destruction they cause will create even greater opportunities for power and/or wealth.

Ultimately it doesn't matter what their agenda is if it is still bringing the same result. Whether Barry is an evil genius or simple shill matters not to me. The fact that he is black is irrelevant as well, except that it is used as a shield against criticism that also creates further social unrest and destruction...all contributing to the end they are seeking.

Until we act in our own LONG TERM INTEREST, nothing will change. Until we are willing to sacrifice our immediate comforts and pleasures, we will continue to slide backwards towards the abyss. We simply must deny them what it is they need....our productivity. We will need to effectively go on strike, stop buying imported crap that gives them the margins they can use to build even more factories overseas. Stop borrowing and paying interest. Stop giving them our cash to gamble with, in the "markets" or even in a savings account. The only reason to participate is as a protection from their corrosive effects to our assets. Take them out of the game. It will hurt and it will require sacrifice, and most of all it will require a voluntary collective action where some will not seek to take advantage. If we cannot act in our collective best interest...and there is one, then we are fucked and always will be. The notion that we can hire or elect someone to protect our interests is simply nuts, like a frog giving a scorpion a ride on his back. It's nature.

Meat Hammer's picture

These EU pricks decided to join a gang and then realized that they didn't want to be in the gang anymore.  And we all know there is only one way to quit a gang.  

Winston Churchill's picture

Don't be naive Hammer.

I'm sure its been made plain in private meetings that ICBM's can be retargetted very easily.

No point having a big stick if you don't wave it around now and then.

Given that choice, you take the bribe.

Meat Hammer's picture

Something about mutually-assured destruction makes me disagree with you, Winston.  It sounds to me like these guys made a deal with the devil and now are trying to tell everyone that the devil is really mean.  Like, duh!

Oh, and I have an update on getting off the grid.  The counties in Kalifornia where we are looking to buy arable land are absolutely horrible to deal with in terms of water, power, and septic, and the process is taking forever, but it'll happen.

PS - I didn't junk you.

Winston Churchill's picture

You honestly think Russia or the USA would go for MAD over the destruction of some european country

by either side ?

I suppose with the neocon nutcases in charge you may be right, but with saner people in charge, not likely.

A friend of mine is setting up a pot farm in Kalifornia, or trying to, from Florida.Two years of

dealing with the county there , and all he has is a non productive money pit.

Apart from hot(radioactive) product, I can't see the attraction, unless its the beach girls running bare breasted

harvesting the hash oil.

conscious being's picture

Winston unusual for you, your comment makes no sense. Several countries have ICBMs loaddd with nuclear weapons. Where's the saftey in adhering to the agressor? I do believe 100% threats, implied or otherwise are made to the personal safety of leaders and their families in many countries. I also believe many in positions of leadership are of the Dennis Hastert variety where some evil secrets and threat of exposure, ie. Blackmail keeps them in line. John Brown did what he thought was right despite knowing the consequences, making it easier for others to follow suit.

Winston Churchill's picture

Why do you think the Brits and French went with their own independant deterent ?

They didn't trust the US if the chips were down ,to risk MAD, was one reason.

They didn't want to be blackmailed was the other

They are the only partners in the arrangement, the others not so much..

conscious being's picture

Winny - you are losing the thread.

Here's what you said. "Don't be naive Hammer. I'm sure its been made plain in private meetings that ICBM's can be retargetted very easily". The implication being that Euro leaders kow tow to the hedgemon to avoid being nuked by same. This makes no sense to me because if they mismanage things such that there is a war and they are too closely tied to the hegemon, they invite the risk of being nuked by the Russians ... or the Chinese.

France and UK having their own weapons is a wash. And despite France and England having their own weapons, neither appears to have an independent foreign policy that takes the well-being of their citizens into account.

IRC162's picture

It's a shame that I couldn't read your post,  most of the verbiage was hidden under Tylers' big Blue carousel of fucking advertising shit.  I like ZH first and foremost because of you guys,  the member commentors.  In aggregate,  this board would be a great education for the masses.

 For too long now the left 25% and right 25% of my screen are all click fuggin bait.   Dammit Tyler,  your mobile platform sucks sweaty nutsack.  Posts about 6 layers in are completely unreadable. Where is your IT guy?  He's fucking you right now.

  If you keep it up,  the member commentors can leave to make more room for your paid ads.....but no comments means no clicks.... You're walking a fine line between product quality control and ad revenue.   Maybe you can study the click revenue elasticity of a slowly dwindling commentor populace.  And what the fuck is up with members like Chilli Sauce and Blowing Wind? 

Wake the fuck up Tyler,  you are now that which you revile. 

HowdyDoody's picture

The British get their ICBMs from the US. The US effectively has a veto over targetting. We can assume they would veto the Brits targetting the US.

Winston Churchill's picture

Not since Aldermaston started making their own warheads and MIRV busses.

They removed the back door kill switches deployed by Uncle Scam after they got the missiles.

British Aeorospace also makes some fine missiles.

fleur de lis's picture

The European nations are at fault for being willing concubines for DC warmongers. There is no good reason for European sanctions against Russia. They have no beef with Russia, this fight is between Russia and the DC usurpers because Russia won't take orders from them. If DC can abuse our military why would the Europeans think they will fare any better.

The Euro-weenies are allowing themselves to be pulled around by the short hairs by skanks like Victoria Nudelman. She doesn't even have any loyalty for America--she's only trying to even the score for the perceived injustices between her family and Russia decades ago. She speaks fluent Russian for the purpose of agitating violent unrest and then hiding behind a passport that she doesn't even respect. 

Confused's picture

A general question: After the fall of the Berlin wall, all of the occupying forces left the country, except one, which still maintains military installations until today. Care to guess who that might be? 


Hard to be a soverign nation under those circumstances. 

WTFUD's picture

A tad harsh macholatte. Obama scammed folks good and proper, twice. EVERYTHING HE PROMISED TO DO WAS A LIE.

In my book that's impeachment.

The fact that he was committed from DAY ONE to pursue the AGENDA of the CABAL is nothing short of TREASON.

OK most of us ain't too bright but he fooled a lot of Smarts also.

mutthead52's picture

Jebs speech in Berlin was worse in this direction than Obama. Get a clue: party politics is irrelevant here, and the Bush--Saudi royal conglomerate will be far worse.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Moral and ethic bankrupt Europe not is need any help from USSA amateur-in-chief, but now maybe understand why photographic is always show Putin with smirk subtely.

Model T's picture

Amateur -in-chief; is perfect. I think you speak English a lot better than a lot of local posters on here.

Debtman And Robbin's picture

Amateur? Lt. Worf's wife is quite the opposite.

He's a perfect actor. Fuck, he outshines all the U.S. politicians who were actually movie actors before they started their 2nd carrer.

"Voting" Reagan and Schwarzenegger into office would have been enough to prove the Money Power is able to install whoever they want.

I guess awarding the O with a 2nd term in office was just for their personal entertainment. 

Imagine how they will be laughing as soon as Jeb Clinton is becoming the lead actor...

Is there any creature on earth U.S. subjects would not accept as POTUS?


Pal's picture

LIke I say before Vlad don't surf! 


China, Russia are playing chess, whereas Loser In Chief and the sycophantic parade of sociopaths in Congress can't even get a move in as they are too busy wanking themselves with one hand and beating the shit out of their own citizens with lead pipe of oppression with the other hand to even notice that BRICs have already won, it's just has not made onto MSNBC or FOX so the USA moronic public doesn't know anything about it yet.  They will wake up after it's over like they always do and they will demand Congress and Loser In Chief 'do something' which will mean another round of debt fueled wars.  Shit's written on the wall but no one reads in Amerika their too busy jackin off to American Idol and Kardishian wannabe porn whores.


It's all just gotten to be so predictable in the last ten years.

Amerika, just too fuckin stupid to survive...it's toast...smell that char?

kliguy38's picture

When all else fails you go to war........wurks everytime......

11b40's picture

Yes, but next time could be the last time.  If it goes nuclear, we can all kiss our collective asses adios.

GeezerGeek's picture

I'm about to start collecting lots of sticks and stones. One can never tell when WW IV will be upon us.

Karl von Bahnhof's picture

Gorbachev was fully controlled via his wife Raisa, and she was in hook with Jish german media conglomerates (Burda Media) and catholic priests.

They just sold whole eastern europe together with SU for good shopping with golden credit card and nice dress from Paris.
It was so simple tragic.

And poor mischa is now playing in commercials in pizza hut and louis v.

Google gorbachev commercial

Freedom In Your Lifetime's picture

Pretty sure Russia is in on it too. And China. There are no good nations, only the mentally ill ruling class trying to gain / consolidate more power for themselves.

Model T's picture

I can't let you get away with that. That's sleazy non-logic. Russia is the victim and the USA is the terrorist country out for world domination; don't pretend otherwise. Russia would be glad to stay home and mind there own business; Washington--Uh-huh; nope; gotta stir that shit-pot. It's not a question of "good nations"--There;s an aggressor and a victim; or intended victim. It's not a neutral situation.

Freedom In Your Lifetime's picture

On the national stage, you are absolutely correct and usa is playing the aggressor in this iteration of nation vs. nation. It is fairly obvious that politicians (at least in usa) don't hold the real power and just do the bidding of who I refer to as the ruling class. In russia, i couldn't say if it is the same way, or if putin is the actual ruling class. Either way, the same people that own the political system in america are ears deep in the corruption in China and probably Russia too.

The game they are playing has no real borders, and just the fact that russia and china are participating in that game leads me to believe they are in on it (or being controlled by the same ruling class) and the real power behind those states will profit from the outcome just like the real power in america will prosper from war and the destruction of the economy here. The real game here is the Human Race vs. Phsycopathic mammals resembling humans. Most actual humans don't even know they are on the field either.

Oldwood's picture

The utopian view that all that is required for peace is pacifism and non aggression. When we find that species to dominate our planet, it only then will be possible. Few countries with the size and resources to attempt to dominate all others have failed to at least try...since the beginning of time. Just because Russia and China have held underdog status for a while does not mean they lack ambition....or patience.

Freedom In Your Lifetime's picture

The non-aggression principal is great when you are only dealing with human beings. The very reason that nations throughout history always try to dominate and expand their influence is because there are the legitimately mentally ill ruling class that lack any form of empathy or regular human emotion that gravitate to power and lie / cheat / steal / murder to rise to the top of the power structure.

In the current world, that power structure isn't limited to a certain geographical area or ethnic group. I have no idea whether or not the ruling class will use the coming war / depression / whatever to prop up a different country as the "world power" or if they'll use it to start some type of world wide government system, either way, the same mentally diseased people will be calling the shots.

Implied Violins's picture

Absolutely correct. Been reading Brandon Smith, no? And it looks like you have read 'Political Ponerology' too (the politics of evil; or 'how psychopaths always rise to the top of control structures').

This shit-storm is created to: 1. make the west look like fucking stupid psychopaths (which they are, but NOT stupid - diabolical, yes)
2. Make the east - Putin/China - look like knights in shining armor 3. Take down the monetary system, with the BRICS looking like the logical place to go 4. One World Currency. TOTAL CONTROL *FOREVER*.

Freedom In Your Lifetime's picture

Once people comprehend the ideas you mention the current reality we live in becomes much less confusing. Haven't read the author you mention, but it will go on my ever lengthening "To Read" list. thanks.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Ah, the 'american' argumentation: "It is human nature."

For US citizens, everything they deem good, they take credit for. Everything they deem bad, they shed it on the nature of humanity.

Tells so much about responsibility as a failed concept. So many people so quick to look for diluting their responsibility across all humanity. So little time focused on assessing the reality of the revelations and so little time spent on realizing that people are powerless to change anything in the ways of their government.

Because that is the question. Let's forget about what the Russians do, the Chinese do and so on...

Could the US citizens change the ways of their government? They would need to have the desire of. They don't, as shown by their quick jump to dilute their responsibility.

US citizens have always been denying the meaning of responsibility. They have kept exporting their shit so they have not to smell it.

It is more fabled past to claim it was otherwise.

Oldwood's picture

Show me any life form on this planet that is not competing with its own kind as well as every other. None seeks parity, but superiority. Its no excuse to suggest that the reason why this madness of self destruction has gone on since recorded time is because it is in our nature....unless you think Americans invented it and predisposed upon humanity through time travel to our past.

dark pools of soros's picture

Most species don't kill their own kind. Get out much? Unless you think 'animals' or 'fish' are species

Oldwood's picture

Never said they necessarily killed each other but many times if one doesn't submit, it will lead to death. Even in our own species most are not on intent to kill, just dominate one another. Every blade of grass attempts to grow taller than the one next to it, every tree to grow out from under the shadow of its neighbor. Predator creatures will kill one another for dominance and even herd animals will use violence to attempt Alpha status.

Life IS competition, and with all competition, there are winners and losers. If you think somehow human life, to be unlike all other life will voluntarily submit in mass, agree to "equality" of opportunity AND result, you are a fool.

Confused's picture

When led to war by a criminal/ruling elite, as humans have been throughout history, it is rather unfair to say "it is OUR nature." 

Sure. It is in their (the ruling class) nature. But certainly not the everday individual. To suggest otherwise is an insult to everyone and everything around us. Nothing would work. And we would never have made it out of caves, without working together. 

<Expecting loads of down arrows>

Oldwood's picture

I will never say ALL people are a certain way, but historically they do rhyme. Just because some of the smarter and more ambitious of those aggressive types become ruling psychopaths does not mean you can ignore the  murderous nature of many others. Simply look at the death toll amongst inner city groups, not to mention the ME where death and mayhem are a lifestyle.

Civilization has been our attempt at moderating those tendencies, but the problem with civilizations is the natural tendency to aggregate power, and like any powerful weapon that finds its way into a psychopath's hands, it will be used.

It is our insecurities combined with a personal lust for power that can convert simple self defensive actions into aggressive violent acts, a paper hanger into a world dictator, or a kid on the street into a serial killer.

All I know is it can exist in anyone, and as we watch society break down, that inherent tendency will become all the more apparent.

BlowsAgainsttheEmpire's picture

The real "axis of evil" runs through Jerusalem, New York and Washington. 

Model T's picture

Well, let's see about that; what would happen if you could reform Washington, DC; without touching either of the other two centers? Hmm; all the problems disappear. Looks like you're wrong.