Murder Rates Soar In Baltimore As Dejected Police Look The Other Way

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Over the past several months, two competing theories have emerged regarding what effect a year of deteriorating race relations has had on law enforcement’s approach to policing America’s cities. 

One theory, dubbed the “Ferguson effect”, suggests that police are now less engaged because they fear public scrutiny, prosecution, and, in the worst case scenario, being blamed for inciting the type of social upheaval that led to the riots which left parts of Baltimore in ashes less than two months ago. 

A second theory says that if anything, police have become more aggressive, especially as it relates to the use of lethal force. A Washington Post investigation found that police are killing suspects at twice the previous rate in 2015 and The Guardian has now embarked on an ambitious, crowdsourced effort to put a face and a name to every person killed by police in America over the course of this year. 

Assessing which theory is correct is difficult, although we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that the so-called ‘Ferguson effect’ relies on anecdotal evidence while the idea that police are killing more people than ever before is simply a matter of statistics. Having said that, The New York Times is out with a new piece which appears to support the notion that, at least in Baltimore, police are scaling back patrols and avoiding high crime areas. Here’s more:

A month and a half after six officers were charged in Mr. Gray’s death, policing has dwindled in some of Baltimore’s most dangerous neighborhoods, and murders have risen to levels not seen in four decades. The totals include a 29-year-old man fatally shot on this drug corner last month. Police union officials say that officers are still coming to work, but that some feel a newfound reluctance and are stepping back, questioning whether they will be prosecuted for actions they take on the job..


At least 55 people, the highest pace since the early 1970s, have been murdered in Baltimore since May 1, when the state’s attorney for the city, Marilyn J. Mosby, announced the criminal charges against the officers. Victims of shootings have included people involved in criminal activity and young children who were simply in the wrong place..


At the time of her announcement, Ms. Mosby’s charges were seen as calming the city. But they enraged the police rank and file, who pulled back. The number of arrests plunged, and the murder rate doubled. The reduced police presence gave criminals space to operate, according to community leaders and some law enforcement officials.



The soaring violence has made Baltimore a battleground for political arguments about whether a backlash against police tactics has led to more killings in big cities like New York, St. Louis and Chicago, and whether “de-policing,” as academics call it, can cause crime to rise..


Still, the speed and severity of the police pullback here appear unlike anything that has happened in other major cities. And rather than a clear test case, Baltimore is a reminder of how complicated policing issues are and how hard it can be to draw solid conclusions from a month or two of crime and police response.

The Times does go on to note that, at least in the case of Baltimore, it's difficult to determine whether the dramatic increase in violence is attributable to less policing or stems from the fact that thanks to the looting that took place during the riots, there are now nearly 160,000 doses of perscription opiates available for sale on the street which could very well be contributing to a spike in violent crime. 

For example, police commanders here attribute the spike in violence in large part to a unique factor: a flood of black-market opiates stolen from 27 pharmacies during looting in April, enough for 175,000 doses now illegally available for sale.


They say drug gangs are now oversupplied with inventory from the looting, resulting in a violent battle for market share from a finite base of potential customers. Gangs sell a single OxyContin dose for $30, twice what they get for a dose of heroin, said Gary Tuggle, a former Baltimore police officer who was the head of the city’s Drug Enforcement Administration office until this month.

For better or worse, one is certainly inclined to believe that law enforcement in America has entered a new era in which every traffic stop, arrest, and detention will be scrutinized and picked apart for evidence of racial profiling, excessive force, or any other perceived betrayal of the public trust. 

What that means for public safety remains to be seen. If advocates of the 'Ferguson effect' are correct, crime rates could rise as police disengage and scale back their disretionary use of force. On the other hand, some suggest that hightened scrutiny will save innocent lives, increase accountability, and ultimately lead to better policing which will not only decrease crime rates, but help to establish trust between authorities and the public. 

In the final analysis, it could be that the entire debate misses the point. As long as the social conditions that plague high crime communities are not addressed, no amount of 'good' or 'bad' policing can save the country.

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Bob's picture

Figures the cunts would punish the innocent.  Fuck the police in Baltimore and anywhere also the bitches whine and snivel and kill.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

A perfect excuse to send in the troops.

Bob's picture

They've been content to actively and passively watch the urban areas burn over the last 40 years without doing that again in most places.  Let the larger populace stand back and divide themselves while business as usual rolls on where it really counts.

TeamDepends's picture

Mayor Marx-McLefty: These Gentle Giants simply need more space to murder and cause mayhem.

wee-weed up's picture

Thank you, Obozo & Holder and all those you've emboldened.

Bob's picture

Looks like a nigger-hatin parade of increasingly common brilliance here.  Congrats, boyz.

Slave's picture

What the fuck? Isn't this what ZH wanted?

I'm seriously confused.

They helped the MSM with all these nigger sob stories and now they complain when the cops let em run wild?

Can't have it both ways I'm afraid...

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Publicus's picture

The solution is for the citizens to form a perfect militia.

wiser's picture
Miami cop kills homeless man in park in front of dozens of kids

J S Bach's picture

It's a fascinating study in zoology watching the jungle reclaim itself when the threat of law enforcement is removed.

ACP's picture

A very good case study is evinced by this short documentary of South Africa:


White cops displaced by unqualified black leaders after the end of Apartheid, leaving Johannesburg to implode. Now they work private security, which in many cases have the same authority as the police.

Billy the Poet's picture

Call the Anti-Police: Ending the State's "Security" Monopoly


|"How would things be different,” muses Dale Brown of the Detroit-based Threat Management Center, “if police officers were given financial rewards and commendations for resolving dangerous situations peacefully, rather than for using force in situations where it’s neither justified nor effective?”
Brown’s approach to public safety is “precisely the opposite of what police are trained and expected to do,” says the 44-year-old entrepreneur.  The TMC eschews the “prosecutorial philosophy of applied violence” and the officer safety uber alles mindset that characterize government law enforcement agencies. This is because his very successful private security company has an entirely different mission – the protection of persons and property, rather than enforcing the will of the political class.  Those contrasting approaches are displayed to great advantage in proto-dystopian Detroit.

“We’ve been hired by three of the most upscale neighborhoods in Detroit to provide 24/7 security services,” Brown proudly informed me during a telephone interview. “People who are well-off are very willing to pay for Lamborghini-quality security services, which means that our profit margin allows us to provide free services to people who are poor, threatened, and desperate for the kind of help the police won’t provide.”

“Unlike the police, we don’t respond after a crime has been committed to conduct an investigation and – some of the time, at least – arrest a suspect,” Brown elaborates. “Our approach is based on deterrence and prevention. Where prevention fails, our personnel are trained in a variety of skills – both psychological and physical – to dominate aggressors without killing them.”

Four chan's picture

looks like civilized society is the only winner in this predicable outcome. death to animals, support your local police.

Billy the Poet's picture

It's not like supporting the police is optional. I'm forced to support my local police. If I don't then they'll drag me away to prison and if I resist they'll beat or shoot me. Free individuals select the security services of their choice. We are not free and I see no reason to celebrate that servitude as you do.

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in columbia, there is something called pequito trabajo, which is "a little work" and cops assigned to a little work for their shift are to go out and kill druggies or other criminals. I have long suspected city police of some cities of shooting at night to keep up gang warfare as well as just to eliminate a pest. 

mortem-tyrannus's picture

The sad part is not, in my opinion, the porch monkeys shooting themselves. They are vile and not worth another thought.

The sad part is all the other people who have to live with those fucking porch monkeys and who are not strong enough to live any kind of decent life without the police to provide a certain level of law enforcement.

They may be few, but they are certainly there and they need protection. Old women. Young children. The occasional genetic throwback who can actually read and *gasp* think.

That race baiting fuckwits like Sharpton and Jackson and the rest make money while ensuring these weakest citizens are condemed to a life of misery in these hell holes is an affront to all right thinking Americans.

Too bad there only seem to be about 300 of those left.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

If you cant be bothered to crawl onto a bus and ride away from 'da ghettoe', I really dont have much sympathy.  Everyone who has spent 5 years living knows blacks are feral savages who will both leech off any welfare system as well as degrade the state of civilization they are it . . . right down to cannibalism, spear-chucking, mass rape, and drug-stravaganzas.  It is .gov that has promoted this myth of unnatural multiculturalism and 'diversity'.  Then the state uses the feral savagery of the blacks and browns to justify a police state AND gun-grabbing. Then when the people say 'Wait a minute, we dont like tyranny, .gov let the chimps run wild in an effort to scare the people into submission.

I say FUCK THAT.  Let's put together a posse, roll into Baltimore, and mop the streets with the blood of the savages.  Nuck if you buck . . . indeed. 

mortem-tyrannus's picture

I am not really one to hunt actual live wilderness type animals. My brothers do a lot more of that natural hunting than I ever did. I didn't really see the point of killing something I didn't need to eat.

But if you want to narrow the hunt to just the niggers, thugs, gangsters, banksters, unions, academia and the criminal syndicates both private and government sponsored, I am, most assuredly, your huckleberry. Let's saddle up and shoot every last one of those mother fuckers right in the back of the head. We can plant them all head first in the plains of Kansas with a tree shoved up their ass to reforest the midwest.

Then the rest of you all, the decent people, whatever your religion or lack thereof, skin color or sexual preference can live in peace with each other as God intended.

Hell you might even find one day you actually enjoy the diversity. Stranger things have happened.

XqWretch's picture

What's funny is there never really used to be a "threat of law enforcement" and shit ran fine. Citizens used to police themselves, if you were getting out of line, somebody would rap your knuckles and tell you to sober up. Our culture has become such a shithole and we have been dumbed down to subservient sheep that only cops are allowed to intervene when someone is beating their wife, mouthing off to a bartender, pissing in the street, etc. Otherwise you face a lawsuit or some bullshit, maybe even jail time.

Billy the Poet's picture

Baltimore cops refuse to do their jobs if they can't beat and kill at will but they still take their paychecks.

Bananamerican's picture

"it's difficult to determine whether the dramatic increase in violence is attributable to less policing or stems from the fact that there are now nearly 160,000 doses of perscription opiates on the street"


Truculent cops or dopes on downers....Whichever could it be?

conscious being's picture

Or statistics. I read some indepth article about Baltimore policing and the gist of it was that the political need to create a crime busting/ policing miracle was met by tweaking the stats, in an NFP kind of way. With the new narrative, the NYT can scare the sheeples with what they say happens when their overlords and minders pull back.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Time to roll in a posse that will drain that swamp.  Tickets to Liberia . . . or toe-tags.  Pick.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

Chumbadumba should become a cop and show us how proper police work should be done.

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

Police work use to take all day of walking talking and learning, not a gun and an attitude.
Get out of the cars and walk, talk and learn.
Even in the wild west, cops rarely shot anyone. Even in the ruffiest towns.

Mr. Frosty's picture

How does that work with thug-life blacks? Their entire existence is dedicated to criminal behavior, getting "respect", and sticking it to "the man". How do you control such individuals without using violence, which is the only thing feral blacks understand and respect?

mkkby's picture

Where are the black leaders who will tell their people to respect others, act civilized and learn a job skill?  I see sharpton and jackson using race to make money for themselves, but that's about it.

Right now, schools should stop teaching anything other than social skills in grades 1-5.  Once the kids learn to sit and behave, MAYBE they can learn to read and write.  Chimp behavior has to stop.

Kobe Beef's picture

Murder rates soar in Baltimore as Africans can't control themselves.

Fixed the headline. I agree with you entirely, no pathology is ever the Negroes' fault. Never their responsibility. If negroes are shooting Negroes, it's the guns fault. If negroes are dropping out of school, it's the school's fault. If a negro can't tie his shoes, it's the legacy of slavery.

The answer why is obvious. Whitey has money. If we can make our dysfunctional, Stone-Age level of society Whitey's responsibility, we can get free shit.

White people are tired of being blamed for Negro Failure. They are not just like us. Their failure is not our fault. The narrative is collapsing.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Diversity's rainbow wont be realized until you give up your guns.  Can't we all just get along?

Ward cleaver's picture

Yeah that wus probably lives in Greenwich. If there is any justice he'll be a "knock out" victim of the poor thugs misunderstood by society.

AssFire's picture

they call it a self cleaning oven... we should provide all the ammo and condoms they need

Billy the Poet's picture

So you haven't noticed that that is exactly what "we" have been doing since the 1960s? The government has transformed inner cities with guns and unprincipled living via the drug war and the war on traditional morality.

You are also an intended victim and likely stupid enough to get what you deserve.  "We" would be foolish to let you pull us down with you.

TBT or not TBT's picture

The main ingredient was, first and foremost, the War on Poverty.  It incentivized sloth, dependence, single mother parenting, and such.  The war on drugs came later and did provide a lucrative but dangerous entrepeneurship opportunity for many fatherless sociopaths.   But the demand for addictive drugs is human nature.  As Locke explained we must not permit people to alienate themselves from liberty, which is what drugs like heroin do.  Free men have a moral duty to prevent that, and punish purveyors of such poison.   

Billy the Poet's picture



Free men have a duty to make sure that no individual is free to make personal mistakes? You should write speeches for Hillary.

The preceding bit of your comment was largely reasonable.

ACP's picture

Funny thing is, are the blacks even complaining about the higher crime? Seems like all this reporting about increased crime is coming from the same MSMers who blew this story up in the first place.

Billy the Poet's picture

The media's job is to manipulate thought along the lines of 1984 in which everything and its opposite can be true at the same time as long as the net effect is service to the state. It only seems "funny" if you're smart enough to note the discrepancies but haven't yet realized that the TV exists to bring the masses into compliance.

The race baiters bring these media promoted memes to life in the real world. For those individuals who enjoys stories like this because it's a great venue to bash niggers, the media and the government thank you for your blind support. I would make the same admonition to black racists as well.

Whom does it serve if all the black folks decide that the whites are out to kill them so they decide to kill all the whites who seek to protect themselves by killing all the blacks? I see no benefit in such a trend to me, my family or my friend and neighbors. Do any of you?

MonetaryApostate's picture

We cut some budgets & we're wanting to take everyone's guns anyway....

daveO's picture

You don't ever hear about the pigs revolting down at the slaughterhouse either. The MSM created this urban 'utopia'. Now, they're bemoaning their Frankenstein monster.  

nightwish's picture

All this cop shaming is part of the playbook. The J takeover of america is carried out through liberal policies enacted in selected states and it includes destroying the image of the white police officer. The media is fully complicit. With cops psyche all fucked up, more upheaval, crime and disunity will result. It is part of the grand plan to destroy america from the inside out, and we are seeing a systematic roll out of it. Weep for your country, for the tipping point has past and it is no more.

kowalli's picture

It's all about justice. Police should protect people, not fucking blow their heads off if something not right or protect banksters and corporations.

Police is not ready to do their fucking job.

 Ofc it's easy just to kill people to save COPs lifes, not citizens lifes.

 Do you get my point?

TBT or not TBT's picture

"Dirty Harry" was a popular character for the very good reason that namby pamby policing, judicial, and sentencing policies of the time shocked people at the time.   Perpetrators not= Victims.   Perpetrators are perpetrators. Fuck em.  

mortem-tyrannus's picture

Take your point and shove it up your ass, if it isn't already glued to the top of your bald fucking knob and hence there already. This is the still (*cough* somewhat *cough*) the land of the free mother fucker.

If you want the cops to keep your skinny ass chickenshit knobly kneed broken down limp dick safe, move to England with the rest of the pussies.

TeamDepends's picture

No, Bob. The progressives are reaping what they sowed and it is deliciously ironic for some of us.

Bob's picture

Sure, work in some excorciating and deep, courageously honest condemnation of the kikes and the satisfaction would reach the sublime.  Some threads on ZH have become throbbing sewers over time and the site a magnet for those so inspired. 

After all--sob, sob--they got nowhere else to go.  Nowhere!

It's all so unfair. 

Sad shit indeed.