A RePoRT FRoM THe FuTuRe...

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I noticed that The Bernank has a shiny nose (not BROWN, as I expected), and Paulson seems to have liver spots as he makes the symbol of the disassociated triangle of power.

3-D GLASSES... Hitler's daughter sure has a way to embrace the future!

The two guys with genital warts on their mouths really scare me. 'NO, you may NOT go out with either of them on a date, daughter!'



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Thank you WB7 for providing a image of one of those eight who I spoke with on a phone. Does a defective brain always reveal itself in the face?

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  Finally, an Un~Photoshopped rendering of these society wreckers.

 Nice work Billy. They all look like bunch of alcoholics.

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Pretty sorry looking bunch.

Imagine, if you will, a world run by psychopaths.

Makes me want to go back to my drug days.

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Who is the guy at the upper left? Has an uncanny resemblance to Saruman (LOTR)

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Ex Lehman - Dick Fuld. Check out this 30 second clip - these people are not human!




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Dick, the Gorilla, Fuld

What a name: Dick Fold

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As an FYI...Christopher Lee (Saruman in the movie version of LOTR, Two Towers & Return of the King) passed away this week.

Reading Lee's bio he really was "the most interesting man in the world".

Stay thirsty my friends ;-)

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those top 3 are the cast of Brother Where Art Thou. Yeah they pay money for singing into a can.

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If you like what I do and want to help me continue to do so going into the next "shit meets the fan moment", please read this: http://www.forbes.com/sites/myuan/2015/06/12/hong-kongs-art-industry-is-...

And then kindly consider whether you would lke to consider acquiring a Banzai7 print or two, even if it means adding to your fledgling collection.

One thing you can say about me is I am not pushy. I am always willing to share what I do. But as I once again reconfirmed this week, there is no interest in the mainstream art world to promote someone who constantly insults their well healed clientele, at least not as long as he or she is alive.

And this goes along way towards explaing why so much that is out there is mere decoration.

Inquiries: banzai7institute@gmail.com 

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In Forbes article it features a face pic of the author, a girl by the name of Michelle Yuan. She is absolutely STUNNING!

I suppose she's one of YOUR 'visual combat artists'...


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Mozillo/Legarde under timmay geithner. Hank paulson over merkel.

You got my second purchase sir. Any nuclear engineers/tax LLMs can have it after I am gone, but not before.

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You know how to reach me ;-)

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As you know William, people like Van Gogh, Monet and really most of them almost starved during their lifetime. Giacometti was rejected at first as were many others. You are no different. Your work wil be appreciated, but only much later after system change(and it have to happen first), not before. It is unfortunate but some of best artists did not lived well from their work, yet today on the auctions if you have their piece you are basically setup for life. I am affraid you will be doing about same as untill now, I mean I dont know your numbers and sales but once right time comes, I am sure you will be well remembered. However by then who knows, maybe you wont even be alive anymore. Thats the life of great artist.

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Truthfully, I don't give a rat's ass on Sunday whether the people in the so called "art establishment" are inclined to accept my work. In fact I consider it a blessing that I don't have a load of pretentious money grubbing middlemen to deal with. 

I am perfectly happy with a model that breaks even and allows me to devote sufficient time to something I love doing. Most importantly, I have no interest in becoming a sellout. How would everyone feel if suddenly all these pictures I do were financed by Jamie Dimon? No need to answer that one.

Anyone who has examined the economics of the creative space in the internet "sharing economy" will tell you that big eyeball numbers (I have accomplished that much) do not translate into fabulous wealth. That is just a fact of life. I have no interest in complaining about it even though I have thought about the the theory of what has happened and why. 

I don't want anyone to think that I do not appreciate all the recognition my work gets in the form of positive comments, emails, page views and real friends. From this perspective I am already a very very wealthy man.  

And from day one of this journey I have always been happy to share. That is why anyone can download a high resolution image file off my Flickr for free.

So to those who are in a position to help out. I thank you with all sincerity.

And to those who are struggling and unable to do so, and I know there are many, you can always count on Banzai7. 

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"As you give, so shall ye receive" goes ancient karmic law.

WB7, you have given so much, time you are paid your due!

I for one pledge once more to come through --

Not only for one, make it two!


I look forward to contacting you RE your revenue-generating produce!

Of all psychosociopolitoeconomic graphic artists, you occupy the UPPER STRATOSPHERE, along with David Dees and Jim Kirwan!

GOD bless you and keep you safe and well and creative!!

All the best to you!

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I thought that 'antidisetablishmentariananism' (anti-dis-es-tab-lish-ment-ar-ian-ism) was a long word.

Dees is really good, by the way. Kirwan is a might too 'simplistic' and archane for my taste (but, of coure, I could never do any of the art by the three gentlemen in their gifted manners).

When I first viewed WB's stuff, I thought of Dees (but WB keeps things a little more literal in the graphics end of his ideas). I often confused the two, some years ago.

Does this mean I should purchase one from EACH of them?



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Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you.

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I wish I had money to spare for a donation. I appreciate what you do immensely. And I would love to see obombyas mouth wrapped around a black barrel of oil with the words Saudi Arabia written on it. Never known you to do a request.

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Tnx, isn't it enough that I shoved the pump up his ass a few weeks ago...as he was bowing to the  the Emir?

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Hey William, I think well heeled is what you mean... they are FAR from healthy


: )

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At 0100 HKT it is well healed ;-)

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The girls took you to the bar again?

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On that sort of a sporting night you don't finish until 0400

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says i can be a philanthropist. i would rather be a philanthropologist, they make better money. and definitely i want to be a physical philanthropologist, they actually hand out the cash. its interesting that places like Hong Kong which have an international fabric, and only a  marginal sense of traditional culture tends to attract artists. in places like LA the hispanic culture overwhelms everything.  i tell people that this is where writers and artists break apart, the artists says come on under the umbrella, and the writer says fine, i always knew i was an artist, and then the scribe starts to take about his CRAFT, and they toss him back out in the street. 

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rather be a philanthropologist, they make better money…


Interesting you should bring this up.  Read some stuff on Andrew Car-NEE-gee this past week anticipating the need to belittle capitalist scum.  I will resist the urge to link articles as I will trust any with a proper sense of deciphering “data” to arrive from their own sources and ultimately, legitimate  / logical conclusions.

Suffice it to say, I am more appreciative of the complexities and awkward “resonant dissonance” human beings are able to experience throughout the entirety of their brief period on this planet.

While his 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 teaching of time spent on the earth, (one third learning, one third earning and one third disposing) has subsequently been more or less attempted and practiced by many “followers”, I was particularly struck with the rather simplistic and dare I say, “Honorable” and humble finish as to this man’s burial.


Graphic artistry has been and currently is a very real concern with me as I have immediate family engaged in its reverent development.   I believe, like music, it has the capacity to transcend normal gatekeeping of the mind.  Combining its ability to be captivated by evil makes it even more imperative to teach those following us to avoid the deceptions it is so subtly able to convey.