If The Fed Put Its Interest Rate Where Its Mouth Is...

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"but it's different this time..."

This time they really mean it!


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Where is the Fed's mouth again? 

Wrapped around one big bankster cock. Perhpas several bankster cocks. OK....many bankster cocks. OK...in reaility they are sucking their own cocks...which is kinda gross. 

chinoslims's picture

I picture janet yellen doing that and thats disgusting. 

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Please don't use Fed and Put in the same sentence anymore 

Closet Boy's picture

Disgusting?  CIM is a beautiful thing....just keep your eyes shut.

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When things get serious, you have to lie...


stant's picture

Mr market is in control of rates now. And the dirt over the graves of the bond vigilantes is starting to bulge

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The bond vigilantes are with the blessed Virgin tending to their petting zoo full of Dodo Birds and Tasmanian Tigers with good modern Rock Music being played through the pa system.  

BlowsAgainsttheEmpire's picture

Exactly.  The Fed owns the bond market, and any former vigilantes thereof.  

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Their absence is bad too, right? Nobody will b short, but nobody will bid. What's the difference between gold and a 10 yr tbill at this point? Even the insiders will start start moving from a "risky" 2% or a solid asset?

Big money isn't long stocks this time. People won't be selling gold into market weakness to cover margin calls. Gold will strengthen v the dollar even with a rate hike, which is unlikely to be long lived. When the dollar turns south with an inevitable revived QE, gold should rally hard. 

Peter Pan's picture

I am going to start getting worried when the FED says it will keep rates low for an extended period.

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QE, lies, and videotape.

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The New York Times style manual,

  suggests "MOUFF."

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The Fed made a mistake by not letting gold rally in the year preceeding a crash. People won't be selling gold this time, they will be buying. All the talk about a rate hike is noise. Foreigners (and their govts) have bought stocks instead of bonds over the last several years. Why would they buy bonds in the face of a fabled rate increase at the same time as their stocks are falling? Doesn't make sense. They will run to PMs and maybe bitcoin.