The Doomsday Bunker For Billionaires

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Two months ago we went inside the Fed's "doomsday" bunker: a 135,000 square foot facility built in 1969, and nestled inside Mount Pony, east of Culpeper, Virginia that housed some $4 billion in hard currency as well as the central hub of FedWire, the computer network which allows the nation’s banks to communicate and transfer funds.

It was meant to ensure that the US banking system could still function in the event there were still any banks left in the post-apocalyptic world, Culpeper Switch (officially the Federal Reserve System’s Communications and Records Center) was equipped with everything a Fed official would need to survive in the wake of a nuclear holocaust.

And yet, it was in a word, "spartan" even by 1970s standards. After all who wants to greet the post-nuclear holocaust world surrounded by sterile plastic, a Fed spreadsheet (which caused the nuclear holocaust in the first place) and all the cash in the world, especially since the only currency accepted is silver, gold and of course, lead (not to mention a bunker-full of voodoo economists).


Then along came Vivos, a company which specializes in creating the ultimate in luxurious Doomsday bunkers which, however, are not only for the world's richest, but also for those who Vivos founder, California entrepreneuer Robert Vicino, deems worthy: anyone can apply for a spot in the post-apocalypse world but only a select few will be admitted.

Until recently, the company's only community shelter product was Vivos Indiana, a shelter "strategically located in midwestern America", which the company describes as "one of the most fortified, nuclear hardened shelters within our network, located within a one-day drive from anywhere in the Midwest and the Eastern seaboard of America.  Built during the Cold War to withstand a 20 megaton blast, within just a few miles, this impervious underground complex accommodates up to 80 people, for a minimum of one year of fully autonomous survival, without needing to return to the surface."

Like a very comfortable 4-Star hotel, this massive shelter is tastefully and comfortably furnished and decorated, completely outfitted, fully stocked with food, toiletries, linens, medical supplies, a one year supply of fuel, a deep water well, NBC filtration systems, geothermal heating and cooling, bedroom suites, full size showers and bathrooms, a theater area, dining area, lounge area, exercise equipment, kennels, a garden area for fresh vegetables, laundry area, abundant storage areas, ATV's, bicycles, tools, a workshop, security devices; and, just about everything else that may be needed to ride out virtually any catastrophic event.  You only need to bring your personal clothing and medications.  We've thought of everything else! 


Far from any known nuclear targets, this shelter is also strategically located a safe distance away from the New Madrid fault line, the Mississippi River, and all oceans that might cause submersion as a result of a tsunami-type event.  The site is also surrounded by excellent farming, fishing, hunting and water resources.

As the images and video below show, the Vivos Indiana complex indeed has thought of not only every contingency but presents it in utmost luxury.

Below is the video Vivos has created to showcase its Genesis tour:

The company's marketing is solid, if somewhat morbid:

The Vivos network of underground shelters is very real. Watch this video tour of one of the massive shelters built to withstand a 20 megaton blast from just 2 miles. This is one of the smallest Vivos shelters, with accommodations for just 80 people for up to one year of autonomous underground survival. The largest provides shelter for over 2,000 people. At complete build out Vivos will save about 6,000 people - 1 in every 1 million people on Earth in these impervious shelters.


Something is coming. Vivos is prepared for all of the predicted risks, whenever they may occur. Vivos is the only co-ownership community shelter network on the planet. Limited space is still available for those that qualify. Members are now boarding. Don't be left on the other side of the door!

Some more snapshots of the Indiana facility:


Of course, greeing the post-doomsday sun in a 5-star hotel is not cheap. Here is the price list from the company's website.


Still, when it comes to billionaires, $35,000 is a joke. They would much rather spend a whole lot more just to stand out among their equally showy peers.

It is for them, as well as for Europe's billionaires, where should a Grexit indeed take place and things quickly escalate, culminating in a way that nobody can anticipate, that Vivos has just opened its second major ultra-luxury bunker: Vivos Europa One, dubbed "The Elite Shelter for the Privileged Few", which in addition to everything else even has what Vivos calls the "only private human DNA vault on Earth", which offers donors the opportunity to collocate their DNA not in just one place but two: in both the United States and Europe. "Both deep underground shelters offer virtually impervious protection in their hermetically sealed vaults." 

Whether stored for years, decades or more than a century, the Vivos Global Genome Vault pool will be a perpetual depository, preserving life on Earth as we know it.

Or rather, the DNA stored will be of those billionaires who are not only rich but megalomaniacal enough to believe they are worthy to be the template material of all future humans. Which means all of them.

And speaking of everything else, there is a lot. As the Mail reports, the Vivos Europa One shelter is located in Rothenstein, Germany and is one of the most fortified and massive underground survival shelters on Earth. Its 6000 inhabitants can live up to a year without leaving the luxury premises.


According to Forbes, the bunker was "originally built by the Soviets during the Cold War, this shelter was a fortress for military equipment and munitions. After the DDR was merged with Germany, the German government inherited this relic and intended to use it for the same purpose of weapons storage. However, due to a law prohibiting the storage of ammunition near a major highway, the German Government soon realized they could not continue with their plans and decided to auction this 76 acre complex. A wealthy investor purchased the entire property, along with all of its improvements, both above and below ground."

That investor was Vivos' founder Robert Vicino whose "billionaire bunkers" are now on both continents, and who says “We are proud to bring this epic project forward in these increasingly dangerous times.”

The bunkers consists of a planned survival complex that is comparable to billionaire's mega-yacht or mansion - "but much bigger."

It boasts swimming pools, theaters, gyms, restaurants, custom apartments, outdoor space and helicopter service. And as one would expect, the bunker can withstand a nuclear blast, chemical agents, earthquakes, tsunamis, or another disaster. Unlike the Indiana complex where the cost is a relatively cheap $35,000 one time charge for adults, the Europea price list is still secret, although with the property valued at $1.1 billion, it is likely that the final price will be much higher. Underground shelter is currently in 'turnkey operational condition.'

Most importantly, in addition to paying a lot of money for the privilege of reserving a key for the luxurious doomsday bunker, residents will be accepted based on their 'skills' and 'talents.' It is unclear just which billionaire skills Vicinio deems critical for perpetuating humanity: being a legendary insider trader who pays off the government with Picasso painting, being the world's greatest crony capitalist, creating a criminal bank enterprise while scolding people for not being "rich enough", and so forth.

Some more details: the complex includes over 21,108 square meters (227,904 square feet) of secured, blast proof living areas and, an additional 4,079 square meters (43,906 square feet) of above-ground office and warehouse buildings, including a train servicing depot.

The typical chamber area is 5 meters wide (16.40 feet), by 6 meters tall (19.68 feet) and 85 meters (278.87 feet) long. Collectively there are over 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) of continuous tunnel chambers (equivalent to 71 Boeing 747’s fuselages stretched end to end). All shelter areas are located behind 3 separate nuclear blast and radiation proof vehicle entrances, and a number of other passages for access by people only. Each of the three main tunnel entrances includes an outer security door system, followed by a 40 ton hydraulic truck access door with hardened steel rods which expand into the surrounding encasement, and a second set of massive steel doors providing an airtight seal shut, protecting against chemical, biological and gas intrusion.

The underground main traffic corridors are large enough to allow mechanical transportation of heavy equipment to almost any point within the complex.

Each family in the complex will be provided with a private 2,500-square-foot apartment, which they can design and build to their own specifications. They may decide to add a pool, a theater or a deluxe bathroom. They will also have access to a hospital area, several restaurants and a bakery.

Other common area amenities will include roadways, a wine cellar, prayer rooms, classrooms, a television station and a detention center.

Once each member’s private accommodations are completed, furnished and fully outfitted, their respective quarters will be locked and secured, limiting access to their families and staff prior to lockdown; while Vivos will operate and maintain all common areas (under and above-ground) pending a catastrophic event.

Members will arrive at their own discretion, prior to lockdown, landing their private planes at nearby airports. Vivos helicopters will then be deployed to rendezvous with each member group, and safely fly them back to the shelter compound, behind the sealed gates from the general public. Members will then enter the shelter and access their private quarters. Each family will pay a base amount for their respective living quarter’s area, along with their fair share of the ongoing stand-by costs for operational management, staffing, taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities, and restocking as needed.

In short: a complete turnkey operation that every zombie in the post-apocalypse world will desperately try to penetrate and feast on the inhabitants.

And now, without further ado, here is how the world's richest will live in the real world version of the Walking Dead:


With its rolling heels and stunning woodland, the village of Rothenstein looks like an unlikely location for the bunker


The survival bunker can apparently withstand a nuclear blast, chemical agents, earthquakes, tsunamis - and virtually any other disaster. Above, this photo shows a drive-thru blast-proof door at the complex, which will likely be available only to the super-rich.


The Rothenstein facility also boasts 43,906 square feet of above-ground space. Above, an outdoor power station

Vivos Europa One shelter also features its own railway and helicopter service, which picks up residents from nearby airports


Each family in the complex will be provided with a private 2,500-square-foot apartment. Above, a personnel entry door


The luxury shelter was originally built by the Soviets in the Cold War as a fortress for military equipment. Above, its engine room.


Underground, the bunker features countless tunnel chambers, each with their own security system and blast-proof doors


The personnel entry corridor inside the shelter contains an array of white hard hats, with steel pipes running across the ceiling


Water treatment plant: It also has its own self-contained water and power generation system, as well as climate and ventilation systems


This photo depicts 'typical living quarters' in the shelter. It remains unclear how much each family will have to pay


This photos shows a bedroom in the Vivos Europa One shelter, which is being dubbed the world's 'ultimate doomsday escape'


A dining room in the underground bunker


Residents can design and build their apartments to their own specifications.They may decide to add a theater (pictured) 


Other common area amenities will include roadways, a wine cellar and prayer rooms. Above, a theater 


The complex features all modern furnishings


Above, another living quarters


Alongside its catastrophe-proof features, the bunker will include a collection of zoological species and an artifact archive


Most importantly, the bunker in Rothenstein boasts 227,904 square feet of blast-proof living areas, including this planned pub

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Squid Viscous's picture

Rothenstein = perfect

Publicus's picture

The trumpets of the Apocalypse would sound, and the Seraph would descend.

BC6's picture

Looks much easier to penetrate than the Snowpiercer train.

SWRichmond's picture

Ludicrous.  Impossible to defend.  There is no such thing as a static defense.


nuubee's picture

It's like all the Vaul-Tec vaults. Something bad will happen. Have these billionaires never played Fallout?

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

they will all die from a virulent disease contracted from an unsanitised telephone

jbvtme's picture

no sun or moon?  no trees or birds?  time to book that flight to the next dimension.

Paveway IV's picture

When the time comes to emerge from their bunker, they will find a large, unlit yellow chute beyond the door with scuffed-off warnings about keeping their limbs away from the feed cogs and rotating blades. On the floor, there will be a huge, freshly-painted arrow pointing forward with the single instruction, "This way out"  

r00t61's picture

I don't even think it would get that far.

When you are this rich, you are used to everyone doing things for you.  You need little people to make your meals, do the laundry, clean the bathrooms, etc. - the very people that Tyler Durden makes mention of in Fight Club.

If the zombie/asteroid/nuclear apocalypse has truly occurred, are you going to show up for work, baking pastries for 100 bunker billionaires?  Because of all the money they're paying you?  That you'll then get to spend at the company store, Apocalypse Outfitters?

Once the little people are gone, the indolent billionaires won't even be able to tie their own shoes. 

Dave Thomas's picture

Spot on assessment, but could you imagine all of those billionare egos trapped in a singular underground complex? Sounds like a Vaultec experiment for sure.

mvsjcl's picture

I want to see the vault room, where they will stash all their fiat currency so they can remain rich then they emerge from their protected confines.

chumbawamba's picture

So they hire a high schooler to produce their promotional video?


I am Chumbawamba.

cookie nookie's picture

The sad truth?  Satan loves capitalism.  So many worship at the feet of the Golden Calf.  But the idolators can't take it with them.

GeorgeWKush's picture

Aaaa, how cute, rich people trying to build their own Shangri-la. Maybe the billionaires forgot that the whole concept of Shangri-la was that people of their kind didn't live there, or maybe no one told them there was a reason Shangri-la never existed in the first place.

These people could of course have hired their own crue of survival expert to make them masters of survival in the wild, but I guess life just ain't worth living if you can't take hump your mexican maid in front of your personal coral reef whenever you feel like doing so (and by the way how many serfs do you need just to maintain that little aquarium for a while?).

Manthong's picture

Better yet..  

budget 25 min for this one  :-)

Grimace through the ads.. the episode is worth it.



General Decline's picture

"Discounts are Available for People with desired Skils"


Like what?  Stealing money from the middle class?  I'd love to see what one of these pussies would do if a toilet were to overflow. Has any of them actually ever held a screwdirver? 

angryBuddhist's picture

Considering the fact that the future planned occupants of these shelters have never worked an honest day in their lives, what do they plan on doing once food stocks run out and the real "survival" begins? Thaw out a bunch of Mexicans???

zhandax's picture

The original "You have to pass it to see what's in it" deal.

Matt's picture

"Once the little people are gone, the indolent billionaires won't even be able to tie their own shoes. "

That's why they have to keep the system going until they have proper robots, who can manufacture, maintain, defend. Once you have decent AI and robots that can make replacement robots, you don't need the little people. 

TeamDepends's picture

It's fun to picture them tearing each other limb from limb in each room. They would probably last five weeks.

new game's picture

it would be a world i do not want to live in, so who gives a fuck?

The Big Ching-aso's picture

I'm not a billionaire yet but if I were one I would have some concerns about the crowd gathering outside the main doors on the 364th day.

ILLILLILLI's picture

How about a drilling rig above headed to the regions below? It's one thing to protect against a nuclear blast, quite another to drill a hole into the structure.


Reason? Gasoline, my friends! I remembered the scene in "The Dirty Dozen"...

Dave Thomas's picture

Those guys in the Chris Craft dropped the ball on that one lol. Poor Jefferson.


ILLILLILLI's picture

It's now known as Cyanosil®. Ask for it by name!

HowdyDoody's picture

There's gonna be plenty of corpses, so dump 'em down the air vents and cap the vents with concrete. A nice slow exit for all those inside.


Matt's picture

"I would have some concerns about the crowd gathering outside the main doors on the 364th day."

364 days of breathing in nuclear winter, I doubt people will be in much condition to organize an attack on anybody. Especially after France's ~150 reactors all meltdown. 

Gold Eyed Cat's picture

Exactly 2 minutes after the cataclysmic event happens, Manny, the Mexican handyman (and his girlfriend) who was on site to install artificial moon lighting in the bunker-spa, is going to shut the front door and secure every one of the 250 locks he was paid to install back in 2011.  Manny and his girlfriend living large through the apocalypse courtesy of America's dumbest millionaires.  Now, THATS something I can find real comfort in.  Go Manny.  BE the meek that inherits the earth, my man.

Inexcye Solm's picture

They'll have to go all the way to Indiana for a new water-chip....

Andre's picture

But do they get a Pip-Boy?

NoDebt's picture

Castle Wolfenstein.  There, I said it.

Almost nobody's making it into that shelter if TSHTF.  Most of them will be much too far away to get there.

This is just another thing for Billionaires to buy because..... well, just because they can, really.  Only people making out on this deal are the ones selling the tickets.


SWRichmond's picture

If anyone does make it inside they wont like what happens.  Only thing inside worth taking will be rich people.

greenskeeper carl's picture

rather or not you could make it there really just depends on wha exactly it is you are worried about. And I don't really buy that place being that big of a zombie target. Killing rich people isn't going to be very high on my 'to-do' list if any king of SHTF type event actually happens. Keeping a low profile is the name of the game, not head hunting.

Paveway IV's picture

"...Killing rich people isn't going to be very high on my 'to-do' list if any king of SHTF type event actually happens..."

Funny, that will probably be the ONLY thing on my to-do list if the SHTF. 

greenskeeper carl's picture

taking care of me and mine is the only thing i would care about, but happy hunting, i suppose. if things ever get that bad, most plebs will either be dead, or fighting each other for survival. Those smart enough to prepare for an event like this are also(hopefully) smart enough to keep a low profile rather than wasting time on those dipshits.


Also, if something happens that actually requires them to spend that full year in there(and lets be realistic, what looks like a year of supplies on paper seldom lasts that long) they will emerge into a much harder world than the one they left, one which they are not equiped to survive.

quasimodo's picture

Very true carl, for like minded folks like many of us, but there will be legions of those that if, this place was found out to be housing uber rich folks and was known for having such resources at said folks disposal, would almost surely find a way in to that place, or force some type of breach. I am pretty sure the true elite and thier ilk will not be staying here, there are other places they have in place that will never be made known.

What baffles me is what type of safeguards are in place should something actually explode on or near this compound, assuming said explosion did not exceed ratings, that would assure the intakes/exhaust of the gensets were not damaged beyond use? Same for the compound air and exhaust........gensets are a HUGE achilles heel it seems.

YOU's picture

Blast Valves will protect the gensets against blast. TemetUSA has these, they use them in military and civilian blast shelters.

HowdyDoody's picture

Concrete is your friend. Blocks doors, air vents, and seals in the stench of decay.


Antifaschistische's picture

yep....this is full scale retarded

nmewn's picture doubt.

I can see it all now, uber-wealthy #1 tries to assert aplha dominance over uber-wealthy #2-35 creating a power struggle. Alliances are formed and uber-wealthy #1 is deposed.

The game repeats until the single solitary uber-wealthy survivor can claim "victory" almost empty bunker that doesn't need near the power or "amenities" it has and 7/8's of it is shutdown.

At least we won't have to watch it all unfold again in real time ;-)

NoDebt's picture

We don't need to watch it unfold.  William Golding already wrote a book about it.

Paveway IV's picture

I don't know... I kind of like nmewn's idea. We should force them to install cameras so we can watch it real-time.

I would even upgrade to the 'premium' cable package if I had to - that would be entertaining as hell.

MonetaryApostate's picture

I'm afraid, I'd rather have an infinite flying machine... (Working on it already)

zhandax's picture

nmewn, perhaps you recall a comment about five years ago where the poster postulated a scenario where someone bolted all the doors at goldman and handed out 9mms with the instruction, "whoever remains standing gets the PPV rights"?

bluskyes's picture

If the nukes start flying, being a billionaire won't mean anything. The people's eyes will be open, and Fed Notes will appear as they are. Worthless scrip.

Mr Pink's picture

The bunker in Indiana was built for 80 people to live for a year after a nuclear apocolypse......seems like a waste of money

Seek_Truth's picture

"Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can withstand it?” - Revelation 6:15-17