TPP Explained (In Comic Book Cartoons)

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Okay now bend over and get ready to RECEIVE YOUR PROSPERITY!

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>>>>  I trust POTUS on TPP

>>>>  POTUS lies like a cheap rug

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Where's the part about giving away part of our sovereignty to new WW organizations?

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What sovereignty? Do you have one?

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Prepare to be fucked in the ass for less Dineros.

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Prepare to be fucked in the ass for more Dorritos...

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By popular demand, below are the Cliff notes of the long cartoon story...


Obozo, beloved corrupt puppet of banks and corporations.


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I think we should hammer more nails into our head.  That looks hilarious.

I am Chumbawamba.

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I'm against all free trade.  I'm for foodstamps and FEMA trailers.  I also want free healthcare.  Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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Hell has frozen right freakin' over. I now find myself on the same side as Nancy Pelosi and Alan Grayson.

Left out of this... cartoon is the exponential growth of government whist all this happened. Evil thrives when good people do nothing.

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I can think of more specific names of individuals I would like to pound nails into. 

F U O!!!!!

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<<  Come on guys, that cartoon-informer was freaking awesome & you know it!

<<  This guy doesn't know what he's talking about!


Survey says??????

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The Asshole totally took a shit on the 'Tea Party' but did not mention either major party by brand, mascot or name as least thrice.

Gun ownership was also derided.

A comic book worthy of a ten year old with a lot of anti-business and anti-gun lefty whining -and no answers offered.

Fuck this douchebag and his bullshit humanities/journalism degree or whatever...


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You're being a little hard on the cartoonist, he got a lot of it right. But he does deserve to get blasted for his knee-jerk leftist bias.

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Just because those liberal whiners are wrong about a few things...uh...okay...some is still not right...many things...uh...okay...I am really giving it my best here...most everything...well...


That does NOT mean that they are wrong about ALL THINGS.


Hell if it had not been for the Liberal Vote at the end of last week this damned legislation would have passed.


Even a broken clock is right twice per day and, at those times. you'd be a fool to argue against it.

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Clearly looking for government solutions, more regulation, more taxes, moar Grayson.

America funded most its entire federal budget with import protectionist tariffs at the turn of the last century and we had a positive trade balance to boot. We can turn wheat in to automobiles and easily just say "fuck em" to those building cars currently because we can "share" our income with those few unlucky car makers without a job.

This cartoonist is not mentioning one of the largest contributors to this mess and that is debt. While printing money accomplishes much of the same thing, people who are being harmed with imports are provided debt to buy what they otherwise could not afford. If we were not being deluded by debt and redistribution of taxpayer wealth through entitlements, people would have been forced to confront this shit decades ago....long before we saw the wreckage that now exists.

The only reason that there is any push back now in public opinion is due to the realization that the narcotic delusion is fading. Things are getting worse for those who want a decent job and it is becoming apparent why.

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~"Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains."~

Thomas Jefferson

Government is a bi-product of sin. If men did not sin, there would be no need for it. Alas, men do and hence, to contain our sin, we created government. An evil to counter other evils. Government hence becomes a "necessary evil". But we have forgotten that it is evil and do little to contain it, much less the people who advocate that the solution for any other evil is, (somewhat ironically), more evil, (in the form of more government).

It is said that business without regulation is theft. When business writes the laws to regulate itself then all that occurs is that it gives itself license to thievery. Currently a corporation has better legal standing than any man. Worse, a corporation can lives forever assuming it never goes bankrupt. All humans must "liquidate" all their holdings when they reach the end of their lives, (though estate planning can mitigate some of this). That said, I don't know anyone taking a year off being dead for tax purposes, (to steal an old Douglas Adams joke).

At the crux of the matter is how we perceive and treat corporations. If this was not dicey enough, wait until we have the first sentient machine. Some SCOTUS in the future is going to have to determine what constitutes life. Satan's humor will be litigating for anti-abortion rights for yet-made machines. If we are fortunate, we'll all kick the bucket before that one.

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Yes but consider the copywrite on that piece was 2014 and the TPP is behind locked doors the author did pretty good. 



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As for a cartoon---it's not funny.  How depressing!

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If we surrender, the elites are the new government. 


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Fantastic explanation. For tl; dr just skip t the last 4 panels. 

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Thank you, two hoots. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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read the part about negating our laws.

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Start reading at page 22.  It sorta hints at it, but does not do a good job of explaining that panels of arbitrators will decide the cases under TPP rules, and the laws of each nation are subject to those rules and to the arbitrators' decisions.

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Giant sucking sound 2.0 but for your grand children who won't even know how they got fucked before they were born

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This cartoon is as dumb as your average Zero-Hedger.  Truly childish.  That said, down with the TPP.

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What was all the anti-Tea Party shit all about?

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The cartoonist loves Big Government and the many Laws, Regulations, Taxes and Fines, that go along with it.

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The cartoonist loves Big Government and the many Laws, Regulations, Taxes and Fines, that go along with it.

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The cartoonist loves Big Government and the many Laws, Regulations, Taxes and Fines, that go along with it.

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The cartoonist loves Big Government and the many Laws, Regulations, Taxes and Fines, that go along with it.

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In my version there is a mushroom cloud at the end.

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Cartoons. So easy, a caveman can get it.

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Unfortunately, this one is TL;DR for most modern cavemen. And their little caverats? Fuggedaboudit.

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The guy's good. Should be distributed in all High Schools.

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Except the part where he blames the Tea Party for stopping additional stimulus instead of the actual cause of the need for stimulus.


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He makes enormous mistakes. He seems to understand that companies can move their business overseas. And he seems to understand that fiat currency can just be printed. But he doesn't put 2-and-2 together and realize that the businesses that are taking jobs away are doing so because they can pay bullshit paper to foreign workers and collect USD or some other valuable currency in exchange for a more worthless fiat. Cartoonist is a moran. How can you understand that printing currency is bad, and then blame businesses for moving where wages are consistenty artificially depressed due to currency printing?


So many people see problems, but so few of them see the root problems.

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First of all, this wasn't a cartoon about the globalist(s) who are exploiting everyone worldwide, it's about how it's going to screw America, and it SHOULD lead us to ask more important questions..

If the TPP is so grossly horrible for the US (Which it obviously is), then why the hell is it even being voted on?  

(More importantly) Why was it even presented in the first place & who presented it?

(Wiki says these are the leaders behind it, but I'd be willing to wager someone else has come up with it, e.g. the British Banksters)

Notice how all of those countries were invaded by England at one point?  (And are probably still subject to British Legislation)

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I'm willing to bet the entire thing is a smokescreen to try to keep the monetary status quo going. Japan has essentially been doing QE4 for the world, however, Japan is f-ed without intervention. TPP reeks of being little more than window dressing on giving Japan what it needs to keep going.

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Am I going crazy because I'm the only one who caught this from what I can tell? If this is true it's MASSIVE NEWS buried in this RT post today:

"WikiLeaks and a ton of BRICS

Enter WikiLeaks, with what in a fairer world would be a crucial spanner in the works.

THE FAST TRACK AUTHORITY WOULD EXTEND US PRESIDENTIAL POWERS FOR NO LESS THAN SIX YEARS; that includes the next White House tenant, which might well be ‘The Hillarator’ or Jeb “Putin is a bully” Bush."

So if this is indeed true this would explain why JadeHelm was supposed to go live and coincide with the fast track vote that Palosi buried last week.

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"Am I going crazy[?]"

This question is 100% non-correlated with the rest of your post.  Our best wishes go out to you, though.

Ain't it funny when we can look at RT as better (not good, tho') information than the MSM?  You don't seriously think that big ops don't have multiple threads?  We should ask Cas and Susan.  But they are tied to a timeline--the Dallas shoot-'em-up didn't provoke the desired outcome.

- Ned

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Can't you see? It's too late for you American humans. It's over. This is your twilight.

Just let them do whatever they please(you really have no choice anyway), it will expedite the demise and lead you to the kingdom quicker. Become hedonists, enjoy your human form. All will be forgiven.

1Inthebeginning's picture Stand by and see the salvation of the Lord which He will accomplish for you today; for the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you will never see them again forever.  The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.



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Stupid humans.

You fail to understand me.

Your definition of 'time' is your downfall. I created the fruit fly for you to examine and understand. Your lifespan is miniscule.

You breed and die. Enjoy it while you can. Disregard all of the rest it is just noise created by your fellow humans.

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Why did you put humans and sociopaths on the same planet?

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That is a great way of explaining it.  If you can't visualize something, it probably isn't worth discussing.