Blacks are 13% of US population 37.6% of prisoners and 71% of shooters in Chicago

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Over the last couple of years, one of the dinner discussions our family has had relates to the observation that many, if not most, of the alleged perpetrators of violent crimes whose photographs appear in the mugshot section of our local newspaper's crime report are black.  We live in a very white area of what used to be rural farms and ranches, but is now being quickly developed with multi-family housing and strip malls.  A large metropolitan city is a short drive.

Brandon Smith (left) and Tyfine Hamilton (right) have been charged with the murder of James Stuhlman in a botched robbery

The kids and wife have asked me, "Why do you think it is, dad, that the murderers and robbers are usually black?"   How is a dad supposed to answer this?

First, I wanted to look at more data than just the police report of our local paper.  What I found is that blacks are 13% of the US population, 37.6% of the US prisoner population, and 71.5% of the shooters in Chicago.


Race of US Population

White alone, percent, 2013 (a)
Black or African American alone, percent, 2013 (a)
American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent, 2013 (a)
Asian alone, percent, 2013 (a)
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent, 2013 (a)
Two or More Races, percent, 2013
Hispanic or Latino, percent, 2013 (b)
White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent, 2013



Inmate Race in US Prisons

Race # of Inmates % of Inmates
  Asian 3,182 1.5%
  Black 78,112 37.6%
  Native American 3,945 1.9%
  White 122,771 59.0%



Race of Victim/Assailant 2015 Chicago

Race Victim Assailant
Black 154 35
Hispanic 37 8
White/Other 10 5
Police - 1
As of 6/19/15


Next, I started to watch and read some popular news reports and articles on the internet about black violence.  I challenge each reader to make it through just the following five:

9 Year Black Boy Old Punches, Kicks, and Chokes Toddlers at Daycare

10 Year Old Black Girl Attacks Teacher

Two 15-year-old black boys charged with murder

Three black teenagers charged with murder in the death of 16 year-old.

First-round NBA pick shot and killed 22-year-old mother of four.


Finally, I asked a black sheriff if the notion that most murderers and robbers are black fits with his observations and experience.  He responded, "You gotta judge people individually." 

I told him that I agree, and that I am not judging anyone.  I asked him, again, "Does the notion that a majority of murders and robberies in your jurisdiction are committed by blacks fit with your observations and experience?"  He paused, stared at me, and said, "Yes." 

I asked him if he had an opinion as to why this might be the case, since blacks make up a small minority of the population.  I told him that my wife and kids have been asking me these questions. 

He said, "You need to watch yourself.  You need to be real careful."  Then the black sheriff's deputy put his hand on his sidearm, stared at me for a moment, turned around, and walked away.

So, this is where I find myself as an American trying to ask one hard question about race and violence in America.

Why do you think it is that the murderers and robbers are usually black?  Is it the case where you live?  How is a dad supposed to answer this question?  Are your wife and kids even able to ask it?  Are we as a nation even able to ask it?


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A) None of us knows the color of the person who wrote the article

B) The unbelieveable statistics have a direct correlation.


Why? Because it's what happens when you dismiss and ignore the poor behavior of a criminal, coddled, entitled, and racist element - whom you've indoctrinated to believe anyone who disagrees with them is in fact the racist - for political gain.

Do not preach to "whites" about the neighborhood they let burn down - if you're the one holding the matches.

The "I see racists" thing is tired and worn. When you change, those you call racists will change. Most of them by doing nothing.

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Answer: Blackness. Black is a skin pigment and a heritage. Blackness is a way of talking, walking, thinking, behaving, earning money, raising children, etc., that puts many who practice blackness at odds with social norms and the legal system. Blackness is the Black Separatist Movement that came out of the '60's. Blackness is the choce to not compete in nor contribute to what has been labeled the White world. Blackness fails due to antdisestablishmentarianism but enjoys the priveledge of holding Racism responsible. Blackness also holds the franchise to what is Officially Black Enough, which often has more to do with behavior and politics than actual skin pigment, and fuels the black undertow, the constant siren to middle-class blacks to be ghetto for at least a few years to be authentic.

Black People is a myth. In 1960 there were 19 Million blacks in the US, almost half lived in poverty. By 2010 there were 38 Million and their poverty rate cut in half. We have rich blacks, educated blacks, middle-class blacks (such as is left in America), working poor blacks, dependent blacks and a criminl black class. I look forward to the day that the majority living above the poverty line turns its back on blackness.

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>> He said, "You need to watch yourself.  You need to be real careful."  Then the black sheriff's deputy put his hand on his sidearm, stared at me for a moment, turned around, and walked away. <<

Looks like it be a long mofoing while until the black middle class turn its back on blackness, yo.

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You need to watch yourself, you need to be careful...cuz...

..folks who thought they were posting anonomously to a message board have actually been sued for the comments they  left on those message the head of the department of justice, no less.

True story.

Sad, but true.

See, it comes down to this truth: sometimes truth gets in the way of a good story. When the president is the one spinning the yarn, he won't remember to use what you said - he might just try to discern what he thinks you mean by what you said.

You know what they say, once a racist, always a racist...

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I have no idea what you are saying.

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In 1971 they forced us to be bussed into the ghetto schools and brought the blacks out to the suburb high schools.  One of the black boys who would not shut his mouth in class was asked by my sister to kindly keep his mouth shut so those what wanted to hear the teacher could.  She is now a radiological physicist.  She was there to learn. He wasnt.  He reached in his pocket and swung a metal afro comb at her face.  She trained horses summers and I had seen her manhandle horses that needed it.  She ducked the comb and landed a straight right hand to his nose.  A full blown riot spilled out into the hallways and eventually ended outside on the practice football field.  I wonder if that young man in 1971 is a college professor maybe now?  Hmmm

I will be 60 next week.  I have had racism and we hate whitey and slavery reparations pounded into my head since before 1971.  Poverty and crime may or may not be correlated.  Were the executives at Enron poor?  Were all the white people who traveled from all over the eastern half of our country to help with tornado clean up in Tuscaloosa and Brirmingham Alabama a few years back racist?  We were raised poor.  I am white.  I had 6 siblings in a 3 bedroom one bath house. 3 boys in one bedroom and 3 girls in another and one girl in the hallway.  We were taught two main things among many others.  Yes sir and yes maam and work your ass off.  Dad always said respect those older than you because they have made more trips around the sun than you have.  He grew up in a log cabin 150 miles north of Edmonton Alberta.  He knew of lack and hard times and 40 below zero winters.

I grow so weary of everything is my fault for being a white male.  I have managed blacks at a professional level when i was in restauraant and hotel management.  I have been called every name in the book a white guy could be called by a balck man or woman.  To fire one required massive written proof and multiple written and verbal warnings.  If I had the audacity and stupidty to stoop tho their level and once call one a nigger it would have been over and my company would be sued and lose in court.  Most likely an out of court settlement.

That was in the 1980s.  Nothing has changed.  There are departments at the Federal level of our government employees where over 65 percent of the employees are black.  Look up the stats at the US MInt for instance.  Cant bring that up as it makes me a racist.  I lost a game warden job in the 1970s to a black man because of affirmative action.  The man doing my interviews said the man he was being forced to hire didnt know a quail from a turkey but his ands were tied.  I had the displeasure of two attempted muggings while living in Detroit.  Situational awareness and in one case quicker hands saved my ass. 

NO MEN RAISING YOUNG MEN OF ANY COLOR IN THE HOME WILL CAUSE GREAT HARM TO THAT YOUNG MANS FUTURE.  There,  for my almost 60 trips around the sun and what I have seen and lived if you dont have a two parent upbringing you are starting with a few strikes against you.  If you feed people who are unwilling to work they have a lot of hours to get into trouble.  I am done.  Sorry for the rant.

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Amazing how the race hustling card has been played so well by barry and all his communist buddies.


Takes away from the reality that the global economy, full of big goobermint, corrupt central banks and private banks, is ready for another collapse (worse than 2007).


The anger derived from all these race hustlers should make for some fine rioting.


Get lots of Orville Redenbacher folks (and load up with lots of ammo too).   Should be entertaining.

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I simply appreciate the honesty with which this question has been raised and the tone of the article. Our society has real difficulty with open dialog and truth. Without that, we are hamstrung in our ability to find solutions.

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Blacks do everything in their power to prevent open dialog and discussion of the truth. If there is no evidence of overt racism the hunt is on to find invisible racism.

(Cue baying hounds.) 

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Wow, the kids in those pictures could have been Obama's kids....

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The prison stats above show that White inmates prefer Black inmates for company over Hispanics

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Blacks having lower IQ and higher level of hormones responsible for agression - result in the statistics brought up in the article. Black poverty is also due to Blacks lower IQ and lack of culture/discpiline. Not just in the US, in all coutries where Blacks live

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even in the light of being only 15% of the population, blacks commit violent crime at the same ratio that men commit crime to women, or 8:1 over whites.   black criminality is has and will forever be the only problem. 

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A lesson from this Article, .. do NOT underestimate any "Colored" person even if they are 15-16 they still can and will KILL you.

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I can't see why the author is hand-wringing about what to tell his children.  Is he a dickless Beta?

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Most serial killers are white. 

And what's relevant about of headlining national statistics and then throwing in the Chicago locality?  Cherry picking the stats, a ZH classic ploy.

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Most bananas are green, which has as much relevance as your point about white serial killers.

You're right. That 71% of the shooters in Chicago are black is a misleading statistic.

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Pick a city, fuckknock.


Chew on this too....


According to the US Census, as of 1980, the population of people in the US identifying themselves as "African American" in the Census was around 13%. As of 2010 - 30 years later, the Census was completed again.The population of people in the US identifying themselves as "African American" in the 2010 Census was around 13%. These two facts are easily researched and irrefutable.


Why the static number?

It seems "African Americans" are everywhere, being OVER-represented on TV, in magazines, etc.

Again, this is easily researched. African American women ABORT 2 out of every 3 newborns. see: ..and numerous other web sites for this TRUE statistic. African Americans always seem to want "respect" from everyone else, and cry racism at the drop of a hat. (See Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton). However, ANY discussion of "racism" must start and END with this - based on the above statistics;


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Blacks are 40 times more likely to assault a white then the reverse (  FBI  2007)

Black on white rape 14000, white on black statistically zero.(FBI 2007)

Blacks committed 433,934 crimes against whites, eight times the 55,685 whites committed against blacks. (FBI 2007)

Blacks account for 83% of gun assaults in New York (2008)

409 Black on white homicides, 189 White on Black homicides (FBI 2013)

But yeah it's all dem ebil White Devils that the problem.

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The FBI need a new category of crime to track: Homeycide. 

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As we speak,I am working on a chord-melody for Jimi Hendrix' Angel. After that, I'm gonna do Red House fingerstyle! Man, I love Hendrix... oh... what were we talking about?

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Yeah let's make Hendrix a little whiter.

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Its obviously raaaacyz to divert atention from the real problem of  white privilege and white supremacy. I heard a couple of extremely intelligent black lady professors say so.  White folks are so raaaacyz and all black people are nice as pie to whites. But if you say black people are  nice  loving folk that is raaaycyz because that is like calling them Unca Toms and Uncle Remuses.

The fact is that racism must be fueled by those who profit most - Democrats, for votes, and the armies of black intellectuals who can only survive in academia, politics, the media, and the pulpit by expounding on the only subject they have mastered and perpetually talk about - raaaayciszm

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IF all of the statistics and stories are true, the solution is simple, at least in Chi Town ...

Ban Niggers from possessing guns.  Just niggers.

Problem solved.  No ?  Wait.

Never mind, move along.             /s

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If there is no difference between black males and white males, then why is the NBA 90% black, and the NFL 80% black? We won't 'solve' the racial issue until we are able to acknowledge that there is a difference!

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That deal was cut a long time ago....whites get the water based sports- swimming, yachting and hockey and black's get running plus a a majority set aside on any sport with a ball.

There was a lot of fighting over golf because it arguably has both water and a ball. The compromise was to let one black guy in and see if he wouldn't act like a a typical ghetto n*gger. Say no more.This why there are no up and coming Black's on the PGA tour.

Let me know if you need any further info

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Take a minute and send the poor kid a few dollars.

His inmate number is: 0001518680

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You kids is ray-cis. Them even axing that question is a micro-aggression.

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 "Why do you think it is, dad, that the murderers and robbers are usually black?"   How is a dad supposed to answer this question?


Too many Confederate flags?

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Precisely. End of discussion.

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There was no free "Aid to Dependent Children" which broke up the ancient pattern of men providing for women and children and replaced it with women provided for by the State. I was there and heard the false thesis that if you give a mother sufficient cash she'll so love the children that everything will turn out great. It failed for three generations.

What is the reality in the Black community? Women have the cash, because they have the children. It was declared socially acceptable to be feeding on Aid to Dependent Children. If Black men want respect or women in the inner city, they need cash or respect, obtained through crime.

The failure in the Black community was it offered excuses for bad behavior, rather than condemnation. The failure in American society is that the State replaces men as women's protectors and providers. The truth is women cannot replace men in families.

What I wrote,I said to RFK and others. Morons, such as NYC's Lindsay, imported poor rural blacks from the south and expected the NYC school system to educate them as it had for other immigrant children. Slavery and multi-generational peasant-life leave the least capable of independent living on the rural farm. The capable escape, while the incapable stay in servitude. American society has bred through slavery and Aid to Dependent Children a dependent sub-species.

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In 39 years, US physics doctorates went to 66 black women and 22,000 white men. Dat's razist!

Reaper's picture

Doctorates are rewarded to those who serve the system. All capable Black women will be more greatly rewarded elsewhere, than by a doctorate in physics. Same for capable men.

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Did you ever consider the fact that it's urban people who are killers, and urban people happen to be mostly black?  Chicago would still be the murder capital even if it was 90% white.  Urbanites are lunatic scum.

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Richard, I have seen your future: more reading and thinking about this.

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LOL. You have never actually lived in a city have you?


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lol as in detroit whites built and lived in the city until the violence got to a point living with black perps was no longer possible, now we who are left are locked and loaded hunters in blinds waiting for the passing duck or other foul.

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I am reading the responses here and am a bit surprized.....

I would have though this is a NYT board and not zero hedge.


So the stats say black young boys cause  most of the violent crime in America. But this goes against our PC upbringing/programming to even talk about this, even though its true so..... we blurt out in unison, "There are lies and damn lies and then.....".


You know the cake is done when you have to negotiate with people about reality.


Watching America's suicide from abroad doesn't make it any easier.



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We've been lying to ourselves about a lot of things for a long time. Race is just one topic. The other is who runs this country. The "reality" of the holocaust. Queers as normal.That we're all equal.

Our current reality is a fraud that is only sustained with cheap money. They intend to continue that fraud indefinitely by having one world govt. and one world currency so no one ever escapes that reality.

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This post must have got Hasbara's attention

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Some pretty appalling comments here and a sad reflection on how far we  to come as a society.

Ace006's picture

Not appalling enough, my man, and we have retrogressed. And will continue to do so as long as people like you call reality appalling.

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Even more amazing is how little some members of our society have spite of all the benefits bestowed and affirmative actions that have happened for these members.


Black History Month is a fitting example: Next Black History Month, ask a black person about Dr. Charles Drew or Professor George Washington Carver's contributions to mankind. Ask about Cryspus Attucks or Booker T. Washington...any of'll probably get a blank stare.

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100% of the weapons used by the police in Qatar are made in the USA. 100% of the people killed by Qatari police are killed by US weapons.

Therefore, the reason people die at the hands of Qatari police is because people in America make and sell weapons.

But wait, I have more!

The is a 100% statistical correlation between the increasing distance between the continents of Asia and the USA on the one hand, and the size of the national debt on the other. Therefore, the policy of spending money like a drunken sailor is CAUSING TECTONIC DRIFT!

Not only that, but the movement of the tectonic plates is CAUSING POLITICIANS TO BORROW MONEY!

Quick, publish! Tell the ignorant world of our amazing discoveries, using half witted logic and north by north west chains of causality.

But here is the real hum doozy, the sort of mind bending problem that will keep a good man up at night, qondering if up is really down or if cats is really dogs.

See here, we know that most 99% of redneck morons who screw they own sisters and drink moonshine fly a confederate flag and ultimately believe that white skin makes them part of a super club of kin who look out for each other.

But, do the sister breeders believe that the white club respects them because they fly the flag, or because they hump their sisters? It is a 99% percent correlation either way, so even the smart man has a heck of time trying to work it all out.

The only sensible thing for a white man to do, on account of him not being superstituous in the least, is to hump his sister AT THE SAME TIME as he flies his confederate flag from his porch, assuming he has a porch. In this way, the white man harnesses all kind of causality and brings the wild nature of circumstance under the control of his reason.

Then the only thing to do is sit back and wait for them tectonic plates to start moving back the way they came, so as to reduce the national debt.

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Thanks for all your hard work here. It is deep.

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If you are an empoyer and the above  Brandon Smith  and Tyfine Hamilton apply for a job at your company. What do you think the chances are that they would turn out as problem employees? Those kids look like a problem to an emplyeer, not tomention to the the man they killed.