A $300 Million Layover: CYNK Mastermind Arrested After Phoenix Diversion

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Submitted by Daniel Drew via Dark-Bid.com,

Catch Me If You Can

In what is probably the most expensive layover in history, Gregg Mulholland's international flight from Canada to Mexico turned tragic for him when his plane made a stop at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Tuesday. In an arrest that sounds like a scene straight out of Catch Me If You Can, the FBI finally closed the book on a story that began last July.

Mulholland took a page from The Wolf of Wall Street playbook when he turned CYNK Technologies into a $5 billion company. Mulholland made $300 million in illicit profits.


Let's review the company's fundamentals: no assets, no income, one employee. In fact, Mulholland makes Jordan Belfort look like an amateur. Traders who tried to short sell CYNK got steamrolled and lost their jobs when they got squeezed in relentless rallies. Now, Mulholland is the one getting squeezed by FBI agents in Sky Harbor.

The FBI reports,

To facilitate these interrelated schemes, the complaint charges that the Mulholland Group used shell companies in Belize and Nevis, West Indies, which had nominees at the helm. This structure was designed to conceal the Mulholland Group's ownership interest in the stock of U.S. public companies, in violation of U.S. securities laws, and enabled the Mulholland Group to engage in numerous "pump and dump" schemes. This structure enabled the Mulholland Group to manipulate the stock of Cynk Technology Corp, which traded on the U.S. OTC markets under the ticker symbol CYNK. Using aliases such as "Stamps" and "Charlie Wolf," Mulholland was intercepted on a court-authorized wiretap in May 15, 2014, admitting to his ownership of "all the free trading" or unrestricted shares of CYNK.

Today's Lesson: If you ever find yourself with $300 million in illegal gains, don't fly commercial.

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wow thats crazy's picture

Dumb Ass!

Hey look Virgan Airlines is having a seat sale! 550 return!

y3maxx's picture

He'll be bailed by Friday.

philipat's picture

And then start a Hedge Fund, like Corzine....

philipat's picture

I wonder if that "Diversion" was for legitimate reasons or whether the FBI arranged it with the cooperation of the Canadian Authorities? Which Airline was it?

greenskeeper carl's picture

don't know why he would think he was safe in mexico either. This ain't the old west, partner. Pretty sure the mexican govt will extradite your ass as soon as big brother to the north orders you to do so.

philipat's picture

Unless you are a Marine who takes a wrong turn over the border?

Monetas's picture
Monetas (not verified) philipat Jun 24, 2015 10:05 PM

That Marine was sloppy .... doesn't excuse Mexico's stupid handling of the problem .... wasn't a good moment for any of the players .... and Obomba was his usual .... smart nigger/dumb white guy !

greenskeeper carl's picture

do you REALLY think that if the us gov actually wanted him released, he wouldnt have been, quickly?


Plus, that guy was an american citizen who had broken mexican laws in mexico and was in a mexican jail. This guy is one who broke american laws and was attempting to go to mexico, who the american govt wanted to presecute(and of course sieze all his money). Two entirely different things. And the obama regime is not going to put any effort into getting a gun owning veteran released from mexico when he was in possesion of guns that, while not (yet)illegal, are still disliked by the govt

Save_America1st's picture

Lesson?:  "Competition is a Sin." ~ John D. Rockefeller


The criminals who manipulate the markets for billions every day and fuck the world over don't like competition from some asshole like this who's not in their mafia club. 

So they will send their attack squad after you and make and example for the rest of the sheeple. 

This guy is no Corzine...

wee-weed up's picture



"Today's Lesson: If you ever find yourself with $300 million in illegal gains, don't fly commercial."


Today's Lesson: If you ever find yourself with $300 million in gains, illegal or otherwise, the secret security apparatchik organizations of the USSA will eventually GET you...

Illegally or otherwise.

pgroup's picture

Snowden would differ. Cockiness is what gets you. Criminals defeat themselves. Witness the two killers escaped from NY max prison.

If you whistle past the graveyard, you admit that the evil spirits are there and they are real. YMMV but not by much.

bitterwolf's picture

LOL yup reality is MOST countries will roll you up and send you back in chains at behest of USG.... like ROME 2.0

conscious being's picture

Re. Start a hedge fund. No he won't. He is not chosen.

order66's picture

If I'm not mistaken, the SEC fine for that is like $17,000. That'll learn him.

disabledvet's picture

Next time fly to JFK where you can be granted "hero status of the USSA!"

Hugh G. Rection's picture

Sorry Mulholland, you weren't part of the crowd that gets away with ripping off people, next time trying running for public office first

MonetaryApostate's picture

He forgot to deposit his earnings in the Bank Kleptocracy in London...

turnoffthewater's picture

HFT computers can't fly first class

Thirtyseven's picture

Forgot to bring his Jewish Privilege card.

Ness.'s picture

The ticker symbol should have been PSYC.

Idiots.  All of them.

buzzsaw99's picture

wrong cufflinks bitchez

Yen Cross's picture

lol, Was he seated next to the real TWTR ceo?

buzzsaw99's picture

too bad his name wasn't janet yellen. the fed loves the old pump and dump.

Yen Cross's picture

  Mr. Moe Howard, buzz.

Moe Howard's picture

Does Janet Yellen fly? Why haven't they arrested her in a layover?

THE 4th Quadrant's picture

I would have jumped down into the cargo hold, kick open the landing gear door, wrapped a confederate do-rag flag around my head, and while the FBI was walking up the stairway to board the plane I would run/jump into one of their black SUV's and take off, steering with my knee put both fists out the window and salute with a double fuck you!

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

You're not exactly Project Mayhem material, but I've heard they're looking for people just like you for South Carolina State Senate seats.  </sarc>

Bay of Pigs's picture

My guess is that he pays a "stiff fine" and walks...

NoDebt's picture

I don't think so.  He is not a member of the club.  If he was going to be given a pass he never would have been arrested and perp-walked from the airport.  They're going to burn him to the ground (jail time).  It's a message:  don't try this without authorization from the elites.

PeaceLover's picture

Is just to get you to look away from the real problems. His mistake is not contributing campaigns or as some call them the law makers. It would seem who is in Jail not the real crooks. and they only have at best a 10% approval rating but they play good side bad side and the public goes ...Go team it will be better next term.

And the law enforcement wants us to think the flash crash was done from a comuter in London by one guy.
Shit idiots with guns.

mtl4's picture

Yep, perp walk means publicity which also means you're going to get the book thrown at you (ie not in the club buddy)

Yen Cross's picture

  Don't slap his wrist too hard.

847328_3527's picture

" He didn't build that."

NavMan's picture
NavMan (not verified) Jun 24, 2015 8:21 PM


And then there were some......

Jugdish's picture

So wait just a second there steve... are you sayin all I have to do to make 300 mil is setup some b.s. shit in a few caribbean shitholes and trade stocks and then just not show up back to the USSA and all is merry ? someone post some more info on this and educate us servile bankster peasants.

kchrisc's picture

Moral: Unlike Corzine, Mulholland didn't pay the proper vig to Zion.

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission..

Jabotinsky_USA's picture

Yes, I put his name on the agenda the last time we met at my synagogue and that is why he is cuffed.


Is there an hour of your life that goes by without blaming and hating Jews? It is like minutes of hate breaks in Orwell. Or is he also not kosher?   Did you know A.Rand was Jewish too? They got to her, panic now!

Latitude25's picture

Pump and dump or dump and pump.  Isn't that what the algos are doing every millisecond of every day?  Wow so this guy's to blame for it all!!!  Incredible.  Now the system is fixed.

Karaio's picture

I should have gone to Hong Kong, after Moscow.


Jugdish's picture

Wait.... Are you referencing Sean Hannity, the guy who exposed 9/11 ?

Karaio's picture


Edward Joseph Snowden!

This is the guy!


gmak's picture

"Today's Lesson: If you ever find yourself with $300 million in illegal gains, don't fly commercial.

" Unless you're the CEO of vampire-squid-like bank, or your name rhymes with fluorzine.
Yen Cross's picture

  I guess the "Silk Road", doesn't have a 'Phoenix Hub' yet?

Atomizer's picture

Bet he wished that he booked Yorkshire Airlines.


squid's picture

I bust a gut....thanx for that.

One And Only's picture

So this guy made a fake company, based it on an island, listed it on the stock exchange, and tweeted about it. In the process he made $300,000,000?

Did I get that right?

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Yup.  And if you'd gotten the notion to short the bitch (due to all the BS being public info -- widely covered at ZH) you probably would have gotten blown up.  Strange world. 

Monetas's picture
Monetas (not verified) One And Only Jun 24, 2015 10:09 PM

He made about $7,000 a minute .... in his spare time .... on his home computer !

Yen Cross's picture

That was a good one Monetas.