The Emergence Of Orwellian Newspeak And The Death Of Free Speech

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Submitted by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

“If you don’t want a man unhappy politically, don’t give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war. If the government is inefficient, top-heavy, and tax-mad, better it be all those than that people worry over it…. Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year. Cram them full of noncombustible data, chock them so damned full of ‘facts’ they feel stuffed, but absolutely ‘brilliant’ with information. Then they’ll feel they’re thinking, they’ll get a sense of motion without moving. And they’ll be happy, because facts of that sort don’t change.” ? Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

How do you change the way people think? You start by changing the words they use.

In totalitarian regimes—a.k.a. police states—where conformity and compliance are enforced at the end of a loaded gun, the government dictates what words can and cannot be used. In countries where the police state hides behind a benevolent mask and disguises itself as tolerance, the citizens censor themselves, policing their words and thoughts to conform to the dictates of the mass mind.

Even when the motives behind this rigidly calibrated reorientation of societal language appear well-intentioned—discouraging racism, condemning violence, denouncing discrimination and hatred—inevitably, the end result is the same: intolerance, indoctrination and infantilism.

It’s political correctness disguised as tolerance, civility and love, but what it really amounts to is the chilling of free speech and the demonizing of viewpoints that run counter to the cultural elite.

As a society, we’ve become fearfully polite, careful to avoid offense, and largely unwilling to be labeled intolerant, hateful, closed-minded or any of the other toxic labels that carry a badge of shame today. The result is a nation where no one says what they really think anymore, at least if it runs counter to the prevailing views. Intolerance is the new scarlet letter of our day, a badge to be worn in shame and humiliation, deserving of society’s fear, loathing and utter banishment from society.

For those “haters” who dare to voice a different opinion, retribution is swift: they will be shamed, shouted down, silenced, censored, fired, cast out and generally relegated to the dust heap of ignorant, mean-spirited bullies who are guilty of various “word crimes.”

We have entered a new age where, as commentator Mark Steyn notes, “we have to tiptoe around on ever thinner eggshells” and “the forces of ‘tolerance’ are intolerant of anything less than full-blown celebratory approval.”

In such a climate of intolerance, there can be no freedom speech, expression or thought.

Yet what the forces of political correctness fail to realize is that they owe a debt to the so-called “haters” who have kept the First Amendment robust. From swastika-wearing Neo-Nazis marching through Skokie, Illinois, and underaged cross burners to “God hates fags” protesters assembled near military funerals, those who have inadvertently done the most to preserve the right to freedom of speech for all have espoused views that were downright unpopular, if not hateful.

Until recently, the U.S. Supreme Court has reiterated that the First Amendment prevents the government from proscribing speech, or even expressive conduct, because it disapproves of the ideas expressed. However, that long-vaunted, Court-enforced tolerance for “intolerant” speech has now given way to a paradigm in which the government can discriminate freely against First Amendment activity that takes place within a government forum. Justifying such discrimination as “government speech,” the Court ruled that the Texas Dept. of Motor Vehicles could refuse to issue specialty license plate designs featuring a Confederate battle flag. Why? Because it was deemed offensive.

The Court’s ruling came on the heels of a shooting in which a 21-year-old white gunman killed nine African-Americans during a Wednesday night Bible study at a church in Charleston, N.C. The two events, coupled with the fact that gunman Dylann Roof was reportedly pictured on several social media sites with a Confederate flag, have resulted in an emotionally charged stampede to sanitize the nation’s public places of anything that smacks of racism, starting with the Confederate flag and ballooning into a list that includes the removal of various Civil War monuments.

These tactics are nothing new. This nation, birthed from puritanical roots, has always struggled to balance its love of liberty with its moralistic need to censor books, music, art, language, symbols etc. As author Ray Bradbury notes, “There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running about with lit matches.”

Indeed, thanks to the rise of political correctness, the population of book burners, censors, and judges has greatly expanded over the years so that they run the gamut from left-leaning to right-leaning and everything in between. By eliminating words, phrases and symbols from public discourse, the powers-that-be are sowing hate, distrust and paranoia. In this way, by bottling up dissent, they are creating a pressure cooker of stifled misery that will eventually blow.

For instance, the word “Christmas” is now taboo in the public schools, as is the word “gun.” Even childish drawings of soldiers result in detention or suspension under rigid zero tolerance policies. On college campuses, trigger warnings are being used to alert students to any material they might read, see or hear that might upset them, while free speech zones restrict anyone wishing to communicate a particular viewpoint to a specially designated area on campus. Things have gotten so bad that comedians such as Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld refuse to perform stand-up routines to college crowds anymore.

Clearly, the country is undergoing a nervous breakdown, and the news media is helping to push us to the brink of insanity by bombarding us with wall-to-wall news coverage and news cycles that change every few days.

In this way, it’s difficult to think or debate, let alone stay focused on one thing—namely, holding the government accountable to abiding by the rule of law—and the powers-that-be understand this.

As I document in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, regularly scheduled trivia and/or distractions keep the citizenry tuned into the various breaking news headlines and entertainment spectacles and tuned out to the government’s steady encroachments on our freedoms. These sleight-of-hand distractions and diversions are how you control a population, either inadvertently or intentionally, advancing a political agenda agenda without much opposition from the citizenry.

Professor Jacques Ellul studied this phenomenon of overwhelming news, short memories and the use of propaganda to advance hidden agendas. “One thought drives away another; old facts are chased by new ones,” wrote Ellul.

Under these conditions there can be no thought. And, in fact, modern man does not think about current problems; he feels them. He reacts, but he does not understand them any more than he takes responsibility for them. He is even less capable of spotting any inconsistency between successive facts; man’s capacity to forget is unlimited. This is one of the most important and useful points for the propagandists, who can always be sure that a particular propaganda theme, statement, or event will be forgotten within a few weeks.

Already, the outrage over the Charleston shooting and racism are fading from the news headlines, yet the determination to censor the Confederate symbol remains. Before long, we will censor it from our thoughts, sanitize it from our history books, and eradicate it from our monuments without even recalling why. The question, of course, is what’s next on the list to be banned?

It was for the sake of preserving individuality and independence that James Madison, the author of the Bill of Rights, fought for a First Amendment that protected the “minority” against the majority, ensuring that even in the face of overwhelming pressure, a minority of one—even one who espouses distasteful viewpoints—would still have the right to speak freely, pray freely, assemble freely, challenge the government freely, and broadcast his views in the press freely.

This freedom for those in the unpopular minority constitutes the ultimate tolerance in a free society. Conversely, when we fail to abide by Madison’s dictates about greater tolerance for all viewpoints, no matter how distasteful, the end result is always the same: an indoctrinated, infantilized citizenry that marches in lockstep with the governmental regime.

Some of this past century’s greatest dystopian literature shows what happens when the populace is transformed into mindless automatons.

In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, reading is banned and books are burned in order to suppress dissenting ideas, while televised entertainment is used to anesthetize the populace and render them easily pacified, distracted and controlled.


In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, serious literature, scientific thinking and experimentation are banned as subversive, while critical thinking is discouraged through the use of conditioning, social taboos and inferior education. Likewise, expressions of individuality, independence and morality are viewed as vulgar and abnormal.


And in George Orwell’s 1984, Big Brother does away with all undesirable and unnecessary words and meanings, even going so far as to routinely rewrite history and punish “thoughtcrimes.” In this dystopian vision of the future, the Thought Police serve as the eyes and ears of Big Brother, while the Ministry of Peace deals with war and defense, the Ministry of Plenty deals with economic affairs (rationing and starvation), the Ministry of Love deals with law and order (torture and brainwashing), and the Ministry of Truth deals with news, entertainment, education and art (propaganda). The mottos of Oceania: WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

All three—Bradbury, Huxley and Orwell—had an uncanny knack for realizing the future, yet it is Orwell who best understood the power of language to manipulate the masses. Orwell’s Big Brother relied on Newspeak to eliminate undesirable words, strip such words as remained of unorthodox meanings and make independent, non-government-approved thought altogether unnecessary. To give a single example, as psychologist Erich Fromm illustrates in his afterword to 1984:

The word free still existed in Newspeak, but it could only be used in such statements as "This dog is free from lice" or "This field is free from weeds." It could not be used in its old sense of "politically free" or "intellectually free," since political and intellectual freedom no longer existed as concepts....

Where we stand now is at the juncture of OldSpeak (where words have meanings, and ideas can be dangerous) and Newspeak (where only that which is “safe” and “accepted” by the majority is permitted). The power elite has made their intentions clear: they will pursue and prosecute any and all words, thoughts and expressions that challenge their authority.

This is the final link in the police state chain.

Having been reduced to a cowering citizenry—mute in the face of elected officials who refuse to represent us, helpless in the face of police brutality, powerless in the face of militarized tactics and technology that treat us like enemy combatants on a battlefield, and naked in the face of government surveillance that sees and hears all—we have nowhere left to go. Our backs are to the walls. From this point on, we have only two options: go down fighting, or capitulate and betray our loved ones, our friends and our selves by insisting that, as a brainwashed Winston Smith does at the end of Orwell’s 1984, yes, 2+2 does equal 5.

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Fuck you, idiot.

The asch test

Anderson pooper commands you.

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The serfs of the coming industrial revolution will have many freedoms taken away.

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This is just old tactics with newer technology applied.  What were once obvious barbed wire fences and guard towers are now wireless and invisible.  The sheep have been shocked at the invisible line enough they don't even venture near the frontier any more.  They just hang out around the feeding trough and bleat for more all day.


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Yep, it started back in the '60s when union organizers changed garbagemen to sanitation engineers. And these days when the Lib MSM has changed global warming to "climate change."

Liberals are constant chameleons, always trying to keep you from pinning them down, and thus requiring them to have to answer inconvenient truths.

And speaking of "inconvenient truths"... when was the last time Pope Algore I particpated in a debate of his ideas?

Never! He's too busy paying grab-ass with the guys giving him massages.

malek's picture

Oh, and only Putin uses that! And maybe the British a little bit. Rrright...

OK, let me rephrase that. Looks the filmmaker thought he had to start with Putin so the average (western) viewer would swallow the bait to then be more willing to follow the "stop making sense" route.

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The left got all this power over words because of right-wing crackers.  Some of their racial and religious slurs were way over the top.  Then the loony left expanded the expressions they wanted killed.

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i clicked on one of your links a very long time ago, and will never do so again. I can tell its you from the stupid screen names you have, all 5 of them...


Let me tell you, you have, by far, the worst blog of all the blog pimps on here. It is really bad. You should just stop, and give up. at least some of the others have something decent to add, but not you. You have nothing worth reading, you are pathetic. If I sucked as bad as you, Id probably kill myself. Thre is no possible way that your wife loves you, and I can almost guarantee that she is fucking someone else and is probably on several antidepressants due to being married to such a loser.

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Chameleon qualities are not the sole domain of liberals.

Regarding the article's, "...that the Texas Dept. of Motor Vehicles could refuse to issue specialty license plate designs featuring a Confederate battle flag. Why? Because it was deemed offensive," this point is just off base.  The state issues license plates, and the plates are state property that is needed if you wish to operate a vehicle on public roads.

Since when (and under what article, statute, etc.) is a department within the executive branch obligated to decorate its property in a particular way so someone can better express themselves?  If rednecks in Texas need the stars and bars on their vehicles, then let them paint the symbols themselves wherever they want on their cars or trucks.

How does crap like this even make it to the Supreme Court?

nmewn's picture

"Since when (and under what article, statute, etc.) is a department within the executive branch obligated to decorate its property in a particular way so someone can better express themselves?"

I feel the same way about all the vanity plates, save the turtles, educate the children etc. They shouldn't be allowed to express themselves this way by defacing "government property" ;-)

TimmyB's picture

Politicians decide what the state may or may not do. Want Confederate Battle Flag state liscense plates? Elect politicians that will give them to you. Don't like "save the whales" or any other slogans on state liscense plates? Elect politicians who will get rid of them.

This entire post is based on false reasoning. If you are a racist fuck who wants the American Swastika on your car, then paint one on it. The government won't stop you. They just don't have to provide you with one if they decide not to.

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The communist movement was run from New York. In Russia, it was a bloody revolution led by the Jews. The Russians knew they had been overtaken by an alien ideology. In America, it was done taking over the American mind by infiltrating the educational system, media and other social and cultural institutions not to mention the govt. itself. I believe they took that approach because a frontal assault would have failed given that Americans were armed. Most Americans don't know they have been programmed with a false consciousness.

Memedada's picture

What ’communist movement’? The Rockefellars, the Vanderbilts, the Morgans etc.? The people owning the US (and most of the rest of the world)? Meaning a small minority of capital owners (the own pretty much all productive assets in the world). And a small minority owning and controlling the monetary system.

Basically a small cult of SUPER-CAPITALISTS. And no, capitalism is not defined by free markets. That’s just one way of organizing a capitalist economy. You can easily have – and for the most part that’s the end-destination of all capitalists economies due to the accumulative nature of that system – huge monopolies and strong (privately controlled) states in capitalist economies. Capitalism is defined by who owns the means of production. Is it public, common or private? Almost everything of importance are owned by a small undemocratic elite = CAPITALISM.

In US all (real) left-wing intellectuals, movements, medias and artists were driven to hiding, exile or jail during the McCarthy-area. Since then the only one speaking about left-wing in US are (in a European and most of the rest of the world context) right-wing.

Memedada's picture

And no, I’m not a communist. But as a comment to an article about using the right words it needed to be rebutted.

Bioscale's picture

They were bankers, moneychangers, mafia, not capitalists. Their goals are mainly political. They hide themselves behind market economy (capitalism) but they don't favor free market. They created hundreds of intitutions to hide that fact and to mislead the public around the world. They have huge propaganda machine - the biggest media corporations that spit out the bullshit every single day.

This is not communism or socialism vs capitalism, it's nihilism vs sane world.

Memedada's picture economy...? That's your definition of capitalism?

But I agree – this is not a fight between socialists/communists and capitalists. There’re no ‘socialists/communists’ of any importance on the world stage. The West have been – de facto – taken over by the banksters. There has been a, uncovered by the media, coupe de tat of the state institutions by the corporations/banks. This happened slowly – at first – with more and more concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands. But lately it has accelerated and now they don’t even try and hide their power over the states – it’s in plain view.

The establishment of the US ‘federal reserve’ (they have no reserves and are not federal) bank was the first step, so the process – that we now see the fulfilment of – have been long.

In my definition – and the political thinkers of the last 100+ years – of capitalism is still: an economy based on the private ownership of the means of production. That’s what we got today. It’s not the ‘libertarian’ wet dream (utopia) of a free market economy. It’s the reality of what capitalism evolves (devolves) to – the concentration of power in fewer and fewer hands. We’re at the end game of capitalism – next is total enslavement or revolution.


snodgrass's picture

I figure the 1 percenters want fascism for themselves and socialism/communism for everyone else. Basically they want to take the world back 2000 years.

Grimaldus's picture

Super capitalists my ass. Super Progressive assclowns is more like it.

It is the constitutional conservatives that cannot be found.  

Your comment is an amazing piece of progressive criminal propaganda.

Embrace your progressive suck, assclown. Don't try to hide it.

You need to wrap your tiny criminal mind around the fact that the progressive stupid, it burns.



Memedada's picture

I like debating people with no substances in their ‘argumentation’. It’s like talking to a child – you get surprised with the responses you get.

I’m ‘progressive’ (not in a US sense = as used by the corporate medias or their – indirectly/directly owned right-wing talking heads in the ‘alternative medias’).

Progressive: “favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are, especially in political matters”. And you favor the status quo?

FYI: I’m an anarchist and I'm not educated or indoctrinated in US. 



Grimaldus's picture

"FYI: I’m an assclown and I'm not educated or indoctrinated in US."

Fixed it for ya.


Memedada's picture

I stand corrected and bow down to your intellectual superiority – I now considered, based on your insights, revising my world-views.

Thank you for not confirming by biases’.

Grimaldus's picture

Progressive criminals will stand TRIAL and be CORRECTED in prison. The blowback against the progressive tyranny you attempt to relabel is very likely to be a surprise tsunami of overwhelming ferocity. Bowing will do you no good. I would recommend rifle plates combined with a good level 3a Kevlar carrier, an FN Scar 17 and as many full mags as you can carry.
Best of luck with that. I am sure, being the elite progressive superbrain that you are, it will be no problem.


Memedada's picture

I look forward to your society - sounds like a free and fun place. I hope it's people like you who get to set the agenda when the revolution comes.

FrankDrakman's picture

sorry to see so many down votes, as you are quite correct. 

People seem to conflate "free markets" with "capitalism". They are not the same thing at all. And, as you mentoned, the inevitable result of a 'free' capitalist society is the same result as a game of Monopoly you played as kids - one person owns up owning everything. My economics prof taught me that back in the 1970's, when he was one of the few exploring this new thing called "game theory". 

But when I asked him what happens next, he just smiled and said "Forcible reset!". Which, as many here fear, seems to be where we are heading. The rich are getting too decadent, too in-your-face, and their attempts at bread and circuses - which is really what the article's author rails about, dressed up in 21st century clothes - are beginning, pace Greece, to fail. Already, the Greeks are discussing civil war; I have no doubt that when the EBT/SNAP cards don't get reloaded on time, the FSA will rise up, and as most mobs do, begin to destroy without thought or justice. How it all washes out, I have no idea, but people who hang on to outmoded ideas like "We're capitalist so we're free!" are going to be very sorry indeed. 

ebworthen's picture

One of my favorite euphemisms of the new age has to be the one invented by the ECB for the Cyprus theft of depositor's money to bail out banks and ensure the continued luxurious piggy lifestyles of the elite's - the infamous "Stability Levy".

That the A #1 winner of the skullduggery of the modern Kleptoligarchies; stability for who?  The elites.  A levy on who? Commoners.  And why?  Bankster corruption and their complicit politician lackeys.

Next they'll be calling shooting unarmed people in the back "peace keeping".

Oh wait...

conscious being's picture

My least favorite - Anti-Semetic was introduced by Zionists to replace Anti-Jew when most Jews are not Semetic and many Jews are Anti-Semetic. This Pamela Geller for instance, is Anti-Semetic. Take back the language.

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How long before saying something like "faggot" gets you in big trouble?... we're headed for doo-doo-iferous times.

disabledvet's picture

"So...before. I tell you what I have tell you i want you to know you aren't allowed to use any bad words or show any expressions of anger or Ill will, okay?


Now the Puerto Ricans have just stiffed us for 68 billion

Woe! Woe! Wait a minute here! Didn't you just hear...holy fuck!...

lordkoos's picture

So what, the FED can print that in a minute.

Cruel Aid's picture

good point, but only up to a point.

or 'for a time' in fed speak

GeezerGeek's picture

We all know that the FED can create that amount in less than a second. Since today we are fortunate enough to have a leap-second added to the day, I recommend that the FED use that extra time to bail out Puerto Rico. Then all the residents of the island can go bailar.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

That's just an old English expression, used in their Public schools (Private schools in US English), where a Freshman was initiated into the hierarchy, by having to do menial tasks for the older 'boys'.

As in "Who were you faggoting for?

It could also be a bundle of sticks.

And "Having a gay old time" simply meant "Having a jolly good time".

Queer was a synonym for Strange.

Homo was short for Homosexual. 

A rainbow was just a rainbow. 

Referring to a man a being "Light in the loafers" or a "Fairy", was a veiled reference to an effeminate man who was probably a Homo.

Terms like Imbecile, Moron, Idiot, or Retard were originally clinical terms in psychology and psychiatry, before they took on mainstream connotations as abusive or sarcastic terms. Even the word Cretin comes from the French reference to 'Christian', which was short for 'Christian soul', and a veiled/coded reference to someone who was still a 'Christian soul' in spite of their mental deficiency. 


The mindset and culture was that of "Sticks and stones may brake my bones, but (mere) words cannot hurt me."

Now Reverse Snobbery has taken root, and it's OK or even Cool to be dumb (if you're white or brown).  Asians and Jews are considered or expected to be 'smart' -- which is true in most cases, for these populations in Europe and N.Am.

Being "Blonde" is now acceptable forms of ridiculing blondes or anyone not terribly smart, as it specifically allies only to Whites -- who will not complain, or no longer seem to have the 'right' to complain about anti-White racism.

The demographic groups that are safe to stereotype as either dumb or evil, are those who do not have a body of paid Lobbyists.  These are White Men (in virtually all sitcoms or crime shows), Russians, Iranians, Mexican drug lords, or ME terrorists. 

Former social and political Outsiders are now Insiders and Hipsters.  If you add the 2-7% of said former Outsiders to the dominant, ruling 2%, you get close to 10% of a country's population.  That is enough to create a social and political Infrastructure to rule over the other 90%.

GeezerGeek's picture

Say I have some bundles of sticks I'm handing out to homeless folks for them to use keeping warm, and I limit each person to one faggot (bundle of sticks, that is.) Someone then complains that they want more faggots, and I'm being "too niggardly in my benevolent disposition of faggots". Would someone get in trouble for that sentence?

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invisible touch (not verified) Skateboarder Jun 30, 2015 4:38 AM

i lost account 3 times in 6 month just because i wrote my thoughs here...


  • ZH is economic website, you are allowed to say anything dirty about any banksters ( such fucktard bankers etc.... all bad words about the system is allowed )


been reported many times it seems, some have nothing to do than copy past  links & numbers of comment to the boss, just like cooperation with germany in the past... so much humans  are in silence shitting discretly in your neck by delation, no ballz to face the event, they are totally vicious and perverted just like snakes.


to make a population budge and react like greece you have to humiliate them over half a decade, worldwide, and even this, you face a 50-50 in the public opinion about their own situation...

how the fuck on earth you want billions of people to unite against those who drive the world in the wall if you cannot have the FREE behavior to display what you are and what you think... because if we let you, you gonna vex the other, poor tiny boy, this is politicaly incorrect, it may cost you some voice in the election race...


mixing and hybridizing weaknessess never made strenghs...  why nobody is allow for exemple to tell  that imigration business of cosa nostra in italia with somalian & libyan people would be eradicated in 2 weeks by filming army bombing & sinking boats with migrants inside to african medias to just show em YOU NOT WELCOME...


hoooo human rights.... i forget...


in my country a thief who get hurt while he robing you, suing you, win and you have been robed and you are prisoned... magnificant...

in usa you see cops shooting guy running like monkeys at the 1st ear of siren, some applause ( like me ) you get reported and muted... wtf...


we make more media noize about a  single crazy muslim beheading his boss in france than the 38 tourists in tunisia ...of course tunisia is 1st country worldwide providing terrorists and 10% mosquee are salafist ones 

and of course nobody will admit that usa is financing thousands of people doing same crazy allah_my_ass in mid-east location for ressources  just to mess to keep 1st rank in the globe which they have lost long time ago ... so asleep that they prefer elect twice in a row a black to display gay flag on white house to please miami and san fransisco fagz community, who have certainly better purchasing power...


" as long it do not touch my kids or family, i do not give a fuck", and  even more,  some joke about that.

global scale SHTF must happen to make societies in the world wake up before it is too late because it is seriously astonishing that whites accept to live in a  " GAY_ASS_FUCK, OIL BEHEADINGS, from EBT to RIOTS " world !!!!


i man, wtf...



Lea's picture

"How long before saying something like "faggot" gets you in big trouble?"

You're late, Skateboarder. Just try to use that word publicly, like in front of students in a university, and see yourself immediately losing your job and any career prospects, forever, after having endured a weeks-long smear campaign aimed at pushing you to suicide.

Your sentence should read "how long before saying something like "homosexual" instead of the approved "gay" gets you in big trouble?

Czar of Defenestration's picture

RE: your link

Citing Elizabeth Warren.
Correction: MARXIST idiot.

Paveway IV's picture

"...The power elite has made their intentions clear: they will pursue and prosecute any and all words, thoughts and expressions that challenge their authority..."

I promise not to challenge the power elite's authority - as long as they are fed into my wood-chipper feet-first.

Perimetr's picture




Rusty Shorts's picture