Merkel Addresses German Parliament: Key Points

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All eyes are once again trained squarely on Greece this morning after a letter surfaced which shows Greek PM Alexis Tsipras is prepared to concede to most of Brussel's demands in order to secure a deal for Greece which is laboring under capital controls and the threat of a banking collapse after becoming the first developed country to default to the IMF. 

This morning, German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed the German parliament. Here are the key talking points (via Bloomberg):

"The door for talks with Greece was always open and remain always open. We owe that to the people and we owe it to Europe.”


“There can be no negotiations for a new credit program before the referendum.” 


"Greek people unquestionably confronting difficult days." Greece unilaterally ended debate on second credit program, failed to make IMF payment, Merkel says


"Greece has legitimate right to hold referendum, euro states have right to respond."

And some more of her speech highlights from MNI:


So is Germany bluffing the bluffer Tsipras, and effectively saying it won't negotiation with the current Greek government but would rather wait until its replacement is sworn in after the referendum?

Of course, that assumes a Yes vote, which would be contrary to earlier reports that at least in early polling, the "No"s have it? Unless of course Germany does want a No vote, in which case all bets are off.

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Senduko's picture

Aand this is Germany calling on Tspiras is bluff.

bigkahuna's picture

In the letter that "surfaced" Tspiras made a lot of future promises. Basically the letter said-if you give me the dough, I will make some theoretical changes

The letter that "surfaced" is an undisguised con. The Germans and anyone else who falls for this deserves to get ripped off.

weburke's picture

electronic voting? is the brics thing a head fake, granted very long in the makeing, to lure the bric folks down a road that sets them up for crushing. 

NoPension's picture

I'll see your bet, and raise €100.

RealityCheque's picture

Wow, that's an impressive total-words-to-lies ratio.

Colonel Klink's picture

Second only to the Federal Reserve.

Tinky's picture

Neither one can hold a candle to John McCain. Here's a recent example:

“In the heart of Europe, we see Russia emboldened by a significant modernization of its military, resurrecting old imperial ambitions, and intent on conquest once again. For the first time in seven decades on this continent, a sovereign nation has been invaded and its territory annexed by force. Worse still, from central Europe to the Caucuses, people sense Russia’s shadow looming larger, and in the darkness, liberal values, democratic sovereignty, and open economies are being undermined.”

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We may want to throw Obama into that running too!

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The author left out the bit about The Eurozone is a STABILITY UNION not a TRANSFER UNION 


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"The door for talks with Greece was always open and remain always open. We owe that to the people and we owe it to Europe.”


“There can be no negotiations for a new credit program before the referendum.” 



says it all.................................pop corn till referendum...........or back to work surfs

FrankieGoesToHollywood's picture

But there is always room to negotiate the existing program.  Remember these are politicians.  They are lying.

Lady Jessica's picture

Mutti doing what she does best.  Scolding with a conciliatory tone.

Greece goes back to basement to fap one out in front of xhamster.

Wild Theories's picture

they still have the leisure to fap?

Racer's picture

So the EU bankster bullies put the screws on the Greek people before a referendum.

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

Why must we hear from our Politicians every fucking day? Why can't congress meet for 3 months and then go away for the rest of the year. It's the same in other countries I see too. This is all part of their plan. These polticios are seen as 'rulers' not representatives.

European on my shoe Jimmy's picture

All together now Europe
A one
A two
A one two three four
Deutschland Deutschland ueber alles

Das lied Der Deutschen

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I wonder if she starts her day with a glass of fresh baby's blood.

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asfffasfff (not verified) Colonel Klink Jul 1, 2015 6:41 AM

the reason she dont have children is she ate her own children

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Either that or no one wants to touch that evil barron (sic) womb of hers.

Cliff Mclane's picture

Do you believe that this is a joke?

Merkel is incompetent, a very bad politician and leads Germany into an abyss. Nonetheless she is a human being.

Your comment is a lot of sh...

fudge's picture

human being, really ? all I see is another piece of shit with blood on her hands.

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asfffasfff (not verified) Cliff Mclane Jul 1, 2015 8:12 AM

so cuuuuute


mclane is right  we are all human being and the world is a happy place to live on and every one should like each other and share with each other and respect each other  lalala peeeeeeeace






the reality is the opposite

now go drink your milk

Cliff Mclane's picture

Did you provide the blood? How much do you charge?

Colonel Klink's picture

No, but I'm sure it's priced in sheckles.

Cliff Mclane's picture

Thank you. Nothing more to write. You saw "Jud Süß" too often.Josef Goebbels would be proud of you.

Colonel Klink's picture

"Nothing more to write" and thank you!  Never heard of that movie, had to Joogle it.  Josef Goebbels ain't got nothing on Obama or the tribal run fed.

Thanks for playing!

EDIT:  Though I did hear his parents wanted him to become Dr. Suss!


Teknopagan's picture

A British version of Jude Suess was made two years previous to the German

Colonel Klink's picture

The chosenites like to complain that they're so unfairly picked on, yet never want to own up to their own dubious behavior.

Expelled 109 times throughout history

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asfffasfff (not verified) Jul 1, 2015 6:43 AM






the cow on steroids will die on heart failure in 5 years

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its almost as exciting as listining to paint dry.... ffs....


Acquire your bullion

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The one in the black uniform.................looks like the GREEK finance minister!

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Fucking fat bitch, Germans should wake up before it's too late.

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Ummm.. who is going to be counting those Referendum votes..?

gatorengineer's picture

I can't possibly see how this isn't a huge win for Greece.  When they turn the ela back on that will be 20billion at least.  Funding the place for 2 years will be another 200b as I bet tax collections will somewhat under perform.  So the Greeks keep being Greeks a and the Germans pay and will pay a lot more than they would have a month ago.   If I were Portuguese Italian or Spanish,  I would be wondering why should I pay my taxes.  The outcome is two years of palliative care.  On to the next teetering domino.  Perhaps shitcago.

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They are basically saying that eu won't negotiate at all if greeks say no and it got me thinking that tsipras knows that the people will vote for no and by issuing statement that they are willing to accept most of the troikas demands they can then put the blame on the troika when the greeks say no and troika refuses to negotiate with them after the referendum

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Since the world that we believe that we perceive is a hologram when the electrons stop flowing poof!

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What truth or deal you can expect from an East German lady 

who is also a politician


No money

No (Fcuk) deal


Besides due to American military base in Germany,

it is hardly a sovereign state , a rather colony of America

Another puppet


Truth : Last world wars started from Germany

This time ?