Happy Independence Day, Brought To You By The Chinese

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Home of the sugar babies and the land of free trade, happy Independence Day America...brought to you by the Chinese.

Foreign Holders US Treasuries

Global Net Trade


Source: Daniel Drew's Dark-Bid.com

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Publicus's picture

China and Russia will support the independence of the South.

johnvallo's picture

Hey do you think if they sprayed blood and limbs with the fireworks that we'd have a different opinion about the 4th of July?

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I don't understand what the problem is with sugar baby websites. Its consensual right? Land of the Free and everything? As long as it destroys this fake imposter America from the 1950's where shaved face creew cut Ward claevers run rampant... We might see the rebirth of America sometime soon because God knows it died about 100 years ago.

Stuck on Zero's picture

When China elects a Tibetan to the highest office in the country I'll start to listen to their human rights propaganda.

gherman's picture

A gay, Afro-Tibetan, transgender chairman of the Party. The future for China sounds just like that of the US. 

Pure Evil's picture

How bout that chick to the right with her tongue hanging out?

What do they call that......photo bombing?

And, the nips on the one on the left....oh la la.

GoldSilverBitcoinBug's picture

In one sentence, this day China will become FUBAR, hope it will never arrive.

Stormtrooper's picture

Does the site include the choice of faggot sugarbabies?  They have rights too, you know and should have full sugarbaby citizenship.

NoPension's picture

We get container loads of their "stuff", stuff we used to make, but alas, Americans don't want to work and make things anymore.
And they get what, a Peice of paper. Our debt?

They're gonna be really, really pissed.

CynicLaureate's picture

And they turn around and buy our real estate with that paper.


post turtle saver's picture

... at which point, no one picks up a lease from them, the value of the property drops, and they sell it back again for pennies on the dollar...

just like what happened to the Japanese paper tiger twenty some years ago...

Max Steel's picture

and they both are different plus usa in 80s is different from todays usa 

Bokkenrijder's picture

Where is 'Belgium' on that list?

umdesch4's picture

Thanks for reminding me about that. It's so hard to keep track of all these things, but ZH readers seem to have a great collective memory.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Today, once again, I declare my freedom from anyone or any group who thinks they own me. I am a shining example of god given freedom. 

tarabel's picture



Some people are smarter than others.

Japan learned its lesson after only one beating.

angel_of_joy's picture

No it didn't ! That's why it holds now the honor of being the most bankupt country in the world. Its fall will be nothing short of spectacular, when it will eventually run out of gas...

maskone909's picture

Little ot but still...

They say central banks are needed to promote stability. Yet, when something happens, like a greek default, or a foreign bond market collapse, it destabilizes the globe.

So much for promoting stability! Central banks clearly are destabilizing the world!

i_call_you_my_base's picture

That the Europeans and US and basically everyone allows their banks to lend out so much money is the problem. Because the banks then gain the leverage on the country to enforce payment through geopolitics. By keeping interest rates low, implicitely backing failure, and allowing private banks to provide debt to people who can't possibly pay, they are indeed destabilizing the world.

Elliott Eldrich's picture

"That the Europeans and US and basically everyone allows their banks to lend out so much money is the problem. Because the banks then gain the leverage on the country to enforce payment through geopolitics."

When you're saddled with a debt-based fiat currency system, it's not a question of allowing your banks to lend out so much money, it's a question of if you don't continually expand your debt, you can't grow your money supply. Of course, all of that new debt requires servicing, so it's entirely understandable how eventually nearly everyone ends up broke while the banksters end up owning nearly everything. As long as we have debt-based fiat currency, we're screwed from beginning to ending, it is literally impossible to ever win in the long term unless you become a bankster; of course, once everyone is a vampire there's nobody left to feed on, and then the inevitable collapse and reset happens.

Skip's picture

"They say central banks are needed to promote stability. "

This explains it very well: USURY!

Oh regional Indian's picture

What a tell this chart is, the first one....

First they did with defence and oil sheiks, then they did it with tech+capital and hungry chinese entrpreneurs....who is the next victim set? 

India? The vast Indian population is being fed on Mobile businesses, ad nauseum. Any mobile app shit is worth billions. So, we will perhaps witness the real mobile internet 3.0 scam to be here in India.

Very possible, the rumblings are all there. The NBA is coming to town. Nascar is coming to town, building it'sown track. Hollywood suddenly LOVES Bollywood....

I think even Kim Giantass knows where India is on the map now...

American cultural love and security/defence partnerships are fucking vile gifts, both...

James_Cole's picture

India? lol India makes greece look like switzerland.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Don't believe everything you read/watch.

On ground realities are interesting. I said it ispossible...

James_Cole's picture

Don't believe everything you read/watch.

I definitely don't believe anything i hear out of india. 2T GDP? Right. India comparable to China? Riiiiight. People keep trying to move shit to india and i'm just smh.



Oh regional Indian's picture

That is the Indian MSM.

I'm talking about ground realities.

lol away....

James_Cole's picture

I don't know what you mean by ground realities. No disrespect to Indian people / culture (referring to the country) but I think the later is largely inscrutable to westerners. India also has a much worse population problem, gdp per capita, domestic religious battles etc. (nuke neighbour squabbles) as compared to china. There's no real obvious reason for US to want to get deeply into bed with india other than lots of cheap disposable labour (a chunk of it well educated) and big market for cheap crap.

Oh regional Indian's picture

There is a set of Indian millenials, starting to wake up, fast. I'm dealing with them everyday. Not just software, everything. Just saddled with a corrosive environment.

But 3D printers...

Let's see....

nosam's picture
nosam (not verified) James_Cole Jul 4, 2015 8:39 PM

According to the IMF Indias GDP is almost 8T (PPP).

TabakLover's picture

If Greeks had as much gold as Indians do, they'd screw the Troika without a thought.

CheapBastard's picture

Well, I do like that fellow Hrithik Roshan. He can dance like there's no tomorrow!

Oh regional Indian's picture

True. But you have to check this out.

The man (wild dancer) and especially the song and setting ;-)



Handful of Dust's picture

Incredible choreography! and talent....really impressive how this guy and his backups can dance. Even the women in this one look sharp.

Skateboarder's picture

In the quest of America worship, Indians shun all spirituality and identity, family, discipline - everything, all for false validation of the ego through various mediums and a perceived betterment of the soul through this great "progress" we are making with the screens and machines.

"Aspire to be like this person, copy their attributes and desires, their actions and words", says the media. "Gladly", the people comply. Monkey-see- doo-doo, monkey-doo-doo-doo.

Those aspirations - they are not founded in the making of things, the fostering of skills, but rather in the blind consumption of what is validated to be "good" for you by a centralized information-regulating source.

When people stop making things out of their own will, saying things out of their own will, telling their own stories...

Chuck Knoblauch's picture

Keep eating MSG.

It's good for your brain cells.

Skateboarder's picture

Dafuq - July the foe'th is also the same day when we're supposed to celebrate the movie In-da-pen-dunce Day? Who made that one up?

wendigo's picture
wendigo (not verified) Jul 4, 2015 12:51 PM

I wish we would stop celebrating independence day. We don't deserve it. 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Actually you should stop celebrating it because you don't have it.

Nor do we here in india for that matter....

tarabel's picture



Maybe you don't. And it's not like you want to celebrate Independence anyhow. Or else you would make a real point of doing it and tell your masters to go fuck themselves rather than whining about how degenerate everyone is.

You should spend more time out in the Heartland.

Out here, I'll be making the rounds of parties, shooting off fireworks and probably guns, and there's no cops for thirty miles around.

They're all in town watching that you and the rest of the made-in-China toy-buying paper pushers don't get out of line.

So go through the security gates, pass by the dog handlers, and stand in the park with no beer in your hand while you watch the government shoot off rockets for you because it isn't safe for you to do it yourself.

But don't pin your royal "we" on those of us who are in fact both expressing and celebrating our independence today.

The dream lives on, just not where you choose to live.

CheapBastard's picture

I celebrate any day that I have off. Working is so hard on the brain and very old fashioned in the USA.

wendigo's picture
wendigo (not verified) tarabel Jul 4, 2015 1:23 PM

News flash buddy, I live more out in the sticks than you do. 


You seem to think that being allowed to drink beer and shoot off fireworks makes you 'free'. Nevermind that your location is constantly marked and tracked, every phone conversation recorded, every email read. You can get blown away by some cop on a power trip and your family will never recieve justice. You have your wealth stolen from you every day, and there's nothing you can do about it. 

But you're 'free'. How? You say you are, and in your universe that makes it true. Apparently, being able to shoot of you're own fireworks means that you're not really a slave, the boot of state isn't really against your neck, and that you aren't in all ways fucked. 


Do not presume to lecture me. You are not a free man, never were, and never will be. If your delusions make life more comfortable for you, then so be it. Take the easy way out. 

tarabel's picture



I will lecture you any time I feel like it.

And am perfectly fine with your ripostes.

Even though you are quick to label me as "not free", I note that you have failed to categorize yourself.

Since you provide a long list of ways in which the country is not to your liking, I find myself wondering what you are doing to ameliorate this state of affairs.

Happy Independence Day to those who realize that standing up even in the tiniest way is the first step on the road back.

And Happy 4th of July to you.