Europarliament President Threatens Greeks With Armageddon If They Vote No

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Submitted by Keep Talking Greece

EP Schulz threatens Greeks with Armageddon – Can we sue him for “moral damage” & “breach of public office”?

“Without new money, salaries won’t be paid, the health system will stop functioning, the power network and public transport will break down and they won’t be able to import vital goods because nobody can pay” President of European Parliament Martin Schulz warned Greek voters one day before the crucial Referendum on Sunday.

Schulz’s warning targets some 1,500,000 jobless and their families, roughly estimated at least 3.500,000 people, without health insurance, with no money available to buy a ticket fair or pay their electricity bill, who nourish themselves from soup kitchens and charity packages with pasta, rice, canned tomatoes, 1 bottle of oil and maybe a bottle of shampoo. Schulz’s warning targets all these people who already suffer the so-called austerity-depression and anxiety attack for the last five years.

Theoretically if not all Greeks, at least these above mentioned could file a lawsuit against the President of the EP for violating his post’s “neutrality”, “for blatant intervention in internal political and fiscal affairs of a sovereign country” – how much more as the EP is not part for the creditors’ three-institutions – and for “causing moral damage and psychological distress” to at least several million Greek citizens.

Not to mention the fact, that these austerity-ridden Greeks used to pay their taxes and fund the salary of Schulz & Schulz.

I suppose inthe free market,  Schulz & Schulz would have been fired for incompetence and for breach of duty and code of conduct in context of his public office.

On Thursday, Schulz told German daily Handelsblatt that the elected Syriza government should be replaced by “technocrat” government until stability is restored.


“We should appoint governments of technocrats,” Martin Schulz told Handelsblatt.

Schulz statement is here: EU warns of Armageddon if Greek voters reject terms

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finally a sane voice

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Where is Nigel Farage, come on dude, rip this guy!

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Europarliament President have just committed a crime against humanity.

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In the least he looks like a moron.  Anyone can print funny money so Greece just issues bonds and starts printing drachmas.  Easy as pie.

Now if they want real credit behind their currency they can back the drachma with gold and silver.  Then the EU would really be fucked.

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Where's Nigel Farage when you need him? ;-)


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Schluss, not Schulz.

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Captain Debtcrash (not verified) Troy Ounce Jul 5, 2015 10:42 AM

I think the Eurocrats are underestimating the natural human reaction and resolve in the face of threats.

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The Fear is Palpable ... Better worry about yourself, Presidente Technocrat

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When TPTB start threatening Armageddon for us ie. Scotand Independence referendum, you know it's a threat to their power and.privilege.

Greece without it's Goldman Sachs contrived Euro debt, and with Russian gas to power its economy,would economically viable.

The trick, as usual, is for TPTB and the MSM to convince Greeksvto vote against their self interest.

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He's done it again! In Switzerland, his appearance caused a few decisive votes to swing to the anti-EU/Euro side. It looks like the No vote has narrowly won so Schulz may again be responsible for the EU defeat. Well done, poster boy of the anti-European movement!

BlowsAgainsttheEmpire's picture

Yo, Martin Schulz . . . fu<k you!!


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Where's that Guillotine Guy when we need him? Dibs on the head.

Antifaschistische's picture

If they were a Muslim nation pOtUs would step up with a multi billion dollar aid package

Looney's picture

... Schluss or Anschluss

Nicht schiessen! (don't shoot!)  ;-)


Mountainview's picture

He would have done well in the Soviet Union in the Breshnev period.

thamnosma's picture

The British voters decided they didnn't want this generation's finest political orator and analyst to be in Parliament.

Icelandicsaga...............................................'s picture

Nigel Farage .. June 26 ... I pray for the Greeks that they leave the EU ..     Farage is a gem .. wish we had one like him . been there done that .. and as eloquent as anyone since JFK.

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"Anyone can print funny money so Greece just issues bonds and starts printing drachmas.  Easy as pie."

They can also print Euros without permission. Backdate the bills and reuse the associated old serial numbers so they couldn't be easily blocked from circulation since fiat money is counterfeit money by nature. This would just be "unauthorized counterfeiting."

What would/could Germany or anyone else do about it? Invade? Bomb the Greek printing presses?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Schultz is full of sh*t.

ALL Greece has to do, is to issue MEFFO Bills.  Just the way that Germany's Hjalmar Schlacht did in the 1930s.  And back them with 20-50% Gold and Real Assets.  

How ironic, poetic and symmetric would that be?  So... Fuck You, Globalist Banksters!  Your day of Reckoning is coming.  Long rope and retribution, Musollini style. 

Tapeworm's picture

Perhaps someone with computer skills will put Herr Shulz's mug on the Mussolini last photographic portrait

joseJimenez's picture

What do you expect from slime ball.

glenlloyd's picture

Making threats usually backfires....

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  If "NO" wins we will have to wait and see if he was speaking the truth.   If "Yes" wins we may never know.  If the people don't know by now what their vote means then..........?


We are fixing to see how a nation survives (or not) as it looses all credibility in its faith and credit then cuts (votes) itself off from the rest of the world.  

Bumpo's picture

Your post just 'loosed' all credibility

two hoots's picture

Bumpo,   I deserved that one.

Mr.Sono's picture

how do you say in greek, F@@k you!

Tarshatha's picture

'' how do you say in greek, F@@k you!"?


silvermail's picture

Greece has so much gold that they can make any sovereign currency right now.
Food supplies in Russia on exclusive rights - is the basis of the new Greek economy!

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Vee haff our veys auf making you vote!

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It should be known, he's Jewish.

Perimetr's picture

I am generally oppoed to human extinction, but in his case


I would make an exception.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

It is not the entire human species that needs Deletion, but only a specific subset... a few percent.  That will not be missed, but whose absence will likely be celebrated annually. 

DavidC's picture


Forgive my language but fuck off Schultz.


Smegley Wanxalot's picture

...... "Be our slaves ... OR ELSE!"

ejmoosa's picture

We own start acting like it.  Meanwhile....

The UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has issued a call for the Greek people to call the European Union’s bluff and “vote no” in the referendum scheduled for tomorrow.

fattail's picture

Thou doth protest to much....  The fear is palpable.  You can see it on their face and hear itin their voice.

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"Europarliament President Threatens Greeks With Armageddon If They Vote No"



disabledvet's picture

"No nation can long endure half slave/half free."

And so it will be true over here as well...

lakecity55's picture

Honest Abe: "If I could keep The Union by maintaining slavery, I would do that. If I could maintain The Union by freeing the slaves I would be willing to do that."

Krauts: "You must remain our slaves."

Seagate's picture

Wait, I thought the "deal" was withdrawn and no longer on the table.

Raul44's picture

Well I was saying all the time this is all farce.

disabledvet's picture

Greece appears to be doing the blackmailing actually.

Kinda funny actually.

"Blackmailing the extortionist."

Right now "Zero Money" appears to be winning...

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

Thank god the EU isn't run by dictator wannabe's......

Pure Evil's picture

Did you say dicktaster wannabe or dictator?

Oh, that's right only the USA is run by a dicktaster, and s/he/it is no wannabe.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

Your gonna get a nasty letter from the fudge-packers union......