And Now The Wall Street Journal Is Down

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Things are starting to get interesting. First UAL, then ZH, then the NYSE, and now the WSJ...

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The world is ending. It's been nice chatting with you all.

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ZH, NYSE & WSJ all down in the same day within 90 minutes of one another.  

Something is up in the world of Macro Finance.  

This is it's picture scary.

Pop corn please!

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It IS scary in CNBC-world where everything hums along perfectly in the wonderland that is life under Obama. So they ARE shocked!


Study: thousands self-identify as ‘vampires’, acceptance needed

Research finds vampires fear disclosing identity to doctors, ‘stereotyping’, ‘microaggression’ concerns

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NSA is practicing shutting down the web.  Part of the Jade Helm exercise.

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Dear Whomever Keeps DDOS'in ZH --

The tech guys at work are telling me ZH keeps getting DDOS'ed into oblivion. 

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wasnt zh down this morning too?

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I can't get to resolve... Oh the horror, where will the sheeple get their financial news?


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I sense a disturbance in the farce. Simultaneous dirt naps for everyone.

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Something big is happeneing.  Gmail has been flaky all day yesterday and today - emails not showing up, or being delayed 12+ hours with NO errors our bounce messages.

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I keep laughing as the idiot on Bloomberg keeps pointing out that NYSe and Homeland Stupidity, sorry Security, insist there is no cyber attack.  Bullshit.  First of all, there is always cyber attack ongoing.  Today it seems there is a more sophisticated heavy and well coordinated cyber attack going on.  Ass clowns.   How fucking stupid do they think we are?  Stupider than them?  Pas possible.

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They are unionized government workers hired with racial, sexual and ethnic quotas. They are on break now. They will leisurely jump on it when they get back. Until then, fill out a form, leave a message, try again later.

Oh, and they are underfunded for sure. They need another 100 not-working people to help the other 100 not-working people in order to sort of function.

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Yes, seems Sparta managed to rock the system and drive it in instability zone, also the gold was fluctuating like crazy for the last 7 days.

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Yes. Still dropping off on me.

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On a more serious note:   It might be time to make some protective investment decisions, you know, what your gut has been telling you for a couple of weeks.   "collectively" it ain't look'n too good. You pays your money and takes your chances. Good luck to all.

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12:18 pm EDT East Coast (NE Florida)

Still getting maintenance mode and cannot connect error messages


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I don't believe that for a have a job?

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suspected that from the 1st moment

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Actually, a very interesting conversation can be had about this. It's essentially another manifestation of the otherkin phenomenon, which has its roots deep in human psychology; in other human tribes, it's perfectly acceptable to identify with a spirit animal and to take on traits and fetishes relating to that creature. Of course, any article that uses the word "micro-aggression" can go fuck itself. I'll worry about micro aggressions when we've eliminated all the macro ones.

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Of course, if you willingly identify as a 'vampire' aren't you admitting that you have to steal the life's blood of others merely to survive another day?

I guess these are bankers.

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Don't forget Unithed Airlines also went down.  Something is definitely going on.

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And jade Helm is almost here.  I'd suggest getting the guns out, checking fields of fire, and double checking your backup power, water, and food.

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I can’t wait.  I’m going to eat the neighbor.       

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Make sure you have plenty of Lowry's seasoning salt.

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Don't be stupid, you use Johnny's on roasted human........

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You can use urine to tan their hide.   Learned that here in the ZH comments.  

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Dad always used a belt.  Under those circumstances, I think I would have actually preferred urine!

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Heaven's, she's tasty!

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Microsoft fired the wrong people, and now the computers of the world tremble in fear.

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What a joke/Ponzi/JewScam.

Gentiles declare self-help against shylocks.

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china.....saying, "hey!  look over there!"

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Seriously, though, if a massive cyber attack crashes the internet for an extended time, how will we get our ZH fix?  Have the Tylers thought about this?

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Here's why ZH and many European and North American sites were/are down for over 3 hours (207 connected servers on the "cloud" to be exact):

Check it out at this link:

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It Is Time, Texas!...Operation Texas: ... Associate with awakened Texans, and help in awakening others ... Read our Mission Statement on our Homepage ... Our site is fully secure with all the latest encryption ... Operation Texas has a plethora of information ... Most important, we have our own totally secure Operation Texas Forum where members can interact with like-minded and preparing Texans ... Join us, Texan!

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Or just call the FBI hotline to report yourself as an unprivileged enemy combatant.

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At least they're doing something,you'll just bend over and grab your ankles.

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I wonder how easy it is to spoof those drone operators in Nevada into thinking these guys aren't located in Texas, but are really located in Yemen?  Weapons free...

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It is only happening to you, your IP address. That's how they drive you crazy.  Everyone else sees the web just fine. 

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I'm glad somebody is making a concerted effort to reboot this country

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It's a coordinated attack.

United Airlines was down nationwide this morning.  All flights cancelled.

CNBC is down

Trading is down

Wall Street Journal is down.


HACK ATTACK !!!     Popcorn is being made now. !!

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My microwave just went down. Damn, no popcorn, either!

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Sing it! "It's going down for real..."


Skynet is taking over.