Is This What The First World Cyber War Looks Like: Global Real Time Cyber Attack Map

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After a series of cyber failures involving first UAL, then this website, then the NYSE which is still halted, then the WSJ, some have suggested that this could be a concerted cyber attack (perhaps by retaliatory China unhappy its stocks are plunging) focusing on the US. So we decided to look at a real-time cyber attack map courtesy of Norsecorp which provides real time visibility into global cyber attacks.

What clearly stands out is that for some reason Chinese DDOS attacks/hackers seem to be focusing on St. Louis this morning.

Whether this is related to the series of suspicious cyber failures today, is so far unclear, although if there is a connection at least there is a way to keep track of the first global cyberwar in real-time.

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Maybe all that talk about US-China wars was not just talk

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WW3 is VERY BAD for Humans.


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The China mkt dump has come on subtle as a heart attack.

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I like that one dude down in south India - he seems like a cool cat down there all by himself. 

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JPM, CITI and Goldman have NOT been dumping stock in Shanghai.

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ZH is based in Zug Switzerland. 


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All open orders have been cancelled..., does that negate stop-loss orders?

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OrangeJews (not verified) fuu Jul 8, 2015 11:54 AM

DAMN!  Spain is getting at it!

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Thank dog Greece didn't matter.

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ZH was down because its servers in Switzerland were swamped:

Far more important than WSJ cyber attack.

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Is this that same fake Viking company/site of last year?

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Would you like to play a game?

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Throw some EMP into the mix and let's see what materializes.

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that live map is every day like that or is today some big attack day?  My home interweb speed is very slow and glitchy today too.  Wondering if it could be related to whatever the hell is going on. 


Other than St. Louis being attacked non-stop from China, there's also what shows as an unknown military base off the west coast of Africa showing taking attacks from China and Kansas City, USA.  Wonder what that base is??? 

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Thats the trading floor of one of China's "dark pools" they are trying to buy the dip since their own market is shut down /s

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Pew!  Pew, pew!  Pew, pew, pew!  Pew, pew!  Pew!



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And this. Coincidence?

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action”
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There is a lot more than this malicious traffic going on in the world. This map is a joke.

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invisible touch (not verified) bob_stl Jul 8, 2015 4:30 PM

obvisouly you never hold a private server under linux with  fail2ban and whois about the ip on the .log ..... if you were so you would figure out that 90% of attack comes from china...

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Is that the Federal Reserve St. Louis being attacked?  Does the Fed run their PPT equity investment operations out of St. Louis?  Might they be the target of the Chinese?

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You know they had to be going after Scottrade. Stupid Chinese don't even know it's the E-trade baby who is heart and center of this ponzi scheme. Who'e ever heard of the Scottrade baby?

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Cyber-war looks like a fat slob jerking off to internet porn.  It's not a pretty sight.  Just saying.

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Note that the #2 source of attacks as shown on the same graphic, is the United States. #2 in the world for hacking, intrusion, denial of service, and malware. Something to be proud of, good job NSA.

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This has the smell of a flase flag all over it. The Chinese are good at this stuff and know how to cover their traces. This looks like more "Conditioning" of the Sheeple in preparation for Chinese sanctions etc. I hope the neocons discuss matters with The Fed before they start because there is the small matter of the $1.5 Trillion in Treasuries held in China's least for now.

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They expect that 1.5T to go way down in value..

That’s why they have hedged by amassing a mountain of gold.

BTW, they have at least 100,000 military and civilian engineer hackers working on this.

And how could anybody not vote this post a 5?

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It's like this each and every day.....China does love to do some Cybershizz....

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St Louis is where Herbert Walker is from.  Just sayin'.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

funny that north korea never blames them, tho

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My daughter-in-law works in cyber security. She used to work for the Fed in Chicago up until last month. She told me that they would have hundreds of thousands of attack each day, all day every day.

I think it's just a matter of time. Sort of like evolution. At some point something is going to work when you try enough combinations.

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Where do people get the time to hack 24/7? Don't they have a life?

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Making iPhones makes Jack a dull boy

mAkING IPonES Maykie Yack a droll yoy

makin foNE drone boi


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Maybe they have developed HFH software for continuous hacking free of human intervention. 

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You really think this is all just random individuals?  Wake up and get a grip!

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Happily, the Zil is EMP-proof.

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The maroons trashed the oil price market to punish Russia and took out the entire US shale fracking industry as collateral damage.

The maroons trashed the Chinese stock exchange to punish China and took out the NYSE as collateral damage.

Over hill, over dale, we will hit the shorting trail
As the shorters go rolling along.
Up and down, in and out, HFT and right about,
And our shorters go rolling along.
For it's hi-hi-hee in the ole HFT,
Shout out the ticker loud and strong.
Till our final ride, It will always be our pride
To keep those shorters a rolling along.
(Keep them rolling - keep them rolling)*
Keep those shorters a rolling along.


disabledvet's picture

Had that song in my head all day today..."Hoydy Doody time."

No idea why.

Couldn't get into the Hedge again and again either.

darndest thing "unintended consequences."

Folks love what Specators can give them...I guess it's time to find out what happens when al that gets taken away.

All this debt for so little growth...

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...but failed to launch them?

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Nothing really of interest in STL, i left that smoldering pile of dung.  All I know is that Edward Jones HQ is there, as is a big gov data center of unknown purpose.  Boeing has some assembly plants there, but most of the corporate stuff all got moved out long ago...


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St. Louis was the hub for Bell Telephone's trunk lines back in the day. Don't know STL is that important anymore. FWIW.

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Weird.....can't make toll free calls from at&t today......Hmmmmm?