Free Trade Is Quantitative Easing For The Heroin Market

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The CDC just released a grim report about heroin abuse trends in the United States. The chart looks like the Federal Reserve's balance sheet. The report states, "During 2002-2013, heroin overdose death rates nearly quadrupled in the United States, from 0.7 deaths to 2.7 deaths per 100,000 population, with a near doubling of the rates from 2011-2013."

Heroin Abuse

As with any data point, there is usually a key subset group that drives the trend. The CDC elaborates,

During 2002-2011, rates of heroin initiation were reported to be highest among males, persons aged 18-25 years, non-Hispanic whites, those with an annual household income below $20,000, and those residing in the Northeast.

So the growing heroin epidemic is being driven by poor white millennial men living in the northeast, an area that includes the rust belt, where a once thriving manufacturing industry was decimated by free trade policies like NAFTA.

Manufacturing Employees

And it's not just a manufacturing industry issue. There simply are not enough jobs to go around.

Job Shortage

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush is making $500,000 from healthcare investments while criticizing the government policies that made those profits possible. This all seems like good investment strategy: Convince everyone that "free trade" is good, take their jobs, make them desperate enough to become heroin addicts, and then take the last bit of their money by profiting from their drug-related healthcare expenses. For some reason, the average person always seems to come out on the wrong side of quantitative easing.

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But "free trade" is a really GOOD brand.

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TTIP, TPP “free trade” is dominion of the bankers, the billionaires and their trans-national corporations over the sovereign nations.

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Ooh.  Feelin kind of relaxed already.  Nice.

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I don't see why ZH readers would have a problem with this. Bad results from capitalism seems like good news for this crowd.

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"Patient:  dope thyself!"

graftvshost's picture

Heroin was developed and sold by Bayer, the baby aspirin people.  How bad can it really be?

WhackoWarner's picture

I take 2 tiny hits a day. I am told by Bayer that it prevents a heart attack.  Are they lying to me?  I feel so much better now. Not going to have a heart attack and got way better dreams.  I dream of having a job.

disabledvet's picture

The. Pro's tell me "no Votes for Bandar Bush if Kasick is on the ticket."

Florida's economy sucks...that's a fact.

THE 4th Quadrant's picture

FBi does not give one shit about heroin.

I heard a story that some FBi guys that graduated into deep cover, they have to worship at the MLK statue and then spend the night shooting up heroin with a group of CIA 'sub-contractors' aka Mossad fucks.

I'm telling you these fuckers are twisted beyond even your wildest thoughts!


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Is that before or after they sacrificed their first born and bathed in the blood of new born babies?

Arnold's picture

When Hookers and Blow is just not enough.............................

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"Convince everyone that "free trade" is good, take their jobs, make them desperate enough to become heroin addicts, and then take the last bit of their money by profiting from their drug-related healthcare expenses."

Don't forget to enroll them at Corinthian College, sign on for $100K in student debt and take out a $35K 7-year car loan before you take their jobs.

graftvshost's picture

The Trifecta.  Bonus points awarded.

WhackoWarner's picture

ONLY a 35K car loan?  That is not impressive. What is that? A 1992 Beetle?

sudzee's picture

Then when there a few jobs left you hire foreigners to take the remaing jobs. So need now to hire thousands of people to spy the foreign workers. The spy business is good and pays benefits.


WhackoWarner's picture

HOW long before spying is outsourced?  How long before drone management is outsourced?



shouldvekilledthem's picture

Bitcoin users are not affected by QE (negatively).

neilhorn's picture

They are only affected negatively by the people who hold the bitcoins and won't give them back to the user.

harrybrown's picture

British & American armed forces, "protect & serve" the heroin trade so the streets can be awash,

only to then Blame Afghans & ay other useful "Bogeyman".... mmmm zionist CNUT's comes to mind

orangegeek's picture

Say no to heroin.  Blow a politician's fucking head off instead.  Get two if you can.

B2u's picture

How about hookers and blow?

Amish Hacker's picture

Same as it ever was. The CIA's Air America controlled the opium/heroin market in southeast asia in the 1960's, with a war going on to make that OK.

lester1's picture

Obamatrade/Tpp will allow corporations to sue the government and get laws overturned. It's insane! It's going to collapse the world economies.

litemine's picture

It's about forcing other countries to eat GMO foods. The companies like Monsanto that will control all food, starving  people, all for profits. Fuck those in charge and when they get hung make sure that the drop is long enough to sever the head from the body and use it for a football.

Arnold's picture

You mean the legislation that they write for our lawmakers and Juris in the first place?

Not likely.

Regulations,enacted by unelected .gov weenies, maybe.

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The Canadian army wanted to bring in crop dusters and spray the poppy fields in Afghanistan with Roundup.  The US government kicked up a big fuss and got the plan halted.  There are over 9000 hectares of opium poppies under cultivation now.

WhackoWarner's picture

Damn Canadians pushiing a poison product to eliminate a stated threat (poppy fields).


But see they never got the complete memo that the whole Afghan war was all  about control of the herion trade. 

If Canada was a good vassal they would have offered fertilizer drops.

strangeglove's picture

If only Amazon delivered Heroin via drone hmmm

pcrs's picture

Saying free trade is bad is like saying freedom is bad. Because to trade your own property without coercion equals freedom. If you have a government gun on your head 'trading' you are a slave. You promote it, you promote slavery.

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Let them buy all they want. Who loses? Mother?

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My experience with the drugies in my family is that they are a lost cause.  I don’t want them coming anywhere near me and mine.  Sad but suicide takes many forms.

Fahque Imuhnutjahb's picture

Opium production surged during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, then crashed with their expulsion.  The Taliban virtually eliminated the industry.  Then with the War on Terra production overtime outstrips previous

production.  Things that make you go Hmmmm.  This is a major source of revenue for Deep State coffers.  The product itself can simultaneously be deployed as a weapon/tool, both domestically and internationally, to

subjugate and destabilize selected targets.  Reference the Opium wars, and the role of silver therein, to see nothing is new under the sun.