Schaeuble Proposes A Trade: US Takes Greece, Germany Takes Puerto Rico

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Incorrigible German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble — who, as a reminder, is enjoying all-time high approval ratings at home thanks to his hardline stance towards Greece — spoke on Thursday at an event hosted by the Bundesbank in Frankfurt and had some interesting things to say about the Greeks and their prospects for remaining in the euro and obtaining the IMF-supported debt relief. Here are some highlights.

Via Bloomberg: 


"We have to consider the acute problem of Greece at the moment. The banks are closed, capital controls have been introduced, nobody knows when the bank holiday will end, nobody knows when this will end”

And from MNI:


Granted, this is a joke, but still: the simmering conflict between the US and Germany on how to "resolve" the Greek crisis has just been laid out bare for all to see.

Its resolution will be quite entertaining. As for our question of the day, it is as follows: what would be the best name for the newest US state: Puerto Greeko or is it Puerto Grico?

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Schaeuble takes 2nd exit to the right

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Do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Versus ...

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We the people: first we take Manhattan, than we take Berlin.

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Sold!  hahah sucker enjoy!

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Hey, Kraut Face Chow Bull..

Our beloved PR’s only owe 80B and they are municipal bonds owed to PRIVATE creditors, this is their problem, not the taxpayers.

Take your bad comparison and stick it where the hops don’t shine.

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This may be the first time in recorded history that a German has displayed a sense of humor... 

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Either that, or he just doesn't know that a Socialist Paradise in The Med is worth way more than a Capitalist Hell in the Caribbean. 

He should have checked here:

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Since the IMF already holds the debt on Greece, haven't we already bought it?

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greece has millions of blacks and arabs invading it right now, it will look like detroit in a couple years.

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A riddle for you all.


Puerto Rico IRS tax payment delivery home base, is a Commonwealth....why?


Maybe Puerto Rico isnt ours to trade? It is a hub of royal tidings?


Does the crown only own the FED, or are there some Jesiut Juice in there too?




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Does anyone really think that Merkle and Schaube give a shit what POTUS wants?  The fact that they threw this out to Jack Lew speaks volumes about how seriously they areconsidering POTUS's requests.  

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And a smile - he actually smiled!

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of course. European politicians always smile when they say "Fuck Off, I'm sick of you pushing in this matter" when talking with Uncle Sam

otherwise, it would be offending, and we don't want that, do we?

and this, in a nutshell, is what Schaeuble is telling Washington: stop pushing about "you gotta do something about Greece"

as a reminder, he was talking with Lew, the US Treasury Secretary. it could have been worse, like when those Chinese students were laughing their asses off

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Hey Ghordius, I'm sure you enjoyed watching the Farage video posted earlier? Even better was the video involving the "Debate" over TTIP and the usual disgraceful disregard for EU rules when something is being shoved through without regard for democratic processes? Did the EUP learn this from CONgress?

And please mind your language..

disabledvet's picture



disabledvet's picture



Ghordius's picture

I think I am on the record here on ZH to have often railed against the TTIP. in fact, if it goes through, imo it's time to disband the EU (but not the eurozone)

where did you see the link about that debate?

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And a smile - he actually smiled!


ah ... that'll be his body-double then.  ;-)

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It would be a really positive outcome, if for the wrong reasons, if Europe would finally stand up to Washingtom and develop an independent foreign policy. Greece has always been a political issue both internally in Germany and externally in the EU. But the IMF (Read Washington) has clearly tried to intervene and demand that the EU "Fix" the Greece issue because it doesn't want to see Greece, a NATO member, falling into the open arms of Russia and China. So, if Germany will stand up to Washingtom over Greece, why not over Russia and The Ukraine? Or is that where those NSA dossiers kick in?

Ghordius? Why can't Europenas be free?

WTFUD's picture

'cause EuroPenii are pussy whips.

WTFUD's picture

If Euro Sovereigns are run centrally by Brussels/Germany and those two Shit-shows are vassals of Vichy DC then what the fuck does that make european citizens?


Ghordius's picture

if I could really answer this in one short comment, I would call myself a literary and political genius. alas, I am not, by far

we are allies. and friends. and partners in business and trade. and relatives

generally speaking, we love America

years ago Niall Ferguson brought this picture: America the beautiful wife. Once with one husband, Europe. Now with a second one, China

marriages aren't always easy, are they? and things change, sometimes slowly, sometimes faster

philipat's picture

Then you are truly a fool. Washington doesn't give a S**t about you, it just wants you to be a Vassal. To quote PCR, "Washington doesn't want Partners, it wants Vassals". When will Europe gorow up, grow a pair and stand up for itself?

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philip why get annoyed, this is exactly how eurocrats see the US. An ally to rely upon especially regarding security as partners on equal footing and that is why the US is able to lead the EU dancing in front of the Russian bear and Chinese dragon until it falls over and gets eaten by both...

And to Ghordi, you should know better: this marriage has been abusive but if Merkel does fold in front of Obama regarding Greece I will shed no tear if Germans get even more disillusioned by the EU and the transfer of wealth from north to south just to further American interests. 

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The only reason why the "eurocrats" see the US as an "ally" is because the FED agreed to currency swaps with ECB, back in 2009. That process is still on-going "as needed", and saved the bacon of quite a few Euro banks ever since... For all Draghi's grand-standing, the ECB would be royally fucked without the FED swap lines. At least the Japanese acknowledged who their real master is... We are paying for all these "allies" with our taxpayers money !

Ghordius's picture

lol. and you believe that? samjam wrote: "this marriage has been abusive...", and you seem to think it's Europe abusing, eh?

first little thing: in which direction do you think that the empty containers flow? second little thing: do you think Nixon shocked... Americans? They were not even allowed to hold gold

"the ECB would be royally fucked without the FED swap lines"

the ECB was lending all those dollars, to megabanks that desperately needed... dollars. for dollar deals. now think a moment about that

angel_of_joy's picture

Cut the BS, please ! We all know what the collateral from all those megabanks is worth. ECB took a lot of shit in its books, and won't be able to get rid of it in any meaningfull way except for a write-off. It saved its beloved banks with taxpayer money, a good chunk of it being US taxpayers money...

Ghordius's picture

angel of joy, you don't seem to know much about what you are writing here

the swap you are talking about was reversed. do you know that?

Ghordius's picture

did I write Washington? I wrote America

the idea, the ideals, the people, the spirit, the dream, the daring...

Ghordius's picture

Vassals? Strange word, that. First living person that is a proud vassal of somebody that comes to mind to me is Prince Philip of Britain

is that a request from Washington to treat the US as Philip treats his wife?

orez65's picture

"Why can't Europenas be free?"

Becuase they can't defend themselves.

They spend what they have and more in socialist "wet dreams" and then don't have any resources left for a credible military.

They depend on the US to defend them.

Ghordius's picture

do we? from whom? Russia? or Russia and China?

just a few numbers: the EU countries have one point five million soldiers

the eurozone countries spend twice the money for weapons as Russia, the EU countries three times that

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I'd approve, but only if he will take SF, DC and NYC along with PR.

Now if only Putin would chime in and say he's willing to take both PR and Greece.

philipat's picture

Including ALL of Congress but especially Pelosi, Boxer, Shumer et al

KJWqonfo7's picture

Welcome komrad Boxer and conrag Pelosi. Now STFU.

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"This may be the first time in recorded history that a German has displayed a sense of humor..."

 Oh please. You're talking about the people that produced the BMW Isetta. You want humor? Imagine the sheer humiliation and terror of taking one of those out on the road!

P.S. Note: In Germany humiliation and terror is considered a vital component of good humor. This explains a lot, by the way...


Telemakhos's picture

It's not a sense of humor, it's Schäuble very politely telling the US to mind the Monroe Doctrine. 

He's also trying to fight the IMF and Tusk, who have both suddenly come under US influence.  He sees that Washington has turned against him, and he's telling the US to stay out of European affairs.  But, he's being very nice about it, since he's been very pro-US and doesn't want to alienate the US over Greece.

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Hitler was very humorous too during his press-conferences

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Oh it would be so worth seeing how the Germans would handle PR.

froze25's picture

Dude the almighty FED could just print them into solvency and add it to the what, ~$17 tillion national debt.  

philipat's picture

"We the people: first we take Manhattan, than we take Berlin."

I thought Leonard Cohen was one of the Bansters or perhaps it was just the Cohen that confused me?


Fun Facts's picture

To the ZWO gods on earth, countries are like playing cards and the people in them are cattle, put here to be their slaves.

"give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes the laws".

- M. A. Rothschild, ZWO ponzi scheme founder.

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IF the Feds gave me a money printer, I could take both actually and resolve the problems for US and Germany!

What say?

Deal, no deal?

PrayingMantis's picture



... you don't need a money printer ... with that moniker "Dubaibanker", just open the massive safe and you could probably buy Puerto Pobre ... ;)

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Send papers for all the Puerto Ricans living in NYC.

aliki's picture


wait, which one's which?

Utah_Get_Me_2's picture

Show a picture of the North West coast of PR.. Rincon, Aguadilla, Isabella, etc... You might change your mind.