The Chart That Keeps Angela Merkel Up At Night

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There is one thing that keeps Angela Merkel awake at night. It's not the cries of despair from Greek pensioners; it's not the stomach rumbles of starving Portuguese; it's not the penniless Cypriots... it's the rise of the euroskeptic and the possibility that her empire will be forced to wage not financial war but another type of conflict...



With elections looming, Merkel's bullying tactics - that her creditor demands trump any sovereign growth ambitions another nation may have - mean if nations want more Europe, they really mean more Germany.

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After the way Greece has been treated, the skeptic numbers should rise.

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Read what you like from that chart...

The real risk to Europe is Brexit. That particular referendum is already on deck and baked into the pie.

The referendum itself sets a very dangerous precedent. Once the other 27 EU members see the UK getting a referendum, their electorates will begin to demand their own.

Just how many in/out referendums can the EU survive?

There is just too much shit yet to hit this particular fan.

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Yep.  T'was but the first Act.  The Unspeakable has been Spoken

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When Black Friday comes
Gonna collect everything I'm owed
By the time my friends find out
I'll be on the road

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Spot on.

The UK is a top contributor of the money funding the EU. Take that away and a vast number of EU civil servant jobs disappear along with funding for probably half the projects in Europe.

Brexit means the end of the EU in its current form.

That is why it is amazing that Brussels seems to be not doing everything it can to keep the UK in. They seem to be relying on the huge publicity fear campaign that will be unleashed in the UK. Almost as if they know it will succeed.

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Little Doll, your system is a verified scam.  Go away.

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This is not a red light zone, so make your bucks from your trade somewhere else sis. Your colleges hinted previously, positions on laptop were good sellers too.

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Damn tootin'!
Even with so many cossetted and enamored by the EU, a lot of folks are just having WTF moments.
Especially with Germany being the Lead Protagonist.

The Krauts might think as V is suggesting that somebody needs be taught a lesson to hold the Empire together, it's gonna backfire.  Not many people, the subjects, ever really did like the SS marching through the streets, knocking on doors.

So maybe there is some truth that the EU was the ultimate creation, a Phoenix, rising from the Third Reich's ashes

Uh huh Uh huh Uh huh. 

vic and blood's picture

Much more like the Phoenix of the Kaiser Reich than the Third Reich, wouldn't you say?

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The Euro is basically the DM all gussied up. Ashok at the Dunkin Donuts told me that this morning. He also said third times a charm for the krauts to take over Europe.

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Naagh - check out their demographics.   They are a crash and burn like Japan and China.   Not enough little Krauts to carry on the system - let alone pay the pension promises.   Guilt or Narcissism wins.  No babies, No Benzs.  

We import Mexicans to back fill the failing Ponzi scheme - they have Mussies - see how that works out.   No cultural, political or religious cohension and  once the Jihads enter - as they always do - mayhem will follow.   A Euro Powder keg for all sorts of issues with debts begin the catalyst.    

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Is Europe finally waking up to the reality that they are living under The Fourth Reich?

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Fukushima Fricassee (not verified) Jul 10, 2015 8:54 PM


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How about Obamanation skeptics?  Currently still only about 30%.

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Another lie brought to you by Goldman Sachs

disabledvet's picture

Everything keeps a German up at night.

"Their day is never done."

I think taking the hatchet to Greece does bother her.

Look at Helmut Kohl and the legacy he left. "One Germany anchored in Europe."

Germany is CLEARLY not a failed State.

They're legendary for their arrogance too of course so "no one is crying over this good sweating."

She has made a terrible blunder not sticking up for sacrosanct borders in the East...then calling for a "sanctions regime."

Now not only are us batshit crazy Americans there...SO IS THE I...M...F....and organization to be VERY feared.

So that is my Lodestar ironically. A Frenchwoman named LaGarde.

"And Frenchmen who wisely bury their gold in tin coffee cans in their back yards."

Merkel was Afterall "called to France" and indeed went.

For those that don't know....France did not nearly suffer The War as the rest of Europe did.

Charles "Of Gaulle" was an interesting guy to. "Plain soldier with his wife buried next to him."

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Doubt Angela Merkel is having hard time sleeping. Greece bent over just as all these euro skeptics will. They can just cut access to funds. Look at all the debt crisis and ceilings, just keep on extending and pretending.

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Thinking youre right. Just wondering if this whole mess doesn't get so out of control that even Merkel doesnt lose a few zzz's next few days.

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You need psychological help.

It is a serious concern to society that people with your thought processes are walking the streets.

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Agreed, for a moment I could visualise Jessie's first time he takes heroin scene from "Breaking Bad" when I read that tweekers incoherant rant.




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What keeps Angela Merkel up at night? A stiff cucumber, bottle of gin and Ellen reruns.

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I think she likely prefers over Jägermeister und Schnapps rather than gin to go with her cucumber.

..and she might be lubing the cuke with tzatziki sauce right about now..

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She might go for the top mixer on that page.  :-D

Rich Dead Nazi (aka Liquid Cocaine) : Goldschläger, Jägermeister, and peppermint schnapps mixed in equal proportion [7]

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 At this level it's redundant. / it's superfluous

  BTW I'm a fan Manthong. It's a pleasure.

 I think Philo dropped his anchor.

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Well thanks..

I’m more of a macro guy and usually have a sarcastic correlation there somewhere.

I wish I knew the currency micro as well as you.

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Jägermeister is a type of wart remover. Why would you ever put it in anything you drink?

Yen Cross's picture

 Jägermeister vs absinthe

I've got to admit finely distilled GIN is for adults.

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see re inserted comment above  :-)


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My first thought - how the hell did you find that?   LOL

Too freaking bizarre - an image I will not forget too soon.  Yikes.   

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Thanks for the ROTFLMAO.

Showed it to my GF because she asked why I could not stop laughing (she did not find it at all amusing).

She asked, "Where do you find shit like that?"

I answered, "Zero Hedge."

She replied, "Figures."

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Not Gin, that's too English. 

Schnapps:  Doppelkorn. Dornjaeger.  And certainly not 'Herr Professor Doktor Merkel'. 

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Whats 9'' long......

real hard......

and has cum in it?





A cucumber.

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No self-respecting German would drown oneself in Gin. A good German will drink beer. If beer isn't your thing, its wine or Schnapps.

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There's a 3-letter organization a few thousand miles west that has the goods on her peccadillo's too...    And that's how you spell Eurozone foreign (and economic) policy, because they are now one in the same, with 'One ring to rule them all'...



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Greece shows very clearly the "advantages" of EU/Eurozone membership, or rather, imprisonment- to a nightmarish structure- a type of Weimar version 2.0. 

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 I really hate to say this. Based on the F/X covering about 2 hours before the markets closed, it looks like Greece is fucked.

 I hedged my bets, and hope I'm wrong. I'm in the money, but humanity comes first!

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In what way, Yen? You mean like proper fucked?

Yen Cross's picture

I mean: Merkel has to answer to this ass~clown.

 Between the Deutche Bank hangover(libor rigging)  and Bundsbank games, Germany looks pretty ugly, when it comes to global financial prowess.

 It looks like most of the European politicians and banks are in " self preservation" mode, and that's certainly NOT "pro growth".

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Germany is the principal payer in the entire EU/Euro scheme. Of course it is fucked, no matter the games played. It's like the spouse who has to sustain a huge family from his earned revenue, even though he lives in a crappy marriage. In the end, money (or rather the lack of it) always kill romantic idealism... Can't wait for the moment when the Germans themselves will figure out the big secret: that Euro means they'll have to pay for everybody else !

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So the Germans should not be rewarded for working hard and taking big cuts the last 10 years ....? Or is the author only referring to the German bankers?


Personally, it pisses me off to work harder to support an dpay for: 1) Bankers' 7-course dinners; 2) foreign bankers; and 3) the FSA.


Screw all of them!

TeethVillage88s's picture

You are making sense and at least you have a few examples of what you are focused on.

Many Articles are like Test of Bias. Either one or another, black or white no Gray areas.

I wish I had an Online Library where I could conduct market reseach. There probably are a couple and I am ignorant. I get most of my stuff from Wikipedia and it links to CIA, WB or IMF (Sometimes OECD)... or I look in FRED for a chart. BEA & BLS are also popular, but don't really show foreign government or foreign market data.

Anyone have an Online LIbrary source for Foreign Countries Market Conditions and Marketing Research?

This week I saw a post where Germans work less than any other people in Europe. Could be true.

I also see stratification of Smaller Economies within a country, Corporate and unincorporated segments, Self Employed versus corporate or government segments.

I did some numbers this week. Looks like Greek Government Employment levels are about equal to the USA, or a little less. 8% in USA for people aged 16 or older work for government in the USA... for Greece it is 8% for those 15 and older, but Greece recently cut government employment. I'm not sure if the Greek population is older or if that makes a difference.

Call me a Cynic, but I don't trust anybody writing articles about Greece.

Joe A's picture

These Germans working 'so hard' (they don't work much harder than the rest and have plenty of holidays) and taking big cuts (true, reunification tax and lower salary increases) flooded the German banks with cheap Euro and that served as an export subsidy that they lent to anybody that wanted to borrow. And then they got bailed by the European taxpayers when it all went sour in Greece.