NYSE "Glitch"... Really?

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By Chris at www.CapitalistExploits.at

Yesterday I was speaking with a business partner who's in Hong Kong for some meetings. He mentioned that many Chinese see the collapse in the stock market as an American conspiracy ahead of the IMF currency decision.

It's curious how humans can be so blind to the obvious. I understand that losing money is an uncomfortable thing. Your friends may stop talking to you, your wife will almost certainly sleep with your friends and you may commit suicide. All those things may happen, but blaming it all on foreigners?

Could it have something to do with handing out leverage like candy to kids, and encouraging complete novices to buy stocks trading at 50x reported earnings (though, whether or not Chinese earnings are real is probably more easily told by reading the inside of a fortune cookie than from reported financials)?

It's curious that any talk about foreign capital shorting Chinese stocks and leading to the collapse manages to make it past the common sense barrier. Foreigners own less than 2% of the market and can't even directly short stocks.

The Chinese authorities, having been provided a blueprint for such situations by their Western counterparts, have now gathered up all the cutlery and crockery in Beijing, and together with the kitchen sink are throwing it at the problem. It's quite the show.

It'll bounce for sure. Markets always do, but then they normally slide further.

I'm of the opinion that the lows are not in. Why? For the same reason cow's eyeballs are cheaper than fillet. Because we're still looking at the eyeballs, but they're priced as if they're fillet.

Then this morning I received the following message from a friend (names redacted):

I was at IAH (Houston) this morning, waiting for xxxx to show up so we could jump down to Belize to surprise xxxx and grab a quick dive, sitting at E2 minding my business, when the attack started.


A UAL staffer frantically runs down the concourse and up to the E2 counter, where the gate agent has just logged in, saying breathlessly, "It's gonna be a long day - we just got HACKED!!!"  You could tell by their body language that they were close...


She then ran off to tell the bad news elsewhere.


Since I was 12 feet from her, and no one else was there yet, I chatted her up, and she said "It's so weird - 90 seconds ago everything was fine - now jets are just all over the place."


None of this was reported - but it was spooky. There were military choppers suddenly in the air at the perimeter of the airspace, and Concourse E was in disarray for hours, but especially when the first planes landed.


It was like something/someone had control of UAL - for example, folks coming in from Cancun ended up coming in where the flight from Dallas was supposed to get off - and both the passengers and the UAL ground crew were very confused as to why an international flight ended up in C while a local ended up at E.


Flights were having near misses coming in because "All UAL computers were 'wonky.'" (a quote from a pilot to me after he detoured one of those flights) UAL staff were visibly  spooked.


When I read that the NYSE had "technical problems" a few minutes later, it seemed pretty obvious what was going on - I was remarking to a buddy on the phone that xxxx and I were standing in the middle of a cyber war.


It was very surreal to see CNN playing the "official party line" about UAL/NYSE/WSJ all having technical difficulties today in this "Black Swan" (as we moved gates for the third time, a few hours after we were supposed to have landed) and even the obese idiots were hissing at the TV screens and saying, "How stupid do you think we are?"


Fascinating to observe. Someone must be having so much fun with this grand game. I just wish I was more than an itty bitty pawn.

Like pieces of a puzzle I then read an article on Zero Hedge showing a cyber war in action. This photo taken the morning of the NYSE attack. 


Curious that St. Louis is being targeted

A computer glitch?

Is this how the next major conflict starts?

  • An emotionally charged, levered and overvalued market does what all emotionally charged, levered, overvalued markets do - It falls!
  • Someone must be blamed...
  • Someone is blamed...
  • Someone is attacked...
  • The attackee decides to retaliate and suddenly we're in a punch up!

When one then considers that the "crazy woman", aka Hillary may just be the next POTUS, and realizing that her understanding of the world outside of her field of already myopic vision amounts to "us" and "them", then all of this becomes a realistic outcome.

I've seen the woman, and there is a disturbingly George Bush-like squint in those dull eyes. No plan. No plan, but opinions coming out of every pore. Dangerous ones!

I need a stiff drink.

- Chris


"Everyone's quick to blame the alien." - Aeschylus

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I know the truth....it was Cyberdyne Systems....Skynet.

Lumberjack's picture

Might be these guys...






Could be the same as this group...


2015-1590.htm ]Hacking Team[ Email Addresses File July 9, 2015 (5.9MB)2015-1589.7z ]Hacking Team[ Clients, Israel, Tunisia Contracts July 9, 2015 (5.9MB) 2015-1578.txt ]Hacking Team[ Android Exploit Compatibility July 7, 2015 (38MB) 2015-1577.7z ]Hacking Team[ Exploit Package: TURKEY July 7, 2015 (38MB) 2015-1576.7z ]Hacking Team[ Exploit Package: MEXICO-MCDF July 7, 2015 (43MB) 2015-1575.pdf ]Hacking Team[ Bought Google Maps API July 7, 2015
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Hillary like George Bush? Not even close. The liberal lefties are a bunch of pussies. If somebody fucks with us be bloddy their fucking nose first. If that message does not get through then you turn their fucking land into glass. I am so sick of you whiney war mongering pussies. The middle east needs to be thankful we dont have vegas style casinos over there right now. And you euro faggots needs to stop bitching about the states. We have been covering your asses for decades while you take 8 weeks vacation a year and we work non stop. Fuck you asshole faggots. Its it power and strenght that give us the ability to lead the world. As soon as we get the metrosexual queer out of the whitehouse we will ba back to bombing homos again. I cant wait. Thank God.

rsnoble's picture

Amazing what they keep hidden from us.  Gona come a day they need us to be brave.  Nope, not gona happen.

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there is certainly a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. China holds 3+T of (orphaned) treasury bonds, i mean they cant sell them, they cant repatriot them, and their stock market is crashing. they need the money. the ECB is consternating over Greece. the IMF is waiting to issue SDRs, but who controls the IMF? the price of gold is being repressed but supply gets shorter the more the price drops, which tells me some big shits want to buy and they want a discount to the laws of supply and demand. laws only apply to little people. yellen is just amouthpiece for US policy, who arranges that? the NWO is still just an idea, but there is some teleconferencing going on here. if the Ezone cant afford to exit Greece the rest of the (new) world (order) will have to contribute something. theres always a decision making process, do you do the easy thing first, or the most important thing first? i think they decided to take care of China, the cyber attack was a clumsy way to get attention. the fed is a toxic waste dump but so is China, a dump for treasury bonds written on zero interest against a declining currency. the fed cant let that bad paper out of China. (well its really just bytes in a computer) in the end if China goes bankrupt, the regime in Bejing is replaced, those bonds will get formatted, China will regress a hundred years, and the mulitinationals will find another hot money destination. but China was so perfect in so many ways. theyll never see that again.you will forget Greece after you understand what is happening to China.

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Your posts are thought provoking and you do ask some interesting questions.

China is the big question mark. Population, Large Military, many males, many mouths to feed, lots of things that go "boom."

Assuming non nuclear, the West does not want to really piss them off. Underestimate or incite at our peril.

Rhal's picture

Does anyone remember the 1964 movie "Fail Safe" ?  In the cold war, everyone is so paranoid they assume they are under attack unless thier system proves otherwise. The nuclear war started by a burnt out transistor. 

Still relevant.

the grateful unemployed's picture

precious bodily fluids, the fault is in ourselves

MontgomeryScott's picture

The recall code is 'PURITY OF ESSENCE'.

OOPS. Wrong movie.

'Major Kong to the flightline. Assume your 'failsafe' position!'


General Ripper

(And that's an ORDER, son!)

I DO kind of like Dr. Strangelove's vision of each male having to breed multiple females who are chosen for their, um, abilities . ;)  HOWEVER, doing it in a bunker and never seeing the sunlight again kind of puts a damper on things.

The Chicoms say that the CONUS did it, and the CONUS says the CHICOMS did it, and neither party understands that they are reacting to an ORIGINAL set of actions by a THIRD PARTY. Can anyone else say 'False Flag' five times FAST (while holding their tongue)?

WAIT. I have an idea! LET'S make the Goyem military run a concurrent series of drills where we get them to fly off to the nether regions, AND get them to accept a whole lot of fake blips on their radars AT THE SAME TIME on THE SAME DAY, while we fly some drones into some buildings and blame it on, well, 'Palestinians', or maybe even 'Tim Osman'!

Peter Sellers was pretty good in that movie. I miss the time when people could laugh at that stuff. Do you remember the scene where he's trying to make a phone call but doesn't have change for the phone, and asks the Seargent to shoot the Coke machine to get some coins? 'You'll have to answer to the Coca-Cola Corporation!'...


kchrisc's picture

Who knows now a days?!

But then their is the silver rule of government and cronies, like UAL, WSJ, and NYSE: They lie about everything. Why would they lie about this?

However, I believe everything they say, but nothing they've said.

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission..


The golden rule of government: It is always about money, power, and division.

medium giraffe's picture

Core networks being flooded with crap.  Doesn't really matter what that crap is (malicious attack or spamming pictures of dim sum), it's still screwing RTTs and making HFT cry. 

Metalredneck's picture

We here in Canada blame the Chinese for high real estate prices in Vancouver & Toronto.
Same as it ever was...

Rock On Roger's picture

We here in Canada don't care about Toronto or Vancouver.

bluskyes's picture

I was in Markham on Wednesday, and I thought I took the wrong exit. It looked like pictures of Beijing, only with clear air. What the hell kind of country is this, where an Englishman can't read a store's sign anymore.

MontgomeryScott's picture


OH, FUCK yeah!

We, here in CONUS, blame the Chinese and the Unions and the Muslims and the Democrats for the demise of Detroit (but WE, HERE in the United States really don't give a shit about Detroit any more).

In a musty old hall in Detroit they prayed, at the Maritime Sailor's Cathedral. The church bell chimed, 'till it rang 29 times, for each man on the Edmund Fitzgerald.That city DIED back then, but the funeral and burial took about 40 years.


I and my family took passage on the S.S. Orsova (P&O Orient Lines) to Sydney, from Vancouver. Nice trip (about 2 weeks), but Vancouver sucked even back THEN.

I am NOT the girl who posted this pic, but I took the trip in the same year:


cougar_w's picture

Planes everywhere. Yeah that sounds right.

This shit show is held together with string and gum. You can think anything you want to about the Chinese or the Zionists or chem-trails or whatever but this show is seriously wanting to fall apart.

One misconfigured router and like that everyone is dead.

MontgomeryScott's picture

Would you like to play a game, Matthew Broderick?


'YEAH. let's try "Thermonuclear war"!'

Wouldn't you rather like to play a game of Chess?

disabledvet's picture

Folks "rushing to the Yen out of sheer unadulterated terror" is a tell in my book as "they only have a debt to GDP ratio of THREE HUNDRED%!"

That says to me ZERO LIQUIDITY.

China is not a problem because they have a massive trade surplus and no problem as a State gaining access to credit (folks in China have huge dollar cash balances, land prices still very high.)

Nay, veerily....us in the West here are in deep do-doo...running on ESTIMATES of cash flow.

Well...if you have no cash period...guess what?


If you're levered long some crazy option play "and Mr Equity Market decides to close for a bit"


Thanks for playing, have a nice day.

Dr.Zogg's picture

Fortune cookies are American, not Chinese...

blindman's picture

yea, but written by immigrants.

JuicedGamma's picture

First of all the Chinese are the most superstitious fucks I've ever seen.  So it's no surprise that they'd blame the dang foreigners for their own doings.  Someone needs to be a scapegoat.  It's only a matter of time before they close their borders again (it might take 20 or 30 more years).  When they realize they've poisoned themselves producing all the West's iPhones they will no doubt blame US and there may even be a war. Until then enjoy the silence.

Secondly, computers fuck up all the time.  You install a patch and presto all hell breaks loose (NYSE floor traders).  Sometimes a key piece of equipment goes down and the spare doesn't kick in fast enough (UAL), or there is no spare (UAL might be that dumb).  Maybe your sysadmins accidently make a change on a router/proxy and all your Internet traffic black holes and customers get a 504 (WSJ).

Having UAL employees running around telling everyone the sky if falling is kinda funny.  Is UAL the worst airline ever?  I won't fly on them again ever, ever, ever.

Hillary is definately crzy like a fox, no way she is President.

That sum it for ya.  One confusing article I must say.

44_shooter's picture

Stuff happens. Stuff happens all the time.

What stuff doesn't do is happen to a bunch of unrelated things on the same day, at the same time.

There are no coincidences.

Seagate's picture

"Hillary is definately crzy like a fox, no way she is President."

Yea, I thought the same about a Chicago pol with a couple year's experience in Springfield and two in DC. 

detached.amusement's picture

yea-uh!  a patch, that's the ticket!

oh, those instant failovers, well, its just inconvenient to have them actually fail over

oh, just maybe some random config change!


are you dumb or just plain completely fkn ignorant as to how computer networks work?

The Ingenious Gentleman's picture

I don't know if this is true or not, but I'm glad someone is skeptical enough to write about it instead of simply accepting whatever the authorities said happened.

Lumberjack's picture

I have never seen so many idiots trip over their brains, they have tiny reproductive parts that would make an amoeaba proud.  The bullshit flying everywhere is becoming a co(s)mic parody and thus the show begins. 



Tanz der Lemminge's picture

"Flights were having near misses coming in because "All UAL computers were 'wonky.'" (a quote from a pilot to me after he detoured one of those flights)"


What total UTTER BS. UAL does not do air traffic control!!! That is done by FAA control centers and approach/departure control centers. You might want to retract this drivel.

tenpanhandle's picture

It seems concievable that if UAL computers were hacked that UAL flight routes and instructions to planes may have been scrambled and in chaos.  Planes showing up unexpectantly at differing arrival airports than original flight plans or planes forced to land because hacked UAL computers transmitted false and or changed info to the planes/pilots could have easily caused chaotic conditions and overwhelmed local air traffic controllers.


Air traffic controllers picked a bad day to quit sniffing glue.

whisperin's picture

Ten, another thing is that international flights often all use the same concourse as they have to clear customs. As soon as he was told to use a company gate not on the gates for international flights that should have caused the crew to directly question that gate/concourse assignment on the company radio.

whisperin's picture

Ten, Tanz is correct. UAL's computers have nothing to do with the FAA's ATC system other than the canned flight plans of UAL's scheduled flights downloaded to the ATC system prior to takeoff. Once airborne I don't give a rat shit what UAL's system sends to the pilot. He must request a new clearance to change to change any portion of his flight plan. Since there was no conflict prior to the glitch there is still no conflict as he/she cannot go willy nilly wherever UAL's system directs them. As to the gate mess up that can happen as the aircraft is or can receive a different gate/concourse assignment from the company and once on the ramp and off ground control proceed to the "wrong" gate/concourse. Almost all major airports have airlines that own/lease a collection of gates usually on the same concourse.

Dark Space's picture

Meh, who knows who that email is from or what qualifications the gate agent he "overheard" had. I don't know anything about anything, but I don't believe in coincidences either. We were walking back and forth to each other desks making comments "that has to be an attack - no way all of this is a coincidence", etc. If you had quoted us above it would've relayed the same message, but we're all just traders, not computer dorks, so it has no value.


I don't disagree with your larger point, but quoting an admittedly pompous email (that actually sounds fake the more I think about it) as if it adds validity to a hack, is diengious clickbait crap.

koncaswatch's picture

Surely, this is serendipitous, me reading your comment. I heard this story in a paraphrased presentation from my divemaster brother-in-law today at lunch. Yep, xxxx and xxxx were talking while heading to the reef. Coincidence eh? No BS, true, honest injun.

The point of the article.... Glitches... Really? No, I don't believe in coincidences involving the shut down of systems of massive complexity. I think you guys were hacked, simple enough.

Paveway IV's picture

"...Curious that St. Louis is being targeted..."

St. Louis was not 'targeted'. The Norse map is a DEMO. It uses some real data, but it's not an actual, live picture of all attacks. St. Louis - and to a smaller extent, Seattle - is where Norse has THEIR servers that monitor attacks directed at them. Norse also has access to attack data at the big interconnects and fiber hubs, e.g., the submarine fiber hub off the coast of West Africa. Norse is not going to show attacks on their client's servers on that map - their clients wouldn't particularly like you to see that.

Norse may have a war room somewhere where they do have a map with all the servers they monitor that shows all the attacks in real-time, but they don't care to let you see it and that's not what's shown on their demo page. It's a rough representation of activity, but it nearly always looks the same 24x7: China apparently attacking St. Louis and the Seattle IX.

MontgomeryScott's picture





You are selling disinfo.

NORSE is a 'public/private contractor', I.E. a 'multinational corporation'. They are headquartered in San Mateo, CALIFORNIA, so your claim about being centered in St. Louis, Missouri is a FABRICATION. as far as their 'war room', I suggest a city map of San Mateo be your first stop in the revelation of its' location:


As I watch the Norse 'attack page' in REAL TIME, it seems that St. Louis isn't the center of attention right now (as it WAS when the Tylers first posted their story, some 3 days ago or so).

St. Louis, MO., is an interesting town. My papa went there as chief troubleshooter for the Hughes F-15 Radar System and the whole 'fly-off' thing, back in '72 (or was it '73?). They had just built that Satanic 'endless loop' strand thing that routed power up from the ground and back down again; the previous year (they call it the 'St. Louis Arch'). Fucking 'Stargate' shit. That whole thing about the 'figure 8' symbology you see every day is actually 90 degrees OFF of the 'ley-line'. The REAL shit is transmuting from the depths of the earth...

The Chicoms want the power of the TRUE 'ancients' that we have conjored up.

Try thinking in MORE than one dimension on this issue, for the love of God and Life.

Paveway IV's picture

"...You are selling disinfo..."

Wait... do you mean someone is suppose to be paying me for this? What fool would do THAT?


DOE Wants to Give Energy Companies Early Warning of Cyberattacks

"...In fact, Norse’s servers in St. Louis have been fending off a distributed denial of service attack which began November 4. These so-called DDOS attacks try to flood a target’s servers with Internet traffic in order to knock it offline..."

Real-time maps show a world at cyber war

"...Norse, a St. Louis-based cyber security company, recently unveiled a real-time map showing cyberattacks in action, along with information on attack origins, attack targets and the types of attack vectors being used. You don’t have to watch the map for long before you’ll see that the United States and China are the biggest sources of attacks, and that the United States is the top target.



The data on the attacks is drawn from Norse’s international network of honeypots — decoy systems set up to attract attackers — so the map isn’t showing real attacks. But if the targets aren’t real, the attackers are, and the map does give a pretty good idea of what’s going on in cyberspace in general, if not specific, terms. (On the map, for instance, St. Louis, the company’s home base, seems to be a disproportionately frequent target.)..."

Crunch Base: Norse

Offices/Locations (2)


Silicon Valley

1825 S. Grant Street

Suite 400

San Mateo, CA 94402


St. Louis

101 S. Hanley Road

Suite 1300

St Louis, Missouri 63105

[Ed: they actually had two locations in downtown]

Spellbound by maps tracking hack attacks and cyber threats in real-time

According to Norse, a “dark intelligence” and security solution company, “Every second, Norse collects and analyzes live threat intelligence from darknets in hundreds of locations in over 40 countries.” As cool as the attack map is, what you see is only a “small subset of live flows against the Norse honeypot infrastructure, representing actual worldwide cyber attacks by bad actors. At a glance, one can see which countries are aggressors or targets at the moment, using which type of attacks (services-ports).”

Norse wins $1.9 million Department of Energy contract

Brian Feldt, St. Louis Business Journal

Norse Corp., a St. Louis-based cybersecurity startup, was named the sole recipient of a U.S. Department of Energy contract that will have the company protecting critical infrastructure within the United States.

Is St. Louis under cyber attack? Probably not

"...For those following the rumors of a concentrated cyber attack on St. Louis via China, reporter Paul Schankman has information from the company causing the stir.  The company’s administrative headquarters is based St. Louis. Because of that, a disproportionately high number of the electronic “honeypots” they use to find suspicious activity are in the area. The map being circulated showing the activity is a public page for demo purposes only and shows only 1 in 100 signals being tracked..."


"...The St. Louis Business Journal reports the tech start-up was founded in 2010 to develop technology to alter the way companies and governments battle cyber crooks. It was founded by a Saint Louis University Graduate and a former Accenture consultant. The business is now based in San Mateo, CA..."


"...They are headquartered in San Mateo, CALIFORNIA, so your claim about being centered in St. Louis, Missouri is a FABRICATION..."

Their corporate headquarters and all their development takes place at their new San Mateo offices. I guess I was mistaken about their historic location and existing network center where the company was founded in St. Louis. I'll pass that on to the folks at Norse. I certainly wouldn't want them falsely claiming their old HQ and network center ever was in St. Louis based on my FABRICATED ZH post claims... 

"...Try thinking in MORE than one dimension on this issue, for the love of God and Life..."

Try using Google PROPERLY sometime, for the love of God and Life...

detached.amusement's picture

dingdingding, as usual we are presented with the small slice of information it is deemed we see