Is It Time To Panic Yet?

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The world's 'teacup' runneth over with 'storms'...



Perhaps that is why NYSE 'broke' this week...

Source: @MattGoldstein26

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CaptainAmerika (not verified) Bokkenrijder Jul 12, 2015 3:36 PM

Send in the Choom Gang!

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Nahhh..  It's not time to panic...

Trust me..

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When Mr. Panos panics...then it is bad.

Short on and off for a few years...and these events improve the shorts.

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Panos last video on youtube was hilarious

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When Fannie/Freddie fails again, what happens to the housing market?

Trick question, JK. You all know the answer to that.

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get some PMs and their panic is your profit...eventually

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get some PMs and their panic is your grandchildren's profit...eventually.


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All this trouble? Just a tempest in a teapot.

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One billion each in paper gold and paper silver is standing by to be fat fingered. It´s going to be a deja vu of last Sunday´s blatent manipulation.  Just you watch.

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Here cums the Swiss!

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Chinas stock markets are still GREEN for the fucking year. All of this propaganda (Greece, China) designed to make the Seppo's think they still have it better then anyone else.

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China's stock market, that's a double oxymoron.

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I think the panic happens once Spain or Portugal become the new headlines in the news after Greece is done with.

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Whatever it takes to distract the great unwashed and keep the DOW, dollar and US debt markets fat and tidy. And its working

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You would have to define "working" and "for whom and for what" but, yeah..would appear as such.

I have enjoyed the Greek Coverage(tm) actually.

Hell the fucking Jew Street Joirnal still hasn't even published the story yet!

Talk about a fucking piece of shit paper.

To stupid fucks at the Jew York Times and Washington Going Postal have t either.

Do any f the ignorant fucks even have a fucking brain?

Only when on they're (trailing off here...

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They need a fresh supply of muppets for the market buffet.....

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It's a real bitch when nobody alive today.. remembers how to panic...

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We have an agreement in our household that we'll agree on when to hit the panic button as a group decision. When and if that time finally comes, I doubt it will require a lengthy meeting. ;-)

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"Just walk away - and there can be an end to the horror..."




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I keep saying this and hear argument everywhere I go...

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Things are really beginning to look pretty interesting right about now.

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The financial Troika-Greece cage match futures market starts here at 3pm PT. I'm counting down the 81 minutes:

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I will only begin to panic...i.e. order my  MRE's when I see the pundits on cnbc at a lost for words when they are looking at vix up 60pts

Dow down 1000 plus, dollaar toast etc etc...

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We're sorry but due to excessive demand we are unable to take new orders at this ime...

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duly i panic

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that's ok, selling has been banned.

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Is there something wrong with the "markets"? </s>

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Is there an actual "market"?

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Markets,... yes I remember those

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Nope, its time for all time highs again bitches.

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We have been conditioned like Pavlov's dogs to believe that now haven't we?

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Nah, its not time to panic yet, I still have 2800 dollars left on on HELOC and the wife has a brand new pole routine down at the Pussy Cat Club,so we got that going for us. Oh I don't mind so bad except for that lingering scent of Aqua Velva.

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BTFD but use STOPS!!!!

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The fed still has a few more 1's and 0's, they won't let this shitshow collapse...


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NO they dont. 


The next big crisis will be one of sovereign debt. 


If they keep on this extreme bond buying they will destroy the market


Couple that with the IMF granting China researve currency status and thinks could get very very very ugly for uncle sam. Bond market rout anyone?

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Who's panicking?

Politicians, Civil Servants, Bankers, Corporate Execs,Investors, Assorted Leaches and those who have failed to see through the SEA OF SHIT.

I'm enjoying the complex web of deceit that's unraveling.

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Panic? why? don't fight the Fed? Trust the Fed? Trust the markets, they will automatically shut down when they are down 200 points. BTFD!

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In truth it depends on who you are and what you are invested in.

The house of cards is showing more than a few cracks. You know what to do!


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Thats like calling 9-11 a minor subsidence issue.