The (Amended) Founding Principles Of The European Union

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The book is open which of the 28 EU member states will be first to see a military coup?

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Try to sell "they hate us for our freedoms" narrative now EU

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They're just words, Carl!

On a fucking piece of paper!

A piece of fucking paper, Carl!

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Schulden macht frei

(Debt makes you free)

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Europe seemed to do better when they were all fighting one another.  Wars only benefit a select few, but so do unions it seems.

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Euro should've surged today if it was such a great deal. That said everything.


Punk rocker causes bus panic wearing fake bullet belt:

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Needs more swastika's, germans and jewish bankers. 

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Serfs votes don't matter. We'll tell you how to think.  

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There is another "classic" that would need a few changes:


"We the (People) Bankers of the United States, in Order to form..."

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Fascism: the breakfast of banksters the world over!

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I see your indignity and inequality, and raise you two contempts, plus a I don't give a fuck...

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The Delicate Genius (not verified) Jul 13, 2015 4:12 PM

it was always about megalomania, destroying European national identities and flooding Europe with immigrants to benefit a handful of oligarch/banking families.

It was never about anything but more power and more money for an "elite" few.

If the Greeks had any heart in them they would burn every EU or IMF building in their sovereign territory to the ground, and request Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian troops and naval forces provide 'security' while they start printing drachmas again.

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The US State Department would cause a few problems over that. 

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Shall we burn it to the ground too in solidarity?


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that would be pretty inconvenient and awefully reckless.What we should do is strike a deal with the US and use US dollar as currency for as long as it takes for,till we are ready with drachma.
It would cause quite a stir,maybe even drop the us-euro at parity,and thus drawing some blood from the Austerity Archangels.

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Now that is something that a lunatic like Obama can really get behind.  And by behind, I mean he would be sticking the bayonet in your back on your march to the reeducation camp him and his terrorist buddy Billy Ayers cannot wait to set up...

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Yes, he does love his red lines but I don't think the bayonet scenario would be possible for him. He does seem challenged with just a golf club.

People like Obama have minions to do their dirty work whose actions they hardly care or contemplate. They are the ones we should be wary.


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BoPeople (not verified) Jul 13, 2015 4:15 PM

A gentleman is someone who says one thing and thinks something else.

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So what you're saying is the people were fed a bit of goods?

Funny many of us feel the same bit of goods fed from Barry ( the clown ) Obama... So welcome to the club .

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I want to play!!!


On a long enough timeline the s?u?r?v?i?v?a?l? (investment return) for e?v?e?r?y?o?n?e? (people who blindly follow Zerohedge) drops to zero.

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Europe invented, amongst many other things, socialism, marxism and communism.


So the above edited is congruent.

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Frankly, I don't really believe “the bankers” or even the oligarchs are pulling the Eurozone strings. I think it's handful of, you know, secret agencies, which, for example, somehow or other tap into all of the phone calls. Oligarchs not on their side probably die of food poisoning.

By the way, how will privatizing all the Greek infrastructure (electricity and so on) help Greece repay any debts in the long run? Oh wait... there is no “long run.”

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Tsipras was against raising VAT in electricity to 23% (The price of electricity has gone up almost 40% the last 5 years).So privatizing the part of the national company that is responsible for the infrastructure, could easily see the "grid fees"- (fees for the maintenance&repair of the network and the electricity transfer to your home) rising, though the extra income will end to the chosen one's pockets ,and not in repaying any debt.
You had me at "long run".I laughed a little. 

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Scratch out "union" replace with "Final Reich". Fixed it for you.

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Keeping slaves isolated in a union to repeatedly trade slaves. No need to ship them from Africa. Purchase them for low cost to produce higher margins with a college degree. Once expended, trade the slave for a younger willing underpaid wanker. 

Founding fathers of the European Union: Jean ...

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It will be funny to see the proud face of Germany when after the Euro finally dies they find out that they (Germany) was the greatest benficiary of the Euro and that they should have gratefully done a little dealing.

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Yeah it's so bad, immigrants are dying to get in and emigration is basically zero.

I do believe no one here has ever spoken to a flesh and blood European.

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The Delicate Genius (not verified) Totentänzerlied Jul 13, 2015 4:47 PM

emigration is zero?

you sure about that?

The Somalis are entering Ireland almost as fast as the Irish are leaving.

all part of Zionist Jew Alan Shatter's plan - which, in fairness, has been enabled by all mannner of Irish cockfag too afraid of being called 'rayciss' to close the fucking borders.

So - where now its 1/4 babies born to a non irish mother in a country of 3.6 million, in 20 years it will be 1/2.

All part of a plan that sure seems to have an *awful lot* of Zionists behind it.

Obviously, this is because they are concerned for Europe's "survival"

How horrible it would be to be somewhat less densely populated - much better to become a minority in your own homeland, densely packed with 3rd world immigrants, as a small minority of Jews at the top, virtually ALL OVER EUROPE, the US, Canada, and South Africa [not to mention Russia and Ukraine] continue to rob and cheat all of them, while crying 'anti-semite' at anyone who objects.


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The hens in our duck pond need to "return" to their own pond.

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission..


Byzantium ran for 1,000 years with three simple rules: No hens in education, finance, or government. I would now add media as well.

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Don't give me this moral highground shit. Just full of hot air. Morlal highground talk is for the sheep and irresponsible arseholes. The real moral highground thing to do is not to be in anyone's debt, nothing else. Because when you are in debts, you are NOT capable of achieving moral highground. You are living under your creditor's control, i.e. banks. Not only to Greece, but also US, UK, Japan, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, etc ....

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I wonder if ZH will ever post a single article that refutes the idea, common among anyone that's thought about it for a minute, though only briefly mentioned a few times in the comments section, that Greece created this problem for themselves. They did this NOT since 2011, when the first "bailouts" started, but since 2000 when they used the EU as a means of cheaply funding transfer payments. Or will they just keep ignoring the obvious and ranting against the EU?

Has ANYONE besides David Goldman (for example) looked at some of the actual numbers the Greek populace saw from 2000 to 2010 E.g.:

/me waiting for the deniers to pile on the red arrow without a comment that addresses the issue

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Bifurcation analysis. That should shead light on your question.

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It was the Greek GOVERNMENT -- NOT the Greek PEOPLE, who "borrowed" the money. The Greek GOVERNMENT will not suffer -- the PEOPLE will.

Democracy is a complete illusion without machine free (Greece has "voting machines" IIRC), strategic score voting. Every body secretly knows it's a complete illusion.

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The Greek government was voted for by the people and the income of those Greek people doubled off the backs of the borrowed money, perhaps indirectly, but yet it doubled.

This was reflected in a larger increase in unit labor costs than any other EU participant. Were they going to vote them out?

Who's going to be to blame in the US when the house of cards collapses because we the people were too stupid to vote out the politicians that simply bought votes with promises paid for on credit? I'm going to blame us, not JUST the government.

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"The Greek government was voted for by the people..."

That is absurd. The people don't really get to vote for candidates. That is a significant part of the big illusion. If anyone really believes their vote goes toward any "cause," they are seriously misled.

Only machine free, simple score (strategy friendly) voting can make votes count in any system.

You think your "vote" counts for anything? really?

kchrisc's picture

With respect, but you need to read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. Not that is is the gospel on Zion's tyranny and plunder, but does help one see the WAY bigger picture.

You are analyzing the situation as one would analyze an individual caught up in a crises of his own doing---drugs, gambling, adultery, etc. However, you are forgetting that a nation is separate entity from that of a country; The country being the people and the land they inhabit. You are throwing the people out with the thieves.

The nation is the governmnet, which is made up of self-serving and psychopathic pols and crats. They can be easily bought, not swayed, as they have no belief system, and become a conduit for the banksters' fiat heroin and Zion's plundering of the underlying country.

The people, being oblivious to what is going on, get swept up in the frenzy, not realizing that they are actually, via the banksters' poison, consuming their "seed corn."

When the music stops, the pols and crats slither away, and the grifting banksters then come for their pounds of flesh. The people are left dazed and confused, poor, desperate and hungry, and unsure of what has happened. They then failed to see the slow descent of tyranny's curtain upon them.

As for the American country, it is my mission, my destiny, to inform the American people as to how, who, and why they are in the mess they are. To cut tyranny's curtain to shreds, and allow Liberty's sun to shine in once again and permit prosperity within the American country to sprout and grow anew. To see to it that the culprits of the plunder, treason and tyranny have their heads resting soon enough in baskets. Not as revenge, but a purging of the chafe of civilization and society, unless one thinks Bush and Pelosi, Michael Slager, or Lon Horiuchi have a productive place in a restored American country and society.

See you on the battlefield, or listen for me from within one of Zion's basement cells.

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission..


Never let a guillotine go to waste.

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I agree the EU is dysfanctional and dangerous for the citizens.

It is disintegrating, but that does not mean it will actually disintegrate, there is always a chance...

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Vote for a pussy, you get a pussy.

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Greece, where:

1. They elect a guy based on promises.

2. They have a referendum to repeat what they voted for.

3. After passing the referendum he renages on everything.

4. They blame everyone else for their misery.


Enjoy the loss!


President Nixon revoked the convertibility of dollars to gold in August 1971. In the first decade the dollar was inflated by 50%. Today, inflation is such that whatever the politicians or Economists say is just Central Bankers bullshit, and largesse. The American people are to blame for Nixon, and The Committee To Save The World. That same American largesse was instrumental in the creation of the European Union. What is problematic is that the architects gave themselves medals for their engineering, and now we have the wholesale disintegration of their castle that they built on substrate of sand.


Way to go, USA!


End the FED

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Some interesting thoughts i came across about the origin of the EU.


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Prober (not verified) Jul 13, 2015 7:44 PM

Just more putrid stinking pig-shit propaganda from yet another degenerate immoral corrupt greek thieving parasite, trying to manipulate the entire EU into subsidizing the hyper-corrupt parasite greek society financial SINKHOLE -

IF you greek parasite vermin are so noble, virtuous, capable, etc, AND you dislike the EU so much,

then just stop using the Euro, stop asking us to gift you even more money, and get your thieving parasite asses out of the EZ & EU and stand on your own instead of defrauding everyone else out of their money under deceit of borrowing.

Vermin scum.