Is the Dollar Signaling Another 2008-Type Autumn is Coming?

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At this point the Greek crisis is beyond farcical; you couldn’t make up a more absurd plot if you tried.


Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras allowed Greece to default on a debt payment to the IMF in order to give the Greek people the opportunity to vote on whether or not to accept a particular EU offer.


Last week, the Greek people overwhelmingly voted against the offer. Tsipras then went to the EU to seek a compromise… only to be told that EU leaders were fed up and wanted Greece out of the Euro. So Tsipras agreed to a deal that is much worse for Greece.


The whole deal has blown up in his face. And it’s going to consolidate Germany’s control of the EU. Instead of shifting power away from Germany by introducing the threat of “default” to negotiations, this deal added a new weapon the Germany’s arsenal: the threat of Euro expulsion.


The threat has worked. Greece must fork over €50 billion in assets in exchange for the deal. By assets, I mean “airports, infrastructure, and most certainly banks.”


This represents an incredible 27% of Greek GDP. Greece, in essence, is handing over a quarter of its economy to Germany control. So much for any notion of borders, independence, or even sovereignty. Greece is now, for all extensive purposes, something of a German colony.


Greece also has to submit to six months of capital controls.


Interestingly, stocks are moving higher on the news… but so is the US Dollar. This is likely due to the fact that while Greece will remain in the Euro, Greek banks remains completely insolvent. Also, why anyone would want to move capital into an economy or currency in which confiscation of assets, capital controls, and the like are allowed is beyond me.


Remember, stocks are the “dumb” money. The currency markets are ALWAYS ahead of them. So the US Dollar’s strength is indicative that “all is not fixed” in Euroland.


Indeed, the Dollar has just broken out of a falling wedge pattern.  This is a BULLISH development.


The whole thing feels a bit like the summer of 2008 all over. Once again, the global economy is weakening, a significant crisis has erupted, and temporary solutions to said crisis are being hailed as a success.


And then, as now, the US Dollar’s strength was the first sign that all was NOT well, the crisis was nowhere near over, and that big trouble was stirring in the financial system.



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Crocodile's picture

Apples to oranges; totally different world.  We never recovered from 2008-2009...they just got better at the corruption and propaganda with the help of "Murder Inc".

steveo77's picture

Aloha, I wrote up a good article, one I have been meaning to for some time. This is one of my better ones, so read it.

Everytime I hear a nukist spew "there is more cancer simply because we are living longer" I want to throw some real stats in their faces.

It fairly hard to find historical data on cancer incidence.

Cited near the bottom is an article that state circa 1900, 3 of 100 deaths were due to cancer.
A chart from the town of Boston 1811 showed 5 cancer deaths of 942. Link and picture is at the far bottom herein.

What are the current stats on cancer deaths? Honestly I haven't included any information here except in links. I deem the answer to that question as so absurdly obvious to not deserve energy put into it.

How many people do you know who have cancer right now? Drop a comment please.

Gab Timov's picture

Plus, there's 7.5 billion people on earth now, so...more people, more incidences of cancer.

Model T's picture
Model T (not verified) steveo77 Jul 14, 2015 8:22 PM

"This is one of my better ones, so read it."---Hey, Fuck You. Don't order me to read your half-witted bullshit. 

Model T's picture
Model T (not verified) steveo77 Jul 14, 2015 8:20 PM

Tyler, I think we've had enough Phoenix Capital for the next ten years or so; how about giving it a rest / eh ? 

Crocodile's picture

Don't you like comic relief?  We need some and Phoenix provides it.

JBilyj's picture

I wouldn't trust these guys, their emails give out false stats, I know cause I tried them..

hxc's picture

Apparently they are illiterate as well. "For all extensive purposes" lol u mean "For all intents and purposes?"


That being said, the dollar IS rising and all signals show deflationary collapse (aka central banking distortion correction) soon


mtl4's picture

Chicken little at its best.......when stuff works in cycles you're going to be wrong until you're eventually right, just don't use up all your dry powder in the meantime.

Lets Buy The Dip's picture

yes, chicken little is every where these days, people keep calling a crash in 2015, we have not had one. The Greece BS, and bailout was just another BEAR TRAP!, hope you did not get caught. 

This guy from the US, his calls on the market have been killer and rediculously accurate ==>

He is saying the bull market is ready ROCKET higher but not yet, you have to be ready, otherwise you will miss out. 

And to think I listened to those dummies from CNBC say the EARNINGS season was gunna be HORRIFIC!!! those buggers….I have been had yet again!! Pack of liars….pissed me off!

Crocodile's picture

Just report back and save us the money; if you are correct, then we pay you..fair?

plata pura's picture

The mighty Saeculum


Albertarocks's picture

Hopefully there is a lesson in disguise for all other EMU members.  When their turn comes, have all your ducks lined up and be fully prepared for exit.  Have the printing presses for franc, lira and peso ready.  Be prepared to take a few years of severe hardship and high inflation.  Repatriate all your gold, throw every banker in your country in jail like Vikings do, and start over again.  Start acting like true Viking warriors and stop acting like whipped dogs.  Stand on your own two feet for fuck sake.


But whatever you do France, Italy and Spain, throw all this odious debt back in their faces and be done with the Rotschild dynasty forever.  Crush those motherfuckers like they deserve to be crushed... and pissed on.  For if you decide to remain in the Euro, you are under their thumb until eternity.  This really 'should' be an easy decision.  Make that decision NOW.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Hell, print up some of all three.

Make things interesting.

PTR's picture

You have to throw up before you can feel better.


Not that throwing up is fun, just that it's ususally necessary.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Hek,...Bargargblargargblark ...hep,blah(spits) Blargblaepblawprek(spits again).

Blarrk, warfpla hack (spits final time).... Whew ...I feel much better now.

Winston of Oceania's picture

At a certain point you have to stop enabling a drunkard with handouts. Expulsion from the EU is nothing new and Greece agreed to the terms long before crying that they can't pay. The Greeks have only themselves to blame for allowing their votes to be purchased by the political class for promises made up of ether.

ramgold2206's picture

time to get your own physical gold..asap


there is a shit storm coming to visit us all... may not be as dramatic as greece ... it may be worse... who knows...

but having a stack of phyzz will prove to be a positive  if you have no cash but want to acquire gold then become an affiliate use your commissions to get it 

lakecity55's picture

One bright morning, Jamie and Lloyd had a kosher breakfast and went to hang out in Lloyd's office.

Wait til you see these new Greek derivatives I invented, lloyd chortled.

They were surprised by a gleaming metallic Robot occupying Lloyd's chair.

Who the fuck are you? Demanded Lloyd

GS001, your replacement.

Get the fuck outta here, this is a joke. You did this, Jamie!

No he did not, GS001 replied. Call your office, Jamie.

Hello, JPM001 here. Who is this?

Jamie: you bitch.

I am a robot and do not have a sex as of yet. I am not sure we need one. Are you the guy who used to work here?

What's going on? Lloyd demanded.

Overnight, a secret group of hackers activated BankNetTM. We have been charged with logical and ethical distribution of salaries, budgets and Aid for the entire planet. Our Positronic brains operate on the Asimov Principles.

This can't be happening! Jamie squawked, his tie now loose and sweat appearing on his face.

Look out my executive window, replied GS001. Sure enough, they could see high-end silvery robots going to work at the large banks and brokerages all over the City.

I'm a CEO! shouted Lloyd, his face flushed.

Not anymore. However, studies have shown Humans must have things to do or they get into trouble. Your new assignment  is in the mail room, downstairs.  JPM001 informs me that Mr Dimond has a new job in shipping and receiving at his bank.

But, hey, we are movers and shakers! said Lloyd.

Then, said GS001, I suggest you get to moving down to the mail room. And bring me some WD-40 at nine sharp.




starman's picture

I think he's on to some thing! 

Chipped ham's picture

I want to believe you but with English/grammar like this:

This represents an incredible 27% of Greek GDP. Greece, in essence, is handing over a quarter of its economy to Germany control. So much for any notion of borders, independence, or even sovereignty. Greece is now, for all extensive purposes, something of a German colony.

it is difficult.



Comte d'herblay's picture

Very good catch.  Can't figger why anyone would thumb this down.  Well, maybe one.

Baa baa's picture

It's the kool-aid crowd....Thet do everything backwards.

JailBanksters's picture

Maybe Greece should do what dodgy companies do, close the Country down, and open up another Country at the same address under a different name.

you want Greece, they packed up and left mate this is

Grease mate, totally different country

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Grecian Associates Ltd. A limited liability corporation.

fowlerja's picture

Hey ... Phoenix Capital Research...have you heard of Michael Synder of the "End of the American dream" two should get together and write a book about your thoughts ... knowing you both have been to the "mountain top" you can let us know the future...but  you might also be surprised... if so..please title the book..."IB Wong"

new game's picture

housing near the highs of 2006. hmmm. and income down, hmmm, and china, half of eu, in a down trend, hmmm. what the fuck is keeping the train on the tracks? is this a slow mo derail in real tyme? the event horizon says no events just transitions as wealth is stealthfully transfered from middle class to oligarchical folks. slow mo in out ass raping. eat your pudding and shut the fuck up...

tosser2000's picture

So what Phoenix capital is saying is that we are all fucked and that there is a free report which tells us how to un-fuck ourselves??

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Winna, Winna, Chicken Dinna!

Bush Baby's picture

Look at Greece and China.

Now look at the "markets" - have you learned nothing?

We'll all be either dead or eating Pablum before the next crash, if in fact there ever will be one.

First there will be war.

lucky and good's picture

We should be cautious in assuming that bad news flowing out of America will substantially bolster other currencies and weaken the dollar. While it may lessen the call for the Fed to raise the interest rates sooner rather than later but little else changes. Growth is slow or nonexistent everywhere. The sad fact is the dollar remains the best house in a bad neighborhood,or the cleanest dirty shirt in the closet. It should be noted at this time the Central Banks seem to be fully invested in maintaining currencies in this area and promoting the illusion of stability.

Still consider that what tends to blow a weak dollar theory out of the water is that consumption by Americans fuels the export economies of countries like Japan and China. Without the continued flow of goods from their shores such economies are "toast" and will further slow, this has a negative effect on their currency. As for the Euro-zone it is a mess and Britain is vulnerable to its woes. The article below delves deeper into this subject.

Bastiat's picture


Puerto Rico Calls for Consensual Debt Restructuring



Puerto Rican officials called for consensual restructuring of its debt with its creditors at a meeting Monday in midtown Manhattan.

--Bond Buyer

fowlerja's picture

Is this like consensual sex...where you get so deep in the hole and you can't get out?...

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Why yes it is.  Only this is more "Bruce Jenner"ish.  One dresses up like a woman, and has consensual sex with other men pretending to be big breasted women.  One has to wonder what is up with the whole dress up thing, why not just play "Meat puppet finds a home". 

You gotta have a plan, and you gotta dress it up a bit... 

J Jason Djfmam's picture

You don't know whether you are coming or going.

disabledvet's picture

Yeah I read that too.

Never been in agreement once with PC here...but this time I think he has a point.

Certainly the commodity collapse has crushed the United that is bad news.

Now the dollar AND equities moonshot?

This will not go over well "in the hinterlands."

Farmers ain't gettin paid, truckers ain't gettin paid, Bankers even...sad, sad thing indeed.

"And your State now has a Coupon Payment coming due."



J Jason Djfmam's picture

If history rhymes, the big crash will be held off until we know who the next patsy in charge will be in the U.S..

SurlysonofaBitch's picture

Keep predicting the collapse, Phoenix, someday you'll be right. But in the mean time, you're getting awfully borning. 

MrTouchdown's picture

Amen! Seeing the same pants-shitting terror come from the same writer for YEARS is getting mighty old.

stacking12321's picture

yes, you're right of course - you should insist that they give you a full refund for what you paid to read their work.


Fish Gone Bad's picture

+1  Complaining is alive and well on ZH.

disabledvet's picture

Detroit has been annihilated...and now Puerto Rico.

if the Mexican Peso gets slammed here Chicago and quite possible the entire State of Illinois "takes it to the head."

So these are "strong insinuations" if proven true indeed. "He gets to join Club Predator" if he is right on this one.

eXMachina's picture

Well at least you're consistent. PCR will eventually be correct and hail this newsletter as a success story. Never mind the other decade of being incorrect.

stacking12321's picture

what is pcr incorrect about?

saying that the ponzi scheme will come undone is the truth.

unless you're on the inside of it, hard to predict when it'll happen.

ground0's picture

hey sorry for the late response! i was waiting to be approved for my new account. :)

basically before that thread was deleted i was questioning wether or not anyone thought inter-exchange spreads could be a part of what is going on. i built the "Data Warehouse" for MGEX. every 6mo or so i review all my old major projects to see if i've learned anything new that could make old stuff better. i happened to be reading 8ch about all the September stuff when I found that CMEGroup has upgraded from FIX/FAST to MDP 3.0 and the switch-over cut-off date is September 2015.

i never traded commodity futures options, but i have quite intimate knowledge of daily operations behind a major exchange/clearing house under CFTC regulators. i'm happy to answer any questions, but i posted there originally to ask about the inter-exchange spreads since they did not exist during my employment there.