Tsipras Stunner: Creditors Said "There Is No Point In Holding Elections" In Bailed Out Countries

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While Germany's finmin Schauble is about to burst at few capillaries after reading the latest provocation from Tsipras in which he said, according to Reuters, that:


It should be the Greek people that are reeling by another, even greater stunner, just spoken by the Greek PM during his TV interview: an admission from the chosen Greek "leader" that Greece, as a
sovereign nation, no longer exists:


So the Troika makes it clear that countries under a bailout, such as a Greece was and is about to be indefinitely again, democracy is finished and the country becomes a sovereign ward of a few unelected bureaucrats, and the Greek "prime minister" who also just admitted he is now nothing but a puppet of Greece's new unelected leaders, is Ok with this.

The good news, at least for those who seek to connect dots, is we can now close the book on what Schauble was talking about when he said "Aber glauben Sie mir, das Problem ist lösbar" in this 2011 interview with Welt am Sontag:

Schauble: "We decided to arrive at a political union via an economic and currency union. We had the hope - and we still have it today - that the Euro will gradually bring about political union. But we're not there yet, and that's one of the reasons why the markets are distrustful. 


Welt am Sonntag: "So will the markets now force us into a political union?" 


Schauble: "Most member states are not yet fully prepared to accept the necessary constraints on national sovereignty. But trust me the problem can be solved."

At this point it is probably also worth repeating what Latvia's outgoing president Berzins said two weeks ago:

[the Greek] debt is so big that everyone understands that it won’t be repaid.... Loans to Greece have just bought time so that those in power don’t have to take decisions. This is like a game: who can hold out longer by not  showing that this money has been lost? This burden has become bigger and there obviously is no possibility to repay.... The debt writedown of Greek debt will come after bankruptcy of state.

Perhaps it is only fitting that democracy officially dies in the country in which it was born, a country which is about to very clearly demonstrate to the rest of the world that in this day and age, banks have infinitely more power and leverage that "sovereign" nations.

As for the Greeks: enjoy your now official "second-rate citizen" status as slaves of Brussels bureaucrats even as you liquidate all your most valuable assets, and hand over your gold for the generous honor of being allowed to repay the Troika's debt.

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Wrong. Any country with a central bank really has not legitimate reason to hold elections.

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Tsipras gave that message by his actions not the lenders.

This guy is covered in olive oil.  Slippery as.

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If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal. - Emma Goldman

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The days of Tsipras are numbered.

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.... but at least he was well paid off to roll over.

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This serves the powers that be - either to make sure nobody bothers voting for Podemos/ Pepe Grillo, or to assure neonazis arrive in power. Actually, it's probably both. Syriza has been a US/NWO trojan horse from the beginning.


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What are the Greeks paying their military for, if not to defend Greek sovereignty?


Do they need coordinates for Brussels?

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Greeks still have the theoretical power to elect a classical liberal platform that defaults on all the odious debt, severs commitments to UE/NATO, separates State and money, and abolishes all engagements of violence by the State.

But "Greeks" as a collective means nothing (and is an evil concept) - therefore the only way to achieve liberty is not through a collective initiative (organized war, democracy, etc.) but through individual disengagement and resistance.


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If there is no point in holding elections then there is no point in having politicians.

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When does Tsipras finally and properly rename himself to Vichy?

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Riddle me this. If these loans can never be defaulted on then why isn't everyone allowed to lend out ridiculous amounts of money. For example...if Greece would have been the first to loan money to Ireland Portugual, the USA, Belgium, Spain, the UK...etc.etc. they would be sitting fat right now. So Greece just fucking advertise you have Euros to lend at retardedly low rates to any country any time...not to worry as Goldman will get you loan insurance.......and fuck up these bankster asshats.

I mean what's the fuckiing difference?

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They want to get all of the globe in so much debt that it all eventually collapses, world revolution, next step towards NWO, not individual countries here and there.

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obama's head exploded when he read the title of this article!

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The Fourth Reich
All the way from the few remaining Nazi's after hostilities ended in Europe, 1944 forma simple meeting at the Bilderberg Hotel ....


Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

It seems the Tsipras and Syriza strategy has been to beg for EUR and shame the Germans for being tight-asses in the process (AKA biting the hand that feeds you). Can someone explain to me how that makes the Greeks look good? If the Greek people can't rid themselves of Tsipras they deserve everything that's coming.

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"We decided to...But we're not there yet..."

Well, we are there. No sovereign, no election, no country for (wo)men.

Just like destruction of relics and ancient sites, morphing democracy is happening right under (above?) our noses.

These are all but agents of...

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Can everyone stop pretending this same shit did not happen to the Germans. Twice. And i might remind everyone we let their country be divided in two. 

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Model T (not verified) knukles Jul 14, 2015 6:45 PM

Ah; you're catching up to me, now. most smart people do, eventually. I"ve been calling it the Fourth Reich for a couple of years now. 

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If you're claiming you made up the term "Fourth Reich" you oughtta be laughed out of ZH...

SixIsNinE's picture

yes - i heard Michael Ruppert call it that in 2003 @ Oakland CA talk w/ Richard Heinberg

more recently early 1990s talks by John Judge on YT he calls it that...it probably goes back a ways...

illyia's picture

Ever hear of Christopher Story?

Bill of Rights's picture

Then your still way behind its been happening for decades...

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is about to very clearly demonstrate to the rest of the world that in this day and age, banks have infinitely more power and leverage that "sovereign" nations.

Same as it ever was. 

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"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws."



— Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

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The thin veneer of illusory freedom over despotic totalitarianism is ripped off.

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The phrase reads simple "Occupation".
So, Greece is the 1st state occupied in the new large scale war - this time without firing a single arrow, purely trough economical warfare - perfect art of war a la Chinese.

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Did he really use the apostrophe like that when he spoke? Jeezus.

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You can summarize this situation with a couple of words:

Loathsome and Disgusting!

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They have systematically moved private debt into public debt with new collateral terms.  When Greece falls they collect all that is Greece (or any other country).  The police and military first concern is themselves and their family.  They will do any bidding for those who pay their pensions, food and mortgage.  Pockets of resistence within the ranks will be cleaned out.  Pockets of resistence by the citizens will exterminated.  Pockets that are of some concern will be exterminated or caged.  And the people will be so brainwashed by the media and so desperate for some hope of a normal life that they will call the police and military heros.

They have sprayed the sky above my city this spring and summer more than I can believe.  White haze only.  No one notices or would care.  Done by our heros in uniform.  Tanks and devices installed by groups of people.  Tanks filled by groups of people.  Flown by heros.  They are well taken care of for their silence and will be on the other side of the barb wire. 

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If you believe the bible.. its going to get much, mucher, muchest worse!

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^^^this is the moral hazard  that will eventually bring it all down.

There are no real collateral requirements or RISK for loaning/printing/creating money!!!!

Bankers and financiers carry no risk!!!  They are in fact nothing but overcompensated middlemen between the printer/computer and the producer/consumer in the real economy.

Hey, wait a minute, I have a printer and a computer...

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

As far as I can tell, middlemen run the world, because it doesn't seem to be the people who produce and consume.

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“Riddle me this. If these loans can never be defaulted on then why isn't everyone allowed to lend out ridiculous amounts of money.”

Answer: It ain’t MONEY.. it’s credit.

And those who allow themselves to be bound by the psychopathically managed “credit” of the credit mongers condemn themselves to slavery, albeit with some trappings of prosperity and freedom.

But ultimately, the end game is austerity and bondage.

The goldfish is free to swim around the goldfish bowl and If the goldfish is fortunate, food sprinkles from above and the cloudy water gets changed occasionally.

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Words have power-- It would be most psychologically liberating to many to stop calling dollars dollars and Euros Euros and just call them what they are. 'Credits'.

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Model T (not verified) iinthesky Jul 14, 2015 6:47 PM

Frankly, I prefer the term "toilet paper".

Manthong's picture

I like the concept..

I will borrow it from you in the future..

but I will give you credit for it.   :-)

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The legitimacy of previous politicians disenfranchises contemporary politicians?

Which executive or legislative actions annulled future rights to same?


"If there is no point in holding elections then there is no point in having politicians."


IF there is no recognition of legitimacy to contemporary executive and legislative actions then how can previous executive and legislative actions have legitimacy?

We are really going down the rabbit hole here...

Where is the howling from the proponents of 'democracy' all over the world?

Not even a peep out of US 'democrats' that fight to gift franchise/voting/citizen rights to illegal aliens?

Sophist Economicus's picture

I think there is a saying that "beggars cannot be choosers"...



Wanna be free, don't go hat in hand begging for money...


I dunno, seems like a simple concept

Klaatuwept's picture

It is for an individual, how does that work when you have a state making decisions on your behalf that you have no control over

44magnum's picture

the politicians are there to keep the people from killing the bankers

X_Weatherman's picture

The politicians are there to implement the policies of the Corporations and Oligarchs...just following orders and taking bribes.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

It is important to chose which color jack boot is stomping on your face.

Lea's picture

"But "Greeks" as a collective means nothing (and is an evil concept)"

Why evil???? 

"therefore the only way to achieve liberty is not through a collective initiative (organized war, democracy, etc.) but through individual disengagement and resistance."

If you want it to work, it should be collective individual disengagement and resistance. If it's not collective, it's as useful as raking water uphill.
Individual action is guaranteed to fail. Why do you think it is so heavily promoted in the USA?

moonshadow's picture

upvote for you lea, 'tho you only picked out a couple things that he didnt make sense on. the craziest one was that individual not collective bs which is so not true, as you point out (most of his diatribe was ramblings with a few good points thrown in). however, i dont think individual action is 'heavily promoted' in the us as much as collective action is discouraged- but only if done by conservatives. if you are liberal or minority, or living off others then your group is encouraged to march, picket. lobby, etc. because your cause is just. because you are a minority so it just must be so. if you are traditional in any way then you are discouraged to collectively act (or demonized)because your ideas are proclaimed to be backward, ie- not progressive and enllightened. so you should just shut up and become more 'tolerant.' funny how the left tosses that tolerance aside when you disagree with Them!

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You've just madeDoug Casey's XMAS card list