$2800/Mth To Live In Oakland - Where Cops Say Don't Bother Calling If Your Car Is Stolen

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Over the last 5 years, rent costs in the city of Oakland have doubled. At $2,807 per month it more expensive to live in Oakland now than it was in SanFrancisco in 2012, so one would expect the city to have 'cleaned up', and 'be safer'? However, as SFGate reports, the city laid off 80 officers today to help eliminate a $30.5 million budget deficit, prompting the department to announce that officers would no longer be dispatched to take reports for most nonviolent crimes. "With current levels of staffing, we are unable to respond to many lower-priority calls," said Officer Jeff Thomason, a police spokesman.

Instead, Oakland residents now have to file certain crime reports online or visit a police station. Those without a computer can ask that a blank form be mailed to them or pick one up at a library.


Over the past two years, residents have been able to go to oaklandpolice.com and report lost property, theft, vandalism, vehicle burglary and vehicle tampering. In the past, however, people could ask for an officer to come take a report. That will no longer be the case.


By Aug. 2, Oakland police intend to expand the online system - called Coplogic - so residents can report seven other types of crimes, including residential burglaries in which the suspects aren't known.


"There will be no follow-up investigation and the primary purpose for filing the report is for insurance purposes," according to the department.

So don't bother calling the cops for the following crimes...Oakland police now ask residents to report online:

  • Lost property
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle burglary
  • Vehicle tampering

Other crimes that will be reported online starting Aug. 2:

  • Residential burglary
  • Identity theft
  • Annoying or harassing phone calls
  • Barking dogs
  • Restraining order violations
  • Court order violations
  • Runaways

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For $2,800 per month (double what it was 5 years ago) perhaps one should expect just a little more law and a lot more order...

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Actually, $2800 is a bargain:


Just wait till the dummies all run out of water and start moving inland and fking it up for the rest of us.  I have a place in a rural area i'm going to rent out in probably a year or so.  Maybe ill put an ad in Oakland "ready to retire? escape it all for only $2k per month". LOL.  Of course, I don't think any of them could ever handle living out here.

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I forgot to ask, what exactly do people do out there to afford that???  They can't all be business owners.

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How many Oakland voters,vote Rightwing?

Rep/Con/Teas need to demand more tax cuts & enjoy living there.

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Hide your kids, hide your wife
And hide your husband cuz they're rapin everybody out here

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High rent due to high property taxes - dumb fuck leftists always get the exact opposite results of their PC mandates.

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Well let's look at the positive side...less reporting will show less crime in the city...politicians will take credit..they decreased the police force and less crime occured ..so lt's time to cut more cops to get less crime...budget problem solved...

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Cutting the enforcer class?

Things must be getting really bad

They usually ditch the FSA first

But, the FSA is Federal, the police is municipal

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One of the (many) former police chiefs in Oakland was Anthony Batts.  You may recognize the name as being the chief in Baltimore when all the rioting went down.

Yes, he was just a effective a chief during his tenure in Oakland.

Amazingly enough, Oakland seemed poised to make a comeback when none other than Jerry Brown was Mayor there.  The streets were actually cleaner and, while it wasn't exactly peaceful, it wasn't a wild west show with seemingly daily gun battles on the streets and side shows every Friday night.  It went to hell when Ron Dellums got elected.  Dellums was just looking for a paycheck and was about as ineffectual a mayor as he was a legislator.  However, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the electorate voted to put ranked choice voting in place and the subsequent election for mayor saw the person that finished in third place in the original tally get the seat after the ranked choice voting algos kicked in.  The winner was Jean Quan, who made a name for herself while on the Oakland School Board for promoting the teaching of ebonics in Oakland public schools.  As Mayor, she ran through a number of police chiefs, essntially neutering them all if they tried to address what had become rampant crime under Dellums.  Fortunately, Quan was defeated at the last election and replaced by Libby Schaff.  Not sure how she's working out, but I don't think anyone could possible be worse than Dellums and Quan.

sfgate.com is a stepchild of the San Francisco Chronicle.  About the only good reporting they've done in recent decades is in regard to the fiasco that is the new eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.  Check it out for a case study on how CalTrans, the state's highway department, completely mismanaged this project to the point where structural engineers are seriously concerned that a moderate earthquake will cause it to collapse.

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I am paying 1500 a month to live in an area in AZ where I am somewhat unlikely to be murdered, which is only about 5 miles away from where I am likely to be murdered.  Makes me sick paying it but the rental market was impossibly tight in the more rural area I wanted to be in and the purchase market is asinine, so here I am.  I am watching a POS 70's house on the market for just under half a million... what a joke. 

I get out to have some drinks and eat decent food at a restaurant bar a couple times a month and I will usually chat with whoever since I don't know anybody, I have met quite a few intelligent Californians who fled because they were tired of that place and very much aware of what was wrong with it.   

You have to realize that some of us are more prone to risk taking than the average joe.  Some people must just have a harder time leaving all they know behind, which is probably why we are all sitting in the US-AKA the sinking ship.  We are all Californians now.

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buy a yurt, move to Pinetop.  buy a .22, learn to skin a rabbit and forget the rest of it

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California is the bellwether state. So one can reasonably assume that in the near future the USSA will be the HELL its architects had planned.

Thank Norbert Schlei if you could...

I always hear progressives say that the transformation of America is a GOOD thing, all those exotic cuisines, they usually also mention Asian cuisine, yum, yum, yes a BETTER America no doubt:

Eateries in Chinese town hold dog and cat meat festival

Thousands of dogs and cats slaughtered at China festival

"Sellers kept the dogs dozens to a cage before electrocuting and skinned them alive, before serving them with lychee."

Mexicans, who as Karl Rove and George W. Bush all assured us, are "natural conservatives" which is why in every poll Mexicans, in Mexico and US, and Asians for that matter, all say that guns for self-defense should be forbidden. They have created fake Catholic Saints which the new and modern RC Church says is just fine. Saints such as Santa Muerte, Saint Death, a wildly popular saint with Mexicans both in Mexico and the US and so many other saints such as one who was a murderer and a rapist of a little boy, yes all ready to vote GOP as soon as they can!!!

Safe Haven for Drug Kingpin El Chapo in Many Mexican Hearts

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The shooters were black the victims White girls.
Two White teen girls slaughtered in Oakland

Neighbors Grieve Over Deaths Of 2 Teen Girls In Oakland
November 28, 2012 11:38 PM Reporting Doug Sovern KCBS Channel 5

OAKLAND (KCBS) — Police have not named any suspects as they continued their investigation into the killing of two teenage girls in East Oakland early Sunday morning. Meanwhile, neighbors who knew the victims are consumed with grief.

Around 5:30 a.m. Sunday, 16-year-old Bobbie Sartain and her best friend, 15-year-old Raquel Gerstel, were gunned down near the corner of Minna and Brookdale avenues. Authorities said at least 36 bullets were fired.

Jed Hamilton, who lives across the street, was woken up by his mother during the gunfire. Hamilton and several other neighbors tried to help Sartain and Gerstel, but the pair died.

Three days after Sartain and Gerstel were killed, bullet holes from the shooting were seen on a parked car and the side of a house.

Police have not identified any suspects and are asking the public for help. Neighbors said they saw a white four-door Nissan Altima drive away around the time of the shooting.

When in beautiful Oakland stop by YOUR MUSLIM BAKERY where some of the workers shot dead a White fellow who was walking down the street in broad daylight, the bruthas had been chatting about snuffing Whitey and then one said, "There's one" BANG BANG! NOT a hate crime!

NO doubt both of these stories were well covered by national news, correct?

Just in case Katy Couric isn't chatting about the latest murders and rapes of White men, women, and children perhaps you need to keep up to date:

not a yahoo's picture

Condolences to mom's boyfriend and dad's girlfriend as well. It did not say there was a black shooter, are you leaning on demographics?

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I refer you to their arrest record from yesterday: http://www.sfgate.com/arrestrecords/oakland/


They clearly have way too many policeman. They're plenty busy busting people still for jaywalking, prostitution amongst consenting adults, public intox, ignoring a turn sign?, etc. Once those non-violent, victimless arrests are 0, then we can talk about how they're appropriate funded/staffed.

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The technies don't want to live in a garbage dump like San Jose, so they move to Frisco, and drive up the rents, and drive out the tenants, who move to Oakland and drive up rents there.   Meanwhile the Chinamen are laundering their money by buying real estate in the Bay Area and So Cal, driving home prices way up, which also jacks up rents.   Nobody wants to move because they are in either a rent-controlled apartment or are afraid to sell their house because they won't be able to afford to buy another one.   The city has to lay off cops because Prop 13 limits property tax.  Prop 13 only goes away when a house is sold.  It is a perfect storm of shit driven by socialist-progressive-liberal laws like rent control and Prop 13.  Eventually, when everything pops, the street criminals will be the only winners.  Basically Oakland has a sign out, "If you want to steal a car, come to Oakland".  Even the Chinks will get tired of that.  Oakland will become the new Detroit. 

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It probably didn't help that AZ put up billboards telling traveling illegals to head west because we had no benefits for them and California did, the one I saw actually gave directions.  Sorry about that.  If it makes you feel any better we have problems too.  My most recent favorite was a illegal hitting a family while high, he had already been deported 6 times.  For the record I like Mexicans just fine, this is out of control. 


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The way shrinking city budgets are impacting law enforcement agencies these days it won't be long before officers are only dispatched to "crimes in progress"  where injury or loss of life is involved.    

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if Californians were allowed to exercise thier 2nd Amendment Rights, they could self police.   Imagine it, citizens doing for themselves what theyused to rely upon a govt entity to do.  tears to the eyes...

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But you still get to pay for the government not doing it.

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I just remembered that long ago every time I had to go through Oakland I got lost because they couldn't build straight roads there. That was before GPS.

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Another aspect of the most fucked up state in the country. I can't believe I reside and do business here.

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My child ran away...I'll report it to the police over the internet.

Response will be equivalent to when I send my resume in response to a help wanted ad.

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"With current levels of staffing, we are unable to respond to many lower-priority calls," said Officer Jeff Thomason, a police spokesman.- Even at budget highs this has always been the case in California, so sad to report this is nothing new....

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OT: Old joke (not PC). Did you know the longest bridge in the world is the Oakland bay bridge?  It goes from Black Africa to Fairyland.