Bill Gross Explains (In 90 Seconds) How It's All A Big Shell Game

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"There is no doubt that the price of assets right now is a question mark... and ultimately when Central Banks stop manipulating markets where that price goes is up for grabs... and probably points down"


As Gross tweeted...

This clip carries a public wealth warning...


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This guy is a genious, now I know why people let him manage their money.

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The man has the balance of a circus rope walker, managing the largest long bond fund on one hand while dumping all bonds on the other.

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He's either a genius or he reads Zero Hedge.

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he reads zero hedge. who does he have for staff at this point? one of the posters here is my guess.
he is fumbleing for ways to donate money, it is fun to give away money as you walk around in the real regular world, which I suppose he does not do.
why does he not talk about the bright future of the dollar?

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He's been a genious for a long time.  

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My pea goes down as well! 

Unless I am having a good day :) 



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That was the first time I watched cnbc in years.

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When central banks stop manipulating markets?  When is that going to be and how will he/we know?

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They take a dump, and don't come back for a long time.

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When central banks stop manipulating markets? When is that going to be and how will he/we know?

Once they start they almost never stop until it explodes in an end game similar to what is playing out in Venezuela right now.  That's why it's called "QE to infinity" 

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He is short, he is a loser, shell game or not.  

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Very rich loser.

And the markets are a .gov sanctioned and supported three card monti scamming folks all day, every day.

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"ultimately when Central Banks stop manipulating markets where that price goes is up for grabs... and probably points down"


Damn Bill you made a funny! Central Banks stop!

That may happen...When hell freezes over, crackes and falls into the abyss of eternity!

And not one day sooner...Bitch!

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...when Central Banks stop manipulating markets


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I feel his passport will soon have to be cancelled and Bill will need to go to a re-education camp, so that he can see the blessings of living in Amerika.

goldman58's picture

Dont you mean -

'The Peoples Republic of AmeriKa'?

goldman58's picture

Dont you mean -

'The Peoples Republic of AmeriKa'?

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Since I'm early on the board, serious question...

My dad works for ExxonMobil. He's 61, can retire, and whatnot. All of his 401k is EOM stock. So, what should he do? Should he stick with the company, and continue to have a steady paycheck that is still pulling a nice chunk of change, or retire, and cash out?

Honest help is really appreciated!

HandyCrapper's picture

I smell an Enron moment coming for your daddy. All his 401(k) in Exxon!

TruthHammer's picture

keep working to make money as long as it pays well.

definitely diversify.  i'd sell it all personally, which I doubt he would, but I am sure you can convince him to at least diversify.  As you get close to retirement, you shouldnt want 100% equity, even if you believe mainstream economic points of view, let alone all in on one stock.  recipe for disaster when hard times come.

wcvarones's picture

They don't allow him to diversify his 401k while he's still working?

That's insane and I have a hard time believing that's the case.

sprintjump's picture

I think there is some diversification options into bonds, but I believe it is pretty limited.

daveO's picture

Keep working. Will be laid off at anytime.

Raging Debate's picture

Sprintjump - This isnt a lot of information to make a serious recommendation. Does your Dad even want to retire? 61 isnt that old, does he have hobbies or other goals to keep him busy? How comfortable will he be for the next 25 years or so he is alive on a pension, investments and SS?

bahaar's picture

IMHO oil is down because of excessive supply by the Saudis despite worldwide deflation.  Increased output (Saudis have actually increased their pumping) despite lesser demand.  Just politics.  That said I seriously doubt technology is at a stage where alternative energy can replace oil.  Most of our energy needs are still met by oil.  There's no alternative energy which is as cheap or as efficient.    

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@sprintjump Google a thing called "Net Unrealized Appreciation."  Sometimes it is better to distribute company stock to a non-qualified account and pay long term cap gains vs. ordinary income.  Taxes are calculated on the cost basis of the shares.  Or, tell him to go see a CFP.

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XOM is going to take itself private in the next few years IMHO. I woild hold the stock.

TeethVillage88s's picture

You Dumb Ass. You blew all your Credibility on ZH.(sorry)

I will still respect you without fucking you, but my harsh words might be just from the fact that I have been drinking.

- Yes, Sell the XOM Stock
- He doesn't need to worry about stocks in his Retirement, even though his is an expert of a sort in Oil stocks, just get rid of the risk and unknown by selling XOM

- Retirement is about Mental Condition
- Is your father depressed, obsessed, or uncomfortable working at Exxon?
- Look if his job is killing him, there is another life waiting for him outside of Exxon, but... you have to know that retirement from career is often associated with death
- Maybe you should force your father into classes or seminars or therapy of some kind if he has spend 20 years or more in the military or the oil corporation... the classes can help him to find his soul or his other interests before he feels alone and a failure...

Edit: Sorry was drinking at the time. Others have posted better remarks before me,... and I edited the Acronym for Exxon in my post.

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This guy is just gross.

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So long as Governments can continue to buy financial assets with tax receipts from the future, everything is going to be okay - 

redd_green's picture

with tax reciepts. .... And MONEY CREATED FROM NOTHING... Look at the price of food, or health care, or repairs on your house or car...

wcvarones's picture


"when Central Banks stop manipulating markets"

That's a good one! You're killing me, Bill!

Wahooo's picture

The charter of any central bank is to manipulate markets. That's why they are created. What don't they get?

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Alex, I can name that song in 3 seconds.

Magooo's picture

Pee in the pot.   Always

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CBs stop manipulating when they commit reserves to IMF, and get drawing rights to SDR. are they sovereign assets? if the fed is independent i would say not, and the fed would get really powerful despite dancing to the IMFs tune, which is largely controlled by the US. the virtuous circle of Treasury, Fed and Banks, to perform monetization of debt gets a little more complicated. what happens when the fed tries to buy assets (QE) with allocated SDRs? will the IMF be okay with it? the SDR will replace the (petro) dollar, how do these SDRs juice the market higher. Gross just isnt telling you everything. if the Fed is not independent, the conversion will be pretty seamless, and that is the truth. the us government is manipulating markets, and janet just works for them.


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Am I the one who needs to point out that he has been perhaps the worst bond manger in the world the last 3 years? 

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P-E-A...?? Apparently the host doens't know that pea is a word. PEA is not an acronym for price... LMAO

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Right ! What a loud mouthed jerk.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Sally play sea shells by the sea shore.

I'm pretty sure Bill Gross isn't doing all he can with his wealth and Influence to change or Reform the System.

FUCK Bill Gross.

I don't Like to Cuss or use bad words. But the USA has been lost to Wealthy Interests of which Bill Gross is now a part.

--- Teeth's US Dream Anthem --

- It is 1 Minute to Midnight: Neo-Feudal Debt Slavery & nuke war
- Problem is Bankers, Politicians, Lawyers, Judges, Chamber of Commerce Lobby
- Failure of Self Regulation of Bankers, Politicians, Lawyers & Judges
- US Constitution is Usurped, Gone are Budget Powers, Legislative Powers, War Powers
- Money has taken over the Government, Banking, Universities, Science
- American Dream is over, Corruption is the same in all Countries now
- Old American Dream may serve as basis for new Country someday

--- Teeth's US Dream Anthem --

Progress looks like this so far:

- Agrarian & Pagan
- Peonage
- Feudalism & Militarism
- Corporatism
- Peonage Again, Debt Serfs, Indentured Servants

In Feudalism three estates of the realm: the nobility, the clergy, and the peasantry bound by manorialism... in Inverted Totalitarianism we just Expand the Estates with the Press(MSM), the Wealthy & Lobbyists(foreign & Domestic), and Complicate things with Social Engineering, Propaganda, Control of Information & Data Gathering, and Domestic Spying and hidden power over people through coercion and blackmail and ambition to keep job and get promotions and bonus money since all are debt slaves(90%).

goldman58's picture

Unfortunately when the music stops there are going to be about 312 million Americans left standing without a chair

But the manipulators will have one .......................

goldman58's picture

Unfortunately when the music stops there are going to be about 312 million Americans left standing without a chair

But the manipulators will have one .......................

MrVincent's picture

Say what you will about Bill Gross. He wrote an editorial circa 2005 warning about the credit bubble. 

Boubou's picture

Say what you like about Bill Gross, this isn't the first time he has spelled out an inconvenient truth about his industry.  He made the cnbc pumper like like a jerk.

A public figure who seems to be speaking honestly - he must be sick or on something- that doesn't happen.

Look, what he said is not exactly good sales material for his or any other fund. Three thumbs up.

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Unbeknownst to the perpetrators, it is really a game of guillotines.

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission..

Ness.'s picture

Say, that reminds me.  Did you know that...

In a recent interview with ESPN's Gary Miller, Chicago Cubs outfielder Moises Alou revealed that during baseball season he urinates on his hands to toughen them up. Alou, one of the few major leaguers who doesn't wear gloves while batting, is backed up by Yankees catcher Jorge Posada, who says, "You don't want to shake my hand during spring training."

Hey Bill?  Don't pea on me and tell me it's raining.  

JD59's picture

Of course everything is manipulated with FIAT crap currency, And it won't change until Gold & Silver are backing a paper currency.

idontcare's picture

Saw that interview live today on CNBC.  Sullivan finally exposed himself to be as much of a moron as his usual sidekick "Mandy".

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Central banks and large financial institutions will NEVER stop manipulating.  They make too much money doing so, and have no reason to stop until they see the guillotines.

But sheeple are now too stupid to do that, so humans are finished.