Hackers Claim John McCain Knew ISIS Execution Videos Were Staged

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In a rather stunning note, CyberBerkut, a Ukrainian group of hackers, claims to have hacked John McCain’s laptop while he was in the Ukraine, and as Techworm reports, what they have released from his June visit appears to be a fully staged production of an ISIS execution video...


As Techworm reports, according to the hackers, they broke into the laptop of one of the American politicians, Senator McCain and after found a video with staged IS execution, which they decided to show to the world community.

It so happened that Senator John McCain had visited Ukraine on a official visit somewhere in the first week of June 2015. The hacktivists belonging to CyberBerkut somehow managed to access his laptop.

Here is what CyberBerkut said to John McCain...

“We CyberBerkut received at the disposal of the file whose value can not be overstated!


Dear Senator McCain! We recommend you next time in foreign travel, and especially on the territory of Ukraine, not to take confidential documents. In one of the devices of your colleagues, we found a lot of interesting things. Something we decided to put: this video should become the property of the international community!

According to the hackers, they broke into the laptop of one of the American politicians, Senator McCain and after found a video with staged IS execution, which they decided to show to the world community.

The video they released is below..

From the video it can be seen that the entire set including the hostage is stage managed.  An actor dressed as an executioner of IS is holding a knife to behead the prisoner, and the “victim” depicts to be suffering.

It may be recalled that IS have been repeatedly publishing the videos of the executions of hostages and if this video is true, the victims may in fact be alive.

The authenticity of this video has not been independently verified.

*  *  *

Metabunk.org has attempted to debunk the hacker's claims...

The video shows a very brightly lit stage with simulated desert floor and a greenish backdrop. A film crew and multiple lights surround the stage, but they are strongly backlit. The video has no audio, and is very low resolution so no details can be made out. The kneeling man wears a head cover, to suggest that the head could be replaced by a computer generated image, or separately recorded video.


The video appears to be an attempt to replicate one of the "Jihadi John" beheading videos of 2014. In particular it appears to be an attempt to replicate the video of James Foley. None of those videos show actual beheadings, and instead show Jihadi John sawing at the neck with no apparent blood, and then they cut to a shot of a decapitated head posed on top of a body. This led to speculation that the videos were faked.


However we can tell it is not a video of the faking of any of the Jihadi John videos for a number of reasons.


*  *  *

While it is easy to point the finger at the pro-Russian hacker collective (and consider their motives in damaging US - especially McCain - influence) and deny the video's truth, one can't help but wonder - given just how well produced the final videos were in many cases, just who is behind the scenes of the widely known to be funded by US sources ISIS... just another conspiracy theory?

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Soul Glow's picture

It's McCain's version of porn.

InjectTheVenom's picture

well, if Ukranian hackers claim something, it's gotta be true . . . . .

Bumpo's picture

John McCain  -  My Hero !

max2205's picture

Damn it John never go full jeehadd 

El Oregonian's picture

Songbird singing as usual. This turd of a bird needs to be thrown in the deepest, darkest hell-hole man can devise.

Paveway IV's picture

"...CyberBerkut release a video from Senator McCain’s Laptop which alleges IS executions are stage managed..."

This is bullshit. John McCain... laptop? [snort!]

They don't make vacuum-tube laptops, nor would that little Israeli bitch John McCain have any idea how to use one.

That fucking traitorous geezer still uses a rotary-dial cell phone, for Christ's sake.

PrayingMantis's picture



... John Sidney McCain the Turd ...

knukles's picture

Another Conspiracy Theory becomes Conspiracy Fact and or a Theory or Fact unless it's a Fact but not a Theory until Proven otherwise, equally.
I give up.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

I'd give 'Ukranian hackers' the benefit of the doubt over mccain or the pentagram anyday, but that isn't saying much. I'd trust just about anyone or anything over mccain or the pentagram.

MsCreant's picture

Fuckin' easy ain't it?

If they are innocent here, they still earned it by lying about every other GODDAMN thing.

TeamDepends's picture

YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO COMMENT. Thank you sir, may I have another?

invisible touch's picture
invisible touch (not verified) TeamDepends Jul 30, 2015 2:02 AM

this info is like 2 weeks old now.... wtf ZH !!?

TruxtonSpangler's picture

My first thought. What are we paying ZH for anyway??

New England Patriot's picture

Jihadi John actually quit ISIS because the lighting guy was talking during his scene. 

V in PA's picture

The assumption Metabunk makes is that this is video of the final presentation that we all saw (comparing final product to a work in progress is irresponsible). Who's to say this isn't the clip that ended up on the cutting room floor.

Bunghole's picture

If you're paying for ZH, you're doing it wrong.

JuliaS's picture

I doubt John McCain knows how to use a laptop.

Wary Hanger's picture
Wary Hanger (not verified) JuliaS Jul 30, 2015 2:39 AM

Prolly doesn't even know how to GET a laptop with a stack of $1 bills

Boomberg's picture

They claim to have accessed a colleague of McCain's laptop. Senators do not travel alone. They take an entourage of NSA and CIA spies disguised as administrative staff. 

MsCreant's picture

Dis is dis-dis-dis-disinformation. 

John may have had integrity at one time, I don't know. I KNOW he sucks now. Politics rotted his heart and brain.

Bomb Iran! You're a man. If you caaaaan. Bomb Iran. 

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. 


I don't love Iran's culture but FUUUCK, when you install a ruler, don't be shocked when they resent it and rebel. Don't hate them for doing something about it.

More balls than us.

Urban Roman's picture


Evil Peanut's picture

metabunk's claim that due to the lighting being unsimilar then its faked however the video is based on a crappy low quality phone capture source.

why anyone would put any value in metabunk's opinion in the first place is beyond me


in any event watch this video - JFK to 911 Everything is a rich mans trick



DC Exile's picture

Bingo! I work on sets in Los Angeles several times a week. Lighting is continually being adjusted and multiple takes are done.

Any disimilarity can simply be a moment in time. Clearly these "snuff" videos are made with high production values. Any "debunking" by citing supposed lighting inconsistencies is silly. I mean, there's a fucking "green screen" for God's sake...that's how Hollywood creates and augments "fake reality."

The bigger question: will this garner any further attention? McCain afterall is the guy who has been pressing the overthrow of Assad and funding of the so-called rebel groups, ie. terroists and ISIS from the beginning. The guy is a sick fuck and needs to be exposed.

Freddie's picture

No.  Never had integrity.  His old man admiral McCain sold out the USS Liberty and recalled F4 Phantom fighter bombers scrambled to protect and save the USS Liberty.   He then had the US Navy slow sail to the USS Liberty.  The first ship to stop to try to help dying AMERICAN sailors were the Russians.

F the McCain clan.  His grandfather was also an admiral.  the scum family has been selling out AMERICAN sailors and soldiers for 60+ years to MIC and a certain small country who murdered the USS Liberty crew.

Charming Anarchist's picture


"Yes, son..."

The Doors

bamawatson's picture

i think by now most people know of incompetent mclame causing the damaging fire on the uss forestall; and that he was separated from the genral population as a pow; and that he sold out his fellow Americans. until recently, i understood his mangled arm was due to abuse as a pow. but no, no, poor incompetent traitor johnboy's arm injury is a result of his inability to properly use his parachute --- got his arm tangled up. pure loser from get to go

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

as a viet nam vet, i can vividly remember John Mccain and john kerry, going into cambodia on a cia mission they both got cia ball caps for their bravery while fucking little lao boys in bordellos across cambodia..to be serious I would piss on both of them.

Socratic Dog's picture

But, but... he's a hero! The MSM told me so!

1033eruth's picture

He's been coasting his entire political life on the rubes considering him a hero simply because he was captured.  Calling it bullshit like courage, blah, blah, blah.  Survival instinct is not courage, its instinct.  The rubes are so amazingly, easily bamboozled with the military hero bullshit plus he's a super geezer which appeals to the seniors.  

He was one of the Keating Five in the Lincoln Savings and Loan crisis and the voters forgot ALLLLLLL about that after just a few short years and started chanting hero, all over again.  

Americans are dumb as a box of rocks, their collective memories last a few minutes and that everybody in the military is a hero meme is engraved between their ears.  Its not so much the traitors and backstabbers that are at fault for this countries plight.  You can't change a scorpions nature.  Its the walking zombies that refuse to start thinking for themselves.  Its America itself that is plagued and cannot recover. 

Urban Roman's picture

a decision was made to pull it

Freddie's picture

You Tube regularly pulls any videos that point out Rita Katz faked green screen ISIS fako beheading videos.

BTW - WTF is with ZH and flash plus Mozilla. Constantly crahsing and endless BS.  I download gostery and other plugs in then have to refresh Mozilla and lose all of those plug ins.   ZH is getting almost unusable.

omniversling's picture

Apparently you know too much about Rita Katz, that makes you a POI. "Our ability to find jihadist materials so quickly doesn't come from luck," Katz told Reuters. "Tracking them is a science."

"Founded by Katz, SITE has built up more than a decade of experience tracking extremist groups online for clients including government agencies of the United States and other governments, private firms and media outlets."


Remove fake update Flash Player or Java pop-up virus


Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Yeah, I don't know how anyone can use ZH without some kind of script blocker or ad blocker. It's like surfing with the WWWYZZERDD around here...


SheHunter's picture

ZH began the downhill slide when it affiliated itself with ABC Entertainment.  The loss of quality has continued ever since.  I used to spend some good hours reading this website and the thoughts of readers.  Now I daily take a few minutes scanning headlines and trying to dodge the pop-ups and audio BS ads. The entire site has taken on a national enquirer glitter.  Flash and no substance.  Hey owners.  Have you made enough fucking money you could just possibly back off a little on the ad barrage?  Just sayin;….

McCormick No. 9's picture

Right on. About the time "they" booted Francis Sawyer, this site has gone into the shitter. I hardly even comment any more, or read many articles. Even this is old news, and the spin- "Hacked Videos Showing Faked Beheadings Faked" betrays where ZH is coming from these days. I wouldn't come here at all if it weren't for AdBlocker.

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Time for the zerohedgers to migrate to a new site.  Any suggestions?

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I installed Adblocker+ and it changed my whole 0Hedge experience.

booboo's picture

"In one of the devices of your colleagues, we found a lot of interesting things. Something we decided to put: this video should become the property of the international community!

this was in the above article

YHC-FTSE's picture

I agree he is probably a Luddite, but the hackers did say, "In one of the devices of your colleagues" so it's not his laptop.

Anyway, if it doesn't match any of the videos released by ISIS, then it's more fuel for the debunkers and the msm. If it does match one of them, then this is one of the biggest stories ever in geopolitics, confirming most of what the alternative press has been saying for years. I'm not too hopeful about the latter unfortunately.

McCain is a proven warmongering criminal bastard and that fact that does not need to be embellished with stunts of this kind (If it is a stunt).

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Fuel for the "debunkers"... hmmm... I wonder who would be interested in giving them fuel? The same people who created ISIS? Nah...

Paveway IV's picture

I'm seriously disappointed in the Metabunk.org guys this time around.

They mysteriously attribute this video (real or not) as an attempt to replicate the Foley video, and then go on to 'debunk' it. The mere fact of the wrong sun angle should have suggested a quite different event being staged than the Foley video - in fact, anything BUT the Foley video.

So while they were quite successful in 'debunking' it, they assumed the wrong beheading to begin with was being staged. It's like debunking the Apollo lunar landing by 'proving' it didn't happen on Mars... Gee, thanks, I guess. There's a number of other weak claims in their article - all in all, disappointing for the otherwise good work Metabunk usually puts out.

Matabunk's misdirected debunking says nothing as to the origin or authenticity of the studio video, but that's the point. It might be fake or not, but I think Metabunk failed to make their case (aside from it NOT being the Foley video, which was quite obvious anyway).

At the very least, Metabunk could have mentioned the British issue desert high tops that Jihadi John is wearing. Not sure of all the details, but British soldiers have specifically pointed out a number of fake ISIS vidoes where the black-clad terrorists were consistently wearing a specific model of desert boot that was quite recognizable to them.

Citxmech's picture

I call bullshit.  Why fake a video?  These clowns do real false flags all the time.  They don't care about spilling real blood.

shovelhead's picture

They buy their Clarkes online at Zappos.

Even Jihadi's like the prices and the free return policy of Zappos.

The renegade jihadis like the Wallabees rather than the desert boots. More comfort from the gum rubber soles while chasing virgins to sell  over the rocky terrain.

The casual smart look goes well with the beheading gear.

Implied Violins's picture

Mick West is a motherfucking government shill. Anyone relying on anything from that site as 'proof' against a so-called 'conspiracy' is an idiot (and the same with 'AboveTopSecret' - they have been shown to be receiving funds from the CIA).

The government always plays both sides of the game...what is that quote, 'we always lead every revolution against us.' They do the same with everything. They set the policy, pay so-called 'experts' to back it, then they *also* set up total wack jobs who argue against them - but so poorly that the opposition can easily be discounted. Then, anyone with real info that disproves the government side can just be lumped in with the whack jobs, and discredited. Easy as pie.

dark pools of soros's picture

it could be one of many many takes.. not sure why no one else understands that..



Freddie's picture

ZH is almost useless with Flash problems. Totally sucks. Here is my favorite Rita Katz phony green screen video.  The drowning cage probably with the help of Dreamworks and Katzenberg.


The pilot being burned to death is a another good one.

My guess is Ritz will next have a tie with the new Jurassic Park remake where a ISIS dinosaur eats some hapless journalist.