Venezuela Increasingly Looks Like A War Zone

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Over the years, we have repeatedly poked fun at the transformation of Venezuela into a "socialist utopia" - an economy in a state of terminal collapse, where the destruction of the currency (one black market Bolivar is now worth 107 times less than the official currency's exchange rate) and the resulting hyperinflation is only matched be barren wasteland that local stores have transformed into now that conventional supply chains are irreparably broken.

Just this past Wednesday we showed a clip of what is currently taking place inside Venezuela supermarkets, noting that "the hyperinflationary collapse in Venezuela is reaching its terminal phase. With inflation soaring at least 65%, murder rates the 2nd highest in the world, and chronic food (and toilet paper shortages), the following disturbing clip shows what is rapidly becoming major social unrest in the Maduro's socialist paradise... and perhaps more importantly, Venezuela shows us what the end game for every fiat money system looks like (and perhaps Janet and her colleagues should remember that)."


Unfortunately, while mocking socialist paradises everywhere is a recurring theme especially once they have completely run out of other people's money to burn through, what always follows next is far less amusing - complete social collapse, with riots, civil war and deaths not far behind.

That is precisely what the video shown below has captured. In the clip, a demonstration against Venezuela's poor transportation services quickly turned violent. End result: one person dead from a gunshot wound, more than 80 arrested and four shops looted on the Manuel Piar Avenue in San Felix.

What is most distrubing is how comparable to an open war zone what was once a vibrant, rich and beautiful Latin American country has become.

This is just the beginning: with the ongoing collapse of the economy, the resultant acts of social violence will only deteriorate and claim more innocent lives, until the "socialist utopia" ends as it always does: with the arrival of a military coup or a full blown civil war.

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Looks like South side of Chicago or North side of Milwaukee

I_rikey_lice's picture

"Looks like South side of Chicago or North side of Milwaukee"

Well, I got the shit kicked out of me in Wisconsin once

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when people have nothing left to lose, they lose it... G. Celente

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In a socialist system, shelves go empty because no one produces.

In a capitalist system, shelves stay full and product expires because no one can afford the product, and the product ends up in landfills.

Why are we stuck with these 19th Century pre-industrial revolution economic debates?  Both systems are catastrophic failures and need 21st Century thinking to solve 21st Century problems.

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"Why are we stuck with these 19th Century pre-industrial revolution economic debates? "

Populaces are languishing under 19th Century or earlier power structures dominated predominantly by 19th Century or earlier political and monied interests that have no interest in the general populaces -only in perpetuating their political and rentier fiefdoms.

The fact is: neither Socialism or Capitalism has actually been implemented anywhere.  These terms are used to bamboozle people into thinking that something different is being implemented and that their political and economic decisions are actually unique and self determined.

Socialism doesn't exist: Oligarchy/Neo-feudalism does.

Capitalism doesn't exist: Oligarchy/neo-feudalism does.

Strip either of their exteriors and down to function, and you see that nothing resembling either of the claimed political systems actually exists in function in either case...

Large concentrations of political or economic power tend to work towards further consolidation.

What is required is de-consolidation, smaller and less powerful government and corporate organizations.

Divest power.  'Roll your own'.   Fuck tha powleece.   Down with 'authority.     Etc...


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< Detroit.

< Venezuela.


Which looks worse?

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Detroit doesn't have 20,000 Cuban troops protecting the glorious leader and keeping him in power.

0b1knob's picture

Cubans?  Amatuers.   Mugabe in Zimbabwe has North Korean troops to keep him in power.

conscious being's picture

Hey, keep it in perspective. Occupied Washington has a huge security apparatus. More than 20,000 I'm sure. Even The <privately owned> Federal Reserve has their own police force.

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Money Counterfeiter (not verified) conscious being Aug 1, 2015 11:50 PM

9 Doctor is a paid spammer, ignore the idiot.

Keyser's picture

I've been kicking around South America long enough to remember when Colombia was dangerous as hell and Venezuela was a paradise... Today, the opposite is true... Funny how shit happens... 


Scooby Dooby Doo's picture

Looks like a bunch of blacks and hispanics.

"People are starving-walk through a supermarket."

Starving? They look well fed to Scooby, just a bunch of ghetto people doing their thing.

Maybe Obama will invite a few of them to the Whitehouse to play some ball with the Chief Socialist. You know, show the world he be down wit dat.

Scooby Dooby Doo's picture

Memphis police officer shot/killed last night. Traffic stop.

Hey thanks Federal Government for creating an environment where the people who protect us from the real terrorists, Obama's sons and daughters, are routinely killed.

Yea America.

I want a job where I can go to work each day with my hands tied behind my back by the Federal Government, and have their FSA shoot at me. Yes sounds nice. $35k per year? Perfect.

RevIdahoSpud3's picture

Detroit may not have 20,000 Cuban troops protecting the glorious leader but they have "enough" troops to protect whoever needs protecting. If they only have 50 with radio communications they can swell their ranks to 3000, 15,000 or 300,000 in a matter of hours and have any equipment neccessary to do the job. Detroit or anywhere USSA has nothing on Venezuela at this moment. Shelves are full, Costco has "fresh" seafood/beef, gas is lower now than two years ago and fat women ride around on electric carts in Wal-Mart spending their SNAP debit cards. When Detroit and everywhere else hits Venezuela economic levels then run the smart lip comments.

Money Counterfeiter's picture
Money Counterfeiter (not verified) RevIdahoSpud3 Aug 1, 2015 11:47 PM

Detroit went tits up when Colman Young was elected.  It looks like Beruit-1975

Four chan's picture

im coming to you from detroit and i can tell you black criminality and democratic rule for 40+ years created this shithole. beware of these two things.

new game's picture

its all in the culture, trace it back to its origin.

rowanda, chop.chop for example.

take any race.

german, snuff, snuff

huimans of all races have same problem- power hungry sociopaths amoungst.

but some races are definitely better suited to form govs that actually

dignify the individual with rights, but they NEVER last long. 

in general, moar intellect = moar freedom


Lord Koos's picture

Right -- because capitalist offshoring of manufacturing had nothing to do with where Detroit ended up. 

N2OJoe's picture

Actually that is right. If the oligarchs weren't busy taxing, regulating, and monopolizing everything to death, then we could be much more competetive with the rest of the world and slash our production costs exponentially.

fattail's picture

Last i saw they were down about 30% to around 900 cops in detroit for a city of 700,000.

38BWD22's picture



Both Detroit and Venezuela elected their leaders.  It looks like the majority in many places fall for the old free stuff promises, make The Rich pay.

Four chan's picture

this is chave's deal or was right? what happened to all that oil money? cant we buy their oil and get them some cash? too simple?

The Merovingian's picture

We tried that, don't you remember Citgo gas at every 7-11? 7-11 dumped them in late 2006 because Chavez was stirring the pot on El Bushee.

CheapBastard's picture

<< murder rates the 2nd highest in the world >>


2nd to Detroit, NYC, LA, Chicago, Baltimore, Ferguson, ....

Dubaibanker's picture

Don't worry folks! Superman from China is here to help Venezuela.

I don't believe US ever did anything like this to help ANY nation. It is a deep pockets thing, US won't get it because they have all the debt while China has all the cash! :)

But yeah...US did place sanctions on Venezuela to be a party spoiler instead of helping the poor brethren of Venezuela! LOL (Humanity has really left this planet totally)

All the information below and billions were sent by China just in the last 1 year....

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

Meanwhile, America keeps riding on its high horse while removing its own sanctions on Iran and Cuba that have failed after so many decades! Everyone knows sanctions don't work!

What will America do next? Place sanctions on Vatican with 500 citizens or maybe Pitcairn Islands with just 50 citizens, just to show that they have might? I am sure that's coming next and US Congress will surely pass it unanimously.....:)

Venezuela receives $5 billion funding from China as part of Joint Chinese-Venezuelan Fund

Why China Just Made A $20B Investment In Venezuela 

 China signed high speed rail deals with Turkey, Venezuela and Argentina and in serious talks with India and Russia

 China, Venezuela pledge to deepen win-win cooperation innext decade

 Venezuela receives first batch of military vehicles from China

 Venezuela, China strike deal to build 1,500 schools

 China to work with Venezuelan government to build three cement plants

Chinese company to build new residential zones in Venezuela

Yutong is to Build Bus Assembly Factory in Venezuela 

Venezuela will build new satellite with Chinese help

China’s Gezhouba Group wins 4 electricity contracts in Venezuela 

China Digital TV Wins Tender from Venezuela's CANTV 

Even the Iranians are helping.

Iran gives Venezuela $500 million credit line 

Four chan's picture

obama took a trip and did a lot of golfing, that counts right?

Dubaibanker's picture

Depends on who won! Obama seems like a sore loser! 

Maybe Maduro beat him and has a better handicap which is why Obama sanctioned the entire nation upon his return from the golf course! :)

ebear's picture

"A friend in need is a friend indeed!"

The world is quickly running out of Socialist Paradises with which to show your solidarity.

skipjack's picture

China "gave" money ? No, China bought resources for pennies on the dollar - where do you think all the oil money has gone ? Into the pockets of the Venezuelan leaders and their security forces. Same old story.

Dubaibanker's picture

Where do you think oil money goes in each country? It's the same. Whether Nigeria or Iraq or Venezuela....corruption is worse than Ebola! It never goes away in the best of nations!

China is spreading the wealth and creating equality, as far as I can see, without interfering in the internal politics of every country because every country has the right to have its own political systems which are unique for their own situation and population and social systems.

No external force should come and preach any nation on how they should run their country! We are diverse and let diversity be there and not make everything homogenous, which is what the problem of the world has become. We read the same stuff, wear the same clothes, eat the same has become useless to even travel nowadays!

Scooby Dooby Doo's picture

Hello My Dubaibanker Friend.
Do I detect a tone of jealousy?

Do You Want to Sing Along with Scooby?

Dubaibanker's picture

Would love to sing along with you Scooby, my dear friend!

I aint no jealous, it is what it is! US is toast under its heavy debt burden and is behaving like fish without water....

Who would I be jealous against?

I am just stating the facts as they are and opine on a few things based on the facts!

I was being cheeky, not jealous!

StychoKiller's picture

"The purpose of a System is what it does." -- "Have Fun at Work"

withglee's picture

The fact is: neither Socialism or Capitalism has actually been implemented anywhere.

You gotta love these "it just hasn't been done right yet" arguments.

What is required is de-consolidation, smaller and less powerful government and corporate organizations.

I agree. But why don't they form naturally? We just continually ramp up through consolidation ... then fracture in a catastrophic event ... and do it again, over and over and over again.

estebanDido's picture

Mr Tyler keeps saying that Vnzla has a socialist system but he fails to recognize that the entire economy is in the hands of the same old olygarchs that kept the country poor for a century. The current gov has not been able to start producing anything (shame on them) and the old guard is very happy with this. 

Divine Wind's picture



"Both systems are catastrophic failures....."

Bullshit. You are either a liberal or have failed in life.

The capitalist system, in it's purest form, works just fine.

Elderly and physically incapable aside:

If you don't work, you don't eat. Period. We will carry you for a short time, but you will be required to step up or go hungry.

If you make lousy choices in life, you live with them. Failure in life IS AN OPTION. The world also needs ditch diggers.

If you make lousy business decisions, the enterprise should be allowed to fail.

There is no such thing as FAIR. Nothing in life is fair.

If you can't afford it, don't buy it on credit.

Work hard and stay out of debt.

If you can't afford a family, don't start one.

Sometimes you have to work 2-3 jobs you HATE in order to afford your lifestyle, and family.

Think long and hard before casting votes for idiots who look good on late night television.

Think long and hard before casting votes for carrear politicians who have no experience in the real world.

Corrupt politicians should be jailed, not voted back into office.

This list can go, but you may get the point.

An ethical society can flousirsh under capitalism.

When liberalism sets in, it should be stomped out like a roach. Violently.

Keep liberalism at bay, and all it's slippery forms, and capitalism will flourish.




ThroxxOfVron's picture

'The capitalist system, in it's purest form, works just fine. '


No one has ever seen Capitalism.

If we had Capitalism, and it worked; there wuld be no reason for people to commit crimes like manipulating every manner of trade via either government intervention or simple fraud.

Libor, Commodities, energy, fx, interest rates, and just about everything else has been manipulated and gamed.


You are not merely wrong; but, most obviously a total ass if you think that the comfort of your position has anything do with a personal superiority of intellect or will or ability..

You have clung to some game or another.  One rentier stream or fraud or another.  Old money/power or violence or the like.


There are very very few well-off people who can honestly claim to be even remotely self-made -or honest.

DaveA's picture

What we have, always and everywhere, is Darwinism. Sometimes it's a more individual Darwinism, like medieval England and the early United States, where idiots are allowed to fail, and their children either starve or get adopted by functioning families. Usually it's a more collective Darwinism, as in Venezuela, where the idiots are allowed to drag everyone else down with them.

Since no one wants capitalism aka individual Darwinism anymore, I present the three rules of surviving under socialism:

* Don't live in a city
* Don't live in a desert
* Know which weeds are edible

conscious being's picture

Dave, its like risk transfer. Eventually, all the risk has been transfered to the system and we have systemic risk and it all blows up.

RevIdahoSpud3's picture

I'm self made, all we need to establish is the definition of "well off". Here is where things get subjective. One person may need very little in worldly goods to be comfortable and someone else may not have enough regardless of how much they already have. No matter how wealthy one is and no matter at what age disease or other circumstances can change the playing field at any time. Personally speaking I'm wealthier now than I was 40 years ago...but...40 years ago I was healthier than I am now. So..what's the criteria? For most it's a moving target unless your George Soros, but then, is eating babies and drinking their blood an aquired taste or does it come naturally?

Not Goldman Sachs's picture

You did not build that school you were educated in. What roads did you take to get there? What force protected your rights?  

Self made on the backs of many.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Seriously? Piss off, Lizzie. Back in the days that schools actually educated children a co-op of neighbors would build it. That way they were all able to say self made. Look at a primer from that time and ask yourself why you aren't actually smarter than a fifth grader...

/Government is a necessary evil and should not be worshipped.

sun tzu's picture

So basically you're a loser and you blame capitalism for the actions of criminals. LOL

If capitalism works why are people committing crimes? You can't seriously be that fucking stupid. The system doesn't cause people to become sociopaths. 

ThroxxOfVron's picture

"So basically you're a loser and you blame capitalism for the actions of criminals. LOL

If capitalism works why are people committing crimes? You can't seriously be that fucking stupid. The system doesn't cause people to become sociopaths.  "


IF that is directed at me I will rebut.

There is little that can be defined as capitalism functioning in the United States or anywhere else on the planet..

There is NO broad systemic capitalist economic system in function anywhere.

There is plenty of crime, though, masquerading as captialism.

..& most of the purer expressions of capitalism are denounced as crime.

IMHO, captialism exists primarily/exclusively in grey/black markets such as the drug trade and prostitution, etc...


Capitalism sounds like an excellent idea.  I like the concept quite a bit more than most other theoretical economic systems I hear boadly discussed.  Maybe someone somewhere will actually implement it; but, we don't have it presently so arguing it's merit or lack thereof is rather ridiculous to me in the contest of assessing the politically manufactured economic and social destruction of Venezueala.

MsCreant's picture

As long as there is intervention in the markets, there is no capitalism. It is that simple.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Thank you

I don't have the stomach to respond to that avatar. Except with a kick to the g-string.

FreedomGuy's picture

Capitalism was pretty much the dominant force for about the first 400 years in America. This in a way includes the original Puritan attempt at collectivism which nearly killed them. At least it was voluntary and they changed it quickly.

By the 20th Century the usual elites were taking over and we get progressive-leftist ideas. Then elites create things like the Fed and assert the need for ever more policing functions. Drugs get outlawed and trade gets regulated and government favors were not far behind.


ebear's picture

All systems, by definition, have rules. Whether good or bad, those rules must somehow be enforced, which leads to the question: who enforces the rules, and who polices the enforcers, given that the power to do so ultimately makes THEM the enforcer.

It's a Prisoner's Dilemma where early defectors become the ultimate enforcers. This is true regardless of what system you try to implement, the only variable being the rate of decay once corruption inevitably sets in.

In short, the pursuit of narrow self-interest ultimately renders all systems unworkable and eventually leads to their demise.