This Is Your "New Economy": These 10 Startups Are Valued At $156 Billion On $4 Billion In Revenue

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If one had to summarize the "new economy", which supposedly this time is different than the last time the US had a "new economy", in just one chart, it would be the following one which lists the 10 biggest "unicorns", or startups worth more than $1 billion, a list headed by Uber (which last week reported its latest record valuation of $51 billion, up from $17 billion exactly one year ago), and continuing with names which are more a marketing gimmick than an actual business model.

A few quick observations: the top 10 highest valued companies have a combined private valuation of $156 billion, on just about $4 billion in revenues and employ a whopping 19.5 thousand people.

In other words, the universe's combined historical Price/Sales ratio is 39x and each employee is worth about $8,000,000.

Here's hoping to the absolutely astronomical growth that these privately priced to perfection companies will need in order to justify their ridiculous valuations... just as the Fed prepares to hike rates and lead to what many know, but won't admit, will be a recession in a few years (if one hasn't started already).

Source: Economist

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Your money is my money ....and money is ....your money...and's goooonnne.....Did you see that? It's gone! :)

Just like that!

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the entrie global economic system is a big joke

Everyone knows a RESET is due


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Square looks good to me.


Six times revenue is high for something so new, but perfectly sensible given the base rate is 0.25%

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Square is very handy for the table top/ flea businesses.

Fees are  insignificant if your crocheted afgans are moving.

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The first two ones I can see being valued like that, they actually provide value to the economy and are still growing rapidly.

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Revenue ??    Sheminue..

Get a clue..

This is not  even closely related to legit economics.

……… it is criminal financialization and the reason for the monstrous inequality  

It’s a german and jewish thing……


BTW.. in 1776, when the Founders declared Independence..; who owned England???


Google Rot Schild



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Those are just great companies. They are the wave of the future. We all know that one day they will actually be extremely successful and actually be worth that value. This is no bubble, this is just getting in early (sarcasm).

Buy silver y'all!

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A Hack Turns the Square Card Reader Into a Skimmer

1. We can turn a new Square Reader into a credit card skimmer in under 10 minutes - and it will still physically look exactly like a Square Reader. The attack allows malicious merchants to gather and subsequently sell user credit card information. This attack does not store swipes, but does store the victims credit card information.

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square will get bought.....  Paypal is the one that is in trouble, their 3% scam is due to get crushed by Crapple pay, google pay, etc......

Ebay also desperately needs a competitor.

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I have never undeerstood the valuation of stocks.. twenty times earnings is a fair value of a stock. WHY?  That means 19 levels of made up money. Crrazy. The whole thing is a giant Ponzi

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It's to do with positive carry.


If you borrow money at less than 5% then buying equities at less than 20 P/E has a positive carry.

Of course in reality the status quo changes all the time, so there is a risk that the earnings will fall, or that the price of the equity will change meaning you cannot recoup in full.


It is the interest rate that determines the valuation, because the interest rate determines the cost of capital.

The lower the cost of cpaital the greater the valuations.

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Interest rate is also, since rate is being manipulate downward, risk isn't being applied to capital appropriately. This creates crazy valuations and ultimately will end badly.

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The same logic is used for:

- 18 is perfect adult, but 17 is totally helpless child !!!!11!11!!!

- two dudes marrying is A-OK, but a dude wanting to marry two chicks is soooooo evil !!!!!1!!!!11!!!




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I figure I am going to ask every single woman in the world to marry me. Why not? Everything else in the world is upside down, backwards, and lacking any sense of a direction on a moral compass.

Standard Disclaimer: They can help me make the Guiness Book of World Records.


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Start with the rich ones...

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Excellent points Grinder74!  I always wondered about these too.  Whenever I mention, that we should legalize Polygamie (as next level of freedom), people look at me, like I mentioned fucking a dragon or something.  The very same people that approve gay marriage (which, personally I have nothing against - I am straight - but think that you should not stop here.  Rights are Rights!)


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Everything is upside down.  Look at the U.S. Drug War-TM.  that does nothing more than set up deep pocketed murders with global reach.  If a man wants to put another man inside him why can't a man put some smoke or whatever inside as well?  Just sayin.

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Mental illnesses don't have rights. Reassess your delusional beliefs.

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Maybe the lord will send death angels to kill every Progressive Democrat


Because thats what its going to take to give everyone else a shot



Now it all makes sense


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If every progressive Dumbocrat vanished, who would read the nightly news?

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Haha, I figured Amy sold her soul to get 15 min of fame. Guess not. Didn't she make a movie about how she's some kind of man killer? Right. You can get whatever you want if you're in the club.

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The reset is going to be painful and I get the feeling overpopulation won't be a problem in a few years.....

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What we really need is a reboot of

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Heyy mann, whatever works mann.

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The commodity in shortest supply in the whole world right now is

"good, real, cash-flowing collateral"


40:1 is a pretty damn good cash premium to pay for some crappy cash flow.

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But please, please, please don't buy physical gold and silver.

They are just pet rocks and door stops.

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shell co's for the HLS/NSA/CIA..think google/facebook is not run by them? then i got bridge somewhere to sell you.

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"..just as the Fed prepares to hike rates and lead to what many know, but won't admit, will lead to a recession in a few years (if one hasn't started already)."


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any rate hike = immediate collapse

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+1000   They might do a modest .25 or .5% bump but will immediately (< 3-6 months) bring it back down. Its laughable that any significant change in rates will occur.

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Doesn't matter. If they keep rates the same for a long enough time, there will be a collapse. They are better off raising them and then lowering them than going negative next time everything falls back to Earth. Or not. It doesn't matter. The bubble has been blown and there is no way to safely deflate it.

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A cat valued my startup at 1 treeellion dollars.

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I valued my cat's litter box at about the same...imagine the photo poops... i mean ops!

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It's different this time.

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Of those, Square is he only one that I woul risk money on. 

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Thats 'cos you're not HIP ! 

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Really? It's growth and actual market share is horrid. 

firstdivision's picture

Yes, but if you held a gun to my head and told me I have to play $10 on one, Square is the one I'd pick. 

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Square is good for the farmer's market I guess...

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