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Go F^*K yourselves NeoCons...

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Michael Ramirez continues to nauseate with his perfidious sanctimony.

Breaking treaties is a US tradition that goes back to the good old days.

The US violates its obligations under the Non Proliferation Treaty.

Iran does not violate its obligations under the Non Proliferation Treaty.

The sanctions against Iran are in violation of the UN charter.

Michael Ramirez paints lies for money.


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Is Kerry supposed to look like he is taking a leak? Guess so, never-mind.

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I read somewhere that the 'Kerry' family name was changed from the Jewish sounding 'Kohn' back in the late 1800's.  Just FYI.

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I've heard the same. And Kohn is Cohen is Is Cohn ...all meaning Priest/Rabbi/King (all the same in Judah ism)...

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Trump to Neocon: you are fired.

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one could hope but it would be dashed.  trump is a neocon (ditto obama and the clintons, the rest of the republican field, not ron paul, glenn greenwald, naomi klein):


as his daddy told george w. bush when the son asked what neoconservatism was about: "israel".

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just to be fair, according to jewish tradition, the 'king' of israel would actually not come from the priestly caste (the cohens). jewish people identify themselves in 3 castes.. cohen(s) ( cohanim in hebrew), levite (leviim) or yisrael (israelite). cohen's are priestly caste (and technically have special ritual responsibilities, along with prohibitions from doing things to impure themselves.. like touching a corpse), levy's (levi's, levites) are as i recall a bit lower on the totem as cohanim, and down at the botom are the lowly israelites, but their claim to fame is that the messiah, when he comes, will be of the israelite caste. it's been a long time since i learned all this stuff firsthand from the rabbis, but some things you dont forget (*especially* because of how batshit crazy it all is)

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1800s? Try 1950s. Are you living under a rock. Irish people are generally attractive. Put your glasses on and take a good look at Kerry-Kohn.

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Hey.  Leave "Irish" John Kohn alone.  Are ye anti-ceramic?

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Yes he is. Then again, he's only filling the spot vacated by every other socialist polianker (symbiotic cross-bred politian/banker) who has occupied chairs reserved for our representatives. 

The money we use is a socialist device. It socializses your earnings through redistribution of your efforts through wealth transfer to new dollars which they pay to welfare and bankers via interest scams. 

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free shit plz (not verified) TheFourthStooge-ing Aug 4, 2015 5:21 PM

Michael Ramirez continues to nauseate with his perfidious sanctimony.

If you don't want to do anything about it, stop whining:


If you do: terwilliger@safe-mail.net

Three or four dedicated cunts will have these ramireZZZ shartoons blackballed real quick. Unfortunately most here feel that it is not their place to say or do something, and eat up the shit these tylers shovel them, all the time shaking their heads at a global populace too passive and compliant to shake off the fleas as Orwell put it.

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Well, I for one like them because they are true.  Again, who was the best man at Kohn's daughter's wedding?  What a coincidence.

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Well, if we are going to look at facts, they don't follow any of the limitations set out in the Constitution anyways, so who gives a fuck.

I say the more the constitution is trampled, the quicker we can start reciting more Mencken:

"Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats."

Why do we praise this document that has done nothing but allow this government to become what is is?

Fuck them.

This play to "the constitution" is the same old tired play when they fly fucking jets over a baseball game and some broad butchers a horrid song.  Twanging your heartstrings so the empire can roll on.


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top #1 butchered song ever.  only person I ever saw perform it well was Joey Belladonna from Anthrax.


(no, just flailing notes all over the place is not "poetic license"...its butchering)

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free shit plz (not verified) pismobird Aug 4, 2015 5:40 PM

You're all racist.


Goes down better without the nationalist hyperbole.

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Always figured that's how Jimi interpreted the song thru his eyes/ears as a Vietnam vet.  On thing's for sure, he didn't find any skittle-shitting unicorns over there.

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free shit plz (not verified) Billy the Poet Aug 5, 2015 4:00 PM

Tactful billyboy.

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Thanks for that, Billy.  Even so, I'm fairly certain I woulda been court-martialed if I found myself in his position.

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+1 Mencken might as well be writing today.

Best three versions of the "horrid song"

1. Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock

2. Marvin Gaye, (NBA Playoffs?)

3. Grover Washington Jr (NBA Pllayoffs)

99% of the time it's a jingoistic horror show.

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Huey Lewis and the News - done Acapella.

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There is no document that can prevent us from reverting to our base. The constitution was likely as close as it will ever get and we see what has happened to it...and it failed, not because of evil or corrupt politicians, but because the people...we the people...failed to protect the document that was penned to protect our freedoms...if we saw fit to do so.

And I certainly do hope all of you who so adore Iran's peaceful intentions are willing to contemplate that this treaty has nothing to do with Iran, but is another wrecking ball to our economy and futures. Obama has been intent on two things since taking office.

First was to impose cultural shocks to America and political shocks to the rest of the world with the only commonality that they create destruction and chaos.

The second is to destroy our economic foundations with energy as his primary focus and climate change as his primary tool. We are watching as coal is being bankrupted out of existence and American oil is going down as well due to deflationary price pressures that this wonderful deal with Iran further exacerbates.

We all want peace...well most of us, and peace is NOT in the interest of the body politic, left or right. Chaos is, and the more we find ourselves at each others throat, the easier it is for them to gain the control they so desperately require to save us from ourselves. It is unfortunate that this "saving" must come at such a high cost, but more than a few eggs will be broken to make this dish.

We all see it unwinding and Obama has his hands on the wheel. Nobody with a cognitive brain can believe this "deal" with Iran will in any way be to the favor of Americans or even those who seek peace.

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"The constitution was likely as close as it will ever get and we see what has happened to it...and it failed"

Nope, it was short circuited from the beginning by a certain tribe, and this tribe wasn't north american indians.

Constitution or Zionism.  take your pick.

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"Constitution or Zionism.  take your pick." --ConfederateH

Pretty much nails it. I'll take Zionism. Because of the Holocaust.

--The Sheeple

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Excellent comment.  My question to the commenter above would have been along your lines.  Given the difficulty in establishing a workable polity, what practical soultion would you choose? 

I agree that the people have proved to be indifferent to the fate of the country and its founding civilization.  One of the tragedies of all time is to witness Americans and Westerners surrender their countries to despicable primitives who aren't fit to shine their shoes.

I think there was also an expectation at the start that separation of powers and federalism would be self sustaining.  The Framers and Ratifiers did not, however, anticipate the extent to which the political class would the determining entity rather than the competing branches and the states.  The voters did their job in electing a recent R majority in Congress.  It's hardly our fault that Ms. Boehner and Ms. McConnell won't lift a finger to actually do anything.

The expansion of the franchise to the outer fringes of the Federation and the 16th and 17th Amendments (and industrialization and urbanization) were massive alterations and subversive factors never foreseen.  The people showed horrendous judgment in handing the keys and the whiskey to their teenage sons, to borrow from P.J. O'Rourke.

There's little sign of an awakening.  A lot of torqued people in these comments and elsewhere, especially on the realities of the failure of the hopes of the civil rights "revolution," but with the reality of the last two elections and the still-wide-open border staring us in the face, it's clear that Americans as a whole are either supine or committed to an ethnic or racial turning of the tables.

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...we the people...failed to protect the document that was penned to protect our freedoms...if we saw fit to do so.


ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

that document reminds everyone of the freedoms which are unalienable.

You are born with all the freedoms, you chose to surrender them or not.

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Oldwood you're a brainwashed squash...Iran got into trouble with Mr  Global when they decided to sell their petro energies for other than U$D. Electricity produced by nuclear power in a country that is wracked with earthquaes is not my idea of smart but it is their conutry. So as the CIA has said all along Iran is not attempting or seeking nuclear weapons but hell we have to have something to hit them with cause they're pissin' us off and they are friends with that Putin regime in Russia and the government of China.

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"The constitution was likely as close as it will ever get and we see what has happened to it...and it failed"


The Constitution did not fail.  We the people failed.

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The Constitution is just a piece of paper. Nobody agreed to it, It's a freaking mandate to squash the sheeple.

"This book is very radical in the true sense of that term: it gets to the root of the problem of government and provides a rethinking of the whole organization of society"  Natural Law is the only way we will survive as a free entity. If men aren't free to trade in any non-coercive way which their interests dictate, they aren't free at all. Men who aren't free are, to some degree, slaves. Without freedom of the market, no other "freedom" is meaningful. For this reason, the conflict between freedom and slavery focuses on the free market and it's only effective opponent, the government.

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Well said pods. You are firing on all cylinders tonight my brother!

+1 for Mencken

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Why do we praise this document that has done nothing but allow this government to become what is is?

The Consititution provided the limits fo the federal Gov, what remains is to the states respectively. 

The people have allowed it to become the evil beast all the same as the people allow it continue on.

The people are to blame not the Constitution IMO. 

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John Kerry walks into… a wall, instead of the bar’s door.

“Damn it! Now I’m gonna need 3 crutches – two for my legs and one for my head!”

Looney  ;-)

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WTF Does Kerry/His Actions, Have to do with NeoCons?


By the By, The Red and the Blue teams are both a bunch of Hand Jobs

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Barry is a front man, a puppet for the neocon cabal. John Kerry's job is Barry's foreign policy broker.

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The neocons are a useful tool to advance the interests of those who see universal chaos as their ultimate weapon against freedom. There are those who see great opportunity in a world at war with itself, between nations and within nations alike.

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A deal with any foreign nation vigorously pursued by Kerry, Approved by the UN,  and then defended by Obama can not posibly be in the best interests of the people anywhere.

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Best interests of the people.  What a quaint idea.

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Remember Kerry is Skull & Bones. So understanding S&B (Watch The Good Shepherd) and one particular member of S&B who is provisional head of the DVD (see my previous), your answer(s) lie there ..

Again, Leo Strauss' and Irving Krystal's wiz-kids are a side show comparatively. When one falls victim to a slight-of-hand, all kinds of further evils take root and perpetuate ..

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"A horse is a horse, of course of course..."

jcdenton's picture

Well, yes the neocons ..

That's one faction. Dare I say not the more significant one for the purposes of our entire discussion ..

Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst; aka the DVD (not to be confused with Dissociated vertical deviation, which we can be of some certainty that members of the DVD suffer a far more serious psychosis.)

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Fsck Kerry, Obama. Progressives and every effing Demonrat in DC.  And fuck all the Republirats as well.  All are USELESS and destroying America.

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Bush vs Clinton 2016


All you need to know...

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NWO #1 vs NWO #2.

Doesnt mean that we can't use the phoney race to awake more people to the machine! I wish Ron were around this election cycle to that again. Heres to hoping his son's different approach will awaken the stubborn ones.

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No surprise, he's pissed on the US soldier for years now. 

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It's a dynastic entitlement!!!

How about the 2020 presidential race? 

George Prescott Bush versus Chelsea Clinton