"Murderous" Jade Helm Revenge Plot: Tattoo Parlor Owner, Friends Planned To Ambush Army

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By now, it’s no secret that the federal government invaded Texas on the 15th of July. It’s been 170 years since the US last annexed the state and because you have to do these things again every so often just to keep everyone honest (it’s kind of like renewing your wedding vows), Washington cooked up a set of "training exercises" called Jade Helm 15 and proceeded to launch a two-month Lone Star lockdown. 

Or at least that’s what some Texans were led to believe, and while we won’t speculate on the extent to which that narrative borders on the absurd, we would note that the US Spec Ops Command probably should have realized that showing people a map which identifies the state (painted bright red) as “hostile” would stir up trouble amongst those who are naturally inclined to distrust big government. Fears only grew after Governor Greg Abbott called up the state guard and the entire ordeal officially became a circus after Chuck Norris, apparently forgetting that Walker Texas Ranger isn’t a real person, warned the federal government that Jade Helm looked like it would come “too near to the backdoor” of his ranch. 

While Twitter lit up with Jade Helm jokes on the first official day of the exercises, not everyone was laughing. Among those who took the federal takeover "threat" seriously were the gentlemen pictured below, Walter Eugene Litteral, Christopher James Barker, and Christopher Todd Campbell.

The three men, who are not from Texas (or any other state involved in Jade Helm for that matter), but in fact reside some 1,400 miles away from the “front lines” in North Carolina, allegedly "had a deadly plot to lure government forces into a trap," in retaliation for the Pentagon’s supposed plan to “use the armed forces to impose martial law in the United States,” The Washington Post reports. 

Ironically, the owner of the military surplus store where the men bought some of their supplies ultimately turned them in to authorities. Here’s WaPo with the story:

In January, the informant relocated the military surplus store to Gaston County, N.C. —  just a few doors down from where Campbell operated a tattoo parlor. Almost immediately, Campbell told the informant of his “anti-government” views, according to federal court documents.


A month later, Campbell introduced the informant to Litteral. The two men told the informant that they believed “that the federal government intended to use the armed forces to impose martial law in the United States, which they and others would resist with violent force,” the court documents said.


Specifically, they told the informant that the Jade Helm exercises planned in five states were a cover for the government’s plot to impose martial law. The exercises were scheduled to be conducted from July 15 to Sept. 15, and Litteral made it clear that he needed the military-grade items no later than July 15.


By April, months before the training operation was scheduled, the purchases from the military surplus store began — all of them paid for in cash, according to court documents. There were plans, the documents allege, to make pipe bombs, explosive tennis balls covered in nails and coffee cans filled with ball bearings that would be detonated with a shot from a sniper rifle.


And by mid-June, those plans were beginning to crystallize.


According to the documents, Litteral was heavily armed with both legally and illegally obtained weapons. If government agents came looking for him at his home, Litteral allegedly told the informant in a phone conversation, he would be ready.


"Lemme tell you something, I gonna have my f——- house rigged up; these motherf—— come try to come in my house, it’s gonna go off," he said, according to the documents.


The documents indicated that Litteral told another person in a phone conversation: "I got a f—— .45 beside my bed. I got a .45 and a 9-mil in my truck. I’ve got a 9-mil and a .380, or a .380 in her car. Safe full of weapons. You know what? Every time I open up this damn safe, I mean I’ve got, I’ve got at least 30 weapons that I can see and some tucked all the way in the back back."

Yes, weapons "tucked all the way in the back back", and as the court documents go on to detail, the men intended to bring those and a whole lot of other weapons to the "front front" at an encampment in Clover, South Carolina where they would ambush US soldiers. Here's a bit more from AP:

Walter Eugene Litteral, 50, Christopher James Barker, 41, and Christopher Todd Campbell, 30, are accused of stockpiling guns and ammunition, as well as attempting to manufacture pipe bombs and live grenades from military surplus "dummy" grenades, according unsealed criminal complaints released Monday.


The close to 60 pages of information compiled by federal authorities since July include allegations Litteral planned to makes explosives out of tennis balls covered in nails and coffee cans filled with ball bearings.


According to the documents, both Litteral and Campbell spoke openly about their opposition to Jade Helm 15, a series of ongoing special forces training missions in several Southwestern states that has drawn suspicion from residents who fear it is part of a planned military takeover.


In addition to ammunition for a long-range .338 caliber rifle, the authorities said Litteral purchased hand-held radios, Kevlar helmets, body armor and face masks in preparation for an armed resistance to the feared military occupation.


Litteral was also planning to purchase an assault rifle along with ammunition for Barker, whose past convictions for possession of stolen goods and cocaine barred him from possessing a gun, according to the documents.

The cocaine conviction also barred Barker from purchasing ammunition, but that apparently did not stop him from buying a "large capacity magazine" and bullets for the rifle with his own debit card. Here's the DoJ:

In addition to purchasing the military supplies, Litteral also tried to purchase a firearm and ammunition for Barker.  According to court records, Litteral filled out the required form with his own information, even though the gun was intended for Barker.  Using his own debit card, Barker purchased ammunition and a large capacity magazine for the gun.  Barker’s prior criminal felony convictions prohibit him from purchasing or possessing a firearm or ammunition.

Litteral, Barker, and Campbell are of course innocent until proven guilty, but we imagine they don't have much faith in the US legal system. 

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silverer's picture

Still less of a danger to the American people than our corrupt lawmakers, who have already gotten thousands killed in distant wars for no good reason.

knukles's picture

It's crazy fuckers like this give mankind a bad name.

Oldwood's picture

And we all have to wonder when assholes like these will be traced back and linked to ZeroHedge.  There are plenty of posters here who if they were to wander far from their parent's basement, could easily fit this example. God help us if anyone goes gunning for joos. The NSA won't have to look far and we will all be looking for a new haunt.

roadhazard's picture

You must be kidding. ZH'ers are armed to the teeth to protect their stack. They aren't going to go very far from it.

Tall Tom's picture

These guys DID NOT TRAVEL to Texas, nor, had ANY PLANS to do so.


They were arming themselves in THEIR OWN HOMES, to protect themselves from Government invasion..

roadhazard's picture

Well I guess I don't qualify as protecting myself because I don't have bombs and giant stacks of weapons running out my ears. And those clowns deserve to get caught when running there mouths to anyone who would listen. 


Is that how You do it.

PT's picture

Hey! Two can play this game:
"You idiots!  We're also part of Jade Helm!  We're supposed to be playing the radicals!  Of course we started early.  Our protectors need to be on their toes.  The really baddies don't adjust to your schedules."

"Well, okay, yes, it was just our local 'WeLuvGuvt' collective.  Just checking FBI response times.  You didn't do too bad!  How did you go finding the other 47000 cells?"

Chupacabra-322's picture

FBI? Jeez those Crimjnals most Likey supplied them with the logistics & armory as all been reported by the "Toilet Paper of Record" The New York Times. As others as well.

Squid Viscous's picture

gunning for joos, way overdue IMO

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

Bad name?  No ...

These 3 are the kind of stupid fucks that confirm my faith in mankind.

Abitdodgie's picture

So beside talking shit what did they actually do wrong.

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

You didn't get the memo?  In the land of free speech, talking shit is now a criminal offense.

drendebe10's picture

Yup... The fudgepacker done made that happen, yes indeedy it did..  

Al Gophilia's picture

Um, they were talkin shit. That's enough these days.

NoVa's picture


but what is crazier - ?  these guys or the Federal spies that detected these guys back in April by monitoring their cash purchases?

Both are crazy.



Oldwood's picture

Knowing we are being watched should inform us to our own actions. Ignore this at our peril.

debit card....not cash. A lesson there is.

Haka Matohi's picture
Haka Matohi (not verified) NoVa Aug 6, 2015 8:16 AM

The majority of everything we do is monitored, not even a smidgen of doubt in my mind.  One should act accordingly, recognize reality and that it isn't going away.

RafterManFMJ's picture

Complete bullshit! I saw all those fuckers die in the last episode of Breaking Bad.

Dr. Engali's picture

And here I though it was people who maimed and killed for causes like the almighty petro-dollar, baby crunching abortionists, and governments who overload  our children  with propaganda from various media sources who gave mankind a bad name. What was I thinking? Their biggest crime, if this story is indead real and they aren't plants to fit a narrative, is the crime of stupidity. 

Ignatius's picture

They seem to be such nice boys.  I think they just need to get laid.

Tall Tom's picture

What do you want from Life?

A steamy love affair with the girl that you met last night

How can you tell when you're feeling alright

Does your Bank Account swell while you're dreaming at night?


AS for me...I want that baby's arm...holding an apple*.


*From "The Tubes"...Fee Waybill


And I know that I can get that at any Planned Parenthood in the Nation.


And people who are selling these aborted baby parts are alright. They need the Lamborghinis.


And people who prepare AGAINST a Home Invasion are terrorists and criminals.


They are CRAZY...STUPID...NUTZ...


The US Government will NEVER do that.


Right Knukles?

Right Haus?



Utah_Get_Me_2's picture

That guy with the shitty dreads, Spade on his face and throat tattoo really looks like he's got his shit together. These morons are a prime example of the low hanging fruit the FBI loves to setup.

de3de8's picture

Those three crackas gonna give white peoples a bad name

TeamDepends's picture

Yeah it's crazy to think left leaning governments would ever use their military for martial law or to round up and exterminate dissidents. Executive Order 13603 is for the children!

Oldwood's picture

An it is equally as crazy to think this is a means to draw out all of the nuts who would attempt to reclaim their constitutional rights single handedly. They have been very open about WHO they see as a THREAT....and this is just an exercise....after over a decade in the ME doing these exact same things?

Crash N. Burn's picture

" left leaning governments"


 Where? You seriously don't think the US has a left leaning government, do you? In spite of all the evidence to the contrary:

"In real dollars, social spending in every major Western nation has totally collapsed over the past seven years...

In real dollars; tax revenues have collapsed for every major Western economy."


The Facts on the Greek Crisis


Why, the "income" tax system:

"For the last several decades, the gap between those at the top of the “economic pyramid” and everyone else hasn't simply been growing, it has been soaring. With taxation as the only economic “equalizer” in wealth distribution, the only way this gap could be growing in such an exponential manner is if the wealthy (or more specifically, the VERY wealthy) are being dramatically under-taxed.

We supposedly have a “progressive” tax system. What this means is that the higher you rank in the “economic pyramid”, the greater your tax burden. In reality, we don't have a “progressive” tax system. While taxation is skewed, it is skewed in a patently unfair, inequitable manner.

To understand why this is the case requires only a little simple analysis. As one's wealth-level increases, the incremental wealth increase each year is based less and less on (taxed) income, and more and more on (untaxed) appreciation of assets, or wealth. For most of those at the very top, income is only a tiny component of their increased wealth.

Conversely, a progressive tax system is extremely punitive to all those in the middle. This large segment of society derives most of its increased wealth through income. If they manage to increase their income through working more hours (or more jobs), or obtaining a better job, they are rewarded by having most of their gains clawed back through income taxation.

It is therefore impossible for any income taxation system to ever produce tax equity. What our supposedly “progressive” tax system actually does is to take a little too much from those at the bottom, much too much from those in the middle-class, and far too little from those at the top – with the very wealthiest obtaining a virtual free-ride from our tax system."


Income Taxation is a Failed System


Left-leaning government it is not.

Oldwood's picture

The US federal government has had RECORD tax revenues for the last two years, real or otherwise. I know my income has remained flat while their take has been rising, and how much of your inflation is driven by government overhead, regulations and such? How much of your electric bill is due to government and nothing else?

Given that the wealthy OWN business, how do you think we will impose taxation on them without it ultimately bleeding back on us? Eliminate income tax and use a consumption tax only.It is and can be structured progressively to minimize impact on the poor. A 20% sales tax on a new Bentley or beach house could go a long way towards solving the inequities you see.

Crash N. Burn's picture

"The US federal government has had RECORD tax revenues for the last two years."

If you had clicked the link:

real dollars

There was another post with a chart :

US government reciepts


"Eliminate income tax and use a consumption tax only.It is and can be structured progressively to minimize impact on the poor."

From the same link (you didn't click):

"The two forms of taxation which harm economies and oppress the Little People are “income taxation” and “consumption taxation”. The benign form of taxation which treats everyone equally is wealth taxation. Again I can envision readers scratching their heads. “Wait a second,” they object, “All of the taxes in our society are income taxes or consumption taxes – and there is no wealth taxation.” Exactly.

Indeed, one hundred years of taxation oppression has hollowed-out all of our economies. The Middle Class are now “the working poor”. Meanwhile, a 100-year free ride for the ultra-wealthy has resulted in the accumulation of wealth-hoards which exceed the fortunes of even the Kings and Queens of the Middle Ages (just prior to the last great cycle of Revolution)."


Oldwood's picture

kind of depends on whos charts you look at, don't it?


Anyone who suggests the government is not spending enough is nuts. Government spending accomplishes only one thing, dependency of those on the bottom and those at the top, which means we in the middle are dependent as well. Get off the tax train as it will ALWAYS have us as its engine.

Crash N. Burn's picture

"kind of depends on whos charts you look at, don't it?"

You're not fuckin serious about that "data" are you?


"David H. Koch,"

BigJim's picture

The genetic fallacy don't work here, bub

Crash N. Burn's picture

"The genetic fallacy don't work here, bub"

What? The kochheads - never trust a kochhead! They're either parrots or whores!

bluez's picture


It certainly seems that “middle class” people (an amazingly hard-to-define notion) usually have no idea of what the U.S. tax system does to those with low-pay work. I went through the paperwork ritual of filling out 1040 tax returns for several house cleaners, taxi drivers, etc., and every time, the tax forms were tossed in the garbage. The government would, through various stipulations, simply have taken away about 25% of their income. Leaving nowhere near enough for food, gasoline, repairs, supplies, and so on. What a pathetically hopeless ritual!

So we actually have a vast under-the-table stealth economy with tens of thousands of folks eking out just barely enough to get by, with virtually no luxuries.

That is the simple reality.

turnoffthewater's picture

" Executive Order 13603 is for the children!" No they don't care about that one either. Didnt you read the memo on planned parenthood.

chubbar's picture

Anyone else of the opinion that stripping someone's constituitonal right to possess firearms for a felony cocaine conviction is the height of absurdity? Wait until you can't own a gun because you filed your taxes late or didn't celebrate the 4th of July. We need to start dismantling these stupid laws, not go along with them because we don't use cocaine.

MalteseFalcon's picture

On the face of it, this story seems completely unbelievable, but does fit the "right wing nutjob/lone wolf"narrative quite well.

Let's see if this story stands up to scrutiny.

Oldwood's picture

What is true is irrelevant.

It is what we are shown that is our relevant perception. Cops killing blacks we see, blacks killing cops we do not. Why is the question, not truth. Why would TPTB deliberately want us to hate cops?A hunter kills a lion and the world is outraged, but government funded clinics killing millions of baby humans and selling their body parts is right wing religious hate.

Nothing we see happens without reason. The things we do not see are likely what is really relevant.

Headbanger's picture

Moar like just plain stupid.

Captain Benny's picture

The #1 rule of fight club is that you don't talk about fight club.  These guys are idiots and broke the rules.

pods's picture

Another honeypot catches some fish swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool.

Let me ask a philosophical questions to ZH'ers in regards to illegally purchased ammunition.

Where exactly does the second amendment come from?  

As a convicted criminal, why would we have to give up our self defense rights after we have served our punishment to society?

If you are a criminal, do you forfeit your right to self defense?  If someone attacks you, and you are a felon, do you not still have the right to defend yourself?  Then why the fuck can't you own the best weapon suited for self defense?


Headbanger's picture

Actually a convicted felon CAN own the firearms of the time the Second Amendment was written as far as I know

Check this out:


Says MN allows felons to own firearms after serving time.

headhunt's picture

That's to ensure muslims can own guns

detached.amusement's picture

bullshit, that's to ensure the government can step in and take ANYONE's weapons, at a moment's notice.

knukles's picture

Perhaps a somewhat reasonable assumption that one's character is a tidge askew, unraveling of the moral fiber and possible a hint of un-trustworthiness?
Kinda like why would a nice guy like me ever need to be locked in a dark room filled with sharp objects and crazy people.

But that prohibition is in direct contravention to the simple spirit of the law.  Kinda like the classicist physicists always trying to repeal Bell's Theorem when they aren't even conscious of such.

Fukushima Sam's picture

I'll take "What is Unconstitutional but Legal Anyway" for $500, Alex.

clade7's picture

I always wondered what happened to the cast of 'O brother where art thow'

knukles's picture

George Clooney got rich and liberal.  Batshit insane liberal.