The U.S. Is Destroying Europe

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Authored by Eric Zuesse via,

In Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and other countries at the periphery or edges of Europe, U.S. President Barack Obama has been pursuing a policy of destabilization, and even of bombings and other military assistance, that drives millions of refugees out of those peripheral areas and into Europe, thereby adding fuel to the far-rightwing fires of anti-immigrant rejectionism, and of resultant political destabilization, throughout Europe, not only on its peripheries, but even as far away as in northern Europe.

Shamus Cooke at Off-Guardian headlines on 3 August 2015, “Obama’s ‘Safe Zone’ in Syria Intended to Turn It into New Libya,” and he reports that Obama has approved U.S. air support for Turkey’s previously unenfoceable no-fly zone over Syria. The U.S. will now shoot down all of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s planes that are targeting the extremist-Muslim groups, including ISIS, that have taken over huge swaths of Syrian territory.

Cooke reports:

“Turkey has been demanding this no-fly zone from Obama since the Syrian war started. It’s been discussed throughout the conflict and even in recent months, though the intended goal was always the Syrian government. And suddenly the no-fly zone is happening — right where Turkey always wanted it — but it’s being labeled an 'anti-ISIS' safe zone, instead of its proper name: 'Anti Kurdish and anti-Syrian government' safe zone.”

The New York Times reported on July 27th, that, "the plan calls for relatively moderate Syrian insurgents to take the territory, with the help of American and possibly Turkish air support.” However, the Times, stenographically reporting (as usual) from and for their U.S. Government sources (and so propagandizing for the U.S. Government), fails to define “relatively moderate,” but all of the “relatively moderate insurgent” groups in Syria cooperate with ISIS and help them to find and decapitate, or sometimes hold for ransoms, any non-Muslims there. Under Assad, Syria has been a non-clerical state, and has enjoyed freedom of religion, but all of the Syrian opposition to Assad’s rule is alien to that. The U.S. is now, even more clearly than before, anti-Assad, pro-Islamist.

Seymour Hersh reported in the London Review of Books on 17 April 2014, that the Obama Administration’s Libyan bombing campaign in 2011 was part of a broader program to bring sarin gas from Libya to the al-Nusra Front in Syria, in order to help produce a gas-attack upon civilians, which the U.S. Administration could then blame upon Assad, as being an excuse to bomb there just as Obama had already so successfully done in Libya. Both dictators, Gaddafi and Assad, were allied with Russia, and Assad especially has been important to Russia, as a transit-route for Russia’s gas supplies, and not for Qatar’s gas supplies — Qatar being the major potential threat to Russia’s status as the top supplier of gas into Europe.

Obama’s top goal in international relations, and throughout his military policies, has been to defeat Russia, to force a regime-change there that will make Russia part of the American empire, no longer the major nation that resists control from Washington.

Prior to the U.S. bombings of Libya in 2011, Libya was at peace and thriving. Per-capita GDP (income) in 2010 according to the IMF was $12,357.80, but it plunged to only $5,839.70 in 2011 — the year we bombed and destroyed the country. (Hillary Clinton famously bragged, “We came, we saw, he [Gaddafi] died!”) (And, unlike in U.S. ally Saudi Arabia, that per-capita GDP was remarkably evenly distributed, and both education and health care were socialized and available to everyone, even to the poor.) More recently, on 15 February 2015, reporter Leila Fadel of NPR bannered “With Oil Fields Under Attack, Libya’s Economic Future Looks Bleak.” She announced: “The man in charge looks at production and knows the future is bleak. 'We cannot produce. We are losing 80 percent of our production,' says Mustapha Sanallah, the chairman of Libya's National Oil Corporation.” Under instructions from Washington, the IMF hasn’t been reliably reporting Libya’s GDP figures after 2011, but instead shows that things there were immediately restored to normal (even to better than normal: $13,580.55 per-capita GDP) in 2012, but everybody knows that it’s false; even NPR is, in effect, reporting that it’s not true. The CIA estimates that Libya’s per-capita GDP was a ridiculous $23,900 in 2012 (they give no figures for the years before that), and says Libya’s per-capita GDP has declined only slightly thereafter. None of the official estimates are at all trustworthy, though the Atlantic Council at least made an effort to explain things honestly, headlining in their latest systematic report about Libya’s economy, on 23 January 2014, “Libya: Facing Economic Collapse in 2014.”

Libya has become Europe’s big problem. Millions of Libyans are fleeing the chaos there. Some of them are fleeing across the Mediterranean and ending up in refugee camps in southern Italy; and some are escaping to elsewhere in Europe.

And Syria is now yet another nation that’s being destroyed in order to conquer Russia. Even the reliably propagandistic New York Times is acknowledging, in its ‘news’ reporting, that, "both the Turks and the Syrian insurgents see defeating President Bashar al-Assad of Syria as their first priority.” So: U.S. bombers will be enforcing a no-fly-zone over parts of Syria in order to bring down Russia’s ally Bashar al-Assad and replace his secular government by an Islamic government — and the 'anti-ISIS' thing is just for show; it’s PR, propaganda. The public cares far more about defeating ISIS than about defeating Russia; but that’s not the way America’s aristocracy views things. Their objective is extending America’s empire — extending their own empire.

Similarly, Obama overthrew the neutralist government of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine in February 2014, but that was under the fake cover of ‘democracy’ demonstrations, instead of under the fake cover of ‘opposing Islamic terrorism’ or whatever other phrases that the U.S. Government uses to fool suckers about America’s installation of, and support to, a rabidly anti-Russia, racist-fascist, or nazi, government next door to Russia, in Ukraine. Just as Libya had been at peace before the U.S. invaded and destroyed it, and just as Syria had been at peace before the U.S and Turkey invaded and destroyed it, Ukraine too was at peace before the U.S. perpetrated its coup there and installed nazis and an ethnic cleansing campaign there, and destroyed Ukraine too.

Like with Libya before the overthrow of Gaddafi there, or Syria before the current effort to overthrow Assad there, or the more recent successful overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych, it’s all aimed to defeat Russia.

The fact that all of Europe is sharing in the devastation that Obama and other American conservatives — imperialists, even — impose, is of little if any concern to the powers-that-be in Washington DC, but, if it matters at all to them, then perhaps it’s another appealing aspect of this broader operation: By weakening European nations, and not only nations in the Middle East, Obama’s war against Russia is yet further establishing America to be “the last man standing,” at the end of the chaos and destruction that America causes.

Consequently, for example, in terms of U.S. international strategy, the fact that the economic sanctions against Russia are enormously harming the economies of European nations is good, not bad.

There are two ways to win, at any game: One is by improving one’s own performance. The other is by weakening the performances by all of one’s competitors. The United States is now relying almost entirely upon the latter type of strategy.

*  *  *

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


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davidalan1's picture

"Destroy the Western culture"  -- Obama

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What "Western culture" you speak about ?

The modernist decadent one who is about to collapse to the ground harshly or the traditional one with Christianity, no progressivism and God fearing Westerner ?

Hint: There is no such thing as "Western culture" since at least 60 years now (and maybe even more)...

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Muzzies are anti-abortion, so they might not be all bad.

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Greater Israel will be all that is left standing.

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Europeans do a fine job of destroying Europe all by themselves, but sure, it is hard to argue we haven't helped them. We turned them into whiny dependents, much as we have done with our blacks, by providing for their basic needs. Ungrateful bitches for the most part.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Besides all the other nefarious reasons, THEY make WAR to create these refugee crises, to then exploit later....either the people directly or the situation....

The psycopathy is stunning...

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Obama wants every white woman raped by a muslim african. Just like his mom was by his 'mumba daddy'.

Pretty obvious what the Europeans have in store for themselves unless they tell the USA to F off and they ship these illegals back to Africa ASAP, also kick the USSA bases out they are just nests of spies and snooping in on communications.

Europe is teetering on the edge and the USSA put it there and is more than happy to push it into destruction.

The Euros before pulling the muzzies out of the water should make them convert to Christianity, give them only pork for food and then drop them off on the shores of Africa with a ton of bibles.

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The post you were replying to should of read Obama and his Puppet Masters.

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assads alawites are protected by the elites. 

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obama is into forced multiculturalism, destroying the genetics of europeans by breeding or their murder by the sub set of hominids called black.

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She craved that tootsie roll , there was no rape.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

The Banksters are winning.  They have successfully changed the dialog away from them into the imaginary fears of mouth breathers.

That fishhook looks good on you.

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Unless I am mistaken, socialism and marxism originated in Europe.  It is they who have poisoned us.

frankly scarlet's picture

snr...the banksters backed communism to install their central bank in Russian (Tsars would not allow the debt money system) and then backed Hitler to crush the communists. The work around for that fiasco is just happening now. You have had your opinion of socialism handed to you by these same bankers who have been running your world since before your grandpappy was a even thought of. Socialism is power of the people all the rest is power by the bankers. Don't go thinking socialism can't compete with capitalism as Russia caught up to the capitalist west technologicaly in very short order and in some instances passed the west by as is evident in some fields of modern day Russia., or don't through the baby out with the bath water.

rbg81's picture

Obama clearly said that he wanted to "fundamentally transform" the US.  But few cared to nail down exactly what that meant.  Well, we are finding out now.  

First of all, Obama hates the very society that gave him all these wonderful opportunies throughout his life.  He wants to transform the First World by flooding it with Third World migrants, especially Muslim ones.  The endgame here is to fulfill his father's dream; that is:  end White, Capitalist Judeo-Christian society and replace it with a Brown, Marxist Atheist one.  In short, ethnically cleanse Whites in their own countries.  To some, especially guild-ridden, self-hating White liberals, this new society may seem like just what the Dr. ordered.  But, once Whites are in the minority, things will get real nasty, real fast.

And so far he is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams because 1) few people comprehend what he is doing and 2) no one really has the Power to stop him.  The only questions is: will the next President continue his work?  Probably not--or at least not as effectively or enthusiastially.  But Obama is accelerating the chaos as much as he can to make it irreversable.  But the bigger problem is that Whites have psychologically shakled themselves with political correctness.  That may change once the inevitable persecution begins.

Lucky for me, I'll be either dead or senile before most of this comes to pass.

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obama is a tool period. 

HopefulCynical's picture

Correct. Obama is a racist Marxist psychopath. He's the perfect puppet of the Rothschild bankster cabal. That's why Romney was selected to lose to him in 2012.

I believe Trump's true purpose is to make sure Hitlery follows him into the White House, so that millions of racists can suddenly become sexists, and the destruction of Anglo-Saxon culture can continue unabated.

Oldrepublic's picture

EU = UWSE (United Wefare States of Europe)

Scooby Dooby Doo's picture

Ruh roh. Americans are going to pay for the aggressions of their 'leaders'.

new game's picture

yup, bombs stapped on the brainwashed- kabom in a busy section of a major city.

malic of merica, waldo st. somewhere soon...


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Sure  bred like rabbits.  Boys can go off to guerilla training camp while girls work in the fields or, if they are beautiful, get married off at age 14.

Martian Moon's picture

Not so

They just believe in post birth abortions

Way post

formadesika3's picture

Ironic, isn’t it, that America is now facing the same challenge as Europe — uncontrolled emigration from the south. What can be done, you ask? The challenge must be met by solidifying a common front in America — just as in Europe — to implement a comprehensive solution to the new arrivals. This means integrating them as quickly as possible into American life. A path to citizenship.

Why is it dangerous not to? I will quote briefly from an excellent editorial by Roger Cohen in the NYT.


“The would-be destroyer has clear objectives: a weakened Europe beset by rising leftist and rightist anti-immigrant parties, splintering at its Greek periphery, irresolute about its eastern neighbors, morally debased, navel-gazing as Moscow and Beijing plot the future of Eurasia.

His name is Vladimir Putin. He has ideas. Europe, for now, has none. That is dangerous.”

Ace006's picture


Never, ever, ever citizenship. At most a bus ticket. For grandpa, the kids, everybody. Get the Fisk out!

The Wizard's picture

Hint: There is no such thing as "Western culture" since at least 60 years now (and maybe even more)...

A simple definition of culture is: communicated learned patterns.

Very true. The key to a NWO is to destroy a nation's culture through confusion and chaos. Multiculturalism/Diversity = No or lack of culture

The narcissitic elitists are trying to create and execute a culture outside of the natural order, into their order with the use of oligarchic/coporatocracy/technocratic structure. Technology is being used in attempt to counter their desire for central control with an attempt to keep some sembalance of national cultures. 

Countrybunkererd's picture

Agreed.  There is a form of Tribalism that is sweeping "America" where tatoo's and rings of many types are the outward signs.  Other than that, this "America" has nothing remotely connected to call it civilization that can hold it together long term (decades), beyond that we will be a land mass of multi-nation states if that.

August's picture

The chief enemy of Russia is indeed the Anglo-Zionist Empire, and secondarily the AZE's running dogs, the Radical Sunni Islamists®.

But Russia would be happy with a weak Europe, too.  Ideally, a weak Europe dependent upon Russian resources.

withglee's picture

Where did all those tribesmen go who brought Russia the Bolshevik revolution and ran Russia when it was the USSR? Surely they're still there running things ... with the puppets up front as usual.

Pipetex's picture

As a western prepper, i have stocked enough IPhones to survive the impeding apocalypse... bring it on!

RevIdahoSpud3's picture

So who you going to call?

TuPhat's picture

Better trade those phones for toilet paper before it's too late.

goldsaver's picture



Sorry, too easy.

Deacon Frost's picture



Collapse everything in the periphery toward the center in order to maintain the core (USA). 

“Put another way: credit panics start in the periphery because that’s where the risk and overshoot of debt to collateral are highest.

There is another overlay to the core-periphery model: neocolonialism. Explained this in The E.U., Neofeudalism and the Neocolonial-Financialization Model (May 24, 2012). The classic colonial model is a simple core-periphery dynamic: the core nation extracts commodities and low-cost labor from its colonies (the periphery) and sells its own high-margin manufactured goods to the captured-markets of its colonies.”

The Core-Periphery Model -

Monday, June 10, 2013 20:48

Pipetex's picture

Interesting angle, but you want to see that working when all value-added manufacturing is done elsewhere while all debt is dollar-denominated. What are USA going to do? the demand for those Zenith TV sets are pretty low nowadays...

Destroying the peiphery while you need 50+Billons a day from them to keep breathing looks just stupid...


Deacon Frost's picture



Create credit and loan everything into existence, ramp the US debt and the Federal Reserve balance sheet to infinity, (time is infinite to their way of thinking), control the propaganda-perception management, keep performing competitive devaluation and there can be no ‘Black Swan’ to bring it down.

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"Destroy the Western culture"  -- Obama


Dreams of my father -- Obama

Allen_H's picture

When I was living in Edinburgh in 2011, the Libyans were already coming in, with thanks to USSA, UK and FRA. I left shortly afterwards, for me the fact that africans and non-europeans were getting ALL the help and luxury they wanted for free, was the last straw, while we, the people of the land were treated like shit, and they would do anything, and I mean anything not to help US. I was ashamed of my own nation, then we lost the vote for independence, and this WAS a rigged vote, with CaMoron declaring victory by a percent only after the voting had begun, when I heard that I knew it was already rigged, he was also told how to rig it by yours truly, the United terrorists of the USSA, remember them saying that there must not be a break up, it was a warning to the English government. And my people done what they always do, NOTHING ! The people there struggle more by the month. But nobody does anything, the ONLY way to break free for Scotland is to pick up the gun. FUCK ENGLAND and the CROWN of EVIL !!!

Now I live in central Europe, Vienna, and it is better, I am treated like a person here, I get help to survive when I need it, I have RESPECTED rights that protect me, and I am treated as an equal. But one of the things I have noticed when going into the centre is the (growing)amount of trans-genders walking in the streets, and I do not mean just walking, it is like a parade, this is amerikanism that is causing this. We get two free newspapers in the city daily, Heute and Österreicher, they are soooo overtaken by amerikanerism it is bad, promoting sexual deviance in ways that shock me, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is sacred. From Gay traffic lights and plays to fashion and schooling. it is shocking, and I am certain this is being done all over the EssU. The people LOVE amerika and all it represents, Even though it is destroying the country.

Just outside of the city, we have a beautiful town called Baden. An extension of it is Traiskirchen, this is where all the refugees are first sent, there are 10s of thousands of them, it will destroy Baden, that is for sure, lots of foreigners will stop holidaying there, when you walk around the place it is already starting to look a bit foreign, it is not hard to spot the difference between a tourist and a refugee, thanks to the Western Axis of Evil, the innocent, or perhaps not so innocent people must pay the price for passivity to the government. It is the beginning of a time bomb.

I don't know what is going to happen in the next 2 or so years, but with help from terrorist USSA, who needs enemies, when you freely invite one in, like a vampire !

lehmen_sisters's picture

I came here for the thumbnail. 

gdogus erectus's picture

Ah, you like the big ones, eh?

Dutti's picture

"There are two ways to win, at any game: One is by improving one’s own performance. The other is by weakening the performances by all of one’s competitors. The United States is now relying almost entirely upon the latter type of strategy."

Brillant Strategy by the US. Europeans are playing right along, not realizing the doble whammy of the burden of sanctions they shoulder (not the US) and also providing the welfare state benefits for Africans and Arab Muslims from countries the US destabilizes.

Winston Churchill's picture

They realize it just fine.

I think we are way beyond bribery at this point, which only leaves the real threat of brute force

as the motivator.

ICBMs can be re-targeted very quickly.