Be Afraid: Japan Is About To Do Something That's Never Been Done Before

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When the words "mothballed", "nuclear", and "never been done before" are seen together with Japan in a sentence, the world should be paying attention...

As TEPCO officials face criminal charges over the lack of preparedness with regard Fukushima, and The IAEA Report assigns considerable blame to the Japanese culture of "over-confidence & complacency," Bloomberg reports,

Japan is about to do something that’s never been done before: Restart a fleet of mothballed nuclear reactors.


The first reactor to meet new safety standards could come online as early as next week. Japan is reviving its nuclear industry four years after all its plants were shut for safety checks following the earthquake and tsunami that wrecked the Fukushima Dai-Ichi station north of Tokyo, causing radiation leaks that forced the evacuation of 160,000 people.


Mothballed reactors have been turned back on in other parts of the world, though not on this scale -- 25 of Japan’s 43 reactors have applied for restart permits. One lesson learned elsewhere is that the process rarely goes smoothly. Of 14 reactors that resumed operations after four years offline, all had emergency shutdowns and technical failures, according to data from the World Nuclear Association, an industry group.


“If reactors have been offline for a long time, there can be issues with long-dormant equipment and with ‘rusty’ operators,” Allison Macfarlane, a former chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said by e-mail.

In case you are not worried enough yet...

As problems can arise with long-dormant reactors, the NRA “should be testing all the equipment as well as the operator beforehand in preparation,” Macfarlane of the U.S. said by e-mail. Although the NRA “is a new agency, many of the staff there have long experience in nuclear issues,” she said.


Kyushu Electric has performed regular checks since the reactor was shut to ensure it restarts and operates safely, said a company spokesman, who asked not to be identified because of company policy.


“If a car isn’t used for a while, and you suddenly use it, then there is usually a problem. There is definitely this type of worry with Sendai,” said Ken Nakajima, a professor at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute. “Kyushu Electric is probably thinking about this as well and preparing for it.”

It's not the first time a nation has tried this..

In Sweden, E.ON Sverige AB closed the No. 1 unit at its Oskarshamn plant in 1992 and restarted it in 1996.


It had six emergency shutdowns in the following year and a refueling that should have taken 38 days lasted more than four months after cracks were found in equipment.

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Good luck Japan

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gigadeath's picture

3/11/11, a day that will live in infamy...

remain calm's picture

So this is how they celebrate Hirioshima and Nagasaki. What better way than a little more self inflicted radiation.

MsCreant's picture

Ann Coulter says radiation is good for you. So, you know, just bask in it.

Bunghole's picture

Maybe that radiation can remove her adams apple.

I have a special boiled rope for Ann and that fuckin zionist Pam Geller.

Bunghole's picture

Thanks for the downvote Falconflight.

How's your lox and bagels this fine morning?

Skateboarder's picture

The mainframes running these things are going to be outdated as fuck. I think it was JuliaS who once told the story of having to bring up an 80s mainframe in a control center, and no one had been in there for decades.

If everything comes up and running, great. Otherwise, you're in debugging hell.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Restarts?  Has anyone bothered to add the safety features that would have prevented the Fukushima disaster? passive cooling?  Hydrogen gas vents? Pressure reliefs? Tremmie walls to prevent groundwater contamination? Advanced sensors and radiation resistant monitors?

I didn't think so.

rccalhoun's picture

i wont need my sonar fish finder anymore. 

Fukushima Sam's picture

I'm sure this is going to work out just fine.

WordSmith2013's picture

The nuke power generation model was forced on Japan post WWII by USA.

Hiroshima & Nagasaki Atomic Bombings: Affirmed USA As Military Arm Of New World Order



ParkAveFlasher's picture

Wake me when...when...omg MOTHRAAAAAH

Scooby Dooby Doo's picture

Scooby says this is great news. You don't start up reactors like this unless you need a lot of power. You don't need this kind of power unless your economy is BOOMING!

3 cheers for Japan.

old naughty's picture

"forced on Japan..."

more like put 130M on the altar, along with other sacrificial stuff.

No accident, all according to agenda.


And radiation IS good for you, unless you are human.

N2OJoe's picture

Maybe they should focus on fixing the one that is STILL uncontrollably pissing radiation into the Pacific first?

Paveway IV's picture

Japan has already done something that's never been done before: covered up a triple fucking MELTDOWN, lost all three cores and killed damn near everything in the Pacific Ocean.

I'm really not interested in their next chimpish act - the show has become tiresome.

uhb's picture


that would cost money...

ebworthen's picture

Exactly.  And why not build modern reactors?  Too expensive?  NIKKEI more important than safety?

These economic alchemists who see debt as an asset will be the death of a great many people.

Son of Loki's picture

But Japan's PM said, "It's only a tiny leak."


What's wrong with all of you?!

defender1be's picture

If you have 100% gaurantee that your reactor can run for its full lifetime (30/40 years or so), than no.

But thanks to all the environmental nutcase's that have 0 technical knowledge of these things in positions of power, you can't even be sure that you will be able to complete the construction of your multi billion dollar reactor.

Personally i blame tha environment wacko's for fukusima. There have been safe reactor desings for decades, with passife safety's and that are more efficient, so the produce less radioactive wast.

The mean reason that those old unsave and uneffecient reactors have not been replaced by the safe effecient one's is because those idiots, fukushima would never have happend if those idiots had not blocked all development in the '80.

MeetTozter's picture

In ZH, the land of the purrfect Market, why in the age of endless QE has there never been a single Nuke Reactor built with private, non government, not monopoly capital, ever?

wisefool's picture

and why are there zero private insurance companies that underwrite the risks of "clean safe nuclear power" Not even berkshire hathaway has the balls or money to do that. Coal plants are all insured privately.

Nuke plants are insured by the taxpayers. If you dont like it, a goon with a gun and probably 3 pensions will make you like it. raditation or gunshot wounds. well done there statists. well done.

defender1be's picture

Please go troll somewhere else, you lying environmental nazi.

The Olkiluoto unit 3 reactor being build is 100% privately funded and its not the only one. There are several reactors being build around the world with private money.

The same to "wisefool" troll, nuclear reactors are insured by private insurance companies.

here is a link with some info,

Go spread your FUD somewhere else.

wisefool's picture

Thanks for the link!

  • Liability is limited by both international conventions and by national legislation, so that beyond the limit (normally covered by insurance) the state can accept responsibility as insurer of last resort, as in all other aspects of industrial society.

Kinda like the GSEs, The Fed, Bear Sterns, etc. And don't forget the corporate veil. Hank Paulson was gonna roll tanks on the streets if we did not bailout the banks. Nuclear power is the same paradigm, but oerders of magnitude worse. Do you have any idea what the cost is to the human race of hundreds of thousands of lives. Permanent genetic defects ( caused by the DU we dumped on Iraq) and thousands of hectares of planet earth that are un-inhabitable till the end of time? Not including the waste depository costs?

Nuclear power has always been about the weapons, and the ability to force the people to pay for the upkeep till the end of time, or we all die. You can take a $10,000 auto insurance policy and claim you have private insurance, but the body work for 30 MPH fender bender will be twice that  Not to mention any medical. These nuclear plants can take out a billion dollars of insurance, but even little events like chernobyl is said to have been the reason the soviet union collapsed.

I am not trolling, but you might be.

defender1be's picture

Liability is always limited with big stuff like that. Do you realy think that the insurance for lets say a big chemical factory with realy dangerous products is unlimited?

Its even in the qoute you give "as in all other aspects of industrial society", what do you think the mean with "other aspects of industrial society"?

You say "Coal plants are all insured privately", wat do you think would happen if a batch of coal contaminated with toxic chemicals got through the quality checks.

An accident like that is possible and it will not be covered by the private insurance. And you wil have a disaster just as bad as a nuclear one.

Hey, even normal insurance is limited, in most insurance contracts there are exemptions that exludes liability in case of natural disaster or war and other stuff.

There is so mutch FUD (fear,uncertainty, doubt) being spread about nuclear power and everybody just accept the disinformation without question.

wisefool's picture

The nastiest of the nasty stuff. Benzine, Chorine, heck even warren buffets oil trans blow up and can kill a whole town. But 3 weeks later, it is dispersed, degraded, chelated. That is billions of dollars.

Nuclear power plants an Nuclear waste can never, ever be safe. They require maintence till the end of time. The particles degrade over 10,100, millions of years. riding the ocean currents and the airborne jetstream. bio-aggregated in our food. That is hundreds of trillions of dollars.

If you ingest 1 benzine molecule, you might get sick. if you injest a radioactive isotope you are dead, unless they cut it out of you. 

You are either very naive, or a shill if you think the liabilities nuclear industry is "privately insured". it has been around for 60 years, and we have had 10 major incidents. that is an absurd reate of failure. Do you think the entire nation of germany is getting rid of the reactors based on "Fear. uncertainty, doubt?" or because they have more I.Q. and respect for the planet than our elite tax farmers?

0b1knob's picture

"never done before"

TM-1 (the undamaged reactor at Three Mile Island) was mothballed from 1979 till 1985 and then restarted.  Why is it that reporters always talk about some "unprecedented" event that one minute of googling could prove was not unprecedented at all?

Headbanger's picture

I know.. What a bunch of fucking shit


cheech_wizard's picture

All too true... Ex-navy nuclear reactor operator...Pull into port, shut the reactor down on Friday night, Monday morning, start it back up. Rather routine procedure, but to people that have never done it before, they tend to think that it is some sort of "magic".

Standard Disclaimer: What people don't know about a subject could fill volumes.

Urban Roman's picture

You just have to kinda take 'er easy until all the neutron poisons are burned up..

Urban Roman's picture

Of course, your military reactor is a different design than the Fukushima reactors. Cooling is easier to come by, for example. Without knowing much about it, I'd say that your ship's reactor still needed to shed decay heat over that weekend, so it wasn't completely shut down.

The Fukushima reactors had a nameplate saying something like a gigawatt in service, meaning that they had to get rid of about fifty megawats of plain old waste heat when shut down, gradually tapering off with the decay. And the designers of those GE Mark I reactors unfortunately did not consider as possibilities, some of the happenings at Fukushima...


wisefool's picture

They did not think 7.0+ earthquakes and tsunamis could happen on a massive island like japan, that literally rose out of the ocean because of one reason ... wait for it ... 7.0+ earthquakes and tsunamis.

Germany is not an earthquake prone region, but they are getting rid of them.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Starting reactors when you know they have multiple fatal unfixed flaws is just plain dumb.

Rusty Shorts's picture

Here's is what a burning fuel assembly looks like -


tepco record was taken 13th september 2011

defender1be's picture

Not only that, but the Oskarshamn reactor the are talking about is still in operation.

If the restart of that reactor was really that problematic, than i think that it would have been decomissiond by now.

Dave's not here's picture

Surly they'er immune to radiation by now. 

falconflight's picture

Bunghole, the national past time of Turkey.  You work for their CofC?

falconflight's picture

Hate Lox, love cinnamon raisin bagels.  Not easy to come by in the Smokies.

MsCreant's picture

Just so we are clear about Zionism specifically, and not Jew bashing generally, I can help you out with that rope...Ann has a high horse, I think we are good to go.



Edit: So is the problem that I am not willing to hate all Jews, just the ones who are hypocrites imprisoning Palestinians, and acting like their needs are the only needs on earth?

Or is the problem that you like Pam and Ann?

Ms No's picture

"Just so we are clear about Zionism"

Thank you for making that distinction. The Hedge is a pretty great place and I'd like to see it around for a minute.  These critical issues have to be discussed but it helps to have it in a proper context.  Most Jews are as ignorant of the Zionist banking sect as the average American.  There are Jews actively fighting this banking sect also.  There are so few aware of what is actually going on that statements that are percieved as simple racism will just discredit and destroy any opposition and collectively put a noose around all of our necks.


MsCreant's picture

Thank you for spelling it out.

Never works to overgeneralize, indeed, that serves to hand them the rope for that collective noose you were talking about.  

cheech_wizard's picture

Speaking of Ann's acting... she did have a cameo in Sharknado3...


phoolish's picture

You can dissolve radioactive elements and make them safe.


norecovery's picture

Oh, good! Why don't you go over to Hanford and WIPP and Savannah and Sellafield and all the other nuclear waste repositories, where deadly toxic waste has been piling up for decades, and demonstrate your technique? I'm sure all the scientists and nuclear engineers that have unsuccessfully wrestled with this problem will appreciate your insights.

WillyGroper's picture

See what a guy in the industry from Finland  has to say about it.

Global in the skullduggery.

Gives an entirely different perspective on Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

TuPhat's picture

You have negative knowledge about US reactors, negative rates.  If you knew what actually happened at Fukushima, which is not available from any ZH articles, then learning a little bit about the design of US reactors would give you a different picture.  For example they aren't all GE designs.  Many are Westinghouse and I worked at some that were Combustion Engineering.  These designs are all significantly different in operation with completely different safety functions.  None of the ones I worked at had GE designed backup generators and the generators at Fukishima only failed went they lost fuel supply.  Learn a little before you spout off.

Stumpy4516's picture

The backup generators were not even the issue.  The coolant pipes had seperated due to movement prior to the generators going off line.

The seperation of the piping is a clear design flaw and failure.  One or Two of the original design engineers quit the project because their concerns regarding safety short cuts were not addressed. 

Thirtyseven's picture

As will the turrist 7/7/05 and the mossad attacks of 9/11/2001

gigadeath's picture

Maybe Magna BSP, the Israeli security firm "guarding" the Fukushima Facility, might just know a thing or two about the origin of the meltdown...

Thirtyseven's picture

Question becomes: What have they TAKEN AWAY from the "disaster" site.

No doubt material with which to make a dirty bomb which they will then blame upon Iran.