Cop Acquitted In Murder Of Kelly Thomas Just Arrested For Domestic Violence

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Manuel Ramos, 41, the former Fullerton police officer who was ultimately acquitted after being tried for the beating and killing of Kelly Thomas, has been arrested once more—this time for domestic violence.


Thomas—an unarmed, mentally-ill homeless man—was brutally beaten to death by Ramos and two fellow officers in the summer of 2011. Two of the officers—Ramos, as well as Jay Cicinelli—were tried and acquitted of the murder. From the beginning, the case received nationwide coverage. A slew of peaceful protests resulted from the several injustices that were committed in this gut-wrenching case of excessive violence and abuse of power.

Now, Ramos has been arrested again. As ABC7 news reported,

“Police respond[ed] to a report of a family disturbance [and] arrested Manuel Ramos on July 16 after he allegedly assaulted a woman in the 3600 block of W. Oak Avenue.”

 Ramos was then booked on the charge of misdemeanor domestic violence, but soon after posted bail and was released. According to the report, the case still remains under investigation.

This goes to show that when violent criminals are granted impunity, when they are let off the hook without even a slap on the wrist, they will continue their horrendous cycle of abuse of power and violence. When these murderers are exonerated without consequence, they are assisted in committing further assaults—in this case, domestic violence.


Mugshots of former officer Manuel Ramos.

Does Ramos lack so much compassion that he must beat the defenseless? First a mentally-ill man who was small in stature, then a woman.

What is more ridiculous is that journalists and live-streamers who covered the Kelly Thomas case are being dragged through a long and tedious court ordeal. They are facing charges, trials, and time in prison for simply filming and documenting the protests that occurred as result of the officers’ acquittals. Our own Patti Beers—also known as “P.M.” on her social media accounts—is facing such absurd charges for filming the acquittal protests. Patti’s trial has been covered by the Anti-Media, The Fifth Column, OC Weekly, AnonHQ, and more.

This case of police brutality and major injustices committed by law enforcement force us to ask:

when will this horrendous cycle of violence end? When will the law be lawful? When will the justice system deliver justice?

The issues extend far beyond Manuel Ramos, but if we let this cowardly badged thug go without consequence again, we are allowing for more of his kind to continue coming out of the woodworks. Additionally, if we allow journalists— real journalists like Patti Beers—to be tried for performing her civic duty—well, that’s just pouring salt in an already gaping wound.

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junction's picture

Another hero cop.

PacOps's picture

How in hell do people like this get thru initial LEO psych screening? Or is there any such thing on the front end?

knukles's picture

Easy folks, he's Latino, so it's all just coincidence.

God's picture

Manuel Ramos would be a perfect FBI man.

0b1knob's picture

< Domestic violence.

< Hispanic foreplay.


Dose Tyler Durden still beat up Marla?   Yes or no?

Bush Baby's picture

The Thomas beating video made me sick , and I have a strong stomach, unbelievable how Ramos walked away from that.
For every one of those abuse videos there are another 100 cases where no video exists.

Bay Area Guy's picture

Looks like one of them White Hispanics to me.

Seriously, though, cops are going more and more over the line. The only reason something might happen to him this time is that he's an ex-cop and it was against a woman. If he was still a cop, he could beat the snot out of a woman and be set free by his brother officers.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

The screening may have gone away when they started rejecting applicants with too high an IQ. Most cops know who is unstable on their force from steroid abuse. They hear all about it at the police gym where the steroids can be obtained discreetly.

Normalcy Bias's picture

It appears that the only thing they screen for is a high IQ.

Fukushima Fricassee's picture
Fukushima Fricassee (not verified) PacOps Aug 9, 2015 5:33 PM

How in the fuck did Obama get through?

kchrisc's picture

They are being screened FOR psychopathy, as only those imbued with psychopathy can go out daily to rob, torture and kill for the benefit of the slithers and Zionist empire for which they serve and protect.

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission..


Warning to all gun and badge thugs: The flip side of your oaths is Article 3, Section 3--"It's the Law." We the people are watching and listing, and there will be no "truth and reconciliation," only trial and Retribution.

Macon Richardson's picture

"There will be no "truth and reconciliation," only trial and Retribution." Don't hold your breath.

kchrisc's picture

With respect, but your statement reveals that you expect someone else (authority?) to apply "trial and Retribution" for you.

However, "trial and Retribution" is your, and all of the rest of we Americans', responsibility.

Liberty will not Restore itself, and neither will the criminals willingly mount the guillotine.

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission..

Thirtyseven's picture

Lol.  Just ask Baltimore.

(in the news this week, the hired contractor basically didn't screen applicants, but collected the government checks nonetheless)

GMadScientist's picture

You think they do psych checks on these assholes? If they did, they'd never be able to recruit at all.

holgerdanske's picture

you screen for psychopaths, and then hire them. that's how.

serotonindumptruck's picture

Psychopathy and double digit IQ is a prerequisite for employment in law enforcement.

junction's picture

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In addition to the American Motorcycle and National Hot Rod Associations banning PPO, countries such as Mexico, Canada and the entire European Union have banned it, due to its known carcinogenic risks to human beings.

silverer's picture

Ya think the cops were snacking on them?

JLM's picture

Edgar Casey the sleeping prophet says eating three almonds a day will prevent cancer for life.  I suspected it was not true but now we have proof almonds actually cause cancer.  Better tell my mom quick.  She is 85 and still eating almonds every day.  It might be too late.  /s

Stumpy4516's picture

So, you think treating almonds with PPO before they are eaten is OK?

If we can find someone who eats almonds with mercury and is alive is it then OK to also.

Treating something that is to be eaten with a substance that is know to have cancer causing potential is not a good thing.  Since other countries have baned it I think the risk is sufficiently hight to avoid.

Wahooo's picture

Why do theyasteurize them and do they do that to others types of nts?

B2u's picture

He is white?

Normalcy Bias's picture

The 'Boys' eagerly await your presence in the showers, Manny!


Big Corked Boots's picture

Even if he is convicted for this crime, he'll still get special treatment. Either he'll get time served, probation, community service, or some other BS. If he gets time it will be minimum security with safety observation. Of course the pension is just fine. The blue line is strong.

Normalcy Bias's picture

I'm sure you're right, but if this kind of BS impunity goes on long enough, you know it'll only be a matter of time before some no-nonsense 'folks' form some sort of inverted 'Star Chamber' type organization.

GMadScientist's picture

Really awesome use of their time; I wonder how many burglaries and muggings went down while these psychopaths were getting their jollies to compensate for their tiny peepees.

Central Bankster's picture

 "misdemeanor domestic violence".   Easily could be a case of drunken wife attacking her drunken husband, but only the hubby gets arrested.  Come on, have any of you watched cops?



Al Gophilia's picture

See your doctor asap. Your symptoms indicate that you need a tvotomy.

God's picture

Bitches can be violent, just sayin'. Especially the crazy ones.

Postal's picture

That's why a prepared man has a sound-proof dungeon--and a stack of signed consent forms...

Central Bankster's picture

Politically correct.

Intellectually dishonest.

Attack the messenger.

Normalcy Bias's picture

Yep, I've watched Cops.

Hands-down the best takedown ever was the the fat bastard who was so wasted he couldn't stand up for very long - but he KNEW he was Superman.

Central Bankster's picture

LOL right?


I mean a drunken woman in that state of mind could never initiate a confrontation where someone more physically capable than her ends up winning. IMPOSSIBLE I say.

Caleb Abell's picture

Cops is a useful show.  Whenever a foreigner asks me what America and average Americans are actually like, I tell them to watch Cops, Maury Povich, and the Jerry Springer show, because those shows are an accurate reflection of the country.

22winmag's picture

You forgot

Stumpy4516's picture

Could be, but then you have to consider his history.

q99x2's picture

If you want to stop violence you have to stop Goldman Sachs.

Rockwell's picture

Oh! And he's an Hispanic! Adios AMERIKA!

g speed's picture

Manuel  Ramos-----Fan poster boy of police departments everywhere----