Cop Acquitted In Murder Of Kelly Thomas Just Arrested For Domestic Violence

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Manuel Ramos, 41, the former Fullerton police officer who was ultimately acquitted after being tried for the beating and killing of Kelly Thomas, has been arrested once more—this time for domestic violence.


Thomas—an unarmed, mentally-ill homeless man—was brutally beaten to death by Ramos and two fellow officers in the summer of 2011. Two of the officers—Ramos, as well as Jay Cicinelli—were tried and acquitted of the murder. From the beginning, the case received nationwide coverage. A slew of peaceful protests resulted from the several injustices that were committed in this gut-wrenching case of excessive violence and abuse of power.

Now, Ramos has been arrested again. As ABC7 news reported,

“Police respond[ed] to a report of a family disturbance [and] arrested Manuel Ramos on July 16 after he allegedly assaulted a woman in the 3600 block of W. Oak Avenue.”

 Ramos was then booked on the charge of misdemeanor domestic violence, but soon after posted bail and was released. According to the report, the case still remains under investigation.

This goes to show that when violent criminals are granted impunity, when they are let off the hook without even a slap on the wrist, they will continue their horrendous cycle of abuse of power and violence. When these murderers are exonerated without consequence, they are assisted in committing further assaults—in this case, domestic violence.


Mugshots of former officer Manuel Ramos.

Does Ramos lack so much compassion that he must beat the defenseless? First a mentally-ill man who was small in stature, then a woman.

What is more ridiculous is that journalists and live-streamers who covered the Kelly Thomas case are being dragged through a long and tedious court ordeal. They are facing charges, trials, and time in prison for simply filming and documenting the protests that occurred as result of the officers’ acquittals. Our own Patti Beers—also known as “P.M.” on her social media accounts—is facing such absurd charges for filming the acquittal protests. Patti’s trial has been covered by the Anti-Media, The Fifth Column, OC Weekly, AnonHQ, and more.

This case of police brutality and major injustices committed by law enforcement force us to ask:

when will this horrendous cycle of violence end? When will the law be lawful? When will the justice system deliver justice?

The issues extend far beyond Manuel Ramos, but if we let this cowardly badged thug go without consequence again, we are allowing for more of his kind to continue coming out of the woodworks. Additionally, if we allow journalists— real journalists like Patti Beers—to be tried for performing her civic duty—well, that’s just pouring salt in an already gaping wound.

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Laddie's picture

Of course Ramos got off for killing Kelly Thomas, Thomas was WHITE and Ramos was the home boy. Juries are going to continue letting off their peeps when the victim is White.

There was a Jew from Australia who was studying Torah in NYC. He was stabbed to death by a black. The perp was found with the murder weapon in his back pocket. The blade had the BLOOD of the deceased on it. The black jury let him WALK.

That is how it goes in the USSA. Sadly Mr YANKEL ROSENBAUM, who was the slain person in Brooklyn was another victim of his own Tribe's machinations to eliminate Whites. I suppose in terms of the GREAT PLAN a few casualties along the way are worth it.

The ones in charge, the ones who give puppet Obama his marching orders our real rulers smile when they hear about such cases as Officer Ramos walking.

God's picture

Studying Torah in NYC. What a shithole that place is. Yuck!

Normalcy Bias's picture

Yep. The O.J. verdict was a prime example that 'payback time' had begun for whitey...

greatgiantsicko's picture

THe jury was made up of 8 women and 4 men.  10 of them had a BA, 2 were lawyers, one of which was the foreman.  Based on the the county the trial took place in, a majority of them would have been WHITE hommies.  BTW, there were 3 trails in the Yankel Rosenbaum case, its not like it was an easy case to adjudicate.

kchrisc's picture

From power and tyranny's point of view, what contributed to the lack of justice in Mr. Rosenbaum's case was that he was studying the Torah and not the Talmud.

Kelly Thomas' mistake was was breathing near gun and badge thugs.

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission..


GMadScientist's picture

Oh look, someone has no idea how jury selection works.

silverer's picture

Good thing the guy didn't say anything to piss off that cop.  It could have been a fate worse than death!

phoolish's picture

Does he get to keep his pension?

monad's picture

His slick lawyer gets the pension, the house, eveything, and he doesn't even have to deliver.

Normalcy Bias's picture

Don't forget, the lawyer probably gets to fuck the wife, too!

monad's picture

After the judge. Rank has its privileges.

Well Hungarian's picture

Is he an illegal alien? If so, let him go!

Normalcy Bias's picture

Exactly. Catch 'n Release, bitchez!

istt's picture

Put him out of his misery, so society is a safer place.

One And Only's picture

I've been conditioned to believe that only white cops kill black people so th is really weird to me.

Bill of Rights's picture

Shit bag with a free pass. Maybe some old fashion vigilante justice will come to light.

roisaber's picture

Pigs are politicians' front line of defense in instituting tyranny.

kchrisc's picture

Yup, but my AK, AR, and Glock say: "FIFO."

Liberty is a demand.Tyranny is submission..

God's picture

Change your state laws.

Send all of your criminals to israel to be with all the other criminals.

Make it look like the change to the law is a gift, or a free journey to prosperity, or some such.

Get rid of them all and your state will normalize itself.

I Write Code's picture

Well, I don't want to jump to conclusions based on such a charge, no matter how obvious and likely the conclusion, it warn't no misdemeanor when he killed Kelly Thomas.

22winmag's picture



A poster child for meathead, steroid-munching, power-drinking peace officers nationwide!

NoBillsOfCredit's picture

Peace officers don't do that. "law enforcers" do.

bigrooster's picture

That is one fat pig that needs to die.  Homeless people rise up!

idontcare's picture

Dig a pit in the back yard and roast that pig for Noche Buena this year.

Kprime's picture

Police coming under attack around the world. 400 party goers attack.

NoWayJose's picture

We could deport him to Mexico...

MsCreant's picture


It's Mr. Potatohead. You know I am right, just look.

See how the hair on his head and face are different in the two pictures? Some one pinned those ears to his head, the nose.

Mr. Potatohead on steroids. Is he baked? Smashed? Fried?


henry chucho's picture

Now you know why there aren't any homeless people in Mexico,and millions of poor Latino's risk death every year, to sneak into the USSA..The Mexican pigs beat them to death..

kchrisc's picture

He, and the rest involved in the treasonous murdering of Kelly Thomas, ride high on the guillotine list.

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission..


Only one way to get off the guillotine list.

besnook's picture

dorner had the right idea. once these guys realize their job really is dangerous instead of dangerous to the people they will reform because no one will apply for the job.

it is ironic that the spike in police on innocent citizen crime correlates to the israelification of the nation's police force. we are all gazans now.

44_shooter's picture

Cops deserve our respect.  They have a very dangerous job, its rough out there on the streets.

fowlerja's picture I see a pattern here..will probably get parole is he attends an "anger management" course...

SirBarksAlot's picture

California is owned by the bankers.  The police there are over the top and even branded the Occupy LA protestors they arrested with an "O". 

Florida is not different.  Look at Zimmerman.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

The Kelly Thomas beating and subsequent acquittal despite the video evidence in my opinion, was a direct result of allowing police brutality on blacks and Latino's to become the norm. How a jury never convicted in the Kelly Thomas case defied all logic, but alas in the eyes of the average Joe, the police can do no wrong and thus legalized thuggery is reinforced amongst the rank and file. For wife beating pussies like Ramos, the usual police defence in these cases, is to blame the stress of the job. Hopefully he'll be found guilty and sacked from the police-force. A thug cop dreads nothing worse than having to become a civilian again. I hope this becomes his fate.

morongobill's picture

For sure, in the eyes of the average Orange County resident, the cops can do no wrong.