Americans Who See Economic Deterioration Outnumber Optimists By 50%

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Almost 50% more Americans believe the US economy is getting worse than are optimistic about the future. Gallup's latest economic survey shows the economic outlook among Americans at its weakest since September 2014.

The economic outlook component averaged -18, as 39% of Americans said the economy is getting better while 57% said it is getting worse.

The Economic Confidence Index entered positive territory in late December, for the first time since Daily tracking began in 2008. It dropped below zero in mid-February, and has not been in positive territory since mid-March. The index's rise and subsequent decline has been linked to falling, and then rising, gas prices.

The index has averaged -11 or lower since the week ending July 5, 2015. Lower scores in July were largely attributed to economic events abroad -- including the Greek debt crisis -- and the impact they had on domestic stock prices.

Source: Gallup

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An optimist is a guy BEFORE sex.

A pessimist is the same guy AFTER sex.

Looney  ;-)

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An optimist is NEVER pleasantly surprised, but I'm getting a shadenboner over the markets.....

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This is simply a matter of a group who see the glass half full, and those who want to shove the glass up the first groups blind ass.

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Commodity prices have been sharply declining, often that is a leading indicator of a recession.  So is a declining stock market.

And if the USA enters recession, then the BRICS will get slammed.

Goldman-Sachs marketing slogan "BRICS", bwa ha ha.

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Your BRICS of stability, the glide path of a crowbar.

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Just another BRICS in the wall.....

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Hey, we're going to need an industrial-strength plunger to unplug this backed-up crapper.... On second thought, bring a few sticks of dynamite, we're going to need to blow the whole thing up and start over...

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Where the fuck have these morons been the past decade....

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The 39% are govt employees

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That's not too damned far from the mark by the sample set of my buddies.  Each and every goobermint employee thinks shit's just fine, a bright future for All.  Most every private sector person is not too damn enamored with the light of the morrow.

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A rude awakening is right around the corner for many many folks. And by rude we mean flaming urine poured on your face.

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I don't think I've ever drunk that much Everclear.

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For once perception sees reality despite being told what to perceive?

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The mirror has cracked.....

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39% of Americans said the economy is getting better

I want the drugs that the optimists are taking

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After careful consideration we plan to crash personal spending from 4.3% to 3.5%.


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Yea, Gov just needs to hire more worker bees to put a larger tax strain on the peons, offshore a few more million jobs and bring in a  hundred thousand H1B's.  That should fix things...

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Optimist - Glass is half full.

Pessimist - Glass is half empty.


Pragmatist - Knows glass is refillable.

Sells straws, napkins, and offers variety of replacement beverages...


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ZH reader - knows the glass is filled with Piss, regardless of the level.

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The cost engineer says the glass was designed ~twice as large as it should have been.

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And the bankster then tries then to sell that half-glass that is full of piss, with a 10% off 'once-in-a-lifetime promotion' (*some restrictions, taxes and fees may apply).

How hard will you work for you bankster piss?

Everyone else is SO HAPPY with their piss!  If you don't like the taste and smell of foul bankster piss in your mouth, then there must be something wrong with you!


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Tranches of glasses with varying densities of Piss, marketed by guys with polyester suits.

Every glass with a picture of Blythe Masters on each cup

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So 2 guys where positive, 3 negative and the rest didn't give a fuck and where posting video's of kittens on facebook...

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I wouldn't vote either if I could see Hildabeast cutting up newborn kittens live on The View while cackling about being able to empathize with the poor from experience.

                      People, we are sooooooo fucked

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You do know that in this porn addicted era, that it actually sounds appealing the way you tell it?

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My Dad just talked to a guy who is a taxidermist.  He used to stuff around 180 heads a year on average.  This year he only did 18.  People just don't have disposable income anymore.  Hope and Change turned out to be Debt and Chains for the masses.  It's really, really bad out there for most small businesses.  Most people are still clueless about how bad it really is.

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He should go into the pike business soon.  I'll need two as a deterent at the enterance of our road.

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I have lost more business this year then I have since the big ass fucking of 9/11.  true story bro

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4TH Turning is HERE !111111111111

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I was here in 02' bitchez !!!!!  After 17 years of education and a BA, JD, MBA,....and spent 18 months to get a job that I coulda gotten out of High School.


Took Americans 13 years to realize we are fucked????


Talk about STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We should all be so lucky to have an Asteroid land in the Atlantic and take out the East Coast.
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Or perhaps you could just do us a favor and walk into oncoming speeding traffic.

We should all be so lucky if everybody who thought like you would do that.

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Somebody beat me to it.  I was going to say 39% have gubbermint jobs...But thats not all, there are many private contractors and service people who make a living off those who work for the government.  I saw a line of young kids waiting at the tattoo shop. Their parents work for the government so they have money to get tattoos, or mcdonalds, or electronics.  I had a job working low voltage engineering, all of our jobs were building and maintaining the skool system. SO basically, anyone working these days is working and being paid by gubbermint money...No commerce, just gubbermint fiat money printed out of thin air......

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Only 20% of working age population have private jobs that support the 100% of the population!!!  Sustainable?  I think not...

SmallerGovNow2's picture

Sorry, my previous post is incorrect... 6 million businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, provide jobs for more than 100 million Americans and the tax base for everything in the USSA.  One third holding up the whole...

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What percent of your "6 million businesses" are actually one guy being paid by a government-paid corporation that in turn takes the tax money and hires out contractors?

NO WAY small business employs anything close to 100 million 'murkins. There are barely 100 million jobs and I can tell you they AREN'T in the black buildings and empty parking lots of this nations' former small businesses.

In 1999, and for most of our recorded history, small business provided 75% of all non-government jobs

By 2005 that had dropped to 45%.

No way in hell it is close to that number anymore

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The sleeping giant awakens....................

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We got socialism with none of the benefits.  People who used to think I was nuts about this stuff now just think I am due to mental function. 

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The 39% are in academia or government unions, plus the disabled, welfare moms, seniors and the top 1%.

The 57% just got their annual notice of increases in Obamacare.

See, success, our recovery must be there somewhere.

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Speaking of insurance companies... My med ins. premium jumped up $120 this month. Freakin BCBS!