From $1,300 Tiger Penis To $800K Snipers: The Complete Black Market Price Guide

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Late last year, we said that "hookers and blow" were set to lift Britain over France as the world’s fifth largest economy. 

And we weren’t joking. 

As The Telegraph noted when the figures were released, "the Centre for Economics and Business Research said Britain's acceleration was boosted by the inclusion of sex and drugs to UK growth."

France, on the other hand, has taken the moral high ground by "refus[ing] to comply with EU rules because it does not consider [drug use and prostitution] to be 'voluntary commercial activities'".

"Voluntary" or not, failing to include the illicit activities which drive the world’s shadow economies could lead to material miscalculations. And besides, even if one wants to argue that illegality is impossible to measure, surely making an honest attempt to come up with an accurate representation of economic output is preferable to the BEA's now standard practice of simply "adjusting" the real data in order to get a goalseeked outcome. As WSJ put it last June, "if drug sales aren't counted in a place where people spend half their income on drugs, one could conclude, wrongly, that the population saved half its money." The U.N. made a similar argument back in 2008 when it contended that "accounts as a whole are liable to be seriously distorted" if governments refuse to include all transactions. 

Fortunately for anyone looking to get a read on the going rate for the various goods and services which comprise the world’s black markets (and in some countries serve as a much needed boon for GDP), Havocscope has a price list for everything you’ve ever wanted to buy (and everything you wouldn’t touch even with Mario Draghi’s hands) from someone in a dark and smoky back alley. 

First, a bit on Havocscope’s methodology

Data listed within Havocscope’s website is collected from credible open-source documents such as newspapers, government reports and academic journals. The source for the figure is clearly listed on each data post. This allows users to see where the information has come from, judge the credibility of the source, and pursue further research if necessary.

That seems fair enough, and so, without further ado, we present current price lists for a veritable smorgasbord of illegal goods and services.

AK-47 and Other Guns on the Black Market

  • Afghanistan$1,500
  • Afghanistan-Kabul$1,500 for US issued Night Vision Googles
  • Australia$15,493 in Sydney
  • Average price of AK-47 worldwide$534
  • Canada$2,000 for handgun, $600 to rent
  • Europe$400 to $900 for Rocket Launchers and AK-47s
  • Iraq$800, with Osama Bin Laden’s favorite model for $2,000
  • Iraq-Bullets$0.15 to $0.45 per bullet
  • Iraq-Rocket Launcher$100, $50 per grenade
  • Mexico-AK-47$1,400 on US border/$3,000 in South
  • Mexico-Gernade$100 to $500 for M67 Grenade
  • Niger Delta-AK-47$75
  • Philippines$120 for .22 Caliber Magnum Black Widow
  • Profit in the U.S.$500 for selling AK-47 to Drug Cartels
  • Somalia$400 for Russian AK-47, $600 for North Korean AK-47
  • Sudan$86 for AK-47, $33 for child
  • Syria$2,100 for AK-47, $2,000 for RPG
  • Thailand$2,600 for gun
  • United States$400 in California’s black market
  • United States-Small Pistol$20 to $100 in Dallas, TX
  • United States – Straw PurchaserUp to $500 per gun


  • Afghanistan – Election Bribes$1 to $18 per vote
  • Afghanistan – Police Bribe$100,000 to be Police Chief
  • Afghanistan Average Bribe Amount$214 in 2012
  • Africa – Bribe Payments of Govt Officials$20 to $40 Billion
  • Amount of Bribes Paid Worldwide$1 Trillion per year
  • Bangladesh – Bribes Paid per Household$86
  • Businesses – Rise in Market Value from Bribes$11 for $1 in bribe
  • Cambodia – Bribes for Fishing Permit$50
  • Cambodia – Bribes to Operate Fake License Shop$2.50 per day
  • Cambodia – Citizens Paying Bribes to Receive Services72%
  • China – Bribe to become a City Assemblyman$44,000
  • China – Bribes to Education Officials$10,000 for School Admission
  • China – Bribes to Rail Ministry$14,897 for job as Train Attendant
  • China – Impact of Bribes on Drug Prices20%
  • Companies Asked to Pay Bribes Worldwide28%
  • Croatia – Average Bribe Payment$300
  • Czech Republic Average Bribe Amount$248 to $497
  • Education Corruption1 in 6 students pay bribes
  • Greece- Bribes Paid by Families$2,500 to Public Officials
  • Guatemala – Bribes from Drug Traffickers$2,500 to Public Officials
  • Haiti – Bribe to Border Official for Human Trafficker$400 per immigrant
  • Illegal Loggers$25,000 to $50,000 in bribes for permits
  • India – Bribe to Sell DVDs$0.18 to Police
  • India – Bribes to Police to Sell Water$0.18 to Police
  • India – Families Paying Bribes4 million families
  • Indonesia – Bribe to Chief Justice$250,000
  • Indonesia – Bribe to Oil Regulator$600,000
  • Indonesia – Bribes to Prison Guard$500 to use cell phone
  • Indonesia – Businesses Paying Bribes60%
  • Iraq – Bribes to Prison Guards$100 to Take a Single Shower
  • Ivory Coast – Bribes at Traffic Checkpoints$300 Million
  • Kenya – Bribes to Customs and Port Officials$5,797 per shipment
  • Kenya -Average Bribes Paid Per Month16
  • Mexico – Amount of Bribes Paid$2.75 Billion in 2010
  • Mexico – Average Bribe Paid$14
  • Mexico – Bribes Collected by Police65% less than $6,000
  • Mexico – Bribes Paid by Drug Cartel to Police$1.2 Billion Per Year
  • Mexico – Sinaloa Cartel Boss to Escape Prison$2.5 Million
  • Nigeria – Bribes Accepted by Government Workers$3.2 Billion
  • Nigeria – Bribes Paid by Shell$2 Million in bribes, $14 Million in profit
  • North Korea – Bribes to Border Guard by Defector$6,000
  • North Korea – Bribes to Inspectors$2,000 per visit
  • Pakistan – Bribe to Police from Artifact Smuggler$10.62 per day of digging
  • Pakistan – Bribes Paid by Smugglers$1,200 to Police Chiefs
  • Peru – Bribe to Stop Logging Investigation$5,000
  • Romania – Bribe to Receive Brain Surgery$6,500
  • Romania – Bribes Paid Per Day$1 Million
  • Romania – Bribes to Hospital For Employment$40,000
  • Russia – Average Bribe Paid$189
  • Russia – Bribes to Forest OfficialsCases of Vodka
  • Russia – Business Bribe$10,000
  • Russia – Education Admission Bribes$1 Billion
  • Russian -Amount of Bribes Paid$5.9 Billion in 2010
  • South AfricaTraffic Police Ask for Most Bribes
  • Thailand – Bribes to Police to Allow Human Smuggling$160 per migrant
  • Thailand – Kickback and Bribes to Officials25-35% of project value
  • Thailand -Impact of Bribes on Economy$3.3 Billion
  • Ukraine – Bribes to Police$1,000 from brothel owners
  • United Kingdom – People who Paid Bribes1 in 20
  • United States – Bribe to Border Agent$15,000
  • United States – Bribes to Prison Guard$5,000 to pass meth
  • United States – Bribes to TSA Screener$2,400 for each suitcase
  • United States – Corruption At Workplace60% believe common
  • Vietnam – Bribes to Forest Official$2,300

Prices of Computer Hackers and Online Fraud

  • AdWords$1,000 to drain competitors AdWords budget
  • Botnet – Canada$270 for 1,000 computers
  • Botnet – France$200 for 1,000 computers
  • Botnet – Russia$200 for 1,000 computers
  • Botnet – United Kingdom$240 for 1,000 computers
  • Botnet – United States$180 for 1,000 computers
  • Botnet – Worldwide$35 for 1,000 computers
  • Credit Card – Premium Card with Big Balance$250
  • Credit Card and Social Security Number$5
  • DDOS a Website$911,000 for gambling website
  • Doxing Someone$25 to $100
  • Email Addresses – Gmail$200 for 1,000
  • Email Addresses – Hotmail$12 for 1,000
  • Email Addresses – Yahoo$10 for 1,000
  • Facebook Likes$15 for 1,000
  • Facebook Spam$13 for page with 30,000 fans
  • Hacked Webcam of Boy$0.01
  • Hacked Webcam of Girl$1
  • Hacking Classes$75
  • Online Bank Account – EU4 – 6% of account balance
  • Online Bank Account – USA2% of account balance
  • Online Extortion$50 to $15,000 in Sextortion Blackmail
  • Online Funds to CashCommission between 9% to 40% of Amount
  • Online Game Hackers$16,000 per month in China
  • PayPal Account6 to 20% of account balance
  • Remote Administration Tool$40 for Blackshades
  • Stolen Health Insurance Information$1,200 to $1,300
  • Twitter Followers$15 for 10,000 Fake Followers
  • Website Traffic$1 for 1,000 fake visitors

Cost to Hire a Hitman

  • Argentina$3,749 to $5,555
  • Australia$13,610 to $83,000
  • BoliviaBetween $4,000 to $15,000
  • ColombiaBase Salary of $600: $2,000 to $4,000 per hit
  • France – Monaco$330,000
  • India – MumbaiBetween $35 to $900
  • Italy – Mafia Hitman$3,700 for kneecapping, $27,000 for hit
  • Mexico – Ciudad Juarez$85 to Minors
  • Mexico – Police Chief$20,832 to target Police Chief
  • Mexico – Sinaloa$35
  • Mexico – Teenage Boys$10,00 to $50,000 per killing
  • Mexico – Teenage Girls$1,000 for 2-Week Salary to 16 year old girl
  • Philippines Death Squad$110 per hit
  • Spain$27 to $69,000
  • United States and United KingdomFew hundred to $25,000
  • United States Soldier$5,000 by Juarez Drug Cartel
  • United States Soldier – Group of Snipers$800,000 for group of 3

Exotic Animals for Sale

  • Abalone$52 per kilogram
  • African Grey Parrot$2,000
  • Arowana Fish$20,000
  • Australian Lizard$7,500
  • Baby Elephant in Thailand$7,000
  • Bear – Complete $4,500 in Taiwan
  • Bear Bile$200,000 per pound
  • Bear Paws$50 for set of 4
  • Black Cockatoo$31,000 in Australia
  • Butterfly (Queen Alexandra)$8,195
  • Chimpanzee (Live)$50
  • Clouded Leopard$5,700 in China
  • Dog Meat$29 in Vietnam
  • Elephant$28,200
  • Elephant Tusk$1,800 in Vietnam
  • Frog Legs$11 for a dozen pairs in France
  • Geckos from New Zealand$1,300 in Europe
  • Geckos in the Philippines$2,300
  • Gila Monster$1,500
  • Gorillas$400,000
  • Iguanas$10,600
  • Ivory$850 per kilo in Asia
  • Ivory with Carvings$3,000 per kilo
  • Komodo Dragon$30,000
  • Leopard$5,000
  • Leopard Tortoise$403
  • Monkey in Europe$123
  • Monkey in Thailand$55
  • Orangutan$45,000
  • Owl$250 in India
  • Pangolin$1,000
  • Pangolin – Meat$300 per kilogram
  • Pangolin – Scales$3,000 per kilogram
  • Panther$5,000
  • Ploughshare Tortoise$4,000
  • Polar Bear Skin$7,760 to $9,930
  • Puppies trafficked from Ireland$255 to $1,275 in the UK.
  • Rhino Horn Dagger$14,000
  • Rhino Horns$65,000 per kilogram
  • Rhino Horns (Crushed for medicine powder)$10 in Vietnam
  • Shark Fins$100 per kilogram
  • Sloths$30 in Colombia
  • Snake Venom$215,175 per liter
  • Snakes (Banded kraits)$2,190 in India
  • Snow Leopard Pelt$1,000 in Afghanistan
  • Spotted Salamander$103 on the Internet
  • Tiger (Dead)$5,000
  • Tiger (Live)$50,000
  • Tiger – Baby$3,200
  • Tiger Bone$2,000
  • Tiger Bone Wine$88
  • Tiger Penis$1,300
  • Tiger Remains$70,000 in China
  • Tiger Skin$35,000
  • Tortoises$10,000 in Madagascar
  • Totoaba Fish – Bladder$200,000 in China
  • Turtle – Chinese Golden Coin$20,000
  • Turtle Eggs$1 in Costa Rica

Organ Trafficking Prices and Kidney Transplant Sales

  • Average paid by Kidney Buyer$150,000
  • Average paid to Seller of Kidney$5,000
  • Kidney broker in the Philippines$1,000 to $1,500
  • Kidney broker in Yemen$60,000
  • Kidney buyer in China$47,500
  • Kidney buyer in Egypt$20,000
  • Kidney buyer in Israel$125,000 to $135,000
  • Kidney buyer in Moldova$100,000 to $250,000
  • Kidney buyer in Singapore$300,000
  • Kidney buyer in South Africa$200,000
  • Kidney buyer in Thailand$10,000
  • Kidney buyer in United States$120,000
  • Kidney buyers in Saudi Arabia$16,000
  • Kidney seller in Bangladesh$2,500
  • Kidney seller in China$15,000
  • Kidney seller in Costa Rica$20,000
  • Kidney seller in Egypt$2,000
  • Kidney seller in India$1,000
  • Kidney seller in Israel$10,000
  • Kidney seller in Kenya$650
  • Kidney seller in Moldova$2,500 to $3,000
  • Kidney seller in Pakistan$10,000
  • Kidney seller in Peru$5,000
  • Kidney seller in Romania$2,700
  • Kidney seller in Thailand$3,000 to $5,000
  • Kidney seller in the Philippines$2,000 to $10,000
  • Kidney seller in Turkey$10,000
  • Kidney seller in Ukraine$200,000
  • Kidney seller in Vietnam$2,410
  • Kidney seller in Yemen$5,000
  • Kidney Traffickers in Turkey$10,000 profit
  • Kidney Transplant Operation – China$15,200
  • Kidney Transplant Operation – Europe$32,000
  • Liver buyer in China$21,900
  • Liver seller in China$3,660
  • Lung seller in EuropeAsking price of $312,650

Fake ID Cards, Driver Licenses, and Stolen Passports

  • Average Price of a Stolen Passport for Sale$3,500
  • Black Market Driver License – New Jersey$2,500 to $7,000
  • Black Market Passport – Nepal$6,961
  • Black Market Passport – Peru$1,750
  • Black Market Passport – Sweden$12,200
  • Black Market Passport and Visa – Australia$15,000
  • Blank Stolen Passport – UK$1,642
  • Fake Green Card$75 to $300
  • Fake Birth Certificate – Cuba$10,000 to $50,000
  • Fake Car License Plate in Cambodia$4.50 to $10
  • Fake Driver License – California$200
  • Fake Driver License – Confiscated in New York1,450 in 2012
  • Fake ID Card – Malaysia$771 (includes smuggling)
  • Fake ID Card – New York$160 in 90 min
  • Fake ID Confiscated – Arizona2,064 from students in 2010
  • Fake ID Confiscated from China1,700 in 3 months at one airport
  • Fake ID from China$300 for 1, $400 for 2
  • Fake ID Papers for Residency – USA$2,500 per set
  • Fake IDs for Sale – United States$0.1 Billion ($100 Million)
  • Fake Passport – Australia$806
  • Fake Passport – China$10,000 to $25,000
  • Fake Passport – China (Alter Photo)$3,500 to $5,000
  • Fake Passport – Egypt, Germany, Morocco$6,830 to Syrian Refugees
  • Fake Passport in Thailand – Basic$245 in 2 hours
  • Fake Passport in Thailand – Higher Quality$1,000 to $1,250
  • Fake Passports in India$294
  • Fake Social Security Card$75 to $300
  • Lost or Stolen Passport Reported11 Million in 2010
  • Passport Selling – Thailand$200
  • Stolen ID to buy Health Insurance$1,250

Cocaine Prices

  • Kuwait$330 per gram (User Submitted)
  • United States$300 to $8 (UN) |$30 (User Submitted) per gram
  • Australia$300 per gram
  • Japan$269.5 per gram
  • Egypt$205.5 per gram
  • Ukraine$189.6 per gram
  • Denmark$180 per gram (User Submitted) | $89 per gram (UN)
  • New Zealand$179.3 per gram
  • Moldova$155.4 per gram
  • Norway$154.45 per gram
  • Saudi Arabia$133.5 per gram
  • Romania$132.5 per gram
  • Estonia$127.2 per gram
  • Iran$126.3 per gram
  • Jordan$126.3 per gram
  • Cyprus$119.2 per gram
  • Philippines$119 per gram
  • Pakistan$118.7 per gram
  • Latvia $112.6 per gram
  • Montenegro$111.2 per gram
  • Sweden$110.6 per gram
  • Greece$110.3 per gram
  • China$106.9 per gram (Hong Kong)
  • Finland$106 per gram
  • Czech Republic$104.8 per gram
  • Croatia$99.4 per gram
  • Austria$97.3 per gram
  • Indonesia$96.5 per gram
  • Switzerland$95.6 per gram
  • Bulgaria$94.9 per gram
  • Ireland$92.7 per gram
  • Italy$91.6 per gram
  • Serbia$88.2 per gram
  • Germany$86.9 per gram
  • Thailand$86.0 per gram
  • Zimbabwe$80 per gram (Crack)
  • Israel$80 per gram
  • Poland$53 per gram
  • France$79.5 per gram
  • Spain$79.5 per gram
  • Albania$79.5 per gram
  • Lithuania$78.9 per gram
  • Turkey$78.2 per gram
  • Hungary$72.1 per gram
  • Belgium$67.1 per gram
  • United Kingdom$61.5 per gram
  • Portugal$61.0 per gram
  • Netherlands$58.7 per gram
  • Cuba$56.7 per gram
  • Lebanon$40.0 per gram
  • South Africa$32.7 per gram
  • Nigeria$32.5 per gram
  • El Salvador$24 per gram
  • Paraguay$20 per gram
  • Costa Rica$17 per gram
  • Guatemala$13.3 per gram
  • Brazil$12 per gram
  • Haiti$10 per gram
  • Chile$8.8 per gram
  • Venezuela$9.3 per gram
  • Honduras$9.2 per gram
  • Dominican Republic$8 per gram
  • Argentina$5.9 per gram
  • Ecuador$5.0 per gram
  • Peru$4.5 per gram
  • Bolivia$3.5 per gram
  • Colombia$3.5 per gram

Ecstasy Pills Prices

  • Myanmar$68.1 per pill
  • South Korea$56.0 per pill
  • Norway$44.1 per pill
  • Montenegro$41.7 per gram
  • Egypt$40.2 per pill
  • United States$35.5 per pill
  • Japan$33.65 per pill
  • Vietnam$32.5 per pill
  • Australia$32.1 per pill
  • Thailand$29.65 per pill
  • New Zealand$28.7 per pill
  • Philippines$27.5 per pill
  • Chile$25 per pill
  • Costa Rica$25 per pill
  • Ecuador$25.0 per pill
  • Colombia$22.6 per pill
  • Italy$22.0 per pill
  • Dominican Republic$21 per pill
  • Singapore$20.25 per pill
  • Finland$19.9 per pill
  • Switzerland$19.1 per pill
  • Romania$18.9 per pill
  • Sweden$16.2 per pill
  • Malaysia$16.0 per pill
  • Jamaica$14.5 per pill
  • Spain$13.6 per pill
  • Greece$13.2 per pill
  • Cyprus$13.2 per pill
  • Honduras$13.0 per pill
  • Brazil$12 per pill
  • Israel$12 per pill
  • Czech Republic$10.5 per pill
  • Zimbabwe$10 per pill
  • Austria$9.7 per pill
  • Venezuela$9.4 per pill
  • Turkey$9.3 per pill
  • Indonesia$9.0 per pill
  • Denmark$8.9 per pill
  • Bulgaria$8.8 per pill
  • Germany$8.7 per pill
  • France$7.9 per pill
  • Latvia$7.5 per pill
  • Guatemala$6.6 per pill
  • Ireland$6.6 per pill
  • Estonia$6.6 per pill
  • Iran$6.2 per pill
  • South Africa$5.8 per pill
  • Belgium$5.7 per pill
  • Cambodia$5 per pill
  • Portugal$5 per pill
  • Hungary$4.8 per pill
  • United Kingdom$4.8 per pill
  • Lithuania$4.6 per pill
  • China$4.5 per pill
  • Netherlands$3.9 per pill
  • Croatia$3.3 per gram
  • Serbia$2.65 per pill
  • Poland$1.7 per pill

Heroin Prices

  • Brunei$1330.4 per gram
  • New Zealand$717.4 per gram
  • Japan$683.6 per gram
  • Georgia$650 per gram
  • Australia$500 (User Submitted-Perth)|$50.4 per gram (UN)
  • Sweden$276.5 per gram
  • Denmark$213.6 per gram
  • United States$200 (UN) | $110 (User Submitted) per gram
  • Ireland$198.7 per gram
  • Estonia$190.75 per gram
  • Norway$169.1 per gram
  • United Arab Emirates$165.0 per gram
  • Finland$159.0 per gram
  • South Korea$140.0 per gram
  • Latvia$132.5 per gram
  • Moldova$126.3 per gram
  • Bangladesh$125.0 per gram
  • Ukraine$123.9 per gram
  • Singapore$123.9 per gram
  • Philippines$108.8 per gram
  • Cyprus$106.0 per gram
  • Indonesia$98.95 per gram
  • Austria$97.3 per gram
  • Thailand$83 per gram
  • Italy$80.6 per gram
  • Spain$80.4 per gram
  • Costa Rica$77.2 per gram
  • Lithuania$76.6 per gram
  • Croatia$72.9 per gram
  • El Salvador$69.0 per gram
  • China$66.9 per gram
  • Nepal$64.6 per gram
  • United Kingdom$61.5 per gram
  • Romania$55.05 per gram
  • Bulgaria$54.3 per gram
  • France$53.0 per gram
  • Poland$53.0 per gram
  • Czech Republic$52.3 per gram
  • Netherlands$50.8 per gram
  • Brazil$50 per gram
  • Guatemala$49.0 per gram
  • Hungary$48.1 per gram
  • Germany$48.0 per gram
  • Switzerland$47.8 per gram
  • Myanmar$47.1 per gram
  • Portugal$46.7 per gram
  • Greece$46.3 per gram
  • Saudi Arabia$42.2 per gram
  • Jordan35.1 per gram
  • South Africa$35.0 per gram
  • Belgium$31.8 per gram
  • Turkey$31.1 per gram
  • Albania$30.5 per gram
  • Israel$28.0 per gram
  • Zimbabwe$27.1 per gram
  • Serbia$26.5 per gram
  • Montenegro$23.6 per gram
  • Egypt$22.35 per gram
  • Dominican Republic$21.0 per gram
  • Iran$20.2 per gram
  • Colombia$20.1 per gram
  • Lebanon$15.0 per gram
  • Ecuador$13.0 per gram
  • Venezuela$11.6 per gram
  • India$10.93 per gram
  • Malaysia$8.88 per gram
  • Nigeria$6.8 per gram
  • Honduras$5.3 per gram
  • Cambodia$5.0 per gram
  • Pakistan$3.0 per gram
  • Afghanistan$2.4 per gram
  • Kenya$1.9 per gram

Meth Prices per Gram

  • Australia$641.4 per gram
  • New Zealand$573.9 per gram
  • South Korea$562.0 per gram
  • Switzerland$286.7 per gram
  • Philippines$214.1 per gram
  • Indonesia$203.8 per gram
  • Saudi Arabia$199.7 per gram
  • Singapore$184.25 per gram
  • Japan$125.3 to $683.6 per gram
  • Afghanistan$105 per gram
  • Germany$89.2 per gram
  • United Kingdom$88.45 per gram
  • China$72.9 per gram
  • Malaysia$52.7 per gram
  • Czech Republic$52.3 per gram
  • Finland$45.9 per gram
  • Spain$30.5 per gram
  • South Africa$27.0 per gram
  • Sweden$25.3 per gram
  • Ukraine$25.0 per gram
  • Austria$16.7 per gram
  • Hungary$14.4 per gram
  • Myanmar$13.6 per gram
  • Latvia$13.2 per gram
  • Honduras$13.0 per gram
  • Lithuania$12.7 per gram
  • North Korea$11 per gram
  • Moldova$5.0 per gram
  • Bangladesh$4.5 per tablet
  • United States$3.0 to $500.0 per gram
  • Cambodia$1.6 per gram
  • Laos$1.0 per tablet

Profits from the Business of Crime and Illegal Jobs

  • Afghanistan – Taliban$200 Million a year from Opium
  • Antique Looter1 percent of final sale price
  • Asian Massage Parlor – New Jersey, United States$108,000 per year
  • Asian Massage Parlor – Washington DC, United States$1.2 Million per year
  • Assassin – Colombia$600 monthly retainer, $3,000 per hit
  • Assassin – Mexico$3,000 to teenagers
  • Bootlegger – Pakistan$4,000 per year
  • Bride Trafficker Broker – Cambodia$1,500 per bride
  • Child Beggar – Pakistan$1.88 to $2.36 per day
  • Child Beggar – Thailand$20 per day
  • Child Begging Ring – China$40,000 per year
  • Child Begging Ring – Saudi Arabia$15,000 per month
  • Cigarette Smuggler – Mali$200 per trip, $2,000 if cocaine
  • Cigarette Smuggling – USA$500,000 from One Run
  • Cigarette Truck Unloader – Indian Reservation, USA$200 per truck
  • Coal Mining – Mexico$25 Million by Los Zetas
  • Coca Farmer – Peru$9,860 per year, $1,554 growing coffee
  • Cockfighting – Management of Matches$2,000 a day
  • Cockfighting – Prize Money for Winning Rooster$15,000
  • Counterfeit Dollars – Peru$20,000 for every $100,000 in fakes
  • Counterfeit Drug Seller$450,000 based on $1,000 investment
  • Crystal Meth Smuggler – Indonesia$311 per trip
  • Custom Officials – Mexico$1 Million per shipment passed through
  • Driver License Broker – Afghanistan$10,000 per year
  • Drug Dealer – Rio de Janeiro$15 Million in Favelas
  • Drug Mule – Indonesia$15,000 to swallow 76 capsules of heroin
  • Drug Mule – Panama$5,000 per trip
  • Drug Mule – Paraguay Local$200 per trip
  • Drug Mule – Paraguay Tourist$3,970 per trip
  • Drug Mule – Teen in Mexico$50 to $100 per trip across border
  • Drug Smugglers – Guatemala$600 Million to $800 Million per year
  • Extortionist – Guatemalan Prison $6,000 a week
  • Extortionist Gang – Colombia$100,000 per month
  • Fake Degrees – Europe$50 Million per year to 15,000 customers
  • Fake Degrees Online Website$5 Million in 9 years
  • Fake Viagra Seller- South Korea$0.84 per tablet
  • Football Match Fixing Syndicate$15 Billion per year
  • Gambling Runners – Singapore$1,957 per day handling bets
  • Gold Smuggler – India$33.50 for 10 grams
  • Gun Straw Purchasers – United States$500 per gun for Mexican Drug Cartel
  • Heroin Dealer – Ireland$694 per week
  • High Class Escort – Florida, United States$80,000 a month
  • Human Smugglers – Indonesia$1 Million per boat to Australia
  • Human Smugglers – South Korea$2,500
  • Human Trafficker – Canada$79,380 per year
  • Human Trafficker – New York City$100,000 per year
  • Human Trafficker – United Kingdom$77,000 per year
  • Human Trafficker – Vietnam$470 to move victim to China
  • Kidnappers – Virtual Kidnappers$1,000 to $3,000 per ransom
  • Legal Brothel Owner40 to 50 percent of sex workers earnings
  • Logger – Madagascar$1.33 per kilo for illegal timber
  • Marijuana Plant – United States$2,200
  • Meth Trafficking – Thailand$168 per trip
  • Money Launderer – Mexico15 cents to each dollar laundered
  • Money Mule – United Kingdom8 percent of cash laundered
  • Oil Thieves – Nigeria$6,098 per day
  • Online Dating Scammers – Ivory Coast$13,000 a month
  • Online Drug Dealer$3 Million for Top Seller on Silk Road
  • Online Extortion$500 to $15,000 in “sextortion”
  • Online Game Hacker$16,000 a month in China
  • Online Streaming Website$4.4 Million for largest sites
  • Opium Farmer – Afghanistan$4,900 vs $770 for wheat farmer
  • Opium Farmer – Myanmar$6 per day vs. $1.20 for rice
  • Opium Farmer – Students$15 to $20 per day during season
  • Organ Trafficker – Turkey$10,000 profit
  • Passport Seller – Thailand$200 to sell own passport
  • Pickpockets – Barcelona, Spain$6,132 per week
  • Pimp$67,200 per year
  • Pirate – Somalia$30,000 to $75,000 per hijacking
  • Pirated Book Seller – Mumbai, India$2 per book
  • Pirated DVD Seller – Los Angeles$50,000 a month
  • Pirated DVD Seller – Mexico$2 Million per day
  • Pirated Movie Uploader$1 to $2 per 1,000 views
  • Poppy Farmer – Afghanistan$10,000 per year, $120 if wheat
  • Prison Guard – United States$3,000 to $5,000 Smuggling Contraband
  • Prostitute – Brazil$100,000 (High-End Prostitute)
  • Prostitute – Calcutta, India$1.85 a day
  • Prostitute – Cannes, France$40,000 a night
  • Prostitute – Jamaica$470 per day
  • Prostitute – Java, Indonesia$952 per month
  • Prostitute – Kuwait$570 per month
  • Prostitute – Male Prostitute in LondonHigh of $49,000
  • Prostitute – Orange Country, California$700 a day
  • Prostitute – Pennsylvania, United States$20,000 a week
  • Prostitute – South Korea$70 per session
  • Prostitute – UgandaUp to $500 a night
  • Prostitute – Washington, DC$500 per day
  • Prostitutes – Filipino Women in Japan$150 Million a year
  • Ransomware$5 Million a year
  • Roma Thief$7,000 a month
  • Spam Sellers – Russia$60 Million a year
  • United States Workers$2 Trillion Not Reported to IRS

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TeamDepends's picture

Once you go tiger penis....

Overfed's picture

I prefer to call them free markets.

Santini Air's picture
Santini Air (not verified) Overfed Aug 13, 2015 4:24 PM

Only a matter of time before all black market items are priced in BTC or DRK....

HonkyShogun's picture
HonkyShogun (not verified) Santini Air Aug 13, 2015 4:27 PM

How much for private email server pics of Hillary and Huma scissoring?



Asking for a friend.

0b1knob's picture

800k for a group of three snipers.   When they absolutely, positively have to been dead.

So one in the Daltek building, two on the grassy knoll, but how much for the patsy in the school book supository?

lordylord2's picture
lordylord2 (not verified) 0b1knob Aug 13, 2015 4:42 PM

Profits from the Business of Crime and Illegal much did the US collect in taxes last year?

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

#Why Gov?
Looking for a career? Why not consider working for the government?
Bob Solesman
Operations Analyst, IRS

"I analyse financial records to make sure that everyone is paying their taxes in full and on time. The best thing about my job is that I get to use my analytical skills to solve real problems in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The work hours are pretty sweet too - work starts at around 9:00 and most people leave at 5:00 sharp. We believe in work life balance here - there's no point in overworking yourself if you're not in a state to produce quality results.”

Visit to find out more about employment opportunities in local and Federal government.

Manthong's picture


If I go out an hunt me up a pound of bear bile I can afford 5 classy hookers in Cannes.

.. and with my M82 with the Mk4, I could join the team and afford even more Cannes sweeties.

DutchR's picture

Fake Birth Certificate – USA ask Obama 

Manthong's picture

.. would probably not be a layered .pdf fake like the first one he published.

saints51's picture

Tyler you have sucked with all the clickbait, but today you done well. Project Omega and now this. This is fucking awesome. Keep it up.

nmewn's picture
  • China – Bribe to become a City Assemblyman$44,000

So roughly the same as San Fran or Chicago?

Tom Servo's picture

Why don't we crowdfund some snipers for Dimon, Blankfeind, Reid, Buffett?


bunnyswanson's picture

Raffle perhaps. 

2 raffle a lottery where prizes are guaranteed to be given out The raffle at Club Palooza was the best! Raffles A sexy black dog that will bark at any inanimate objects and rape anything that moves. "Why is that dog barking at a bin?"
"Must be a Raffles"
Never One Roach's picture

Great list. Now I have something to work with!

TeamDepends's picture

Look out! Someone hired a Croatian hit-man junker, paid in Angolan prostitutes, funded by North Carolina primo meth, which were all the while funded by Hasbara poppie fields ....Hey, look! A bluebird and a hummingbird playing around. Where were we....

PT's picture




  • Afghanistan$1,500
  • Afghanistan-Kabul$1,500 for US issued Night Vision Googles
  • Australia$15,493 in Sydney
  • Average price of AK-47 worldwide$534

AK in Australia costs 30 times the world average???!!!  (Plus we're not allowed to have them).  Australians ripped off again.  Luckily I found this lovely how-to video:!
Now I just need a furnace and some metal-working talent.  Or maybe I'll just have to make-do with one of these:
But is would probably still cost me more than the world average price of a real one!


Benjamin123's picture

Too much personal risk. Bitcoin is not anonymous and neither are electronic communications.

An anonymous internet and currency would launch the world into a new era.

Trogdor's picture

.. would probably not be a layered .pdf fake like the first one he published.

You're probably right - would be done by a professional instead of the office boy-toy down the hall .... the one who spends most of his time catching ....

willwork4food's picture

$20,000 for a prostitue in Pennsylvania??? What the hell? Even @ $700/day is stupid.

I could go down to AJ Gators and score for a lot less than that.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Actually, I kind of liked that figure. I think I'll file it under " Maybe being a single guy would be a hell of a lot cheaper than married." Knowing his taste level and considering I give him my 6K/month salary,he may rethink that idea.


Stuck on Zero's picture

Drivers licenses for illegal aliens in California: $25.

Trogdor's picture

Maybe being a single guy would be a hell of a lot cheaper than married

I can vouch for that - being single is a HELL of a lot cheaper ;)

Abitdodgie's picture

What is the worst a $5 dollar hooker or a $500 dollar hooker.

Manthong's picture might make a bit of a difference if you were in Somalia.

CheapBastard's picture

It's $5 for the somalia hooking itslef, but $500 afterward to leave alive.

fedupwhiteguy's picture

In Re WW4F...

$700/day for a hooker in OC Cali is about average. Remember, they are stating per day. A young, beauty charges $200/hr. So...all she needs is to service 3-4 guys per day.

mootsman's picture

Wow.  I have never had a more difficult time distinguishing between trolling and legitimate progressive insanity until I read the comments on that site.  

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

#Why Gov?
Looking for a career? Why not consider working for the government?
Bob Solesman
Operations Analyst, IRS

"I analyse financial records to make sure that everyone is paying their taxes in full and on time. The best thing about my job is that I get to use my analytical skills to solve real problems in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The work hours are pretty sweet too - work starts at around 9:00 and most people leave at 5:00 sharp. We believe in work life balance here - there's no point in overworking yourself if you're not in a state to produce quality results.”

Visit to find out more about employment opportunities in local and Federal government.p

HonkyShogun's picture
HonkyShogun (not verified) MillionDollarBonus_ Aug 13, 2015 4:43 PM

Eat a bag of tiger penises.

stacking12321's picture

"Prostitute – Washington, DC$500 per day"

are they talking about the ones inside the capitol building, or outside?

logicalman's picture

Anyone working for IRS is just an enforcer for the Mob.

Taxation is the equivalent of protection money.

You have to sell your soul to work for .gov


Abitdodgie's picture

These prices are high n USA "E" $20 a tab and coke $50 a gram or $120 a ball.

saints51's picture

8 ball is still $120? Damn that shit must be cut so many times.

Cadavre's picture

Hillary and Huma scissoring?

I cannot believe, for the life of me, that you actually had the gall to mention 'scissoring', albeit by 'the' Billy Bob's Mad Cow Disease, in an article with 'Tiger Penis', in the title.

But, that would explain why the Hills-Have-Eyes was seen in an off the path  Hamptons 'corner' store parking lot, troll-aping `round in raggedy ass Joan Crawford 'fuck me quick pumps' and a patched up 'leisure suit ,with, of course, reenforced, 'sown in' seams of a contrasting thread color, screeching like some 'nails scratching the chalkboard', off the meds' schitziod, "Eight Inches or Less".

You should be ashamed of yourself!.

NoDebt's picture

Cocaine does not cost $300/gram in the US.  Way lower than that but definitely not $8 per gram low.  Not that I would know about such things from direct experience, it's just what people tell me.



lordylord2's picture
lordylord2 (not verified) NoDebt Aug 13, 2015 4:41 PM

A lot of these prices seem way off.

seek's picture

I noticed the same. Some of the stuff is trvial to look up -- escorts advertise, for example, and in DC it's more like $500 per hour, not day. Maybe an ugly streetwalker makes that.

Whoever put the list together missed some pretty obvious research sources.

BidnessMan's picture

TER has extensive reviews by country and city - a great Hobbyist resource.

buzzkillb's picture

All the hacking stuff seems in line with what I have seen. But if you go down that rabbit hole, you would just do it yourself for nearly free.

The best was someone showing how to manipulate the online casinos, so you always win. They were selling security but posted some of the how tos in a passworded site because he wasn't happy some sites didn't take him seriously.

TeamDepends's picture

Hmmmm... You can buy a whore for a month. How does that work?

BidnessMan's picture

If it floats, flies, or f*cks, better to rent