Freedom And Central Planning Can Never Coexist

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Submitted by Brandon Smith via,

The average person is a statist, whether he realizes it or not. It is important that liberty activists recognize and accept this fact because the truth of our limitations as a movement determines the kinds of solutions into which we should ultimately put our time and energy. The fantasy of a final grand march of an awake and aware majority on the doorsteps of power is just that: a fantasy. Some people might argue that given more time, such an event could be organized or could happen spontaneously. But these people seem to forget that the immediacy of any crisis inspires awareness and cuts the bindings of complacency for only a certain percentage of any given population. With “more time” often comes more complacency, not less.

So, history becomes a kind of balancing act, with crisis generating the necessity of intelligent and moral action in some people but rarely, if ever, in most people (even during the American Revolution, in which patriots represented a stark minority). The reason that the culture of freedom consistently plateaus and remains stuck at underdog status is because human beings are, first, often acclimated to the idea that crises are things that only happen to other people, and, second, they are obsessed with the idea that governments should retain prohibitory and administrative power over the public as a means to "prevent" crisis from occurring (the sheepdog and sheep mentality).

Not all people necessarily “love” their current government, but many citizens tend to see the idea of government as an inevitability of a stable society. They assume pre-eminence of the state because they have never known anything else. Not only that, but as people separate into political and ideological factions, often based on false paradigms (such as the false left/right paradigm), they covet government as a kind of tool or weapon that can be used for “the greater good” if only their side had total control of it. Very few people in this world want to shrink government down to a manageable size comparable to that which existed just after the American Revolution, and even fewer would entertain the idea of erasing central governments entirely. The allure of the federalized state as a means to impose ideological control over others is intoxicating.

Central planning acolytes see society as a a single unit, or engine, in which all the people are parts rather than autonomous individuals.  They believe that if any part acts outside of the bounds of the engine, the entire machine could break.  According to their fuzzy logic, everything you do as an individual affects everyone else, therefore, the collective state must mold and control each individual's behavior in order to ensure that what you do as a singular person does no harm to the whole.  This philosophy is the primary rationale for EVERY push for centralization, but it is based on a faulty premise.

Governments are run by people, people commonly more flawed and corrupt than the average citizen.  Central planners adore the use of government as a means to reign in populations and to compel conformity and "oneness", but centrally planned systems always revert to a divided structure in which a criminal minority separates itself from the collective in order to rule over that collective.  The elites actions violate the integrity of the engine as they attempt to drive the engine according to their own twisted ideals, leading to disaster and the end of the supposedly safe environment which the central planners had originally claimed was the benefit of central planning.  Thus, the central planning model is an inherently self destructive and foolish one.

At bottom, the only viable purpose of any central government is to safeguard individual liberty. All other claims and supposed benefits are irrelevant. Infrastructure, food and water, health, education, public security, etc: All of these issues can be provided for voluntarily at a local level by common people without the aid of a central authority.  The original intent of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights was to LIMIT government to the job of ensuring the continuance of a free citizenry.  One could certainly argue that that role has been lost; not because of the constitution itself, but because of the lack of vigilance needed to defend the integrity constitution.  One could also argue that the very nature of a federal government is one of inevitable corruption; many of the founding fathers did as the document was drafted, after all.

I will say that the constitution and the Bill of Rights are representations of natural law and inherent conscience, and it has taken elitists over two centuries to mostly dismantle them.  At this point, a complete end to any form of federalization may be called for, but the founders certainly tried their best to create a government system that could be controlled by the people.

It was war, of course, that was used to dismantle constitutional protections...

Most of the outside or foreign threats we face today as a nation (threats often used to rationalize centralized government and standing armies) or have faced in the past century were directly or indirectly CREATED by our own government apparatus and by the banking class through covert means.  Funding and training of Americas future enemies has been a grand pastime for the power brokers and politicians that reside in this very country.  Without such people and the structures they exploit, it is not outlandish to suggest that the past hundred years could have been a period of peace and prosperity rather than mass death through engineered war, state culling, and mass enslavement through artificial debt constructs.

In a culture where vigilance is encouraged rather than labeled paranoia, in a culture where productivity is enabled rather than obstructed, in a culture where free thought is treated with interest rather than disdain, government holds no value.

The only people who understand the true nature of government and still value the existence of an overreaching state are the people who would like to take advantage of the unchecked power such a state affords. We often call these people “elitists.” They often call themselves elitists. Big government serves only the interests of these elites. Everyone else is either a hapless victim of it, a useful idiot in service of it, or a revolutionary opposed to it.

When a government becomes a power mechanism for a select few, it has lost all relevance. When a government like ours here in America violates the tenets of individual liberty despite its constitutional mandate, in the name of “protecting” individual liberty, that government no longer serves any purpose. Even further, when a government’s policies are designed only to ensure its own continued dominance rather than the freedom and prosperity of the citizenry, that government becomes separate from the people and is, by extension, an enemy to the citizenry.

Governments and the elites behind them retain control over populations through the use of central planning. Central planning is essentially a bureaucratic structure that bottlenecks productivity, resources, academia and ideas until all progress and expression require approval. That is to say, central planning is a machine that turns rights into privileges. It also sets up bureaucracy as the final arbiter of who is considered an authority in any particular field and who is a “layman.” These designations are not based on individual ability, intelligence or accomplishment. Rather, they are based on subservience and the level of blind faith in the establishment each person is willing to display in order to attain professional status.

Some of the most ignorant people in any given field or profession are often those deemed “experts” by establishment institutions, from politics, to law, to medicine, to economics, to science, to history, etc. The sad fact is mainstream experts are rarely the most knowledgeable, but they are the most indoctrinated.

As central planning gains ground, it moves away from more subtle institutional dependencies into full-bore tyranny. The line between permission and despotism is razor-thin, and this is where we in the U.S. stand today. Most nations around the globe are socialized nations, with central planning as the very foundation on which their societies stand. For the most part, these cultures are disarmed and servile with a modicum of perceived freedom that is treated as a privilege granted by the state rather than an inborn right of natural law. Yes, many societies have “freedoms,” as America does; but the difference is that these societies can have their freedoms confiscated at any given moment on the whim of the political elite. They have no recourse to obstruct such an action and no power to remove the offending system that rules over them when they finally get fed up.

In the U.S., central planning is surely prevalent and socialization is on a fast track. But Americans, whether they know it or not, still retain the ability of independent response — as we saw at Bundy Ranch, for instance, or in the defense of shopkeepers in Ferguson, Missouri, despite threats from government. We will lose our advantage of independent action if we allow the following changes to occur within our culture without a fight.


A disarmed population is utterly useless, philosophically and organizationally impotent, and easily ruled. Take a look at simpering weakling societies like the U.K., which prohibits anyone under the age of 18 to purchase plastic knives and punishes victims of crime for physically defending themselves. Governments that seek to undermine personal liberty ALWAYS disarm their respective populations if they can get away with it. In America, the only reason we have not yet been disarmed is because the establishment understands that revolution would immediately follow any attempt and that revolution would be seen as justified. I believe ultimately that disarmament in the U.S. will not be fully attempted until after a national crisis has been triggered.

Centralized Health Standards

The real purpose of Obamacare was not to provide universal health insurance. Such a task is utterly impossible in an economic system that is in the midst of decline with an aging population and reduced profit opportunities for the young. Socialism works only as long as there is someone from whom to steal money and resources. No, the purpose of Obamacare was to bond the healthcare industry to government in such a way as to make it an official appendage of the state.

Already, we have seen the push for the use of doctors as government informants, the issuance of forced vaccinations regardless of religious orientation or philosophical objection, increased taxation in the name of “harmonization” of care, etc. Beyond all this, the system must continue to perpetuate its own usefulness. And, I have no doubt that one day we will see such things as mandated health appraisals of individuals up to and including psychological health, as well as restricted care based on age, life habits or even ideological orientation. If the state can have your flight status restricted merely for your political beliefs, then why not one day have your access to medical care restricted?

Population Planning

We have heard it said many times that people should be required to attain a “license” before they are allowed to have children, but who gets to decide who is eligible for the “privilege” of children? Well, under a population planning scenario the state and its central planners do, of course. And what makes such people so ethically competent as to deserve this power over the right to family? Not a thing. In many cases, bureaucrats are the most psychopathic and unintelligent people in any given society.

Some people might argue that this kind of development is unthinkable in America and not a legitimate concern. But already in the U.S. we have seen instances of Child Protective Services abducting children belonging to parents with political conflicts with the existing establishment and living habits outside of the mainstream. We also live in a system in which many parents are forced by law to hand over their children to state-controlled schools for half of every weekday (as home-schoolers are attacked as aberrant child abusers). We are only a short step away from a world in which having a child invites as much government intrusion and restriction as rearing a child.

Overt Militarization Of Police

Yes, many people would claim that overt militarization of police has already occurred. I would say that they haven’t seen anything yet. We do not yet live in a country where jacked out cops with armor and M4 carbines stand on every street corner 24/7, but it won’t be long before this becomes our everyday environment. With politicians openly suggesting extreme measures to combat “lone wolf terrorists,” up to and including internment camps for “disloyal Americans” (thanks for at least being honest about your intentions, Wesley Clark), all it would take is one large-scale attack to inspire enough confusion in the population to provide cover for a full-blown police state. Central planning survives and thrives through fear. Fear is defeated through preparedness, planning and mindset.

Resource Management

A person cannot plan or prepare for crisis if he is not allowed to manage his own resources. In Venezuela today, the government has locked down all food production and is rationing out necessary supplies through sophisticated electronic tracking due to economic crisis. Make no mistake, America is just as vulnerable to financial disaster as any Third World nation, if not more so. Resource management will be the inevitable result. In fact, the Obama administration has already positioned itself for resource management through his National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order. Government officials will call preppers “hoarders” and argue that no one person should be allowed to have more than he needs.  Once again, the argument will be that the self preservation mentality of individuals actually harms the collective.

Centralized Economy

We already have a centralized and socialized economy for the most part, but private trade and production are still possible. Central planning is designed to wipe out alternative forms of trade and subsistence so that all people can be made dependent on the singular state. As in Venezuela, we should expect that economic declines will be used as a rationale for a clampdown on individual trade. The only way to fight these kinds of measures is for average people to become avid producers and be willing to fight back physically against confiscation and government-controlled rationing.

Beyond trade controls, centralization will culminate in economic “harmony” through multilateral currency schemes, ending in a one-world currency. A single currency system by default calls for a single economic authority, and this by default calls for a single political authority. A one-world currency is not only a fiscal coup for central planners; it is also a stepping stone toward world government.

Cashless Society

A cashless system is a kind of unholy grail for central planners because it allows for total control of economic trade. Electronic-based currency systems can be dictated from the comfort of a computer, and savings can be erased or limited arbitrarily. Cashless systems also allow banking structures to operate without the normal consequences of supply and demand fundamentals. Today, even in our massively corrupt financial system, one cannot get around the concrete effects of diminishing demand, endless debt obligations and criminal fiat creation. We are seeing these effects vividly so far in 2015, just as we saw then in 2008. In a completely cashless system, though, debts can vanish, capital can be stolen and shifted away from the public in a more precise manner, taxes can be excised without waiting for taxpayers to comply, and demand can be artificially generated with digital fiat directed to the correct accounts without any trail to follow.

Of course, there will be damages. But, those damages will be foisted upon the general public incrementally until Third World living standards become normal, and no one will be the wiser after a couple of generations. Control of the population would be absolute, while any dissent could be met with immediate financial reprisal, as activists are sentenced to starvation.

The examples listed above may be measured as extreme, but every single one has support within our existing government structure either legally or through actual programs already being implemented. The speed at which they might occur is an unknown, but the desire for them by central planners is absolutely certain. There is no good or benevolent form of central planning. There is no scenario in which the system will not be abused because such power concentrated in the hands of any group of human beings invites abuse. Therefore, the only prudent course, the only solution to the absolute terror of complete state power, is to reduce government down to a shell of its current size or to remove its existence entirely and focus on localized systems and independent trade and infrastructure development. If the federalized state as an edifice no longer exists, then it can no longer be exploited by evil people.

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DumFarmer's picture

The only reason people see government as necessary, is they all went to government designed public schools. My son asks all the time "So why do we need a government anyways?" It is essential to the state to kill critical thinking and condition people to accept arbirtary power. The common thread? Public school. See John Taylor Gatto if you want to know more.

I Eat Your Dingos's picture

Funny my English professor brought up Gatto for an essay on one of Gatto's articles.Most of the class believed that compulsory education was needed but it could be modified. LOL I was the only one who believed that compulsory education wasn't benign at all.

Dipshit peers didn't realize compulsory education originated from Prussia lolololol from a king's regime.

Freedom in ignorance. Slavery in knowledge. Truth in lies. Lies in truth.

1984 indocination and Pavlovian conditioning to the max.

highandwired's picture

More and more people are waking up to this fact.


The absurdity of the Cops investigating themselves from the horses' mouth so to speak:


Edit:  only 32 seconds long

Publicus's picture

All private companies are central planning. Slavery at its finest.

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Objection! :

Freedom of association to work together by combining a varied level of expertise to achieve a common goal...survival. 

Manthong's picture

“they all went to government designed public schools”

Research John Dewey and “The Travelers” to the Soviet Union in the 1920’s..

There’s your government school system..

 it’s also the vogue with university professors.

tc06rtw's picture

…  why would you want freedom
        when you can be  RICH ??!!

highandwired's picture

I think the article is talking about "government" rather than "private companies".  But even then, how exactly are all private companies central planning? 

beaglebog's picture



"Private" companies lack the single most important element of Central Planning.

They lack the means to compel.



"Central Planning" is such a benign term.  

In the interests of honesty, we should call it, "Fucking comply, or I'll kill you."

Arnold's picture


Compel or cajole.


Still too many choices.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Yeah - you dudes discover what Estern European block discovered lomg time ago but too late - gues what this says about your fate

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Yeah - you dudes discover what Estern European block discovered long time ago but too late - gues what this says about your fate

Cabreado's picture

No, there are people who recognize that a limited "government" is necessary, due ultimately to human nature.

Because with neglect it always becomes critically corrupt doesn't make it otherwise...

and hanging on "public schools" as a paramount issue is actually neglecting the underlying cause of failure.

GRDguy's picture

To Not so DumFarmer: Absolutely. Thought I'd seen that name before, and had read his book sometime ago.

 "The Underground History of American Education: A Schoolteacher’s Intimate Investigation Into the Problem of Modern Schooling"

techpreist's picture

Every so often, you see or hear something incredibly profound, that may take days, months, or years after the fact to understand.

In my case, it was getting into a part-time teaching program at a middle school, and I saw one teacher shout "You don't think critically!" at a student who disagreed with her. I don't remember what it was about, but I do recognize that she wasn't communicating about whether he was thinking critically. She was communicating what critical thinking *is,* and even though the students would go on to recite the definition of the term, they would forever associate official authority with critical thinking.

That's one heck of skewed worldview these kids willg row up with. As another teacher confided in me, "The scary part is one day these kids are going to vote!"

Skateboarder's picture

You are missing a comma between the "You" and the "don't think critically!".  ;-)

p.s. sounds a bit closer to the intended direction as a command, non?

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

You know who else hates critical thinking? Religion.

bunnyswanson's picture

Yup.  Here is a rare exception -

Depopulation and Agenda 21

Stephen Capaldo (Minister) 20 min (comprehensive explanation of what is going on)

JR's picture

Christianity is the common bond that binds America. Destroy Christianity and you destroy America.

It was the teachings of Christ that gave men their understanding that they were not born to be slaves but to be free in the image of God, as individuals of individual worth. That claim of Everyman equal under God swept the enslaved ancient world like wildfire.

That’s why totalitarianism must destroy Christianity – must destroy America as one nation under God; it’s to usher in the totalitarian state, its grim, gray “Utopia” under awesome, awful control.

“I know men and I tell you that Jesus Christ is no mere man.  Between Him and every other person in the world there is no possible term of comparison.  Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and I have founded empires.  But on what did we rest the creation of our genius?  Upon force.  Jesus Christ founded His empire upon love and at this hour millions of men would die for Him.” --Napoleon

taoJones's picture

Sadly JR people, even here, equate Christianity with religion, especially in Western countries.  The 2 are not the synomous, not by a long shot.

True Christinaity was co-opted by the state, long ago, as a means of controlling the masses.  This gave rise to the power of organized religion, which in this case was/is the Vatican.

The advent of the printing press, among other things, challenged that control, albeit only temporarily.

Since that time, as movements espousing freedom & critical thinking have risen up, they have often just as quickly been absorbed into the ever growing political/religious machinery, much like the Borg from Star Trek, to the point where today the podium, pulpit & press all sing from the same song sheet.

But no matter how dark things may appear, or may get in the future, the message of true Christianity remains, much to the chagrin of the powers that be, in that God has given us a means, through His Son, that we may be reconciled to Himself.

And that is something nothing or no one can take away - try as they might

So as we, who are likeminded, share our concerns & plans in dealing with these mounting & disturbing temporal events, let us not neglect our spiritual preparation as well, as the latter is what matters most, in the grand scheme of things, IMHO


22winmag's picture

Thank you sir. I have not read Gatto's work in years.


I realized gov't schools were reeducation/deeducation camps when I was old enough to know what modern prisons look like... very much the same as modern schools.

Ham-bone's picture

Feels like America and the globe have backed into central planning rather than having thoughtfully applyied some new thinking.  The inevitable breakdown was just a matter of time when a system built on infinite growth met the finite...only ever greater statism could simulataneiously keep the system going and make it even worse.

I feel China sadly followed the West...bad assumptions and their present day collapse.  The link showing the breakdown of Chinese population growth, rise in debt, and breakdown in oil (and all other commodities) below...China is the last straw.

beijing expat's picture

Freedom is a neoliberal economic model.

mumbo.jumbo's picture

and short enunciations are just mumbo jumbo.

JailBanksters's picture

Eliteist, Alex Jones likes to call them Elites or Globalists, but he just can't bring himself to call them Jews. I wonder if it's because he's on a Globalist Controlled Network.

Tarshatha's picture

100 % correct.

All AJ is, is a FUCKING bought and paid for CoIntelPro, Zionist, doom porn shill, period!


PROOF! Alex Jones Is CoIntelPro


Don't believe, call him up and ask him about that fucking war criminal Bibi and see the response you get.


BTW, if you're British, get on over and sign the petition to arrest Bibi when he lands in England. When I signed it last night it was at 45,000 so I'm sure it's much higher now.


45,000 demand Israel PM Netanyahu’s arrest for ‘war crimes’ during UK state visit


Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Well, thats 45,000 people who are now targets.

Not even 7 Billion signatures could make that happen.


I Eat Your Dingos's picture

But but but, Obama said government provides freedom through my EBT card, Obamaphone, Obamabortions, Obamaschool, Obamacare, and Obamataxs. --- Paraphase from welfare USSA recipent [sarc]

docinthehouse's picture

Apparently no one sees the writing on the walls.

Government is the ANTITHESIS TO FREEDOM !!!!!!!!

Our government is a putrid pack of hyenas that shred the citizens with enslaving regulations and bureaucracy. 



Self serving bastards one and all,..!

chinoslims's picture

You should have stopped at "ELIMINATE THE GOVERNMENT" and left it that.  


JC-BI's picture
JC-BI (not verified) Aug 13, 2015 10:22 PM

Of course they can't

scatha's picture

As usual author’s throwing a baby with the bathwater. While typically correctly diagnosing problems his suggestions of what to do are mostly wrong. That’s true that THIS government represent the ruling elites only but that does not mean that a government representing vast majority would not be better for ordinary people. It would not be perfect or even good but it would be better than oligarchs’ rule.

Of course the problem is how to get there if it is even possible at all and author thinks, in his anarchistic leanings, that is not, conveniently overlooking the fact that practical anarcho-capitalism or even anarcho-syndicalism is equally difficult or impossible to achieve. So let’s reject those empty names and look in the core of the system.

It is very enlightening to examine the society we live in and political system that grew over it without using any outdated, useless terminology of “isms” and see it for what it is and what means of control it applies. And to escape trap of categorizing the social system by seemingly different names with no true distinction of their merits. 

Below I found interesting read about the subject:

spooz's picture

First, I don't see how some loosely organized militia will be able to take on the US military.  It would be suicide, so, sorry if I don't find the disarmament either likely (given the influence of the NRA) or alarming.

Second, a universal health system certainly is possible.  Other countries provide such systems for half of what we pay for health care per capita and achieve better outcomes. The level of satisfaction in countries that provide universal care shows that people are willng to pay taxes for things that they actually get benefit from (unlike F-35s and countless military bases scattered across the globe). And the vaccination scaremongering harm our herd immunity, which protects a vastly greater number than those harmed by questionable side effects.

Third, population planning is a made up problem.  Total bullshit.

Agreed on militarization of the police, an area that needs change. Glad to see some of our leaders are talking about it.

Resource management?  Scaremongering.  Nothing but idle speculation, nothing in our country even hints at this happening. There are plenty of real issues without making them up.

Centralized economy?  People should become "avid producers"?  In the modern world this is silly.  More idle speculation.  This kind of shit doesn't happen overnight and there is nothing that indicates the privatization trend won't continue. We'll keep paying what the market will bear to travel on private toll roads and private prisons will continue to have quotas forcing our militarized police to fill beds.

And the cashless society, its too bad Bitcoin ushered in the possibility.  The Central Banks need to be neutered.  Debt-free sovereign fiat, issued by the treasury, and issued to citizens as a Guaranteed Income, would be my answer. Endogenous money creation by private banks gives the banksters the keys to the kingdom.

So, basically, this is a crock of ZH shit again.  Gets served up here pretty regularly.  Burp.

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

"I don't see how some loosely organized militia will be able to take on the US military."

Isn't the US Military sworn to uphold the Constitution, et cetera?, said the Canadian.

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Isn't the US Military wildly over exaggerated in their prowess, stamina, and abilities to fight even a poorly armed opponent without complete air superiority? said anyone who isn't American.

SSRI Junkie's picture

"First, I don't see how some loosely organized militia will be able to take on the US military."


same thing was said by the british a while back about their army

22winmag's picture

Thank you sir.


May I have another?

numapepi's picture

Perhaps you should read Joseph Schumpeter's Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy.

Implied Violins's picture

You are wrong on so many issues I got whiplash nodding my head in anger.

- herd immunity is a BALD-FACED LIE. I am a Biologist, I have read the REAL science not produced by the companies that PRODUCE the vaccines, which also own the media and lobby Washington, and know vaccines to be nothing but very bad, bad news.

- there is and has been a concerted effort by the elites of this world to sterilize and/or depopulate the world for over a century. All you need to do to see that for yourself is to do a 'net search on: famous eugenics quotes. Look at the names that pop up. And then realize that most of those people run the industries of the world, such as Monsanto (pesticides, industrial chemicals, GMO's, etc.), the AMA (vaccines), power companies (radiation)...the list is staggering of life-denying BS these bastards are doing.

- our commander-in-chief has passed executive orders that he can call on in ANY emergency where he can instantly call for control of any and all water/food/other material resources, up to and including PERSONAL STASHES of food. What is going on in Venezuela, RIGHT NOW, is our certain future.

I'm not posting any links here, because I'm not sure you'd even 'waste' your time. Too many people believe the brainwashing they get from the MSM and never even consider that what they have learned may not be the truth, but convenient lies told by the military industrial complex to keep us complacent, and then they identify with that bullshit and take it personally when you call them out on it. But if you ARE interested, I've got well over 200 articles printed out on vaccines ALONE that I can set you up to read...many written by doctors who *used* to be pro-vaccers.

Skateboarder's picture

Yo IV, I am interested, if you wish to share.

Like this one article that ORI linked to in a blog post of his once (I bookmarked it cuz I liked it):

Bullshit, the commoner might say, keen to hold dear the moulding by authority. I give it a fair probability. Therein lies the difference between blind faith and reason.

I'll thank my hand-rolly tomorrow morning, and its good friend, coffee.

taoJones's picture

Thanks for that SB - truly - nothing like a paradigm shift to start the day...

Next you're gonna tell me that water flouridation is actually harmful... :P



spooz's picture

Well, Mr. "Biologist", you need a tinfoil hat.  Here is a takedown of the antivaccine argument, too long to post. It gives a point by point rebuttal to all the whack job antivac arguments, all with scientific support.

Implied Violins's picture


Do you EVER do a 'net search on the people whose stuff you quote? That dude lives in MY HOME TOWN, and is a known nutcase. Just do a search on him and see what comes up.

Oh, and *ALL* the science he quotes is shit that was done BY THE BASTARDS THAT MAKE THE VACCINES, or those who otherwise make money administering them. So wake the FUCK up, and start thinking critically before your own false beliefs end up KILLING YOU.

mumbo.jumbo's picture

Other countries provide such systems for half of what we pay for health care per capita and achieve better outcomes.

i live in such a country, and i have downvoted you.

spooz's picture

What country, and why are you dissatisfied?

The last time Canadians were polled, in 2009, 82% favored their health care system to ours.  And a UK poll showed that 49% of citizens were willing to pay MORE taxes to keep the NHS functioning.

"if only the views of those who expressed an opinion are considered, as many as 60% of people are willing to pay more tax to help the NHS providing its wide range of services; 40% are not."

UnicornSkittles's picture

"First, I don't see how some loosely organized militia will be able to take on the US military."

Apparently the US military has been losing or getting stalemated by militias and "insurgencies" every where we have "liberated" since Viet Nam.  Disarming here would probably be pretty ugly if they try it in the next 20 years.  Some in the army might decide to uphold the Constituional oath.  Although there has been lots of cleaning house to make way for "yes we can" men in the military the last few years. 

Another generation and a half of dumbing down in institutional schools, and eroding liberties, I give it another 30-35 years before they can successfully disarm us with only "limited resistance" of a few "crazies"

kchrisc's picture

"The average person is a statist, whether he realizes it or not."

Not me. So does that make me above average or below?!

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission.


I personally look forward to destroying tyranny, dismantling the treasonous police state, demanding that Zion "return," and Restoring the American country, people, and Constitutional republic. And then there is the little matter of Retribution and guillotines for the instruments and criminals of tyranny--"Heads up!"