Air Farce 1: Trump's 757 En Route To Iowa

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"This is exactly what fairgoers want, to meet Donald Trump. That is what they’ll get."

That’s a quote from Chuck Laudner, Trump’s Iowa campaign strategist who spoke to The Hill about the brazen billionaire’s planned visit to the Iowa State Fair on Saturday. 

The popular event (which draws crowds of over 100,000 on sunny weekend days) will feature soapbox speeches from all major candidates except Trump, Rand Paul, and Hillary Clinton, who will nevertheless make an appearance with retired Iowa Senator Tom Harkin. 

The reason they’ll be no stump from Trump (so to speak) is that the GOP frontrunner is feuding with the Des Moines Register, which sponsors the Presidential Soapbox. Back in July, the Register advised Trump to "pull the plug on his bloviating side show." As you can imagine, that did not go over well.

"The Des Moines Register doesn’t even think he should be a candidate, why should he step on their stage,"Laudner asked.

But make no mistake, Trump really doesn’t need the Des Moines Register to provide him with a stage because he will effectively make the entire site a stage when he lands in the middle of the fair in a private helicopter on Saturday. Here’s The Hill:

Trump will touch down in Des Moines in his private helicopter, the latest grand gesture by the real estate magnate who has been climbing the polls across the nation and in the Hawkeye State. Two new polls from Suffolk University and CNN/ORC have him at the top of the crowded GOP field in Iowa, knocking Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker out of the top spot. 


Chuck Laudner, Trump’s Iowa strategist, told The Hill the plan is to hold a press conference after the chopper lands to quell the media frenzy and then let Trump walk around the fairgrounds. 


“He’s not doing any standalone events, he’ll just be at the fair wading into the crowds. He wants to be with people and we are in no hurry,” he said, noting that staff will stay for the remaining eight days of the fair to meet with potential supporters.



Initially, Trump had planned to give children free rides in the chopper, but that idea was nixed by fair officials. Undeterred, Trump secured access to a nearby parking lot where kids of all ages will get to fulfill their lifelong dream of flying over Iowa in a 12-seat Sikorsky. Here's CNN:

he Iowa State Fair won't allow Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to give kids free rides on his helicopter on fairgrounds, but the real estate developer has secured a nearby location.


The helicopter will take off from a parking lot outside the fair in Des Moines, campaign state chairman Chuck Laudner told CNN on Friday, adding that Trump may hop on a few rides as well.


CNN previously reported that the Sikorsky is one of three that he owns, seats 12 people comfortably, including the pilot.


Trump will arrive in the $7 million helicopter before holding a press event. Despite Trump's previous public announcement, his campaign expressed safety concerns about the event becoming so well attended that landing the aircraft could be a challenge.


The helicopter has already arrived in the area. It took three refueling stops to get it here and flew at an altitude of 2400 feet across the county, according to a source familiar with the travel plans.

Trump, however, did not take the helicopter to Iowa. Instead, he'll be flying Trump Air via a recently-purchased 757, which was scheduled to depart LaGuardia Saturday morning at 8:58 and should land in Iowa at around 10 local time. 

The jet is a "perfect fit" for a national campaign NYC Aviation says, adding that "this particular aircraft was formerly owned by fellow billionaire Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder and aviation buff extraordinaire. It already had a VIP interior, though it is likely that Trump would have had it gutted and customized to his specs no matter how nice it might have been."

And for those wondering what it looks like when Trump touches down, we'll leave you with the following enduring image:

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LET IT BE KNOWN as of December 1, 2014, under the court decision of August 25, 2014 that convicted the United States Corporation and their officers of fraud, extortion, human trafficking, involuntary servitude, murder, high treason, and crimes against humanity, all corporate governmental, judicial and enforcement powers and authority are revoked and nullified and all such personnel are hereby ordered to immediately STAND DOWN.
Any further corporate governmental intervention into any matter regarding any activity in any of the several states related to the Respublica of Earth, United States of America is now considered a Breach of the Peace.
LET IT BE FURTHER KNOWN that anyone disregarding this ORDER is considered personally liable for acts leading criminality against the People and faces immediate arrest and detainment by the Court of Ages, Earth District Natural Law Peace Officers deputized by the Court which includes all militia and National Guard.

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TongueStun (not verified) lesterbegood Aug 15, 2015 9:17 AM

Is the ABC news arm  of ZeroHedge pushing these Trump bashing hit pieces?

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Nice picture of a 727 anyway

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and just wait for it...the shit-bag, scum who call themselves "environmentalists" yet who don't give a fuck about all the private jetting around that anybody on the so-called "Left" side does will all of a sudden crawl out from under their slimy rocks to bitch about Trump having a private jet and how it's "so hurtful to the environment", blah blah blah.


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For me, I simply don't believe in billionaires.

It's also worth considering that Trump is the MSM's Briar Rabbit, "Oh, please don't elect Donald, he's so inimical to our billionaire interests," NOT.

Our owners are fairly bright.  When people were fed up with W, we got "the black President" already warming up in the bullpen. Hope and change, he's black, he understands, etc., bullshit.

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Can someone point me again to that recent ZH article on Trump and Stone, detailing their work as Republican bagmen/dirty tricksters?

Amerikan presidential politics are TPTB version of "find the pea under the shell"...cept there's no friggin pea

MsCreant's picture

Googled and found this:

Behind The Scenes Of The Donald Trump - Roger Stone Show
Zero Hedge - 2 days ago

Submitted by Mark Ames, and originally published on Pando,. It was just after liftoff on the ...

MsCreant's picture

When I click the link, I get this:

Page Not Found
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Hey Donald, want to get elected?  Try these magic words.

"I promise, I will END THE FED."

Thats all.  Just a few magic words.  Of course, if you are elected we will expect you to fulfill those campaign promises.  Keep in mind, there will be those that show you the JFK assassination from a 'never before scene' vantage point, to discourage you from having such a thought.

rubiconsolutions's picture

Hey Donald, want to get elected?  Try these magic words.

"I promise, I will END THE FED."

And the other thing equally as important is to repeal the 16th amendment. I couldn't care how "flat" or "fair" a tax is, if it's direct taxation then it is immoral. Repealing the 16th amendment and abolishing the fed would go a long ways toward restoring individual freedom.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

Hell, I'll settle for simply auditting the Fed. Oh, and Ft. Knox.

Greenie's picture

Simply auditing the Fed would not fix anything. Its charter needs to be revoked and the Fed abolished.

zhandax's picture

And you left out repeal of the Act of 1871.

bigkahuna's picture

I wish we had a better option than DT  -  unfortunately the better option would have to fund his/her own campaign to include massive publicity stunts  - owning their own plane/helicoptor and landing them publicly in order to keep the sheep preoccupied from the MSM coverage of typical main stream dead beat politicians vying for sheeple attention.

If you want the same old stuff, thats ok. We have been electing bankster lackeys since I can remember. This at least seems to be an opportunity to elect someone with their own mind and agendas rather than the bought and paid for status quo chumps. This is different from Ron Paul in a sense that Trump does not require any outside funding and he is near the top as far as wealth is concerned. No need for him to beg you, me, or anyone else (banksters/oil) for funds - so the proensity for being a puppet goes down.

There are no absolutes anywhere - only probabilities. Trump is more probable to make decisions based on his own thinking than is a Bush, Cruz (ineligible candidate just like obama), Paul, Walker, any of the others except Carson. Carson is the only candidate that could be better than Trump - but he cannot self fund and provide the bread and circuses that our mind numb electorate needs to actually vote for someone. 

Thats why I think Trump is our best shot at wresting at least part of our politbureau - oops I mean government - back from the banksters that control it.

Sir Edge's picture

For The Benefit Of Those Still Remembering and Thinking... ??

Ok... Just REMEMBER a few Short months ago...


All Put out by all the MSMedia news engines... Run By Whom ??? - and then all of a sudden it was gone... EBOLA news was gone... POOF ! - No more EBOLA... but what was standing there instead... ISIS... the real story... and the continued bakanization of the Mid East countries for whose benefit ???

Who is it that runs barter town ???

and now TRUMP... you gotta love him for ripping the establishment a new one... but common... REMEMBER... The Repubs would NOT even let legitimate Ron Paul delagates sit down to vote at their last ReThug convention... love him or hate him the refreshing TRUMP is going nowhere...!

I predict he will be blown out of the water by some rediculous scandal down the road that will covered by the MSM engines 24/7... or worse... But one way or another... POOF... TRUMP will be gone... and who will be standing there... Hillary Bush vs Jeb Clinton... as always... with Jeb Clinton looking like he will slide into office since he loves the NeoCon PNAC protocols and he answers to MasterBlaster.

TRUMP... is a rich, satarical and refreshing DIVERSION... and POOF... he will be gone... like EBOLA went POOF... and we all will be left with is a NON Election like we always are...

Ok... Cue sad music at this point...


Don't Cry for Me Jefferson... Its not like I didn't Dissent...

bigkahuna's picture

We'll see. I am familiar with the R Paul delegate situation and the thug conventions. I think Trump can buy his way in if he wants. If Trump is real or not is yet to be seen.

Crush the cube's picture

Exactly, even his name gives the story away, he's just a 'trump' card, a useless diversion.  Nice nazi colors and logo's on the plane though, a great clue on who's playing the trump card. 

Crush the cube's picture

Exactly, even his name gives the story away, he's just a 'trump' card, a useless diversion.  Nice nazi colors and logo's on the plane though, a great clue on who's playing the trump card. 

Bananamerican's picture

"When I click the link, I get this: "bupkiss"

well, what the fuck is up with that?

Freddie's picture

Isn't Mark Ames aka Jonny Chen the guy who worked in Moscow and harassed and raped Russian teenage girls?

Was he a Soros stooge when the zoligarchs controlled Russia pre-Putin?  If this Mark Ames was a child rapist then he needs to go in a wood chipper.

I am not standing up for Stone or Trump but Ames sounds like someone who needs a beating with a baseball bat.

Beat on the Brat - The Ramones

Beat on the brat
Beat on the brat
Beat on the brat with a baseball bat

indygo55's picture

I like Trump's candid nature and New York style. He is a doer and he would get a lot done that would indeed help America. His position on the MIC however troubles me a lot. And Israel too. They are two of the main control mechanisims in the US along with Big Pharma. Trump says he wants to repeal Obama Care and that would affect Big Pharma in a big way but there would be HUGE push back. The MIC issue is scary. We have the most expensive, massive and wasteful military complex in the world and if there ever was a line item to reduce it would be that IMO. But no, he wants more. My question is why? War is one of the most serious threats right now and he is waving the flag of loyalty to them at the worst possible time. Maybe he got a tap on the shoulder that no donation could compare to. 

drendebe10's picture

Bash away @ trump but...

1. Not a career corrupt politician miedras bought off & ignoring tax paying US citizens

2. Speaks openly about problems US citizen tax payers are concerned or angry about

3. Funding own campaign unlike bought & paid 4 career politicians like bush 

4. Not part of an entitlement political dynasty family like bush & lyin g cheating corrupt AR trailer trash cunt-on

5. A US born, US citizen



Bay of Pigs's picture

He isn't bashing Trump. He is raising valid concerns about his views and policies on major issues.

Until Trump slams the FED, Wall St banksters and DC lobbyists like AIPAC, I have no reason to trust or support the man at all.

madmax1965's picture

Trump a known democrat and Clinton supporter, or am I the only one that has been paying attention?  Does anyone else think that this might all be a rouse simply to make the Republicants look like the idiots they are and thereby clear the decks for Hitlery!  IDK, just MHO on this whole shit show!  The fiasco that has become the USA will not end with an election!  END THE FED!

greenskeeper carl's picture

fuck trump. I am bashing him. I watched him on fox news the other day (i know, i know), and whith his "how to deal with ISIS' plan, he says, in his own words, that we will surround them and take their oil...everything he says he wants to do WILL involve putting troops on the ground in Iraq again(syria as well, which will be another middle eastern country the US has invaded). I will not support anyone who believes in escalating that, which is exactly what trump will do.


What happened to the anti-war people here? have you all bought into the ISIS propaganda bullshit? trump isnt offering ANYTHING newcompared to other republicans, at all. The ONLY difference is that he says things others are scared say outloud and gets away with it. THATS ALL.


He is a carnival barker who is able, through is bombastic manner, to convince stupid and gullible people desperate for a hero/leader that he is somehow offering something new, something different, and all of yall falling for it. The comment section on here during the 2012 campaign was a lot better, this place is now overrun with neocons

hound dog vigilante's picture

Agreed, and I hope he does eventually sniff-out the Fed/Wall St./LobbyCulture.

But what's really interesting here is the position of the DMR... they think they have leverage because they are THE Iowa newspaper.  It's laughable.  Trump doesn't need them.  He'll make the biggest splash and get the biggest headlines w/o the DMR, just watch.

A newspaper that still thinks it has "leverage"!?!!???!  They'll be out of business in 10 years, max.

And it wouldn't shock me if Trump BUYS the DMR some day and fires the lot of them, just out of spite.

tarheeler's picture

yea im wondering why ZH has become so schizophrenic on trump this month. they post pro-trump articles saying he is a great anti-establishment candidate and then they post this turd of a piece. WTF Tyler?

MsCreant's picture

They give you multiple points of view.

As they should.

greenskeeper carl's picture

there ae multiple people who post as "tyler durden", they obviously have different opinions

dark pools of soros's picture

sheep looking for some groupthink to hug eh?



nosam's picture

The fact that the Republicans are fielding so many candidates, including Trump, tells me that they are not serious about winning this selection. After all, who wants to preside over the destruction of the US?

Its probably not Hillary either because she started the race too earlier.

tdag's picture

Nope. They are fielding so many candidates to give the illusion of choice. There is really only one republican candidate - Bush. Trump is a side show. Clinton will "lose." And Bush will be the "great conqueror" with "a mandate" to pillage and destroy. Sickening but true.

Dapper Dan's picture

tdag  And this Bush is a Catholic.

not that there is anything wrong with that.

5 other Catholics are running as well,  more than any other past presidential election

Takeaction2's picture
Takeaction2 (not verified) lesterbegood Aug 15, 2015 10:09 AM

Giving kids rides in his helicopter...that is fucking awesome.  Who does that?  And for the fair grounds to shut that down is absurd....then Trump finds another place.  I keep watching for Trump to fuck his speechses, in his dialouge, I don't think it is there.  I really think he cares.  I listened to his Tax plans last night as well as his plans for Isis.  Tax plan was great...he said "I know hedge fund managers that shuffle paper and make millions....."  He basically said to F these guys...HAHAHA.   He said..."We just sent 2300 Humvees over there to the Iraq military...the Iraqi military Isis has them....Isis has better gear than us...I would fix that." He said go in there hard, surround the oil, make an invincible perimeter and shut them off from all of their oil and the oil money...they are done.   Then he talked about when Kuwait was invaded back in the 90's.  He said we (US Military) moved quickly, our military went over there while the Kuwaiti leaders flew away (waited in a nice hotel)..our guys died....we got the country back....AND BEFORE WE GAVE THE COUNTRY BACK TO KUWAIT, WE SHOULD HAVE NEGOTIATED FOR 50% OF THIER OIL FOR LIFE.  I about fell over.  We gave the country back for nothing...our guys died, we get the shaft.  What is not to like?

GMadScientist's picture

The gullability of the average Pugnicant voter is not to like. The fact that you think this idiot blowhard is fit to lead a military in any way is both hilarious and fucking scary at the same damn time.

Bilderberg Member's picture

The military is looking to accept transgenders! You think it can get worse??

cheech_wizard's picture

Like the average Democunt voter is any brighter? Someone needs to give you a colonic with some more of Obama's "Hope and Change"...

>The fact that you think this idiot blowhard is fit to lead a military

Like Biden? Like Sanders? or any of the others from the Democratic Party? Or for that matter the Republican Party?

My 8 years in the military probably make me more fit to lead than any one of these blowhards.

Now you be a good mad scientist and go back to playing with your dissected foetuses.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Trumps views on the ME and ISIS are laughable. ZH has covered these subjects at length. The US and Israel (CIA and Mossad) were behind the funding and training of ISIS. You will never hear Trump say that. In fact, he spounds more like John McCain and Lindsey Graham when it comes to US foreign policy warmongering bullshit.

Seriously, the average IQ around here is dropping like a stone lately.

greenskeeper carl's picture

It is. This coment section was so much better to read, and a hell of a lot smrter, during the 2012 campaign. I think trump is playing all of you for fools. Any of you that both believe he is genuine and believe that he is actually going to solve any of our problems is pretty fucking sad. I thought ZHers were smarter than this

S.N.A.F.U.'s picture

First of all, thanks for keeping up the good fight (even if it might not be effective).  Many of us don't have the time to do it.  And while I sometimes like to read through the comments (because some of the best stuff is often to be found there rather than in the article), they are so diluted with crap that it's getting less and less justifiable to spend time even on that.

ZH is no different than any other place - if it's nice, it's going to be invaded by the retarded immoral masses until it's turned to shit - unless steps are taken to keep them out.  Who needs to be kept out?  Anyone who isn't rational for starters.  (True morality is impossible without rationality.)  I used to think it was a simple matter of some people understanding logic and some not, but it's worse than that.  Aftering listening to (found via ), it became apparent that many people can understand logic in a sort of abstract sense, can demonstrate their logic abilities when tested on some neutral subject, but their ability to perform logic goes right out the window as soon as you get to any subject which evokes an emotional or instinctual response from them.  (There are some decent comments on the Tom Woods page, including some by David_Rogers_Hunt who points out these emotional/instinctual responses tend to be ill-suited for modern day living because that is not the environment in which they evolved - the modern day presents problems humans' "deep-seated feeling generators" have not evolved to handle appropriately.)  This is, for example, why you often see scientists (who do understand the scientific method in the abstrast) turn to shit reason as soon as climate change comes up (and emotional responses related to perceived threats, their built-in idea of "caring", their righteousness, etc. just take over their brain).  This "shutting off" of the logical brain is apparently even visibile in an fMRI:

It seems that many who want liberty do not understand the need to be exclusive.  Open borders (with subsequent open voting) is currently guaranteed to not produce liberty.  Those who both embrace liberty and understand what is needed to preserve it is a very small percentage of the total population.  Even within a population of voters in a libertarian nation, it's entirely possible that those then born of libertarian parents but not born with "the gift" of remaining rational even in the face of emotional stresses (and unable to learn said skill) would have to be denied voting rights if you want liberty to remain mathematically viable.

In essence, those without "the gift" are lesser (less capable) life forms.  That's not to say they shouldn't be treated justly, but giving them the keys to justice and expecting them to not blow it for everyone is in reality no more practical than handing those keys to monkeys and expecting them to treat humans fairly.

localspaced's picture

Did you just make a Blut und Boden argument for libertarianism? It must be wonderfully fucked up living in your skull. 

Rationality is damn overrated. It doesn't even really exist. I am a libertarian precisely because i don't believe in reasonable people. 

The Keys to Justice. That sounds like some fantasy novel drivel to me. Quick Harry Potter you must throw the Key of Justice into the Grand Flame of Eternal Bullshit to acquire The Cockring of Wisdom so you can finally unfuck humanity!!!

Your friend,

A shit flinging monkey

S.N.A.F.U.'s picture

You are a prime example of someone who should not be allowed to vote - especially not if you actually want liberty.

I made no "Blut und Boden" argument (something rooted in ethnicity/racism) - in fact I made the opposite argument when I state that even if two parents, both of whom have the necessary skills to make rational choices (such as how to vote) and have therefore been given that right and responsibility, have a child, that child should not have the right to vote if the child turns out to not have that necessary ability.  (And the other way should be true as well - a child born of parents without the ability to make rational choices, parents who subsequently did not have the right to vote, should themselves have the right to vote if they turn out to have such ability.)

The fact that stupid voters make stupid choices should be obvious, even to a lesser life form such as yourself.  Empowering stupid poeple with the power to vote is itself stupid (unless, of course, your goal is an easy-to-manipulate electorate).

Rationality is damn overrated. It doesn't even really exist.

Then apparently you agree at a very basic level (even if not at a more detailed level) with the neo-liberals who feel that whatever makes them feel good is the right thing to do, because who cares about results? - those things one has a chance of working out if one has sufficient skill in rational thought.  Results matter - that means the ability to predict the results of one's actions (both individually and collectively) matters - and that means an ability to think rationally matters.  To say rationality doesn't matter is to say results don't matter which is to say it doesn't matter to you whether or not you live in a world which lets you be free.  That doesn't sound very libertarian to me.

The Keys to Justice.

Because you were too stupid to get it, that was a simple metaphor for the ability to influence law (e.g., vote).  Those who are not rational tend to be unable to foresee the results of the laws they might support or oppose (much less the results of supporting/opposing a given representative), making their input at best worthless noise, and more often than not much worse than that because such people tend to be both numerous and easily manipulated by those who are ready and willing to engage in such manipulation - their vote is often effectively not their own.  That means the power of voting itself is not really distributed among the people as was the intent, but concentrated into the hands of the manipulators.  Even if you think stupid people should have the right to vote (which I do not), most lack the ability to even make voting choices, irrational or otherwise - they are incapable of doing anything other than letting others make their choices for them.

(Note that since all of the above is a rational argument, it is obviously not intended for you, but rather for others who might be reading.)

Benjamin123's picture

Rationality is a fine tool if it gets you desired results, but theres nothing rational about desiring anything. Existence has no purpouse.

S.N.A.F.U.'s picture

You are right that logic by itself (or even when combined with purely factual knowledge such as the laws of physics, history, etc.) is unable to tell anyone what their primary goals should be - what "the meaning of life" should be for them.  (It can, however, help immensely with determining subgoals.)

I would point out though that your "existence has no purpose" statement is a little too loosely worded to be entirely true, though it becomes so if slightly modified: "existence has no purely objective purpose (as far as we know...)"

That is to say, we can assign purpose to our own lives, but that process can neither be purely logical nor purely objective.  (Though maybe in some forms of logic, seeking a means to determine objective purpose would itself be considered a purely logical goal.)

Anyways, that just points out that rationality, even if necessary, is not sufficient.  Dealing with varying primary goals is a whole other problem.  However, I suspect that even though there is no purely rational way to determine such primary goals, there would be a much greater degree of convergence and compatability in primary goals among a more rational voting population than among what we have today - and that is at least in part because while rationality can't tell you what should ultimately be, it can at least point out contradictions in a set of beliefs about what should be and thereby help eliminate those (all too common today) mishmashes from consideration.

localspaced's picture

And you are a prime example of a comment section genius of the I am right and everybody is stoopid kind. 

You disclassify yourself from any reasonable discussion by referring to me as a lesser lifeform and classifying people as dumb thinking that settles the argument. But here's an attempt to shoot right over that wall of text i admittedly stopped reading halfway down the first pparagraph. You seem to me like one of them recent converts that's trying to turn libertarian thinking into some cold hard ideologic dogma....which to me is just funny and exposes that you just don't get it. Ideology is dead and dogma is for the intellectually weak and naturally submissive. 

In fact, you're no different from me...just another shit flinging monkey. You're just a bit dumber because you take the bait so easily, it's a sapient thing... Little monkeys like to project themselves. Do you really rationally think that your wall.of text is doing anything? Omg mr snafu you are right, have an upvote and please bask the light of your eternal and unerring wisdom so I can become a higher being stalking the ZH comment sections like a motherfucking boss too!!! 

You have no idea who I am and what I think like. I'm not giving you any. I'm just here, flinging shit at whoever i think looks good with a bit of monkey shit on their face. Life isn't simple, but it is easy. At least the shit i fling around is funny amd doesn't need to come off smart.

your friend,

The cryptogayzionistconspiracy