The Future (As Predicted By Science Fiction)

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Based on speculative fiction, the following visualization analyzes 62 'foretold' future events (social, scientific, technological, or political). Many are catastrophic, but, in the end - good news - in 802,701 the world will still exist and everything will be more or less ok...




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NoDebt's picture

Murphy was an optimist.

And, by the way, my monitor is not big enough to read that graph, even full-screen.

Atomizer's picture

That's why the link is posted below the graph. Click it. 

See the big picture in 3D IMAX viewing. Just kidding. Click on link, not embedded graphic. 

Publicus's picture

As we are still enslaved by digits in the banks computer files, don't expect great things from human.

NoDebt's picture

The Egyptians left the Great Pyramids behind.  We will leave even greater pyramids of debt behind.  That will be our legacy.

Manthong's picture

I’ll take Morlocks for 802,701, Alex.

knukles's picture

I'll take Margaret Atwood's trilogy as everything that leads to the demise is already real and underway, full tilt bogey. 

old naughty's picture

ok, Scotty, full warp speed ahead to hyperjump 800,686 (years).

I want to go and stay there.

Keyser's picture

The one thing humans seem exceedingly efficient at is killing each other... I don't give the human race another 200 years before it's finished... We are on the brink of destroying the food chain in the oceans... Once that is done, it's only a matter of time... 

weburke's picture

killing billions is part of the plan. regrettably soon. so be a prepper already.

indygo55's picture

How humorous would it be to have Denver airport suddenly unavailable for the arrival of the elite, as they attempt to flee into their underground cities just at the right moment.

old naughty's picture

what would make this humorous event happen...

Wrath of gaia?

CPL's picture

Depends if anyone trusts that all of those bunkers were built by the lowest bidder to remain profitable by the people that built them.  How likely is it that any of the bunkers are actually fesible as any type of long term facility given that idea of profitable > safe engineering?  It isn't.  Besides if anything did actually happen, it's not like the people that profited by the bunkers would really give a shit about the residents of the bunkers.  They'd already be dead or gone long enough to not care.

Bunkers are just purchasing the illusion of safety, especially if considering the paradigms of the society they were purchased and built.  Cost cutting measures tend to slip into every nook of the building process.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I read oryx and crake as you suggested. Most disturbing. We are starting down the path to a frightful end and there are few who seem willing to stop them or even understand what is happening.

As I read, I pictured who was the modern day Crake. He also is rumored to have Aspergers. The cold and the calculating with visions of a perfect world. Add to this power and all is lost. I am impotent to stop them.


Manthong's picture

“I am impotent to stop them”

No, you are not.

It only takes 3.5% of the population to foment a (non-violent) revolution.


knukles's picture

Hi Miffed,
Glad you gave it a read.  I find her prose flows easy and creates vivid mental images.  Her story of Oryx et al, I find terribly disturbing, for it is but a simple, mere extension (and not by a long stretch, either) of ordinary trends already firmly in place and literally gathering great speed.  Trends that a mere 10 years ago would have been disparaged as impossible and conspiracy stuff (etc) that now are considered normal.  Normal!  No big deal!
The Fabians have been ever so efficient, the corpotocracy, Orwellian systems so complete.
And yes, we seemingly are impotent in the face of the Leviathan.  Imagine my surprise of late when several atheist friends have commented upon feelings of "end of days".
Understanble that many in their 20s and 30s today are rejecting bringing kids into this world.  And with great sorrow, I feel gifted that I am as old as I am and will not live to see the horrific end.
What madness these days, the quest for immortality. 
Ah, but to be the last "thing", the last man alive at the end of time at the end of the universe, suffering upon a barren wasted poisonous planet for virtual eternity with no escape.
I ponder looking forward to the next journey of my soul, wondering if we're here only for a sensual vacation provided by the senses.
For we are not fulfilling any sort of worthy future.  It is as if we, humanity itself, is the cancer, the parasite doomed to his own demise, upon the planet.
Stay well.
May His Peace be upon you.

DanDaley's picture

In 1969 psychologist Rollo May wrote about the artist and neurotic as predictive of societal events about a generation hence. For example, Edvard Munch's The Scream as a foreboding of WWI. There are many other examples. We live in a schizoid world.

Yancey Ward's picture

I'll have Eloi Nuggets with fries to go, please.

PT's picture

Should include movies - Idiocracy and Demolition Man.

Rusty Shorts's picture

Brawndo IS the future, its gots Electrolytes!

indygo55's picture

Those great pyramids of debt will be wiped away as any sand dune of promise that can never be met. The debt was never ment to be repaid. Only grown and maintained, then slowly debased by inflation until a well predicted inflection point when the secret occulted truth becomes known. That time IMHO is now, or right around the corner. 

ThirteenthFloor's picture

Yes. As Khan said in Star Trek, Space Seed.... "I am surprised how little improvement there's been in man, oh yes technology has come along way... But man himself has changed very little ?"

Citxmech's picture
“We have Palaeolithic emotions, medieval institutions and God-like Technologies”

 - E.O. Wilson

socalbeach's picture

After clicking graphic or link, hit ctrl + (hold down ctrl key and hit the plus key) repeatedly to expand graphic.

NoDebt's picture

OK, so I zoomed way in and read it.  How completely disappointing.  That sucked.  Absolutely awful.  Jumbled mess of crap.  Climb not worth the view on this one.

Atomizer's picture

The United States of America Government can't even create a secure ObamaCare website.

Someone needs to step away from the keyboard and stay away from the Colorado medical marijuana bong. 

general ambivalent's picture

More or less ok? So a Fukushima for every city-state, and if you can't forge a ticket to the Elysium you're fucked.

NoDebt's picture

I'm not sure we're going to get to the point where we even have Elysium.  Just another fantasy that there will be some "safe place" where a select few of unlimited resrouces can survive.  If and when the great conflagration happens the population will be quicky segregated along the following lines:  the quick and the dead.

Atomizer's picture

Marriage with robots. Having sex with robots. Their agenda will crumble with society values. 

Let it run its course until it topples. Just like gay marriage and Bruce Jenner trying to pull off a Tranny TV show. Everything Dies 

Type O Negative - Everything Dies [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube


gaoptimize's picture

Sharon Stone looking great in the buff at 57 (see Sept Glamour mag)!  She gives me encouragement to drink Bragg's Unpasteurized Apple Vinegar (yuck!) and nauseating fists full of antioxidants and nutriceuticals.   Gulping 8oz of cold pressed olive oil tomorrow am (double yuck!!).

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I recommend you meet her in person and see if you see that skin that belongs on a sixteen year old, really is her. I think you may be in for a shock.

There is nothing wrong with fantasy but realize there is a difference between that and reality.


cheech_wizard's picture

So to summarize:

1) 16 year old skin courtesy of Photoshop.

2) She thinks her derriere "looks like a bag of flapjacks."

3) Brain damage courtesy of a ruptured vertebral artery.

4) Still, Stone wants to find a hot date. She pleaded to readers: "If there's anybody out there who's an adult and who would like to ask me out, please call Harper's Bazaar."

5) And yet no one asks her out, because "Do you think people even realize I'm straight? I think they have questions about it because I have so many lesbian friends right now."

Standard Disclaimer: Phone number: (212) 903-5000, now referred to as Sharon Stone's dateline. Just $4.99/minute.


PT's picture

You need to be introduced to the joys of lighting, make-up, air-brushing and Photoshop.  Go get a glamour-photo done.  Then at least you'll be able to compare polished, varnished apples with polished, varnished apples.

But yeah, that doesn't mean you can neglect diet ...

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I went down this path. For a surprise I did a boudoir glamor shot for my husband. I told her I wanted to look like me and she agreed. When I got the photos I was disturbed. She removed all my moles and skin imperfections. It was me but not me at the same time, a stark abrasiveness. A friend of mine offered to paint me and this was a completely different experience. The piece is powerful and really has presence yet a mysterious quality. My blue eyes gazing out the window while part of me fades into the background forever unknowable.

It hangs in his office, the photos are in a drawer.


cheech_wizard's picture

My wife surprised me with a portrait she had a woman paint from a picture of the two of us.

Standard Disclaimer: I think the artist had a slight fixation on Wayne Newton.

Citxmech's picture

Mix the apple cider vinegar in OJ.  Pretty damn good that way.

Yen Cross's picture

 Science Fiction is a "test RUN" of the future for the Megla Maniacs. (sp)

  As usual, the fallout is under~estimated.

Atomizer's picture

Hope you're doing well. The term of this field is called Futurist. It was upbeat type of brainwashed seminar. Then reality kicks in. I'll have to find the guys name. 2 years ago. The hotel was on Bob Hope Blvd. 

All I remember was how pissed off people were with the Palm Springs wind farm, increased electricity cost with no returned benefits. 

Yen Cross's picture

 You know I love you and your wife, Atomizer.

  Short corporate debt.

TheEndIsNear's picture

"The sewers of New York are stalked by a great white shark"? Must have been a lousy SF novel.

Dr. Engali's picture

I don't see where anybody predicted our first black president would cause so much chaos throughout the globe that WWIII eventually breaks out. In 802,701 the globe will be fine, but we won't be here.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

That's in the horror genre... :-)

New_Meat's picture

"I don't see where anybody predicted our first black president would cause so much chaos..."

Actually, ya gotta' broaden ur horizons a bit, Dr. E.

'tis out there in plain sight.

- Ned

willwork4food's picture

OK...well that was weird.

nah's picture

There is enough energy to power our universe as we hold it in our hand


as for everything else, you cant eat dreams.

arbwhore's picture

Still waiting for my flying car!

Citxmech's picture

Better get comfortable.  It's going to take a while.  

Like when hell freezes over.

holdbuysell's picture

Extraterrestrial life discovered in 2019?

Uh, the Nephilim and their 'parents' have been here for a long time.

It's mind-numbing how much history has been erased.

Then again, maybe not, considering current email server issues.

From Twain, "history rhymes."


Imagine that I am the real Terminator, and that I have already carried out the destruction of the USA, and all governance through the destruction of the superstructure of Ponzi Casino Capitalism via the FED, The City, and the Vatican Bank, as well as, the BIS, IMF, World Bank, and all their support systems proper.


Now count the time you have left and spend it wisely, Z/H.