Zero Hedge: What Should We Do?

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Zero Hedge has the smartest readers of just about any site in the world ...

Most of us know that just about every government in the world is thoroughly corrupt, and that all of the economic indicators are wholly manipulated ...

And that the big insiders skew the playing field through high frequency trading, quote stuffing, insider dealing, central bank shenaningans, etc. ad nauseum ...

Most of us are just trying to protect our assets and our families ...

And we know that the big reset is coming, because the Matrix can only suppress reality for so long ...

So what's this about?

All of us together are smarter than any one of us individually.  (I learn as much from reading your comments as I do from my own research and writing).

Here's the question: How do we build a sane, free world out of the ashes of the fallen system?

It's easy to point out the problems.  But I want to hear from wiser souls as to SOLUTIONS.

How do we build local NETWORKS of mature, freedom-loving individuals so we can hit the ground running?  After all, we can all go into our own caves to weather out the storm.  But - at some point - we have to rebuild community and civilization.

Empires have collapsed one after another for thousands of years ... and then the people have seemingly started over at zero.

How do we build networks of trust, strenth and prosperity to weather the hurricane of change?

I'm not even pretending to have all of the answers. I'm just humbly trying to start the conversation ...

What do you think?

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The Travails of Empire
Centre for International Governance Innovation

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Someone asked the question ..... If you ruled the world?.... This is what I wrote

I would organise groups of people to imprison ALL who use violence or threaten violence to attack others..... until they understand  and accept, such conduct is both uncivilised, and counter productive. They, rather like all children, would have to learn they can't use force to get what they want.   Of course this would have to apply to all, without exception, including most who presently work for governments. It may be, for the few who can not or will not learn, that will represent a life in prison.   What would be the effects of such a policy?   It means everyone would be truly & honestly free to do as they wished........ [b]just so long as they cause no loss nor harm to others[/b]. Banking would be limited to lending out what they had from depositors, as lending what do do not have is fraud designed to cause a loss of purchasing power to the depositor.   Of course, this would bring into question the validity of land ownership..... were kings queens of old and their lords declared ownership of a resource that previously belonged to no-one..... then they had the cheek to sell it..or charge a rent on it......this fraud continues to this day. This was understandable, almost, when the belief in a flat world was popular .... but today we're supposed to be a bit more educated.   With luck & some true global education, I could relinquish rulership and, hopefully, be of some use to others.   Life for all non-psychopaths would be utopian...... and hopefully, even a few psychopaths would ultimately get the message.  
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There are too many rice bowls and favorite sons in the world, and most seem to have influence in the US. The ZH readership can come up with a plan, - implementation however witll be a problem, without going into Disctatorship.

Do we really believe that this type of monumental change will come voluntarily?

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Yes. As hard as that is to think of, its true. They lead us down this path with our consent only. Even if its only implied. Take that away and?

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I think there is a bigger problem at hand that a complete economic collapse might actully help/prevent.

Without the gimme, they won't come or survive.

Will the US Follow South Africa Down the Path of White Decline?



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Thanks GW this thread is a very good thing. Just asking the question has shown me just how many have given some thought to real solutions. That in and of itself is proof that many have grasped the important first step. Admitting there is a problem. As misguided as some of the suggestions may be? It is a start.

 Fixing things is a process that starts when a problem is recognized. Pretty much all the posts are in agreement on this. That is very good to see.

 I sure hope the ideas here are given a good look. Some of them have merit. Some not so much. But its all good the first step has been taken.

 Maybe a second try at this thread discusing the ideas would be worthwhile?

 Anyway thanks to all that posted. Right or wrong at least the first step was taken.

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If you don't work, you don't eat. 

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I have the only solution. We, with the motivation, pool our capital and move off earth: First the moon, then Mars, then the moons of Saturn and Jupiter, and then Alpha Centauri, and onwards.

This has happened before, think of all those who set sail from Europe for the New World as a means to escape tyranny and general local BS.

We can leave earth, and all it's religious strife and cronies to fight it out for the last drop of fresh water or oil, or piece of fiat money / toilet paper.

Getting part of humanity into space may take a few generations, but if we don't, history will rhyme and then repeat itself.

From the founder of Space Ventures Investors

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All of the same problems that we currently have with our artificial selection systems would become even more intense when we lived inside of even more artificial environments.

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Please Z.H. try a little harder.  I feel like I'm sitting on someone's couch drinking beer. This is not a sporting event.  Our best and brightest have us sitting on a pile of explosives so large it's going to rock the next galaxy when it goes off.  God and good intentions have never prevented a really good war from kickoff.  Our great leader George Washington has given us this opportunity and we must not let it pass. If you have an idea give reasons why it would work. Provide details on how it could possibly be implemented.

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And what does the Lord require of you

But to do justly,

To love mercy,

And to walk humbly with your God?

(Micah 6:8)

Apply the above personally & locally (family & community) and go from there


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Piece of cake. See my simple n-step program:


  1. Repudiate all US debt.
  2. Eradicate all bankers and banking officials down to the VP level.
  3. Eliminate all national elections.
  4. President, Congress et al. are drafted, not elected. Their entire estate in confiscated upon selection and converted to gold. Upon completion of their term of service their service is evaluated by a randomly drafted jury. Either they will be killed or thrice the weight of gold will be returned to them.
  5. Justices decisions reviewed by randomly drafted jury. If any of their decisions are determined to beunconstitutional, death is the result.
  6. Penalty for fractional reserve banking in any form is death.
  7. No income tax - only tax allowed is excise tax.
  8. No property tax - once you buy property you own it.
  9. Federal government radically reduce to only its Constitutionally authorized functions. Death prnalty for anyone who suggests expanding it in any way.
  10. Make sure to retain right to move to any state at any time, and then let the market solve the problem.
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In light of the recent revelation that the PentaCon cannot account for 8.5 TRILLION DOLLARS since 1996 I thought I would post the following piece from Clif High's "webot" site - the original piece can be found here: 

Clif's musings below take a much closer step to reality when you consider the amount of money that has been stolen through the machinations of the military/industrial/congressional complex over the last 20 years or so. Yeah, what exactly did they do with 8.5 TRILLION DOLLARS???? Good fucking question . . . . .

BTW - Please support Clif's work by visiting his web site at: . . . . .

Dear Zero....

by clif high, Sunday, August 16, 2015 5:00 pm Pacific Coast (north America) Time

The question posited on Zero Hedge is: what to do?

About it all...the illuminati, the 'royals', the banksters, the corruption, the fake money, the fake news, the fake economies, the central bank take over of the know, 'everything'.

So what do we do? Not what should we do, that is not the question at all, as no matter what we do do, it will be different from what TPTB have been doing and ANYTHING has a better chance at working than what we have been through, BUT....let us watch out for the charismatic personality promising nirvana and leading to stife and war! We've been there, seen that movie and did not like it's ending.

So, we are agreed, no global war, and no fascism...but then what?

i think we need to wait a bit before trying to come up with solutions for the current mess they, The Powers That Be, have made of the planet. i think there is a question that remains, the answer to which will tell us how to answer Zero Hedge's query of 'what do we do (solutions)?'.

Something we need to consider is that our definition of 'everything' does not take into account the one thing that may well save our collective butts going forward into the future....and Max Keiser discovered it.

Yes, Max Keiser, flamboyant street magician turned trader who 'caught the wave' as we say, the first flow of it, the one that hit in the early 1990's....if you were alive and felt it, you changed. Max Keiser changed, and in the course of that change, he discovered the One Thing. But even he does not discuss it.

He was not alone, Catherine Austin Fitts discovered it as well. As have many people, but it is never, to my knowledge, been discussed on the pages at Zero Hedge. This huge giant thing, this conspiracy behind all other conspiracies may well be just too big for even ZH to touch, but until we do, collectively, we the humans and other life on earth, are working with a giant parasite sucking the life (money) from our global veins.

The first thing we must do is to acknowledge that the 80+ years of intense secrecy and obfuscation around the UFO issue has led to a shadow government (read 'parasite' here) of immense proportions that is even now bleeding the economic life out of the planet of the 'earthers' (how they refer to us planet bound fellows).

We earthers refer to them as the 'Break-away Civilization'. Anyone not aware of this secret society here on earth and elsewhere need only search the internet for it by this name.

Science Fiction?

If, far too true, and NONE of the changes in the planetary social order over the last 60 years make any sense UNTIL the BlackOps/ Break-away Civilization world is taken into the equation. Once the economic thinking starts to factor in the huge bleed down of global productivity into this parallel global society, a lot more of the math starts to make sense.

If we are to reclaim the planet from the psychopathic banksters and their masters we need to start with as honest an apprasial of our situation as may be obtained. This begins with a critical question, the answer to which determines the very future of mankind, and we need to ask it of the Break-away civilization guys:

"ok boys, what'd you do with all that money?"

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The break-away civilization is due to the best organized gangs of criminals being able to brainwash almost everyone else to not want to understand that. That break-away civilization has only relatively broken away due to the degree that other people do not also break-away.

Solely blaming the "psychopathic banksters" is what the layers of controlled opposition do. That approach continues to operate through the same old-fashioned biggest bullies' bullshit frame of reference, based upon false fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals. Of course, civilization was based upon the history of warfare, which was organized crime on larger and larger scales. Exponential progress in science and technology has enabled the relatively best organized gangs of criminals to become an effective break-away civilization. However, the degree to which they can get away with that is heavily dependent upon them controlling their apparent opposition.

If enough people would start using enough unitary mechanisms to understand what is happening, then the break-away civilization would not longer be able to break-away as much. Indeed, they have NOT actually done so, except relatively. The deeper problems are due to progress in physical science, without surpassing progress in political science, since such progress in politics would require surpassing the paradigm shifts which have already been achieved in physical science.

The biggest bullies' bullshit world view has become almost totally dominate, and so, transformed civilization more and more into a Wonderland Matrix Bizarro World, wherein almost everyone operates through attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance, and misunderstanding everything in the most absurdly backward ways. That is what has assisted the break-away civilization to break-away.

Governments were always NECESSARILY the biggest forms of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals. The break-away civilization is merely more of that than ever before. However, as long as the bogus "solutions" offered by the layers of controlled opposition groups continue to promote the impossible ideals of "stopping" that from happening, then it will continue to actually get worse, faster ...

The only genuine solutions are to reintegrate the break-away civilization through using more unitary mechanisms, in order to to through sufficient paradigm shifts to perceive that everyone lives through entropic pumping of energy flows, which have paradoxically manifested as applications of the methods of organized crime, so that the concept of entropy was inverted, along with everything being inverted and perverted by the triumphs of the biggest bullies'  bullshit world views, based upon being able to ENFORCE FRAUDS.

The deeper levels of "truth" about that social situation are quite hyper-complicated, due to the interactions between being able to back up lies with violence. The break-away civilization is the result of those psychotic developments becoming runaways. The genuine solutions to those problems are as hyper-complicated and inherently paradoxical as those problems actually are!

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In the end at the worst case the necessary solutions count on self reliance and the willingness to let the weak contributors and degenerate in our society fend for themselves and eventually dieoff or kill each other. The rest have value to trade for their existance. (Who knows, some may even be bankers.)

An immediate step in the right direction would be to demand severe term limits (I would say no more than two) for all elected representatives and elimination of any retirement benefits for their public service.

Requirement for balanced budgets for all governments and requirement for only allowing fully funded pension and retirement programs in public and private entities would bring about a better realization of what the future holds.

We cannot be borrowing money to provide welfare for the world, and cannot really even provide more than minimal welfare for our truely needy--except out of our own surplus.

Since our country has vast resources and productive wealth, we need a strong defensive military. However, we do not need to be the policeman and protector of the rest world.

We have laws and they should be strictly and harshly enforced. Including our immigration laws. Illegal immigrants are envaders and should have no 'rights' here.

(On this note: it is not suprising that a miscreant who has nothing in his country, where he can starve if he cannot find work, wouldn't gladly choose to repeatedly, illegally cross the border and be thrown in jail (which is better living than he can get in his home country [air conditioned, free room and board, library, TV, recreation facilities, etc., etc.]). How dumb are we???)


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Answer: We invite the Judeo-Christian God who, according to Jefferson & Co, endowed us to begin with, back in the room!

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Agree with a few posters that the central bank should be nationalized. Lobbying is bribery and attempting it should have steep penalties. General elections and term limits. These are brakes on a system that have been proven to work. An additional brake would be to increase representation until it no longer can be bought off cheap for massive financial rewards.

Mankind now needs a goal, not a religion. This time is ending and as it does moral decay of values comes with it as an evolutionary consequence. It doesnt mean however, we start a new one. Yesterdays religion on other planes of existence and/or immortality are becoming todays science.

With the tools we can create we should launch such a goal called "Operation Eternity" with the first goal of living to 120 years, 100 of them with full mobility. The second goal being indefinate ability to renew the human body to age 20. The last being dimensional access becoming beings of energy.

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Every day focus on becoming more “Service To Others” oriented. Focus on being more “Loving” and “Focus on raising your Vibrational and Consciousness Level” and to learn to “Forgive Yourself and Others” (Thus “Releasing Karma”). This will change the Vibration of the Planet, The “Shared Consciousness of Humanity” and “Change Humanity One Person at a time” (Even if that “One Person” is yourself).


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If this could actually work it would already be in play. The problem is that the human brain is a little black box no one can see into.  You can make up stuff all day long and lie until you get tired of it and they have to study your eyes to see what’s going on in there. This of course creates great mistrust and eventual conflict.  There is no organic connection within the process which connects you to another human being.  All we have is the output and they will just say you are being nice to get something.

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More independence, localism. Southern states had it right as a union of states, as opposed to the northern federal super-state. Freedom. Government of the people, for the people.

But it will go to hell until we get rid of the old religions. They are not the truth. The real truth is that we don't know. But seemingly impossibly difficult concept to grasp.


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The real game changer would perhaps be TV over the Internet.


Currently, there is – as far as I know – no device that you can connect to the USB interface of a modern TV-set (or the VGA, S-Video, composite or RGB interface of an older TV-set) whick also can be combined with a remote control, similar to the TV remote control, that can store URL:s as channel numbers. If there was such a device people could watch TV broadcast over the Internet in the same way as traditional TV in the TV couch by just pressing one button or two.


It is possible to have a camera in another room connected to your TV and switch from the soap opera you currently are watching to the camera in another room were you have your little baby by just pressing a button. Such devices can be found in the market and people buy such devices. In the same way you should be able to connect your computer to your TV-set and watch TV over the Internet on your TV-screen.


If you hook up an ordinary computer to a TV-set by using the USB interface, or by using Deltaco´s PC to TV-converter and the VGA, S-Video, composite or RGB interface on the TV-set, you are able to browse the Internet in your TV couch. But there is no remote control for the Internet browser that can store URL:s as channel numbers. That component is missing. There should also be software on the computer that automatically connects the computer to the same URL when the browser disconnects for some reason, which sometimes happens.


Another alternative is crowdfunding for a satellite channel. This satellite channel should perhaps be operated by a foundation led by an American minority group that share the same religion, Asian Americans who believe in Christian replacement theology for instance. That would give Americans and other people in the West an alternative to the current satellite channels and TV-networks.


A web site that gathers people in rural areas who want to dig the trenches for fiber optic cables themselves in order to reduce costs is also a great idea.


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Eliminate religion and nationalism.

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Definition of

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You can’t  “eliminate religion and nationalism” You might as well say let’s fly to the moon.  But you can make them irrelevant.  Please read my post below.

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Yes, hypothetical.  Those are the basis for steering people.  Wars are fought in the name of at least one.

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The answer is Mother Nature when it comes to food and medicine.  Man-made engineering is fine for all else.

Complete 90-element ocean nutrition must be promoted to detox our poisons and keep us clean and healthy.

Government at all levels must be substituted by contracts among private paying individuals along with guns, shame and the internet.  Coercive force is prohibited.

When complete ocean nutrition is promoted in our food our immune systems will keep us healthy and a new class of citizen will emerge making obsolete such tragedys as crime, punishment, disease and probably even death.

A return to the Garden of Eden is possible where man lives on an elevated plane not requiring anything outside of pure air, water and sunshine.



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This is all well and good, but have you ever tried to contact either zerohedge or washingtonsblog?  Talk about voting for Buchanan.  I've written one book on the coming Revolution and how they work in "New American Revolution: The Overthrow of the United States Government".  Now I'm just finishing up another on how to win that Revolution.  It's called "The Science of Liberty: American Reformation".  This spells out what this article is looking for from start to finish in the only examination of Liberty that goes beyond what Mills came out with in 1859, and which hasn't been expanded on since.  So this new effort is way over due.  If anyone ever finds a way to touch base with these Ivory Towered geniuses at zerohedge or washingtons blog, please let me know.  Serfs Up America!  Cheers, Bill Fawell

PS. I've sent the inquires to washingtonsblo and the emails to zerohedge but I'm quite sure they end up in file 13 or other Blackwater as you never, ever, ever get a response or acknowledgement.  Zip, nada, zilch, kaput, zero....  

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End the Fed.  And don't have a "gold-backed" currency, only have metal coins, no paper, no promises. 

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Hi G.W. It is not too late to start building an alternative financial system. Here is one constructive effort:

The reason the present system is broken is that it is an inverted pyramid, with finance as the foundation layer on which the rest of the pyramid is balanced. On top the finance layer, you have clearing (ACH/central bank), and on top of that applications like Visa and PayPal.

Click for full size Illustration of Fragile Financial System

At the end of every business cycle the finance layer fails, and the government has to bail it out because, OMG every business from main street to wall street uses the clearing system!!! Bank failure kills everything!

Here is the new alternative that we need to build:

Click for full size Illustration of a new Anti-Fragile Financial System

In a properly designed financial system, the base layer is 100% reserved digital payments Issuers, instead of banks. The Issuers are unaffected by business cycles because they earn revenue off velocity without putting the deposit base at risk.

On top the Issuers, you have a system of clearinghouses to allow payments to clear between different issuers. But instead of a central bank, this is created as a market, allowing traders to provide the liquidity for payments to clear at a competitive premium.

On top the Clearing Layer, you have an API so that other applications like websites and whatnot can use the system.

On top of all that you have the finance layer where bonds and bills of exchange trade on an exchange. This system can replace today's credit system with micro-bonds issued by the borrowers, and traded on a market for micro-bonds. This completely cuts the banks out of the picture, because they are now obsolete, they just haven't died yet.


The Gold Standard Society

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Working within the confines of the present constitutional representative democracy, I would suggest:

1.  Bringing the central bank under Treasury.

2.  Eliminate issuance of US Treasury bonds.  Pay off all existing bonds at par using printed dollars.

3.  Print any new dollars = the federal budget.  If fedgov costs $3 trillion per year, print $3 trillion per year.

4.  Eliminate all forms of federal taxation.  

Would solve a tremendous amount of graft / bullshit / corruption.

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Upon a strict reading of the constitution, I do not see where the federal government is allowed to have a central bank. 

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There are too many rice bowls and favorite sons in the world, and most seem to have influence in the US. The ZH readership can come up with a plan, - implementation however witll be a problem, without going into Disctatorship.

Do we really believe that this type of monymental change will come voluntarily?

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No, it will not come voluntarily.  That is why your actions should be building up an 18th century skillset to survive, then figuring out who is key in the rising power structures as the dust settles and acting accordingly. 

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Mandatory "permanent" birth control implants at puberty (male and female - let's not discriminate), to be removed only when the petitioner has proven themselves to be a positive contributor to society, capable of self-reliance - a maker, not a taker. Second and subsequent children to be permitted based on the continuance of such qualities after the first child is born.

That'll solve about 90% of the problems in a generation or two.

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I have been considering a similar inclusive scenario for a long time.  Even if it was implemented it has the same fallacy as the previous American Republic, it was designed by honorable men for honorable men.  The creep and corruption of the standards for "Contributor" will eventually bring it down, as it did the Spartans.  Humans are vile critters...

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Cute, but not advocating killing anyone - just restricting the birth of societal parasites. Anyone who wants a child should be capable of supporting them and contributing positively to society, not just randomly reproducing.

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you get into a slippery slope, how do you define who the societal parasites are? Nazis said it was the jews.


Also no one can afford to take care of kids in america these days besides the rich because the economy is F'ed so you have an unfair standard.

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The wet, lather, rinse routine will continue with this social species until it is extinct. Socialism, over population, greed, violence and ignorance will never go away and in some sense, it's in our nature. Not to mention people love to follow psychopaths, sycophants and narcissist's. History proves this. The first mistake is thinking as whole were all supposed to love one another and all get along as the all knowing and greatest intelligent species of this world. There will never be a grand utopia... it's impossible without being a dictator and you will always have opposition and crazy people that want to control others. God, glory and government, the 3 worst ideas ever. Abolish those ideas, end the idea of follow the leader, we are not as self governed as they would like us to think we are. George Carlin said it best, the illusion of choice, Hegelian Dialect. This world is doomed!


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Please read my post to Xavi below and critique it.  God, glory and government. God will not bother anyone without the religion that comes with him because he is invisible and will always, I believe be a mystery. Religion = crazies,  Glory is for the sociopaths and psychopaths, sycophants, narcissist as you say and they usually glory in war and war is a disaster. Psychopaths = crazies. Government would never succeed in holding down liberty if it were not for nice suits, nice hair, smiles and articulation, background music and the general persuasive B.S. that goes along with it. No we cannot create a utopia with what we have at hand now in this environment. So we must add something new and change the environment. The crazies will have to hide under the fridge and stove with the others

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A few thoughts:

Nationalize ALL Central Banks immediately.

Convert businesses to a cooperative model with EVERY employee having a say about its affairs.

Deny legislative access and bureaucratic control to all dual-citizens.

STOP all out-of-country conflicts and let the chips fall where they will. The US, in particular, has NO security problem it can or will solve by bombing the M-E (amongst many others.)

Stop the international spread of GMO's seeds and toxic herbicides, and promote back-to-the-land agriculture.

Empower self-reliance with the wide use of micro-loans.

Many more!


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Nationalize the central banks?  No, fuck the banks, central or not.  Let them fail. 

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There are no simple answers.  First, allow the existing structure to fail.  It is too far gone to repair.  Second, prepare for civil war like the Free French during WWII.  Third, obtain survival supplies following the guidelines of those knowledgeable in the subject.  Fourth, obtain precious metals as new capital stock for post collapse.  In addition, obtain or ally with those who will own or control tangible items for production after we reorganize.  For example, factory buildings, CNC mills, manufacturing equipment, etc.  Or, farms and ranches, dairies, and grain mills depending on your location.  These basic functions will need to be performed by someone somehow and for an exchange of value agreeable by all.

Expect to see a balkanized country post collapse and do not wait for that which will not happen.  The left and right coasts will probably devolve into a liberal quagmire before turning into a dictatorship.  It will exist and function but you wouldn't want to be there.  Get out before you cannot.  The remainder of the red states will probably break up into multiple separate jurisdictions.  It could be only one but more likely several.  Free travel between states may be permitted in the red zone but certainly not in the blue.

The process may take time.  The authors of the Fourth Turning accurately predicted the beginning of this era.  They predict it will pass by approx. 2028.  Thirteen years - lots of things may happen and will happen.  Collapse and war are certain.  All else is speculation.

Other than these general guidelines, be flexible and mobile in this very volatile time.  It will pass.  There will be something better eventually.  But it won't happen as quickly as we all hope.  That is the lesson of history.

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Best place I have been to thus far is Istanbul for cheap bugout. It's very cheap if you live away from the central areas, modern and almost european and yet still ancient and wild in some ways to keep things interesting. It's been there for millenia and though primarily muslim still very open to people of other religions, tons of fresh water with aquaducts and the bosphora, incredible produce, lots of english speakers and very open culture, great dry climate. Culture is used to power outtages so when it happens its quite normal. Also the safest crime free city in Europe according to the statistics.  Did I mention it's very cheap and in some ways ridiclously cheap such as produce, and even restaturants if you order what the locals order. Street vendors have huge meatball sandwiches for a dollar, 3 pieces of pizza (Turkish flat bread with sauce and cheese) for a dollar, candy bars 10 for a dollar etc... Similar prices to cheap asian/south american locales with a modern city, transportation and very rich multilayered culture and less instability.

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No thanks, I'll take my chances right where I'm at and die with dignity and honor before I ever live with muslims and give them a chance to oppress my family.

Multiculturalism and globalization is the problem, not the solution. We are not meant to all get along and live amongst each other no matter what you think.

newworldorder's picture

If you are not a Muslim, do you really want to live in a Muslim country? Have your thought this through or is your looking glass the "cheapness" of the lifestyle?

El Vaquero's picture

Sometimes things are cheap for a reason.