"Avoid ALL Contact" With Rain, American Embassy In Beijing Warns

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First in "China Sends In Chemical Warfare Troops, Orders Tianjin Blast Site Evacuation After Toxic Sodium Cyanide Found" and subsequently in "Poison Rain Feared In Tianjin As Death Toll Rumored At 1,400", we documented China’s frantic attempts to reassure an increasingly agitated and frightened public that the air and water are safe after last Wednesday’s deadly chemical explosion at Tianjin.

Although the full environmental implications of the blast likely won’t be known for quite some time, the immediate concern is that rain could react with water soluble sodium cyanide, transforming the chemical into potentially fatal hydrogen cyanide gas.

And while Beijing has already begun the censorship (some 400 Weibo and WeChat accounts have reportedly been shut down), the American Embassy isn’t mincing words.

The following unconfirmed text message is said to have originated at the Embassy:

For your information and consideration for action. First rain expected today or tonight. Avoid ALL contact with skin. If on clothing, remove and wash as soon as possible, and also shower yourself. Avoid pets coming into contact with rains, or wet ground, and wash them immediately if they do. Rise umbrellas thoroughly in your bath or shower once inside, following contact with rain. Exercise caution for any rains until all fires in Tianjin are extinguished and for the period 10 days following. These steps are for you to be as safe as possible, since we are not completely sure what might be in the air. Remember the brave firefighters and their families along with all those suffering from the accident in Tianjin. Stand strong together China!



And meanwhile, the Embassy is "aware" of these social media messages, which it claims aren't official. Here's the official line:

Media sources have reported extensively on explosions at the port of Tianjin, China on August 13 and August 15. The U.S. Embassy urges U.S. citizens in Tianjin to follow the guidance of local authorities and avoid the blast area until given further instructions.  We are aware that local authorities are taking measures to prevent secondary disasters and are monitoring air and water pollution in the area to prevent further chemical contamination.  The Embassy in Beijing remains in regular contact with local Tianjin government and hospital officials, and we have no information other than that which has been provided to the public by Chinese authorities.  We continue to liaise with local authorities, businesses, and healthcare providers to seek information on any U.S. citizens who may have been affected by the explosions.


The Embassy is also aware of social media messages relating to the Tianjin explosions from sources claiming to represent the U.S. Embassy. These messages were not issued by the U.S. Embassy. 

You decide.

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I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted one time to see you laughing
I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain

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Honey, I know, I know, I know times are changin'
It's time we all reach out for something new, that means you too
You say you want a leader, but you can't seem to make up your mind
And I think you better close it and let me guide you to the purple rain

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There was only 700 tons of the stuff.., maybe...,

  Don't worry, be happy.

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700t can kill 1.3bln people. Who will make the iStuff then?

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2 sites so far are stating that this was a kinetic rod strike from space. 



Check out the 2nd link video...full HD and stabilized...best video I've seen yet of how massive the explosions were.  Sounds like it was some American dude partying w/ a Chinese chick in a hotel and he got it all on his phone. 

And the photo of the crater which is now a toxic lake is crazy.

The naturalnews link is stating it was a kinetic rod strike from space by the U.S. because of China's attempt to crash the dollar. 

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I was wondering if anyone was going to connect this event and yuan devaluation.

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I proposed that theory the day it happened. Got a shit ton of down votes too.

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Hard Rain was a good movie by Micheal Douglas.

- Food authorities in Hong Kong are contacting mainland authorities to see if food is imported from Tianjin amid news that deadly cyanide was stored at the warehouse devastated by giant explosions last week. The Centre for Food Safety said it is contacting mainland authorities and imports will cease if harmful products are found. (bit.ly/1PtZ1R4)

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As the article says, it's no where on the US Embassy web site. But I remember hearing the PM of Japan "remain calm, it's a only a tiny leak" while the Dutch and German Embassies were telling all their non-essential employees and their families to get the next plane out ASAP.


WTF. Anything a Gubmint tells you must be strained, culled, dry roasted, translated and filtered for truth.

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What explosion?  Couldn't see a damned thing through all the smog and pollution.  Jeeesh!
Think we're prescient or something?  Superman vision? 
See, these rumors are how wars start when other people get accused of screwin' around in other people's chemical spills.

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Um.. weren’t they hosing the fire down with zillions of gallons of water for quite some time?

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The areas where the NaCN landed and all the water runs off into whatever bodies of water and ponds, as well as down wind as cyanide gas is released ... will become a dead zone, at least for a time.

What other nasty stuff was in that warehouse? Radiologicals? Who knows!!

This will be a multi year clean up operation. Until they can get the areas clean enough not to kill infrastructure workers outright, this place is going to be impossible to renovate.

This port was on schedule to ship over 500 million metric tonnes of shipments in 2015. It is the forth largest port by volume, in the entire world. Its immobilization will mean that all the financial loans which made this port work, are hosed. Who knows how much was being stored there, being collateral for CBOs. No one knows.

The follow ons from this situation are huge and growing. Not a happy Happy kind of situation.

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I see they've hired Christy Todd Whitman to assure everyone that it is safe.

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"...Um.. weren’t they hosing the fire down with zillions of gallons of water for quite some time?..."

Not really, Manthong. The Global Times said the firemen got there for the original fire just before 11 P.M. and the explosions started at around 11:30. The couple of dozen local firefighters that got there first are 'missing' = vaporized, so we'll never find out from them. Interesting that China (or at least Tianjin) uses maybe about 2/3rds contractor firemen and 1/3rd permanent. The contractors are usually teenagers. The job pays almost nothing and the contractors do all the work. This was the Port of Tainjin's Fifth Fire Brigade - all dead. Photo from @ChinaStreetTalk

I'm not one to jump on the kinetic energy/suitcase nuke train that ALWAYS gets rolled out in one of these huge explosions, but I have to say that the sodium cyanide, calcium carbide and potassium nitrate 'explanation' stinks to high heaven. I'm not sure how credible the figure of '21 tons of TNT-sized explosion' is, but common sense will tell you that there's no possible damn way on earth to get 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide to explode anything like 21 tons of TNT with ANY kind of oxidizer. You can't possibly water down that much sodium cyanide to begin with, nor can you water down enough calcium carbide to get that much methane and produce that kind of explosion. I could see how the initial attempts to fight the fire may have produced those reactions and made things get out of hand at the start, but they had something a lot more energetic stashed away in that complex that was responsible for that kind of explosion. Say like 20 or so tons of TNT.

We could ask the cops, but the media seems to have missed the fact that the local police station (two five-story buildings at the :10 mark in this vid) were close enough that nobody got out alive. 100 dead? Yeah - they had to have had more than that detained in the holding cells there. I'm thinking that 1000 dead is a lot closer to the truth.

The looting has already stated, by the way (even though it's not in America). That didn't surprise me. What was most shocking was the picture of the building he was looting - you don't see this picture in the news too often. I'm sure that building was the one in the complex closest to the blast, but that's still 32-stories of every window salesman's dream. Hate to be anything made of meat standing in front of those windows during the blast.

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Then I'll stand on the ocean until I start sinkin'
But I'll know my song well before I start singin'
And it's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard
It's a hard rain's a-gonna fall

-Bob Dylan

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...then fed to a Civet for proper processing.

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Nothing comes from there except our processed chicken and seafood, which can't be labeled as such. And spices. And vitamins, And....

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re-entereing California on highway 395 last week, I couldn't help but laugh at the worthlessness of Agricultural Checkpoints.

Does it really matter, when produce is grown/packed abroad? Does anybody tell the truth at these border checkpoints? What exactly are they protecting from invasive species, vermin, parasites and pests, when there ain't no water?

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Jiang sees Tianjin’s free-trade zone becoming northern China’s Lujiazui, the financial center that sprang up on Shanghai’s east bank in the 1990s after initially also being derided as a white elephant.

“The newest policies of financial innovation and of making investment and trade more convenient will be tried and created here,” he told Bloomberg.

“Tianjin free trade zone is the only one in the entire Northern China. Companies can’t neglect it to go to the far south.”




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In any case, that second link is worth it for the video.

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I have to honest and say the thought crossed my mind the instant i heard it, as in wow what a big military strike that one would have been,

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As we crack jokes here (I am a serious joke offender so no judgement here) I thought I would pull a quote from your second source. It's worth thinking about for this, or Trump as president for that matter.

As Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard said in the mid-19th century: “In a theater, it happened that a fire started offstage. The clown came out to tell the audience. They thought it was a joke and applauded. He told them again and they became more hilarious. This is the way, I suppose, that the world will be destroyed – amid the universal hilarity of wits and wags who think it is all a joke.”

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Seriously, I'm starting to lose my sense of humor.

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People might want to check out other sites on the web that give differing views on this explosion.

The fact that there is now a lake on the point of explosion calls into question how explosive force could exert such downward impact ... unless the detonation occurred below ground. 


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A blast happened at the same time in Moscow, too. The OTHER country the US hates.

This shit is about to go exponential. If people haven't gotten supplies yet, better do it now. And screw the popcorn. This is one movie I really don't want to watch.

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Holy smokes that link with the footage of the explosion is crazy!  Almost looked plasma like.  Even with all of the war and everybody having video these days I don't think I have ever seen footage of an explosion like that. 

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Didnt watch it because the guy linking sounds like a nutcase but came back after all these comments. 

That footage is insane. Ive never seen anything like it.  My white collar adrenaline is going just from that video haha

youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_nnZntSYjo

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nosam (not verified) Ms No Aug 18, 2015 6:19 AM

If you ever see an explosion like that thru a window, move away from the window immediately. The shock wave may take a little time to arrive, but when it does, it will turn your window into thousands of glass projectiles.

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So much for singin' in the rain.  This is the new reality of what happens when exposed to rain water:  https://youtu.be/j7GJcKuVGm8

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"...And while Beijing has already begun the censorship (some 400 Weibo and WeChat accounts have reportedly been shut down), the American Embassy isn’t mincing words.

The following unconfirmed text message is said to have originated at the Embassy:..."

For Christ's sake Tyler... really? Here's what a 90-second effort to check on the U.S. Embassy site in China yields:

"...The Embassy is also aware of social media messages relating to the Tianjin explosions from sources claiming to represent the U.S. Embassy. These messages were not issued by the U.S. Embassy..."

The Embassy goes on to say that they only know what the Chinese have already announced to their own citizens and nothing else. Which is exactly what I would expect from the U.S. government. If people's faces are not melting off, then go with the host country's official spew. 

Now if the Embassy site said nothing, one could kind of wonder whether they had sent out this or not. But they're already officially denying it, so it hardly makes sense to propagate this stupid internet rumor any more.

No, I wouldn't hang around the site sucking in whatever toxic spew is going into the air, but have you ever seen pictures of the air in Tainjin or worse - Beijing? On a normal day, I would want to hose my lungs out if I had to spend any time outside in that smog. A little cyanide in the mix? Ha... bring it on!

Chinese army chemical corps guys are on the ground right at that site. They have plenty of incentive to cover up any loose crap that might release the fun if it got wet. Of course I would be worried, but washing my pets? Er... not.

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Cook the dog, quick, it's raining tonight.

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The wind was also blowing out to sea for a day or two for Tiajin but now it's a ssw wind meaning the wind is coing from the southwest.




Also, the chance of rain has been steadily risin gfor their night time from initially 10% to 20% to 40% to 60% presently.

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I really don't see the problem as something IN the rain itself, but more as a result of it. Granted, the rain will wash out crap that's floating around the air and that's never good.

The particular problem with the Tianjin explosion is the tons of water-reactive chemicals strewn around the site for a kilometer or two. As much as I hate to put CNN and 'information' in the same sentence, their recent video gives you a clear idea of the problem here (the good part starts ten seconds in).

I don't know what the bubbling powder was, but if it was sodium cyanide, then that's deadly hydrogen cyanide bubbling and steaming out of it. That's one little pile. Now imagine several tens of thousands of little piles like that during the first five minutes of a little rain shower. On the plus side, almost none of the apartments within a kilometer or two of the blast are inhabitable, so the early Wednesday showers forecast may not do much more than kill the rodents and insects the initial blast didn't take care of.

That is, if it doesn't blow a few km away into other populated areas or catch the fire/chemical guys by surprise. Then you have a real PR nightmare. I mean, even worse than the corruption scandal of the company being owned by party officials and the illegal storage of far larger quantities of dangerous chemicals than allowed or claimed. Toss a few dead soldiers and firemen on top of that and you have to start taking out reporters with snipers. China Spectator has one of the rare articles with details of the corruption.

I don't mean to minimize the danger of a hydrogen cyanide release from the rain, but the air is really, really bad in the Tianjin-Beijing corridor almost all week long. It's Tuesday morning there now (they're 13 hours ahead of EDT) and this is how bad the carbon monoxide pollution is already. This is the sulphur dioxide. The lumpy-looking Bohai Bay should be in the middle of the map, with Tianjin at the extreme left edge of it and Beijing just to the West-NorthWest of Tainjin. 

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negative rates asks: "Are we having fun YET?"

Silly wabbit!  "We are STILL having fun and we ALWAYS have been having fun!"

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Brack Rain, starring Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia.

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Avoid all contact with rain.

And air, avoid air too.

Oh, and soil, avoid all contact with soil.

No food either, the food is bad.

Carry on.


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Avoid China, ground zero for state capitalism.

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Avoid all contact with rain.


step 1 per US Gov. : Take shower.

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Knowing how the chinks operate, the toxic lake will be transformed into a rice paddy within 2 months.  Watch your country of origin for food/meds/vitamins/etc.

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How about black rain??

Anyone use a dosimeter there lately?

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I kind of wonder what sort of 'fukushima effect' this will have as this gets shifted around the world.

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Where did the cyanide come from? All the crappy children's toys that they had warehoused waiting to ship out to the world? I thought they drew the line at using lead paint...

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Me litt-uhl Droughies 'ave almond shaped eyes these days..."

"Siiingin' in the rain..."


"I was cured."

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And I thought purple rain was bad.