China's "Judgment Day" Arrives - Malicious Sellers Slam Stocks Below Communist Floor

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Chinese media are describing tonight's market action as "Judgment Day" for China, as SCMP's George Chen explains, the crusade of 'malicious short sellers' against the Communist central planners and their 'funds' is in full swing. The "manage-the-economy-by-technical-analysis" strategy appears to have failed as Shanghai Composite has broken notably below its 200-day moving average - which six times before has been defended aggressively. Chinese Stocks are back at 7-week lows, just off the crash lows in July.

  • *CHINA'S CSI 300 INDEX FALLS 3.1% TO 3,646.45 AT BREAK

The big showdown - can the 200DMA be defended... or more crucially, the July lows!!





Charts: Bloomberg

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db51's picture

Fuck me....time to get my broker out of bed and BTFD!    BOOM

JJdog's picture

Malicious sellers in China, Malicious buyers in the US

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Communist, capitalist...anyone see the Alex Jones David Duke interview, man alive...

VATICANT's picture

Alex Jones is such a fat turd

Creepy A. Cracker's picture

Sum ting wong.  Chinese water torture for you, short serrer!...

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Despewhat Chinee patiots. You must mug the showht seweeahs in the name of the pheople wheeblik!!! Oh you tel pheople abouht hypocowhasee? Yu wohse than showht seweeahs!!! Yu khnohs bweak whoks with tihny pihkaxe in kemikwal plahnt.

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Despewhat Chinee patiots. You must mug the showht seweeahs in the name of the pheople wheeblik!!! Oh you tel pheople abouht hypocowhasee? Yu wohse than showht seweeahs!!! Yu khnohs bweak whoks with tihny pihkaxe in kemikwal plahnt.


English motherfucker, do you speak it?!


Dindu Nuffins's picture

The verdict: -4.27%

China markets, you have been judged and found wanting. I hereby sentence you to 7 years of bear market.

ThaBigPerm's picture

Looks like their PPT tried to float it ... almost worked.  Almost.

new game's picture

shit eventually sinks...

world markets are entering the pre panic mode.

the lock limit down day is just around the corner

dow down 800-1000 soooon, to wake the sleeping 401 ers and pensioners alike.

we got a problem 

way too many promises

and not enough payers for the payees.

times a changing

deographics(math) determine a future that is dismal.

ponzi meets reality of debt at 3 x >gdp...

nmewn's picture

Who the fuck is this George Chen guy?

He's plagarizing my lines! ;-)

nmewn's picture

You got the Peoples Powder or the Red Rock? ;-)

Raging Debate's picture

It's a joke motherucker, get it or are you too numb bitch #41?

DonFromWyoming's picture

Duke was reciting the facts that Jews run the banks, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Harvard University, the New York media, Hollywood and a whole lot more.  Not bad for 2% of the population.  These are simply undeniable facts - there is nothing anti-semitic about facts.  But AJ was running scared from what DD was saying - I've never heard Alex be so sympathetic, and quite frankly deferential, to the powers that run the NWO.  I was reminded of the very deep conspiracy theory that AJ is one of them, sent out to discredit any dissent.

Raging Debate's picture

Plus one for letting me know the length.

Such horrible hypocricy this banking system model creates a longer sustained length of speculators during the bust phase and then the co-partner governnent blames the same speculators. It reminds me that those with the real guns will throw you under the bus in a microsecond.

Also, If you lobby for money and play that way the devil just might ask for his due. I was once told "be careful what you wish for in Washington, you just might get it." It is sage advice.

SilvertonguedAngel's picture

After 10 years as an infowarrior I can tell you that the comments section of articles on infowars is a place where anything goes.


Or so I thought. After watching the 'debate' I posted this thought. "David Duke made Alex look like Rachel Maddow"


After 10 years of defending Alex against all manner of accusations I was blocked for that one criticism!



jerry_theking_lawler's picture

And now you know the least you learned it and it only took 10 years. Now you can move on and discover even more 'truths'. Congrats!

theeseer's picture

You are almost right we Jews control your mind as well so better put on your aluminum foil around your head. Yup I guess we control everything because of our Alien alliance and all those faked achienvment scores that got us those Havard scholarships etc. It seems the helpless rest of the world keeps hiring us to create Google cure diseases and provide you with your internet etc. Have some sympathy and how about some time off? It was tiring to give you your religion culture and law. Your right about the 2% in America but its more like .002 of the world's population which is interesting since we were awarded 20-30% of all Nobel Prizes ever given. I guess just another conspiracy. Hey just sit back with another six pack and blame everyone else for your own ineptitude.

Mr.BlingBling's picture

Sounds like y'all control Area 51, the College Boards, and the Nobel Committee too!

The central planners's picture

No they just control the federal reserve. Thats all you need.

omniversling's picture

"You are almost right we Jews control your mind as well"

No, you used to. I've for one have woken up and done some research.

I no longer believe that a mystery book written centuries after a bloke (for whom no factual historical record exists, only folklore) who was claimed crucified by his own tribe for not being a good enough supremecist, in a dry desert country in the Levant 2000yrs ago, has much to do with my Norse/Celtic/AmIndian ancestors (therefore my story). I was, however, brought up Protestant Christian, and on the whole abide by the general tennets of Mr Moses 'Ten Commandments' in daily life, though I prefer to regard them as 'serving suggestions' because I'm not a good slave who responds well to commandments. I prefer free will of a flesh and blood human, who takes responsibility for my own decisions and actions - but I digress...

Congratulations on shimmering so gloriously in the reflected light of your co-tribalists achievements, but that technique of totally ignoring the crimes and brutality of your 'tribe' to make a 'glory point' is old, corrupt and threadbare. Did the Nobel prizes handed out to all you brilliant people have the same credibility as Mr Obama's 'Peace Prize'?

Amendment X's picture

Omni...While I would differ with you on your brief explanation of the foundation of Christianity, I'll save that for another day. 

Otherwise, very well said!!! For all the accomplishments of the Jewish people, every true freedom loving person with intellectual honesty (that would be virtually all of them) must question the harm brought to the West by those very same people.  After centuries of persecution in a variety of states, the vast majority of Jewish people seek refuge behind an almighty government that is malleable enough to be pressed into a form to serve their interests. Their influence in higher education, Hollywood, news media, and government has brought incalcuable costs to freedom in this country. The Jewish people never setteled in one geographical area and formed a country. They just migrated (or were chased) from one area to the next finally settling in the U.S. They have found a safe-haven where they can peddle influence under the guise of civil rights for blacks, multi-culturalism, diversity, global hegemony, etc. in order to provide a safe area free from "anti-semetic" thought.  Yes there is an Isreal and how would it have existed without massive aid over multiple decades from the U.S. ?  Yes, they have absolutely hoodwinked a generous, sympathetic, and gullible Protestent and Catholic majority for the past 100 years. It starts in the government schools (with massive income redistribution and federal mandates) which distort history and manufacture guilt on white America. Do any middle class and above Jews send their children to government schools?  That continues on for the rest of your life via the mis-information networks. How many thousands of times do we need to be reminded on cable networks of the Holocost of the 30's and 40's? This serves a s a constant reminder that you are not allowed to criticize Jews or even point out obvious facts such as the debauchery of the entertainment/financial/news/higher education industries.  And, I think they are overplaying their hand. For example, who is funding "Black Lives Matter"?  One can hope that more and more people wake up and understand the root of the problems, not likely but possible. A compelling case can be made that individual liberty is not in the best interest of the Jewish people.          

Kayman's picture


I have no issue with Jews.  I have an issue with control of credit and money.

 I know you are speaking with tongue in cheek, but I always wonder about Jewish strategy. For all the short term benefits to the few, doesn't the long term guarantee hatred from the neighbors ? How wise is that ?

And while I am on the topic- for all its historic attractions, isn't planting little Israel in  the Muslim middle east just a little bit asking for trouble ?  Hell, most muslims hate each other, so did anyone expect killing them and confiscating their land to end up with heaps of love being sent back in return ?

And whether it is one or two generations, what happens when the USA cannot or will not back every Israeli action. Does anyone expect that Israel will rush back into the arms of Russia again.

Just asking...

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I was the first caller and called jones out on air for being PC.

Doubt I'll ever be allowed back on.

Tallest Skil's picture

This all reminds me of, in part, some lyrics...

It all returns to nothing, it all comes  
tumbling down, tumbling down,  
tumbling down  
It all returns to nothing, I just keep  
letting me down, letting me down,  
letting me down 

Make_Mine_A_Double's picture

You'll know the SHTF when George disappears into 'administrative detention'

Md4's picture

Kermit with an AK...

...and a gangsta hat.

That's a badass frog fo sho.

+1 for the green little bastard with ping pong ball eyes...


bigkahuna's picture

short this beeatch

IridiumRebel's picture

Now that's a free market!

coast's picture

OK ya all...I love it when  u speak Chinese...som ting Wong...etc...give it your rove u rong rong time etc... Give it to me baby

JenkinsLane's picture

"The Force, Politburo, use the Force."

Yen Cross's picture

  All I know is that trade covering from the China outflows back into the Euro has put the eur/usd in a really good short scenario later.. The European equity markets are getting hammered and the eur/usd is way overbought.

 Actually an eur/aud short looks pretty good to. That's trading 2.5 standard deviations over VWAP on the daily chart.

AbbeBrel's picture

Thanks YC. Your comments are always valued, by me at least :-)

FlacoGee's picture

The only thing propping up the USD was the misguided belief that the rate hike was coming and that the US economy was "thriving"...   the aforementioned was merely dependent on the supporting data that was soon to appear in the next release.    Close to a year later, we are still waiting for the data and rate hike.

So why should the USD continue to move higher?

EUR/USD has a lot further to move.    Short at your own peril.



bluez's picture

They are NOT "communist". Chinese cannot be "communist".

They are Chinese. There's a monstrous side to that. But there's a fine and beautiful side too.

Get used to paradoxes. Your very existence is a total paradox.

Gambit's picture

Fucking ey, that's deep lol

Ruffmuff's picture

Yes, life can be very deep. Very deep shit. Try not to step in it.

pachanguero's picture

I just got back from Cambodia.  Even this shit hole has got a small property bubble going.  As well as a consumer credit bubble.

This shit is just getting started.

Here in Thailand where the bombing just happened this shit is really going to hit the fan.

Long gold in Thai baht......

HonkyShogun's picture
HonkyShogun (not verified) pachanguero Aug 20, 2015 11:18 PM

Long gold in Thai baht......


Phonetically, that sounds very, very wrong.

Raging Debate's picture

That sound very, very wong but two wongs dont make a wight.

I do love all people but if you cant poke a little fun life is too dull. Besides, they put pee-pee in my coke.

DIGrif's picture

hahahahhahahahahahhaha best one I have read today :)   But it might be the only safe place to keep it LOL.

erk's picture

China should ban all short selling of shares, make it compulsary for echanges to check  settlement records and make sure you own the shares before accepting a sell order. That would clean up the market a lot.



U4 eee aaa's picture

You mean clean up the market from artificially inflated margin buying and government printed purchases?

The short sellers are just keeping them honest

holdbuysell's picture

China, your staff is broken.