"Mystery" Cyanide Foam Covers Streets In China As "Massive Fish Die-Off" Observed After Tianjin Explosion

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Update: The latest images from the massive fish die-off...

On Wednesday evening we noted that China, in what looks like an attempt to discourage investigative reports into Communist Party culpability for the explosion at Tianjin which killed more than a hundred people and injured more than 700 last week, revealed the previously unnamed majority shareholders of Tianjin International Ruihai Logistics. 

The two men - a Mr. Yu and a Mr. Dong - have Party ties and admitted to using their political connections to skirt restrictions on the storage and handling of hazardous chemicals like sodium cyanide. 

That admission isn’t likely to satisfy the Chinese public, which is looking for the head (figuratively speaking we hope) of someone higher up in the party, as scapegoating a few locals with tenuous Party ties doesn’t seem to constitute the type of wholesale, rigorous investigation that would indicate Beijing is serious about getting to the bottom of how 700 tonnes of toxic chemicals ended up being stored at a facility that was only licensed to warehouse a fraction of that total.

In any event, the "cyanide thunderstorms" we warned were rolling into the area have now blanketed Tianjin in a "mysterious" white foam. The images are below.


And as The South China Morning Post reports, some claimed the rain had burned their skin and lips, which would be consistent with a text message purported to have emanated from the American Embassy (which immediately denied its authenticity) advising workers to "avoid ALL contact" between their skin and any rain:

Some residents and journalists near the blast site in Tianjin experienced skin burns as rain hit the Binhai New Area on Tuesday.


Amid fears the rain could spark toxic reactions with chemicals at the site - in particular with hundreds of tonnes of sodium cyanide - an official urged the public to "stay far away".


As the rain progressed, an unusual white foam emerged on roads near the blast site. A journalist for Caixin reported feeling burns on the lips and arms after being exposed to the rain.

As for the official explanation for why the streets in Tianjin are now running white with what might very well be an extremely toxic, cyanide-laced foam, Tianjin's environmental monitoring center says it's "a normal phenomenon when rain falls, and similar things have occurred before." 

And in case that wasn't enough of a punchline for you, here's a look at what happened after no chemicals were detected in the seawater around the blast site:

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Tonald J Drump's picture

there won't be any cyanide foam in OUR streets if you elect me ... let's make America great again !  (Trumpite-bitchez !)

Looney's picture

The two men - a Mr. Yu and a Mr. Dong - have Party ties

Their full names are Yu Eat Dung and Lo Hung Dong.  ;-)


dontgoforit's picture

"Mysterious white foam."  That stuff'll eat the rubber right off the rims.  IN fact, it will even eat the asphalt.

Osmium's picture

That last picture looks more like a some jizz, or some pecker tracks.

Latina Lover's picture

Sushi from China is off my menu. (then again, it always was)

Bunghole's picture

Looks like deodorant infused pit sweat on the car interior.

clade7's picture

Piss!  That foam aint nothing but your standard run of the mill off the shelf  'Scrubbing McMutherfuckin Bubbles'..."We do the work so you dont have to" you know...

hedgeless_horseman's picture




Are we dangerous here?

FUKUPPY, your Japanese friend from Fukushima says, "It's a normal phenomenon when rain falls, and similar things have occurred

Your government loves you, and cares about your health and well being!

pods's picture

Of course they say the damn bubbles are normal.  Look at this (shitty voice over I know).


Looks like a fraternity prank.  

More ooze coming out of a street:


Also they have red rivers, yellow ones, anything you can imagine.  There would be more if the smog allowed filming and filmmakers didn't get shot.

Long term thinking?  Lol.  


BaBaBouy's picture

Some Crafty Chinese Dude Already Has His Eye On Exporting Those Dead Fish To Restaurants Around The World...

pods's picture

"Honey, why does the drywall smell like almond flavored fish?"

TBT or not TBT's picture

It was Kaiser Soze.  Seen this movie before. Big spodiation down at the docks. Everybody and everything blown to bits.    

IRC162's picture

EPA regulations export global environmental stewardship to the lowest common denominator on the planet.  Way to go EPA!!!!  Keep on exporting responsibility to places that don't give a F.  Are they going to outlaw air and ocean currents to keep us safey safe from this stuff now?

Mentaliusanything's picture

Look at al those fish that drowned - Oh the humanity

WOAR's picture

"Eat your peas, dear."

TeethVillage88s's picture

David Lo Pan rules the underworld in China. Things no one has ever seen before.


pods's picture

You know that guy was in some silk boxers jumping up to get some lube when he saw the fire and the chick was laying on the bed with nothing on other than a line of coke that looked like the third base line at Fenway.


Implied Violins's picture

European chicks got enough length you can duplicate the lines at Comerica.

e_goldstein's picture

Huh, I figured Fukuppy would have 3 or 5 eyes by now.

omniversling's picture

Fuck Uppy, the mascot...beyond belief...

wouldn't believe it but yes, it really is a TEPCO PR promo..

spieslikeus's picture

New and Improved Cia-Oxy Clean! Available now!

BaBaBouy's picture

Local MENU:

Peking Cyanide Duck...

General Tao Cyanide Chicken...

Chicken Chow Cyanide...

clawsthatscratch's picture

now that country of origin labels no longer exist how would you know?


pods's picture

This does not look good.  If the NaCN was spread out all over and the pH of the rain is low, you will evolve HCN. Waste pipes probably run right to the water, so storm drains no doubt do.   

That would explain the fish die off.  If people were reporting sickness, shortness of breath, and passing out I would say HCN was pretty highly concentrated.

The foam is probably one of the other myriad of chemicals that were dispersed.  If that foam was the result of some type of hydrophobic material, it could settle on top of the water and reduce gas exchange, again, killing the fish.

The problem is that this is China.  They have focused on the 700 tons of NaCN.  That is not what blew up.  There were probably thousands of tons of other feedstock materials for their chem plant.

So there is no way to tell exactly what this is.

A gigantic clusterfuck of lethal proportions.  You could not pay me to suit up and go there.


TeethVillage88s's picture

Hm... Could be Mucus from people spitting.

s33ndp's picture

I used to work in TEDA (the part of Tianjin that blew up) for 6 mnths...left there 18 months ago.... would never go back (and that was before the explosion!)

Mongoose's picture

What industry are you in?
I left in April of last year.

Sent you a contact request.

Back to killin' snakes

s33ndp's picture

IT side of banking... a very strange place for an Investment bank to be!

Probably something to do with all the tax breaks they got to be there + a free office! 

813kml's picture

They need a nuclear meltdown at a nearby reactor to counteract the problem.

dontgoforit's picture

A little gas chromatography work and they'll know everything that's in this and in what concentrations.  Not rocket science anymore.

pods's picture

I would not want to gum up my MS with loading that shit through.  There are probably 40 analytes there in varying concentrations.

Then you would also have to figure out what came from where. 


Paveway IV's picture

You would never have to worry about gumming up your MS in the Port of Tianjin, pods.

The ex-police chief's son owns the shipping company and Sinochem (a state-owned enterprise) is involved, therefore: nothing dangerous to look for, and nothing will ever be detected.

In the U.S., everyone would worry about being sued. In China, everyone is worried about keeping their jobs or government positions. Besides, the other name for whistleblowers in China is 'organ donors'. The entire mess will be cleaned up as quickly and quietly as possible, the media will be muzzeled and a few low-level bureaucrats will be thrown under the bus. 

There's the minor, odd cultural differences between China and the U.S. in covering up incompetence, corruption and graft, but the process is fundamentally the same. For a recent U.S. example, one needs to look no further than the State of Colorado, the EPA and their crony remediation contractors and Kinross Gold.

Implied Violins's picture

You could do an extraction and run the water-soluble fraction through an IC to find out what salts are there. Do IR on the organics to see what hydrocarbons are present. Do metals digestion and run it through an ICP to see what metals are there. From there you can start narrowing it down, but it won't be an easy thing - and the composition could change depending on where you take samples. Plus, if there were a lot of complex organics involved or produced by the explosion, those might already have degraded. It isn't so simple when the entire periodic chart might be present, and things change by the hour or by the meter.

pods's picture

"and you have 8 hours to do this,  and only 20 mgs of sample"

Oh wait, that is where I work.

You could run a LL extraction and run on LC/MS, ICP MS on the aqueous phase,  then run headspace GC/MS for VOCs, but there is just oodles of shit it could be.  Most stuff you would never really know.  You could pick out ring structures, functional groups, etc, but it would be like smashing lego vehicles together and trying to determine what they were before you smashed them.

Probably easier to beat the owners and make them give you their second set of books. The ones that actually had chems and quantities.  If this was a secret sub of the state run chem company, could be thousands of chemicals.

From the one explosion videos, you can hear small pops during the fire, which could be drums going off. But those big ones had to be bulk storage tanks.

Before pictures would tell a lot.


Implied Violins's picture

Found one. Check page six of this thead, about halfway down (Pashalis):


Looks like a lot of the same containers have been there for awhile, if you check the fence line above the crater. Still, a lot of time elapsed so hard to tell exactly what was there and for how long.

pods's picture

Thanks for the pic. It looks like a shipping yard. I would guess there had to be some semi truck sized tanks of something nasty that cooked off.  It is China though.  If they had 700 tons onsite of NaCN and were supposed to have 24 it tells me business was slow and they were stockpiling stuff.

Probably anything the parent company used was there.


techpreist's picture

Thanks for the article. I also found this one from the Guardian, which estimated that there were 1,000+ tons of nitrates stored on site:


Also, I note that they estimated that the explosion was 4400 tons of TNT. I had tried doing a real basic probit analysis, modeling the area as a flat surface, and could not get a ~300 yard 'kill radius,' which matched the close-up video of the poor soul who live-streamed the blast killing him. I figure I need to work on the model more, but given what we're learning about the storage site, the explosive energy is probably bigger than the official number.


I'm going to

omniversling's picture

Take a look at the B I G explosions set up to calibrate estimated yeilds of nukes. Most of the clip attempts to show that nukes are a fear and financial fountain, based on fraud..given how much else of our entire paradigm is fake, could well be..

The Nuclear Scare Scam | Galen Winsor - YouTube

What If Nuclear Weapons Are Another Giant Hoax? | TABU; Towards A Better Understanding

codecode's picture

Send the EPA over to fix..

Rusty Diggins's picture

Shipping containers stacked 8 high, completely covering a six acre site. loaded with calcium carbide and methylisocyanate (in addition to God knows what else). One produces acetylene gas when wet, the other... Same stuff as Bhopal. No emergency plan, no inventory control no segregation of incompatible chemicals. Those poor firefighters never stood a chance. The stacked containers probably mitigated the final money shot explosion by funneling some of the blast upwards. And these are the people who will dominate the world?

omniversling's picture

Corruption and lawlessness is already ruling the world..has the world's reserve currency to prove it (fuck yeah!)